Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ukrainian Nationalists Successfully Confront Antifa Scum In Chicago

While many of us are still flummoxed over Glenn Miller's alleged meltdown in Overland Park (a reminder that he is still innocent until proven guilty in a court of law), life goes on, the Cause remains just, and according to this Stormfront thread, a group of Ukrainian nationalists successfully confronted antifa scum in Chicago on the antifas' own turf. Looks like a reversal of Tinley Park. I found no mainstream media account of this confrontation.

The original source of the information is an antifa website called The Red Phoenix, but I will try to render a serviceable translation. The antifa were sponsoring a "teach-in" at United Electric Hall on S. Ashland in Chicago on April 12th, 2014. Apparently some Ukrainian nationalists, aware of the Chicago antifas' reputation for unprovoked gratuitous violence against those who think differently than them, had infiltrated the gathering to take pictures of the antifa leaders. The alleged purpose was to publicize the photos to warn the greater community against them. The nationalists were detected and forced to leave, after which forty Maidan supporters and at least one “Right Sector” supporter, displaying the flags of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army and other related regalia, attempted to invade the venue to teach the antifa a lesson. Antifa security kept the nationalists from reaching the participants by actively holding them back as they attempted entry through the double-doors of the Union Hall. Police were summoned, and the nationalists sought to press charges against the antifa, but after police dissuaded them from pressing charges due to insufficient pretext, the nationalists decided they had accomplished their mission and left with their heads held high.

Both Maidan and Right Sector are nationalist groups which strive to defend Ukrainian territorial and political integrity and which are opposed to Russian actions against the Ukraine. This poses a dilemma for white racialists worldwide, because it presents the spectre of Ukrainian whites battling against Russian whites. The recent history of the region is quite complex; don't forget, the Bolsheviks reinvented borders and moved entire peoples (like the Crimean Tatars) around like pawns on a chessboard. In 1954, Soviet General Secretary Nikita Khrushchev, who was Ukrainian, transferred the Crimea to the Ukraine even though the Crimea was predominantly Russian; since the Soviet Union governed the entire area, it didn't occur to the Russian majority that they would eventually be living in a foreign country. But when the Ukraine became independent in 1992, Russians in the Crimea suddenly found themselves living in a foreign country. In fact, every former Soviet republic which achieved independence since 1992 contains large numbers of Russians.

How would you feel if you were a white person living in Arizona and Arizona suddenly became part of Mexico?

On the other hand, Russian President Vladimir Putin's well-intentioned efforts to resolve the problem with minimal fuss have generated concern. In 2008, the Russians forcibly amputated South Ossetia and Abkhazia from Georgia. Now the Russians have amputated the Crimea from the Ukraine. Before each event, the Russians granted passports on demand to the residents of these regions to strengthen the pretext for amputation. Because Russia has done this a second time, it is appropriate to question whether or not Russia will try this wherever there is a significant Russian minority. Will Estonia or Latvia be next? Is it fair to ask Russia's neighbors to live with that uncertainty?

Nevertheless, Putin has done some good things for Russia. He eliminated the malaise of the Yeltsin regime, during which Russia had become the toy of plutocrats. Putin has taken a strong stand against the promotion and statutory protection of the homosexual lifestyle, prohibiting gay pride marches and the dissemination of pro-gay propaganda to minors. And when the seven Pussy Riot whores desecrated a Russian Orthodox cathedral with their obscene filth in February 2012, Russia came down hard, jailing two of them for two years. In a world awash with the corruption of ZOG Babylon the Third and Final, Russia, under Putin's leadership, stands out as a beacon of righteousness.

When two white nations threaten to square off in conflict, it is difficult to take sides. The only thing we can do is to ask both sides not to allow themselves to be coopted by outsiders who have neither the interests of Russia not the Ukraine at heart. Perhaps a deal can be reached in which Ukraine keeps their remaining territory and gets back titular sovereignty over the Crimea (Russia would retain military basing rights), but would partially subsidize the relocation of Russian Ukrainians who want to move back to Russia.

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