Tuesday, September 03, 2013

"Overpass" Activism In Eugene, Oregon; White Genocide Banner Posted On I-5 Overpass

The photo above is the subject of discussion on this Stormfront thread and on Reddit. According to this post, the bridge spans I-5 and is designated Exit 195B on the northern edge of Eugene, Oregon.

This, of course, is the mantra made famous by Bob Whitaker. The activist responsible for the banner has not taken public credit for it yet. Some believe the American Freedom Party (AFP) was responsible, but this is separate and distinct from similar activism undertaken by AFP members and supporters on Saturday August 17th, 2013. The AFP activists formed up at the Center St. Bridge in Salem, Oregon, deploying banner and picket signs and passing out literature to the public. The AFP is partnering with patriots from across the country through Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment, a project being coordinated on Facebook and through the overpasses.org website. The Salem activists were adding their part to what is being called the Patriot Wave, a name given to the now-recurring protests that began early in the day on the East Coast and then spread westward as the day progressed. While the mainstream media is virtually ignoring this movement, WorldNetDaily published an informative article on it back on August 20th.

Update September 4th: Finally, some mainstream media coverage from KVAL Channel 13 in Eugene. The Oregon Department of Transportation said such a sign would mot be permitted to remain up -- not because of what it says but because of the safety hazard the sign could pose on such a busy stretch of interstate. "From our standpoint, safety trumps free speech when it comes to the safety of interstate travelers," said Rick Little, spokesperson for ODOT. "Occasionally during the political season when political parties and their participants are very active, sometimes well see people who want to present their political signs we don't allow that either."


Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture.

Anonymous said...

NICE!!! I love seeing some REAL activism. Much respect and thank you to whoever did this.
Hopefully it'll give some White folks something to think about as they prepare to give their concern to the impending football season.