Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Advanced White Society Distributes "Racist" Illegal Immigration Flyers In The Pittsburgh Suburb Of Upper St. Clair

On Saturday August 24th, 2013, some people in the Pittsburgh suburb of Upper St. Clair in Pennsylvania decided to celebrated "diversity" by holding a "multicultural block party", less than 24 hours before three black girls staged their own "celebration of diversity" on Pittsburgh's North Side. However, some enterprising activists representing The Advanced White Society decided the local people should get the whole story -- and so, sometime during the nighttime hours, decided to distribute a flyer deemed "racist" and "white supremacist", although a photo of one of the flyer on NBC shows that it merely addressed illegal immigration, while other flyers address corruption, fraud, and judicial misconduct.

The primary story was published by WTAE Channel 4 which, to their credit, posted a hot link to The Advanced White Society's website, although it did mischaracterize AWS as "white supremacist". Click SHOW TRANSCRIPT beneath the lower left hand corner of the on-site video. Here's the YouTube version of that same video:


As usual, media outlets sought input exclusively from those who oppose the flyers. One person opined "It was a beautiful afternoon. All the different races and all the different thoughts coming together, different people, Christians, Atheists, like myself. Everyone was together and we were having a wonderful time, and within 12 hours of that, this was on our front lawn." Aww, boo-hoo...so sorry reality suddenly intruded upon your fairy castle domain. However, the Upper St. Clair Patch contacted Jason Hiecke, CEO of The Advanced White Society, on Sunday, and Hiecke accepted the group's ownership of the Upper St. Clair flyers. Hiecke said that he does not believe that any specific area of the township was targeted, and when asked if The Advanced White Society is a white supremacy group, Hiecke said that he does not believe the white race to be "100-percent superior" to any race. Instead, he said that his group believes that whites "need a society to rule our own people and keep our own people safe" and that "the white race is on a verge of extinction". Hiecke then added "If we continue to allow this society to go the route that it's going, there will be no white race. This multiculturalism is being forced onto white countries, and it's only destroying the white race."

There were also some supportive comments posted on the WTAE website:

Guest August 27th 10 hours ago:
People are angry with this group because they don't like the obvious facts, WAKE UP! Illegal immigration is a big problem. Don't be selfish and lazy and leave this problem for your grandchildren to deal with. If you stand up now and stop being self-absorbed then you can start to repair this country and our heritage!

Elskling August 27th 6 hours ago:
Why is this news channel making white heritage sound like a bad thing? Why is it that asians can have asian pride, blacks can have black pride but whites can't speak of any pride at all? The message on the flyers is 100% true, most people don't think about it but this country is getting screwed. Someone needs to stand up and tell the illegal aliens NO. This channel has made being white seem like a bad thing.

Bob August 27th: 3 hours ago:
I can't find WTAE covering the Hate Crime on the North Side: (3 black teens attacked a white woman). Anyone have a link for a WTAE story? [Ed. Note: I think the commenter is referring to this story of three black girls who brutally attacked a 32-year-old white woman while yelling racial slurs. The girls threw a bottle at the woman's car, and when she stopped to confront them, they attacked.]


Advanced White Society said...

Upper St. Clair Residents Receive Letters from White Advancement Group


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Thanks. Just found it -- and added a reference to it.

Good work by your people.

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