Monday, April 28, 2014

National Socialist Movement Commemorates 40th Anniversary With Agitprop Rally In Chattanooga, Tennessee

During the weekend of April 26-27, 2014, while the annual American Renaissance conference was taking place in Burns, Tennessee, another form of pro-White activism was occurring in Chattanooga. Garnering the lion's share of media attention was an NSM agitprop rally in Chattanooga on April 27th at the Hamilton County Courthouse. Subjects addressed included illegal immigration, crime, increasing anti-White violence, and how the NSM strives to bring about meaningful social awareness and political change.

According to the NSM website, this was a part of their 2014 National Meeting which also commemorated their 40th anniversary. And according to a highly-biased media story from, an estimated 24 pro-White activists (this number also published by The Chattanoogan) were offset by over 300 counter-protestors. There were also four NSM sympathizers wearing black leather vests with swastikas who joined the counter-protestor crowd after they had been unable to get into the main rally; they had arrived on motorcycles with vests that said "Soul Survivor Brotherhood." Hundreds of local cops were on hand to keep the peace.

The Times-Free Press claims the the NSM is "notorious for inciting violence" and was "itching to provoke", even though it was one of the counter-protestors, Knoxville attorney Chris Irwin, who held the classical sign reading, "Follow your leader", which includes a photo of Adolf Hitler shooting himself in the head. This is the same Chris Irwin who counter-protested a rally on behalf of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom in Knoxville back in May 2007. Makes you wonder who the real inciters are. Via Occidental Dissent, a couple of videos:

Surprisingly, the Times-Free Press also interviewed one person who sympathized with the NSM. Daniel Coffelt said he wasn't ashamed to be there in support of the NSM; he said he was recently fired from Amazon by a black man. He's tired of discrimination against whites, and thinks interracial dating is wrong.

""They're having sex with white women to mock white men," he said. "We're standing in the breadlines while blacks and Hispanics get grants and government assistance."


Anonymous said...

Pathetic. That sign "NAZI'S? MORE LIKE LOSERS!" says it all. This NSM handful are not National Socialists like Adolf Hitler's people, they are more like costumed Village People types.

Anonymous said...

I didnt know the NSM had been around this long? So Schoeps NSM is the same one started by James Mason back in the 70s? Guess i'm not clear.

Anonymous said...

The bikers were "satanic souls" MC. Doesn't that say it all.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Mr. Coffelt doesn't know about Jeff Schoeps race mixing with an arab bitch who had a black child. For four years he boned her, and hugged her daughter, not my idea of a real National Socialist. But he wears a swazi and yells white power, so he must be ok. Not!

Anonymous said...

40 years, and NSM only had about a dozen members at their once a year national gathering, not counting a handful of other invitee's. That's pretty pathetic. I guess Jeff's race mixing has really taken its toll on the organization. They ought to dump Schoep asap and vote in a new leader, he's an obvious loser.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the pictures posted on the nsm website, it looked more like a drunken boozefest, with tables covered with empty bottles. I counted less than a dozen nsm members, pretty sorry showing, even the skinheads have lost interest and stayed away. Pretty sad when Schoep has to dress obese women in his shoddy so-called uniforms to try and boost numbers for his jews media whoring. I believe that nsm is dead and Jeff Schoep was the one who killed it.