Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mexican Immigrant Alondra Cano Leading The Charge By Minneapolis City Council To Replace Columbus Day With "Indigenous Peoples Day"

Screenshot of Alondra Cano
A Mexican immigrant is leading the charge by the Minneapolis City Council to replace Columbus Day, defined as a holiday in Minnesota statutes, with a so-called "Indigenous Peoples Day" in Minneapolis. Alondra Cano, the newly-elected council member representing Ward 9, is at the forefront of this effort to obliterate white history, and is further identified as a Mexican who immigrated to the United States at the age of 10. Even though she wants to replace Columbus Day altogether, she still professes to respect "diversity". She claims to want to "empower disenfranchised communities", although her idea of "empowering" appears to be to marginalize whites. The City Council is expected to vote on the proposal on Friday April 22nd. The effect will be primarily cosmetic, largely limited to changing the name of the holiday on official communications from the city, including the calendar and news releases.

According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Cano said her office has been working with the Native American Community Development Institute and a handful of other American Indian leaders. Here are two of the pertinent quotes:

“This is more about elevating the American Indian perspective than it is about being anti-Columbus...Although there are plenty of people that will talk about the deep violence that Christopher Columbus used and enacted when he first came to this part of the world.”

“From a basic historical perspective there’s a lack of understanding about what Christopher Columbus did or didn’t do...So we’re just trying to make sure that people are aware of a more clear and accurate history in terms of what is that folks are celebrating on Christopher Columbus Day, what does that mean for them.”

Update April 26th: On Friday April 25th, the City Council voted unanimously to redesignate Columbus Day "Indigenous People's Day" An online poll conducted by WCCO shows 83.5 percent of respondents opposed the idea.

Of course, Cano ignores the "deep violence" often exhibited by "indigenous peoples" on the American continent. She makes no reference to the barbaric serial human sacrifices by Aztecs, in which the still-beating hearts were ripped out of their victims, in the name of their "religion". And of course, she completely ignores the genocide perpetrated by her Lamanite ancestors when they exterminated an estimated 230,000 Nephites at the Battle of Cumorah in present-day upstate New York in 385 A.D. (although some Mormons believe there was a second Hill Cumorah in Mexico where the battle took place). Even in the preliminary battles leading up to the Cumorah Holocaust, the Lamanites committed numerous atrocities, sacrificing Nephite women and children to their idol gods. Nearly all Latin Americans from Mexico to northern South America are considered to have some Lamanite blood, although the LDS Church admits that they could have other ancestry as well.

I can understand to a certain degree why American Indians and mestizos might be reluctant to celebrate Columbus Day; they did come out on the short end of the stick in battles against us. Little Big Horn was a fluke caused primarily by Custer's arrogance. But if Alondra Cano was truly dedicated to promoting diversity, she would propose an Indigenous Peoples Day IN ADDITION TO Columbus Day. The fact that she wants to replace Columbus Day altogther indicates her true motives must be suspect. Race replacement, anyone?

Reaction: Cano's initiative is not playing well with locals, who think the City Council ought to be addressing more pertinent bread-and-butter issues, and who also think it's pandering to political correctness. One commenter to the Star-Tribune explains why Christopher Columbus is of such exceptional significance. It was because he triggered the subsequent European mass migration, whereas Leif Ericsson's expedition did not trigger a mass migration:

ciaman Apr 21, 1410:33 pm:
History gives credit to Christopher Columbus for discovering America - the new land. Was he not such a nice man? Perhaps. Was he a jerk? Maybe. But he was the first one to go and find it and then came back and spread the word of another world. Yes, there were some other people who may have found the land first but nothing caught eye of the Europeans. And they came in their millions to get a chance at better life than they had in a land of Kings and Queens. And the land was owned by the rich, sort of like today. So the city council is doodling with history while they play the violin? Please, give all of us a break and forget Indigenous day. It will not fly.


Anonymous said...

Race Replacement- you are exactly right. Too bad the chickenhawk republicans don't address this. They might get more White votes.

Those "noble savages" aren't so noble. Rape is a big problem on Indian reservations, and it aint palefaces raping the squaws. It seems to be a "native" tradition for the fathers to have sex with their daughters. Same with uncles, grandfathers, etc. assaulting female family members. Despite all the money ZOG throws at them, reservations are pretty bad.
If Indians were urbanized, they'd be just as bad as the negroes and mestizos, living in their own ghettos/barrios.

Self hating Whites need to get over their romantic notions of the red man, and see reality.
Oh, and quit pretending you're "part Cherokee!"

Anonymous said...

The Jewish Communist,it was 40 years ago that the Communist had the goal of Destroying White America's heritage & they are Succeeding in they Goals because of Coward Republicans did not Stop this Jewish Communist Agenda.Its all in the Congressional Record!!!