Tuesday, August 27, 2013

White PLE Activist Craig Cobb Launches Appeal To Get His Job Back From Border States Paving

One of the most disgusting aspects of the Craig Cobb saga is the behavior of his former employer, Border States Paving. Despite the fact that he was considered a good worker by the project superintendent, the company's owner, Dan Thompson, directed that Cobb be fired after his scheme to create a PLE community in Leith, ND was deliberately outed by the SPLC. The SPLC had to have known and undoubtedly desired that Cobb get fired, which makes them complicit in economic terrorism.

But Cobb's not taking it lying down, as he provides frequent updates on this WhiteNations.com thread. He is conducting himself strictly in accordance with the law; Voice Of Russia reports that nobody can interfere with someone’s housing, pointing out laws under the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The North Dakota Department of Labor and Human Rights can’t do much either, as
Commissioner Bonnie Storbakken said the only way officials would step into the issue is if Cobb was in the rental property business or sold multiple dwellings and discriminated against someone and a complaint was filed. Cobb is weighing the possibility that he's also a victim of religious discrimination (he is an adherent of Creativity). He has appealed to the public to wage a campaign to help him get his job back, if possible. Cobb posted the following appeal on WhiteNations.com:

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The direct link to contact Border States Paving is contactus@borderstatespaving.com

You can follow the discussion on Stormfront and the Vanguard News Network Forum for more information and background.

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