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I prefer to keep censorship to a minimum; censorship on this blog will be based on style rather than ideology. The following comments will generally be rejected:

(1). Comments which are nothing more than personal attacks on White racialist persons.

(2). Comments which contain personal information on a person not otherwise available through a normal search engine scan.

(3). Comments which imply someone is a child molester or sex offender without an official reference (such as Vinelink, a court decision, etc.).

I may add to this in the future as the situation demands.

Comments to this post page are activated in case anyone has questions.


Anonymous said...

You might want to add posting forgies and trying to attribute it to someone else the way Martin Lindstedt has done. It is a serious TOS violation that could get this blog shut down. And I think the fact that I could have had this blog shut down when L:indstdt was allowed to forge comments here and attribute them to me but did not do so says more to disprove Lindstedt's false claim that I TOS people that I disagree with than anything that can be said. I did not report that serious violation but rather was satisfied to tell others of the fact that it was a forgery. Unlike Lindstedt I don't need to hide behind forgeries and moderator software and TOS complaints.


Anchorage Activist said...

Actually, the comment to which you referred was a parody rather than a forgery; Lindstedt is well-known for his parodies. I did delete the comment after you expressed concern.

I also seriously doubt you could have had this blog shut down on the basis of one comment. It's because of this attitude that Lindstedt hates your guts, along with Reo, Obadiah, and the ilk you associate with. Lindstedt may not be the best advertisement for DSCI, but you squarebritches drive people away from it.

Eli James is the only DSCI pastor actually trying to grow the faith.

Anonymous said...

No it was a forgery attributed to me, and I know that I clearly said that I DO NOT make complaints which makes your comments against me to be a complete joke. Lindstedt is known for his slander (not parody) and for wanting to torture and murder Children, anyone can go to his forum and see that for themselves. You can try to shitewash it all you want but what happened is that you allowed Lindstedt to committ forgery and that it why you took it down, not because you care about fairness.
And I'd be careful about praising Eli with Marty around, he'll go back to calling you "Ashkenazi Asswhipe" like he used to before you decided to defend his actions and ignore his wanting to torutre and murder children. It's funny how he called you a jew for some time and now you suddenly aren't a jew now that you defend his illegal behavior. I guess he "Ayranized" you. LOL

Anonymous said...

Also I want to say that I am no longer associated with Obie and do not support him or any of his actions from this point on and no longer want my name associated with his. And for the record I was never a fan of his heavy handedness and don't believe in banning and refusing membership to people on a whim the way he does so when you talk about him keep my name out of it because I don't have his back in any way from this point on.

Eduard said...

Тема: Fwd[2]: Hi friends! My name is Eduard/ I am from Ukraine/ I stayed for 3 years in New York/

  Let me help you! In old Arian scriaptures is tald about chacras - energetacal junctions of the human body. So - vedy has 4000 years - when the Indians were white/
 The point is that the energetical junction are more developed in white people!  The white people are most sensative and progressed on the energetical level. 5 chacras are behind the body. - look at the picture. what I am talking is not about supremasy - but about differency of the people/ Please do not intermix races in USA - and live separetly - white and black - in different cities. I am yor friend and God bless America!
     The all complecated things are simple!
  I have more information - for example in repablic of Ceorgia of former USSR in villages if the blond kid appiars- every famalies start to pretend for his marriage- becouse it is sad that in this famely is God willness and goodness. Georgian mythology is close to Indian.  And other examples - if you are interested in more information- send me a letter

Anonymous said...

Please spread the word about this Petition to Disbar Angela Corey.

Thank you.