Friday, September 06, 2013

National Socialist Movement Expresses Support For Craig Cobb's PLE Initiative In Leith, North Dakota; NSM Commander Jeff Schoep To Visit Leith

Since white activist Craig Cobb has reserved some of the parcels of land he purchased in Leith, ND for the National Socialist Movement, the NSM has now publicly expressed their support for Cobb's PLE initiative. NSM Commander Jeff Schoep has announced that he will be leading a contingent of white patriots to Leith, ND on September 22nd to inspect the parcels reserved for the NSM and to provide Cobb with any other logistical assistance necessary. They also intend to travel to the oil fields to better assess employment prospects for white patriots. For the record, Cobb is not a member of the NSM, although he welcomes their visit.

In this announcement, Schoep invites any interested NSM members, supporters, or fellow white patriots to accompany them, and has set aside some funding to assist carpools with gas money. Gas stipends will be given out to those in need of it upon arrival Leith, but one must contact them first to be approved for the gas funds. In a separate announcement, Schoep published a letter he sent to Leith Mayor Ryan Schock; here's the excerpt in which he makes the NSM's political objectives crystal-clear:

One of our goals is to make clear a simple message that Craig Cobb will NOT be ousted from the community. Craig is not breaking any laws or ordinances, and has a right to reside in Leith just as any other American does. I myself own property in Leith, the old meat packing/creamery building and the lot. It is not in the best interest of the National Socialist Movement to be hostile with our fellow local residents, nor would it be in the best interests of others in the community to be hostile towards us.

We are not asking you, or any other residents of Leith to change whatever political stances you may or may not have. If anything, you should see this for what it is, a chance at revitalizing a community, and a chance to be neighborly to your new neighbors, and vice versa.

KUMV Channel 8 covers Schoep's letter in a separate post.

Cobb continues to discuss the situation on this dedicated WhiteNations thread, which also shows that a media outlet has picked up on the NSM visit. According to KUMV Channel 8, the residents and mayor of Leith are unsure of what to do in response to the visit, although they don't plan to force the NSM out. Mayor Schrock said "We'll probably have to hold another town meeting to see what we can do and get a hold of some more people and get their opinion on it before we make any decisions. I don't know if it's right or wrong, I guess. If they can legally do it then that's fine, but hopefully it's just quiet. I just want to keep peace in the area." KUMV news video embedded after the jump:

A good discussion has broken out on Stormfront, where the strengths and drawbacks of the NSM proposal are intelligently debated. Robert Ransdell, a proven activist who was once the Coordinator for the National Alliance's Cincinnati Unit, made two separate observations:

Hmmm, not sure what to think about this. Isn't having people that seem to conform to the media's negative stereotypes of this effort, which is certainly a PLE type construct, show up like this detrimental to things overall as far as WN is concerned?

I think Mr. Cobb's action here is 100% spectacular, the kind of thing we need to make our ideals and principles and goals become a reality in the real world - I just don't know what purpose the NSM having a press conference serves, Mr. Cobb has done an admirable and respectable job in his dealings with the media already.


I am not concerned with what the media thinks of us...

I am concerned about the White public, who on a larger and larger scale are starting to see through the media lies and propaganda, who on a larger and larger scale are starting to see the anti-White bias in their conduct (as well as the establishment at large) being chased away from thinking this is a good thing, from thinking that the man in charge (Mr. Cobb) has many of the same ideas they have about the condition of things in America.

Whites to some extent are open to the idea of Whites living among their own, at least they don't call those who wish to do so "racist" , only the media does. Their loved ones after all often move to escape non-White majority areas. They are not receptive to having people in uniforms walking around and posing for the camera, it is conforming to stereotypes and it serves no purpose, Mr. Cobb has spoken to the media and has said things that serve us well - no need for an entity to go there which in its actions may do more harm than good, the media's job is getting tougher to paint Whites who want to live among their own as evil, why make it easier to paint WN and PLE's as evil with this unneeded action o nthe part of the NSM.

I say they rethink the press conference, go and check out your property if you want, set up there and live, but don't give them video of uniformed men giving roman salutes that will provide them propaganda material for years down the road - could be used to smear Mr. Cobb and others who try to emulate.

Again the point is not to try to make the media like us, they never will, the point is not to scare away a growing number of Whites who do agree to a meaningful extent and who would be turned off by theatrics that are not needed.

To which Wolf's Compass responded:

When is enough enough?

How many deaths and rapes does it take for a HANDFUL of men to drive to ND and do what needs to be done? The NSM have rallied!

How many pages of threads must we quandary? Cobb is there, he has purchased land, he is SPEAKING TO THE PRESS AT A MOMENTUM NOT WITNESSED IN YEARS, are you even aware of how many interviews he has done living in a home with NO JOB THANKS TO THE SPLC?

I find it an embarrassment to not do everything possible to support this man.

This is something happening within MY LIFETIME, something I can give a shit about. Something not a part of a GD history thread.

How will this incident be revered later down the line?

And a response from Palmetto:

I admire your courage and activism Robert when you were with the National Alliance, but on this point you are dead wrong.

The NSM is the Nation's largest White Civil Rights group, with what 54 chapters across the country. Like the street action orientated organization it is, they are going to the assistance of a White man in need, a noble effort indeed. It is long past time, that we sit back and let our enemies walk all over us, the time is now to lead the verbal assault, against these lovers of diversity, miscegenation, and racial death.

If not now when?

If not us who?

Meanwhile, the SPLC is attempting to exploit a feud between Fred O'Malley of and Alex Linder of the Vanguard News Network Forum. Disregard the SPLC's attempts to unnecessarily divide us.

It's too bad all this activism cost Craig Cobb his job. Yet in exchange for this sacrifice, we have received an incredible and invaluable blizzard of mainstream publicity, much of which has got some whites wondering why this cannot be done in Leith when HOAs are allowed to make rules of engagement and residency for other areas around the country. If Craig Cobb can sacrifice his job for the Cause, can we not give him our support?


Anonymous said...

On cue, the enemy is sending in their poster-boys to smear this effort but good! The last thing any self-respecting WN would want is a motley collection of costumed, scowling boneheads to show up, hence reinforcing the enemies views. And I seriously question the nsm's claim to having 54 chapters, and being the 'largest' WN organization in America. For their last national convention, they were lucky if they had two dozen people there, and a number were guests. Once again, this town of about 15 residents, could have been taken over if things would have been done slowly and quietly. Now that the publicity whores are arriving for their 15 seconds of fame on the jew-tube, its all over. Schoep is like a fly round shit, his media-radar senses a chance of getting his mug on the tube and off and running, then he's long gone, forever... Alex

Folk Reich said...


Mr. Cobb may have HAD a good thing going.

That, is no longer the case.

Anonymous said...

And just in the nick of time, to ruin something that might just work, comes the circus to town. This reminds me of when Schoep declared that NSM was "going to patrol Sanford", over the Travon Martin affair and all that happened was a photo-shoot with two out of town boneheads. Its almost like its on cue, the enemy trots out the worst example of morons to smear sincere white nationalists, trying to do something that might work. I'm sure the locals want their little village swarming with costumed hstemongers from out of town. All we need now, is Bradley Jenkins and his nig pals to join in the fun.

Anonymous said...


Please Stop in Duluth,Minnesota & show your Support for White People under Assault by Race Mixers,liberals & Jewish Scum and White Cops who kill off White people because they think that that are doing a favor to Eric Holder.
Whites are being runned out of Duluth via a Slow process of extermination.
Help us NSM!!!


Anonymous said...

If this Cobb fellow is friendly with the NSM then he's a scumbag like they are. Associate with race-mixers and you might as well be one.

Anonymous said...

Move along folks, there's nothing to see here, except some publicity whores trying to get their faces on the tube! LMAO

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 10:34 A.M. -- Craig Cobb has made it clear he is not a national socialist and that he is not a member of the NSM.

Those who criticize the NSM for this ought to note that the NSM is the only White organization which has offered more than lip service to Cobb's initiative. In contrast, the more "respectable" American Freedom Party has remained silent on Cobb's initiative.

It takes boots on the ground to build PLEs.

Anonymous said...

Fools on the ground? Yep, that's the NSM.

Don't think they are any use for actually BUILDING anything real, don't see them as the types to want to put in EFFORT and HARD WORK that doesn't get jewsmedia attention. No, the NSM gets out there, boots and all, to put on shows and get that much desired "publicity" that they (and others in this movement) just love so much.

Anonymous said...


This is Pastor Eli James of Chicago, IL. I believe that PLE is a great idea and might be our people's last chance for survival! I fully support this initiative and I will be joining Commander Schoep, we will travel together. I am calling on all the White Patriots to join us, we have to save our White Race!

Anonymous said...

I don't see how a weekend excursion, for the benefit of the jews media, is helping build anything. How are the less than two dozen locals going to view this? Would you want a lifelong unemployed hatemonger, who has a half dozen illigitimate kids whom he doesn't support, who's a felon for burglary of another white person, and a race mixer to boot, having married an arab woman with a black daughter, moving in to your little quiet town? Add in his friends, Jon Snyder who's been on America's Most Wanted for sex crimes, Duke Schnieder head of his SS Security who married a coal black negress, J T Ready who murdered an entire family including a baby, Jeff Hall who abused his ten year son so bad he shot him in the head while drunk on the family couch, lets not forget NSM's NV leader Davenport who kidnapped a little white girl, the KY NSMers who killed and actually chopped into little pieces a white boy, and all the Fed stooges like Gletty in Florida, and of course their NSM 'Presidential" candidate Brian Holland! What a collection. And that's just a few. Like it or not, these are facts. Pretty disgusting FACTS! Katrina

Anonymous said...

Maybe AA, the majority of WN movement see's this as a joke, rather than a serious, sincere effort and that's why they don't want to be involved in it. The players here, Cobb and Schoep hardly inspire confidence. No one wants to be negatively tarred by association with them. Can you really blame them Bill C.

Craig Cobb said...

Re "Robert Ransdell, a proven activist who was once the Coordinator for the National Alliance's Cincinnati Unit, made two separate observations.."

I had recently read elsewhere that Robert was Coordinator of the Cincinnati NA Unit. In mid or late Jan of 2011, the former WY director and his wife invited me out of my MT dugout to their ranch where I stayed about 6 weeks before coming to the Bakken. I lived in Pocahontas and have always liked the NA, till its current long-lasting self made troubles. Just wanted to introduce a bit of background.

Robert, I believe it may have been the SPLC and The Bismarck Tribune, jointly or the paper fast on the heels of the goyim spy org on civilians, that the Stormfront "filthy, race-mixing whore" (approx quote only-interested parties can look it up) in regards to Sherrill Harper of Leith. Though I certainly have no argument with you, it is fascinating that the SPLC can be allowed with legal impunity to make such inaccurate statements to media via Hatewatch and/or email/hard mail packages. I am certainly very interesting in bringing a law suit against SPLC. I have posted on about the Robert Ransdell incorrect attributation. Just for the record and to see if others are interesting in slanderous statement of fact. Yesterday, the producer of Nightline called me and she claims the NYT's piece was on the front page. I had not known that.

Now, I am not shirking from my many cases of shocking rhetoric. There had ought, legally, to be some point to accuracy, particularly when jewish and Bolshevik NGO's such as ARA Vancouver, The Montana Human Rights Network, SPLC and ADL hound working class Americans for years and years because of their 1st Amendment protected activities.
It is unfortunate that the human brain must be shocked with vile adjectives to escape from its zombie state. The refusal to think critically about jews is driven by fear inculcated by jews themselves.

The Bismarck Tribune also screamed in their headline "Hate Criminal's Plans". I have not see a hard copy of that, but I think that covered the entire above the fold, left to right. During my deportation trial from Estonia in the summer of 2009, I was, to my surprise, given documents that I had been tried and convicted in absentia by the Kingdom of Sweden for operating Podblanc. (We need this handy trial system in USA for mexicans). But the Bismarck Tribune (which became famous for relaying the first and most comprehensive coverage of Custer's Last Stand to the world)...the Bismarck Tribune did not cite the Kingdom of Sweden matter, so logically,
presumably, they were referencing my Canadian warrant and falsely leading their readers to immediately conclude that I was a convicted hate criminal in Canada. I am not. But I am wanted on a nationwide warrant--charged.

Jeff Schoep tells me NSM have not worn their brownshirt uniforms in public events for 3 years. They will be wearing very subdued black uniforms, not with armbands even.

Yesterday, CNN's jewish Gary Tuchman and his crew came to leith and interviewed me for 90 or 100 minutes. In one week, he said it will be a 5 min segment on CNN's news loop.

Anonymous said...

So now a rabbi will be joining the costumed, carnival cavalcade! Great, tell rabbi Eli to get his kosher mug right up front, he'll fit tight in with unemployed race-mixer Schoep, and his tiny posse of costumed misfits. Any more freaks parasiting off this now totally failed initiative? No kikluxklowns? That would really have rounded things off for the jews media. So much for how NOT to attempt something like this. Pastor Bob

Anonymous said...

Good old Rock, and his ANP stooges are no better an option than NSM though. Rock constantly talks shit about those who have worked hard, and made allot of money. Then he whines for the white trash element day in, and out about social justice. Then just because someone wants to actually "own" their properties, instead of just having a "trusteeship" like under NS, they get called a Judeo-Capitalist. How pathetic. Rock is so dumb he doesn't know the difference between Capitalism and Corporatism. What we have in America today is Judeo-Corporatism, not Capitalism. You know nothing about economics at all. Do you have a degree in economics Rock? Did you know that the average White rejects "BIG" government, and centralized economic planning? But yet you still pedal NS? Why do you even bother? It normal average white in America will never support a system that can take away their rights, and property if it sees fit. That is what NS is. Under NS the state is absolute in power, and authority. If it wants to put you in prison, and confiscate your property, then it can. You fail also to mention that under NS, or any "centralized" style government, it is not sustainable in the long term, either politically or economically. That is a proven fact that economists, and political scientists have proven time, and again.

Anonymous said...

So, "pastor" Eli James is going to ND now?? LMAO! Please read about this individual here:

Eli James AKA Joseph Paul November is a Polish jew and a life long provocateur. He is universally despised in the Christian Identity Movement and has been expelled from both the Christian Patriots Defense League and the Church of the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan as an informant and a pervert. AA, PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM HIM!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Cobb, I politely suggest that you shave and get a hair-cut, out of respect to the white people whom you claim to wish to represent. Looking like some hobo, or street bum only makes your message weak. Try to look and speak like a normal white American. Personally, I believe that by openly associating with the likes of the costumed 'neo nazis' you have only destroyed your dream of a PLE. Or, are you really only concerned with the amount of negative publicity that you can milk from the controlled jewish media? Sincerely, Janice S.

Anonymous said...

Cobb, its sounds like your proud and gloating over all of the negative headlines that your receiving. I'm thinking that your just another typical media whore publicity hound. If you were serious, you would have attempted to play down the hate monger angle, instead of bringing in the worse possible 'representatives' of the WN Movement. Hank Howard

Anonymous said...

Our small PLE is successful, because we don't court publicity. For three years we have carefully building, and we stay away from inviting the more theatrical characters more commonly known as media whores. From experience, these types cause a shit storm, and then disappear, leaving the best of us to try and do damage control. Nsm and company, please stay far away.

Anonymous said...

You again with your capitalist obsession? See, I get what you say about most Whites rejecting big gov't etc. The thing is, we are coming upon circumstances that have NEVER happened to the White race before. To make a long, sad story short, WE fxxked up BIG TIME and now are facing OUR END.
To cut to the chase- many Whites who wake up and see the big picture will be willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to save our people and stop our destruction. If that means taking new attitudes towards ideas that they previously scoffed at- so be it.

People wont be focusing on "economics" or other such issues, as these will fall secondary to the 14 WORDS, and all that is needed to make them realized.

You mention "economists" and "political scientists." You mean jews like Milton Friedman and the Frankfort School/New School For Social Research types?

Got news for you: Your property, money, and possessions aint gonna save you! If youre gonna put your STUFF before the 14 Words, then just stick to being a kosher con-servative.

You are so hung up on owning property that you seem to have lost sight of the cause.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I haven't seen you stand up for a white man or even get permits for a rally.I hate internet nazis. Get your boots on the ground.ill be buying land there.will you just sit in your nigger infested city?Heil Commander -Texas unit leader Lawrence. 88

Anonymous said...

Sit and click your computer or stand and click your heels. Heil commander. White power.and as far as the klan I supposed you've done more than them too?wake up buy some gas and stand up for your isn't that hard to get out from behind you're Xbox. Have you stopped an illegal? N.s.m. has caught on the ground is what it takes.-n.s.m. Texas corporal Lawrence 88

Anonymous said...

I wonder if NSM is in reality a false-flag operation? It seems that everything they touch goes sour, and with all the crimes that their members have been involved in across the country, they have a Teflon like capability of not being brought to heel by the Zog. Even the SPLC has not gone after them, after the most heinous crimes. While other groups get sued by Dees over rediculous crap. Big question is WHY?

Anonymous said...

@ 6:51, Fuck the "cause", the movement hasn't done jackshit in 50plus years. Why should we expect anything different now? You act like its an "all" or "nothing" approach with "our" folk. The fact is only roughly 20 % of our race is even worth saving now anyway. The majority of our own race sold us out a long time ago. The rest like good old Rock want to adopt Marxist like positions, and spread around the wealth. You still didn't answer my question about whether you know the difference between true Capitalism, and what we have today which is Corporatism. Its because you are a fucking Big government Socialist that wants to "equalize" the wealth, and eliminate class distinction. The reason there is class distinction in the first place, is because not everyone is equal, and that includes people who are white. This is the very reason your ANP grouplet doesn't have more than 50-75 members at best. You will never win because the fact remains that a "political" fight is useless to begin with. Our fight will come once the US Empire has collapsed not before. By then creatures like yourself, and others who preached Social Justice will be gone, because that Bullshit wont survive, and mean shit once there is no "USA" anymore. White people as a whole embrace liberty, and want freedom to own their own businesses, not have a government so controlling, and large that it dictates to the people everything. This is why even if Germany would have won, it would have collapsed in the long run because centralized government, coupled with centralized economic planning is not sustainable over a long period of time. One reason the US will eventually collapse is this. But guys like Rock, and his White Marxists wont learn from history, or go read up on these things. They just continue to trust in their mighty Fuhrer, all the while not accomplishing shit, except run off decent average white folks.

Anonymous said...

Lawrence in Texas, I have a question for you. How can you follow a well known RACE-MIXER like Jeff Schoep? You can "heil" that tard till you experience that NSM is a costumed joke. You must be some immature, naïve kid. Buying land in a tiny town in BF North Dakota of 15 pop is really a revolutionary act, that will achieve the 14words - NOT!. Where will you run off to after that? The North Pole? 14/88

Anonymous said...

NSM has caught many illegals? Then what, recruited them into the group? LOL.

NSMers can talk all they want about "what they've done" but NONE of them will address the serious issues with the group mentioned in above posts.

I dont know if NSM is false flag, they do get away with a lot. What I do know is that ZOG and the jewsmedia LOVE them cuz the NSM fulfill the worst sterotypes of "White supremacists" in the USA.

Anonymous said...

Janice is right, Mr. Cobb. You need to get a haircut and a beard trim, because right now you look like someone who's just crawled out of a cardboard box after living next to the railroad tracks. Please get yourself cleaned up! And for God's sake take a bath!

Lori K.
Houma, LA

Anonymous said...

"heil commander"? WTF! Is this some kind of cult for mental midgets with a need for hero worship, or are they required drink Schoep's urine like it was Kool-Aid. With your childish military fetish, why don't you join the military and become a REAL "corporal".

Anonymous said...

Larry, don't you realize that YOU and NSM are costumed, Hollywood Nazi jokes? Steriotypical, Blues Brothers morons. Not only does the white populace laugh at you idiots, but so does 99.9% of the WN movement. Your like little boys playing cowboys & Indians, or better yet - "army". No serious, mature WN wants anything to do with your fantasy role playing. In fact your very existence does more harm than good to achieving the 14words.

Anonymous said...

Why was Cobb crying about getting fired from his job, and begging people to write to his former employer to take him back, if there are supposedly so many jobs in the oil fields for WN to easily get? As for Schoep checking out employment opportunities, what a laugh! Its probably a virgin experience for him to be looking for a real job, with real work involved. Whats he going to put in the 'job experience' section of the application? "HOLLYWIERD NUTZI COSTUMED FANTASY CO-ORDINATOR"? LOL Perhaps "FED-JEW STOOGE" might better fit the bill!

Anonymous said...

I read in that NYT article, that Cobb's "house", doesn't have toilet facilities or even running water. What a great place to up-root to! LMAO