Friday, August 23, 2013

SPLC Blows The Whistle On Craig Cobb's PLE Plans For Leith, North Dakota; Cobb Fired From Job But Plans To Remain In Leith

Update August 27th: Craig Cobb now launches campaign to get his job back; updated post HERE.

On August 23rd, 2013, I was stunned to find that the Daily Mail had published a story about the embryonic Pioneer Little Europe (PLE) community being organized by longtime White racial activist Craig Cobb, so I broke my month-long hiatus and decided to dig further. It appears the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) got wind of it and decided to raise hell and stir up shit. The Bismarck Tribune has published more detailed stories, and KFYR Channel 5 aired a report (embedded below).

The first Tribune story, entitled "Tiny North Dakota town stunned to learn of white supremacist's plans", was published on August 21st. They reported that local residents started wondering why Cobb was purchasing so many properties in the local area; he currently owns a two-story house and 12 other lots. Inforum reports that Cobb bought four lots in September 2011, five lots in June 2012 and three more in October totaling $8,490. When asked by county employees why he was buying so many lots, Cobb stoked local interest by saying he planned to buy up as much property as he could and rename the town “Cobbsville”, according to Tax Director Muriel Ulrich. Ulrich also noted that because local residents feared some sort of takeover of the town, some of them started buying up vacant lots to prevent Cobb from buying more. However, the community was still in the dark about Cobb's PLE plans.

So Ryan Lenz, a writer for the SPLC's Hatewatch magazine, decided to "turn on the light". He visited Leith and told Mayor Ryan Schock about Cobb’s plans to fill Leith with White racialists and take over the town through property ownership and elections. Mark Potok said the SPLC was tipped off when Cobb transferred parcels to Tom Metzger and Alex Linder; the transfers showed up on court records. Mayor Schock, a family man who farms and drives the local school bus, professed surprise and said the whole thing sounded like “a flippin’ fairy tale", explaining that no one had seriously checked out Cobb, which is why it got so far. Schock acknowledges that Cobb has a right to live in the community and think what he wants. Grant County Sheriff Steve Bay said Cobb is not associated with violence and he isn’t worried about public safety. Lenz has published his own story on Hatewatch. Also of interest is Bay's assertion that Canada isn't seeking to extradite Cobb on charges of willful promotion of hatred dating back to 2010.

The second Tribune story, entitled "Mayor: 'Everybody's wound up' over plans for white supremacist takeover of N.D. town", was published on August 22nd. Mayor Ryan Schock said his phone has been ringing off the hook since the Tribune broke the first story, with many of the calls from the 19 community residents wanting to know what's going on. The Tribune also reported that two White men from Wisconsin, Michael Bencz and Tim Westergard, responded to a Craigslist ad posted by Craig Cobb recruiting White emigrants, but Bencz distanced himself from Cobb and white nationalism, saying that he was just looking for a prairie home in a quiet and peaceful place. Westergard said he was in Leith to help Bencz get a handle on the work the house needs, and added that Cobb is Cobb's problem, “as long as it doesn’t affect (Bencz) to be here with his wife in the environment they chose".

Other white activists reported to own lots in Leith include Tom Metzger, Vanguard News Network Forum webmaster Alex Linder, and April Gaede and Mark Harrington. Cobb also donated a building to the National Socialist Movement, and would like to give one lot to Golden Dawn and another to Dr. David Duke. Cobb did not initially respond to any media enquiries, and the Tribune speculated he works during the week on a highway construction crew in the Killdeer area. However, the SPLC claims that Cobb has since been fired from that job, most likely because of the SPLC's publicity; this is confirmed on White Nations. Inforum has since published reaction from Cobb, who said he doesn't plan to leave Leith. “I plan on staying and that (losing this job) freed me up to get more propaganda and bring more people to Leith,” he said. “I would love to see the White Nationalists flag flying in town.”

Update: The Bismarck Tribune published a third story, entitled "White supremacist said he's staying", on August 24th. Craig Cobb again confirmed he's staying in Leith. He identified his former employer as Border States Paving of Fargo, and said he was driving a pilot car and flagging on a N.D. Highway 22 road construction crew south of Killdeer. Cobb said many workers in the oil patch share his views on race, specifically "that whites are being dispossessed in our own country. Oil workers are all racists; they prefer their own race. They all want to be witnesses on my job. They're sympathetic to my message". Cobb also confirmed that Michael Bencz and Tim Westergard are not white nationalists.

Reaction: There's a lengthy Stormfront thread which has grown to 15 pages and a discussion thread on VNN Forum. And although Cobb delayed responding to media enquiries, he does address the issue extensively on White Nations. Some of the more pertinent snippets (after the jump):

-- Cobb gives more info on his employment termination: "To answer a few: No, not age. There is one truck driver who is 76 and maybe 1 or 2 others a year or 3 older than me. On the road itself (not counting truckers), I was the oldest at 61, almost 62. The paver is 59. Another guy, so great sense of humor, he said he wanted to be 'my bodyguard' and that I was his 'hero'. This made me laugh a lot. Those 2 have 65 years of paving experience between them. They are well respected by other crew members. Year and a half for me. Best job I ever had. Well, gone now.

The reason the project superintendent said the company owner gave him was that my 'notoriety'--the exact word he used--was a 'danger' to the crew. So I asked--"You mean some illegal Mexican or leftist Bolshevik from Dickinson or somewhere else might drive by and machine gun us all?" And he replied--'something like that I guess--he (the owner) just told me you had to go'...'your notoriety just endangers the others on the crew'.

More like, the owner may not get multimillion government contracts at $13 and $14 million---several per season--with a right wing known White activist on board".

The EEOC is controlled in DC by manipulative anti-White, dishonest spics. I know this from high level personal experience. Other advice is good, sure and thx.

-- In response to his job loss: "I've spent a couple of hours calling around to various ND law firms, the ones partly specializing in employment law. Several represent only employers. One, which states in their ads they are the largest in the state, declined, though when I accidentally called back on another line to one of their 40 attorneys, I at least was allowed to leave a call back and the female phone answerer said they do in fact represent employees. My mistake on the first call was to mention my name, lol.

We all know Hale's, Steele's, Metzger's, Butler's et al probs simply getting any legal rep at all. Then there is this, ha. The very name 'Human Rights' repels me after MT".


Anonymous said...

Thanks "AA", after a whole summer free of reactionary., right-wing "nonsense news" - I LMAO over this entry! Can you imagine ol'Dave Duke plunking his ass off in BF North Dakota? No latte's, or tanning booths there for sure! No gambling dens either. The SPLC and the anti crowd must be aching to find "some kind" of ridiculous "news" to announce about the "the hate movement" to bring up this nonsense! Hell, perhaps lots "given" to Hitler, Rockwell and Osama Ben Laden would create even MORE jews-media comedy? THIS is what the so-called "movement" has fallen to. Honestly, I'm glad. After the FANTASY lets-pretend crowd has COMPLETELY disappeared off the board - something much better and more REALISTIC will have a chance to progress... For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman . 88!

Anonymous said...

"White supremacist takeover." Oh my. So the dumb Whites there are crapping themselves with outrage over fellow Whites who have different views (the nerve of those haters!) Yet the spic takeover of the whole nation seems to elude their concern.

You can always count on the vast majority of Whites to keep on digging the mass grave for our race. As consistent as the sun coming up in the morning. (For now, anyway. Maybe things will change......with Whites, not the sun.)

crusader said...

Stop being so antagonistic, Mr. Suhayda. In Germany there are a few small communities the NDP has swarmed in much the same way. Do suppose you think it's bad to try to create explicitly White communities?

April Gaede, NSM, and Golden Dawn all in one town? Cancel Honolulu, that would be MY vacation paradise. And yes, I'm sure the ANP could get a footing too if you promised to work side by side with the larger national socialist organization.

Anonymous said...

Part of any PLE remains invisible for the security of the community, so those who are trying to obstruct the rights of the incoming Pioneer Europeans - whether by posting crap here or undermining their civil rights -are in for a real surprise. Any White person of character who hasn't already done so should read 'Pioneer Little Europe Prospectus' and get in contact with Mr. Cobb at the earliest possible opportunity.

Donald E. Pauly said...

It is a safe bet that David Duke will not give up his digs in that Austrian Ski Resort to move to Leith.

Anonymous said...

Crusader, Chairman Suhayda is only being pragmatically realistic. This is not a "swarm of WN", its one guy buying up some scrub lots, and handing them out to people who are never going to ever move there. What happens when these non-residents don't even bother pay the property taxes, duh? Cobb is another little rich kid, who like delusional Bill White inherited some of his folks money and has gone around blowing it on his fantastic schemes, which wind up going no-where. And your comparing this to whats happening in Europe only shows how little educated you are upon the true status of American WN, and over there. Grow up and get out more into the real world. Alex

Jim Bowery said...

This interview was conducted midst an SPLC-triggered media frenzy. Immediately after completing this interview, the New York Times reporters showed up at the Leith, North Dakota residence of Craig Cobb—declared one of the most dangerous men in the US by the SPLC’s “Hate Watch”. Listen for the true story behind the frenzied article that will soon appear in the New York Times, and get an idea of Craig Cobb, the man, not the mythic monster.

Paul Smith said...


San Francisco school bus
Bay area party bus

Blue Tunic Ministry of Christ said...

I think if people are wishing to set up for a territorial imperative for a select few of our people they ought to keep their mouths shut about it.