Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Are Blacks Waging An Unorganized Low-Intensity Guerrilla Race War Against Whites In The United States?

It's time for us to state this as bluntly as possible. The frequency and ferocity of black-on-white attacks in the United States leads me to conclude that the black community is conducting a low-intensity guerrilla war against whites. Even though there's no evidence that it may be orchestrated by a central authority, it is still a low-intensity conflict nonetheless.

The latest outrage was publicized on August 28th, 2013 on Weaselzippers. On the night of Saturday August 24th, 20-year-old Andy Sweeney was riding his bike near the intersection of Northeast Martin Luther King Boulevard and Northeast Fargo Street in Portland, OR when three teenagers threw a traffic cone at him, hitting him in the face. Sweeney suffered a concussion and two of his front teeth were shattered from the attack. This incident occurred only a week after a 64-year-old man reported that he was also attacked by teens while riding his bike on Northeast Going Street near Martin Luther King Boulevard. Weaselzippers also called out the local Portland media for suppressing mention of the attackers' race.

On August 27th, the Council of Conservative Citizens posted a report about an attack in Pittsburgh. On Sunday August 25th at around 2:00 P.M., three black teenage girls threw a bottle at a white woman’s car, and when the woman stopped to confront the girls, they attacked her, yelling racial slurs. She was kicked, punched, robbed and left in the middle of the street. Thanks to witnesses, the woman was not seriously injured, and the perps were arrested. The CofCC notes that had it been a white-on-black attack, the national media would have been outraged.

And get a load of this. You're undoubtedly familiar with the brutal murder of 88-year-old white veteran Delbert Benton by two black thugs in Spokane, WA on Wednesday August 21st. Now the Spokane cops are adding insult to injury -- by blaming Benton. Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub implies that Benton may have provoked the murder by attempting to stop the thugs from committing a robbery. At least the thugs have been arrested and are being held on $2 million bail, but when the cops are so desperate to kiss black ass by blaming the victim, you have to wonder who the real enemy is. These incidents are happening too frequently and in too many different places to be written off as coincidence. One might expect it in Pittsburgh or Chicago, but in Portland? Spokane? If Harold Covington really wants a Northwest American Republic, he's got a lot of housecleaning to do in his back yard first.

Apologists for the black community minimize the problem, claiming that it's only the black underclass. But the black intelligentsia is laying a favorable intellectual foundation for black crime. Consider retired U.S. Army General Colin Powell, who has received every possible advantage from a system desperate to highlight so-called "domesticated blacks", although he admittedly still had to work to make progress. How has Colin Powell repaid society for fronting him? During his August 25th appearance on Face The Nation, Powell called the jury verdict that cleared the killer of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin "questionable" and urged President Obama to speak more on issues of race. Powell said "I think that it will be seen as a questionable judgment on the part of the judicial system down there, but I don't know if it will have staying power. These cases come along and they blaze across the midnight sky and then after a period of time, they're forgotten." This statement makes it appear that Powell is making excuses for Trayvon Martin's behavior. And don't forget an even more explicit expression of black tribalism -- in two separate elections, over 90 percent of black voters voted for Barack Obama, in many cases solely because of his race. Thus it's not just the "black underclass" that's the problem. The SBPDL blog focuses exclusively on black predation.

Yet many whites who propose that whites should organize racially are demonized as racists and white supremacists, just as much by whites as by blacks. But some paleoconservative whites are waking up and becoming more racial. During a recent appearance on PBS's McLaughlin Group, Pat Buchanan openly admitted that whites are the only group that you can discriminate against legally in America now. Although Buchanan has always been politically correct, he has become more explicitly pro-white with the passage of time. In Alaska, U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller openly posts black crime stories on his Restoring Liberty website; no other major candidate in Alaska does this. And during this past weekend, the League Of The South, which is basically Southern nationalist, openly manifested itself as pro-white during rallies in Uvalda and Vidalia in Georgia, and Murfreesboro, TN is next on their list. Media outlets reporting black-on-white crimes are becoming more tolerant of pro-white comments posted to their websites.

But are mainstream whites wising up to race because of our efforts, or in spite of them? It seems like the white activism which resonates best with the white public is that which emphasizes broader issues. Note the recent literature drop by The Advanced White Society in Upper St. Clair; instead of merely spouting the 14 Words, the flyers addressed illegal immigration and judicial corruption. The National Socialist Movement has emphasized illegal immigration during their rallies, and the American Nazi Party emphasizes economics. White activism in the South is making great inroads by emphasizing Southern nationalism. The American Freedom Party is maturing into the type of organization that, if Sarah Palin follows through on her promise to bolt the Republican Party, she might be able to join it without a crisis of conscience.

Yet we have radicals within the movement who will say "No way out but through the Jew". Yes, there is indeed a Jewish Question, but while Jewish crimes against whites can strip us of our homes, our fortunes, our livelihoods, and our history, black crimes against whites put us in the hospital, in wheelchairs, and in the cemetery. I can ride a bicycle down the middle of the Hasidic neighborhood in Brooklyn without getting a traffic cone thrown at me, but I don't dare ride a bike down MLK Blvd in Northeast Portland. Perhaps we should be asking the radicals why they are so bound and determined to divert our attention away from black predation to focus on the "Jew".

To paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld, we should focus on the problems we have rather than the problems we want. I see no alternative but to separate white from black, which in turn will strip the Jew of one of their primary defensive weapons they use against us.


Anonymous said...

This race war of black against White has been going on for a long time. Today the jewsmedia is gushing over the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther Coons "march on Washington" where he gave his famous jew-written I have a dream speech. Since integration, blacks being unleashed on the White populace has resulted in black on White crime reaching pandemic levels.

Recently we have the to-do about that Trayvon thug in FL being shot by a mestizo. More recently were some crimes against Whites that actually got some media coverage: the 13 month old child shot in the face and killed by blacks in GA, the Australian baseball player shot in the back in Oklahoma by blacks, and this WWII veteran killed by blacks. All these criminals were teenage negro males (Trayvons) who are part of the 4% demographic (black males 14-34) that causes over 50% of violent crime in the USA.

Yes, the jew is the disease, and the blacks and the rest of the muds are effects of that disease. But like you said AA, a White most likely will not be attacked in a jew neighborhood. We cant minimize the terrible consequences of Whites being forced to be around non-White savages.

So yes, this TERRORISM by non-Whites against Whites is the true legacy of the vile MLK. Ironic that a WW2 vet would be killed by diversity, cuz that's EXACTLY what he was fighting for in that war, whether he knew it or not. The police blaming this 88 year old man? Not a shock, fuck the pigs.

I don't give a damn about being called a "mindless hater" by certain WN types. Niggers are savages and you cant expect them to act like civilized humans. The few "good" blacks only make the usual excuses for nigger behavior (RACISM, etc.) and ZOG and the jewsmedia will always prop blacks up, like celebrating this MLK march like it was more important that July 4, 1776. The hell with "America" its dead and gone.

Anonymous said...

No, they are only acting like the non-White anti-socials that many of them are. WHO'S really to BLAME? The lesser primates, or the people who allowed them out of their "cages" - ie, if the monkeys were let out of the zoo, - would reasonable people "blame them" for acting like monkeys? ROCK 88!

Anonymous said...

Rock once again hits the nail on the head! You shouldn't blame savages acting like they are. The blame ought to go to those who ought to know better, yet still find some excuse for allowing this to occur in the first place, and then continue to pretend it isn't happening. I really think that its the best propaganda tool we've got, at least some of these whites ought to be leaning our way. If not, good riddance to all of these so-called 'victims'. Carl Roman

Chaplain Bill said...

I wouldn't say they are organizing any kind of offical race war, it is more like the general breakdown of society caused by treating blacks as equal to whites is creating an general state of lawlessness that did not exist when whites were allowed to run this country the way it should be and was for all the years of it's growth.

Anchorage Activist said...

Bill -- That's a reasonable summation. Many black predators are simply acting opportunistically; seeing that few whites are willing to stand up to them, that encourages them to prey more upon us. But they're still targeting us because we're white.

Anonymous said...

August 28th is the anniversary of the MLK I Have a Dream Speech. In 2010, 2011 and 2012 I was silently swarmed by groups of blacks, Jews and white collar immigrants connected to academia. The intent of these covert harassment techniques is to provoke defensive hostility. The swarms include a person who plays the potential victim and others who play the role of bystander witness should the target be successfully provoked. If this happens it would likely result in punitive actions against the target. I suspect that many people who've joined white support groups may have been targeted with these types of covert passive aggressive abuses in the classroom even as children.

These groups include mostly NIH researchers connected to the University of Pittsburgh Mind-Body Center, the Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities, Media Logic and local religious based non-profits and immigrants who've greatly benefited from our academic institutions and who go on to take high paying jobs, often here in the US.

Anonymous said...

There are Whites in Law enforcement nowadays
that are too stupid that they are helping the Naggers in this Country to further destroy there own Race.
But they will not learn til Justice catches up with
there Corrupt Ways,and then they will truly appreciate what its like to meet bubba in Prison.

Chaplain Bill said...

AA, Actually I think it is simply the fact that many whites are such easy targets. No black has or will EVER maike me their victim, in fact it tend s to be the other way around, many ghetto creeps have learned the hard way that when someone starts something with me real time, I won't need cops, they will.

Now there is some hatred among blacks that causes some to target whites but that is basically blowback from the Jim Crow era (which no younger black was alive during) you know, thinking they need to get even for past injustices, these poor little misfits need to understand that they should actually be grateful for their ancestors being brought here, how well do they think they'd be doing if they were born in Africa? I personally think enslaving blacks and bringing them here was a huge mistake because now we haqve to deal with 30 million people who are like spoiled children demanding that they get everything handed to them and that they get thier way every single time.

One case in point is the Zimmerman case, blacks whine and moan, claiming that if Gayvon had shot Zimmermamzer Trayvon would be in prison when the truth is that Trayvon wouldn't have even went to trial under Florida law and the only reason Zimmerman was even tried is because blacks wailed and moaned endlessly until he was and now that justice has prevailed they are now whining to have florida's self defense laws overturned so it is no longer legal to defend oneself from a drug crazed black thug that is attacking them. In closing the only reason blacks target whites is because so many are easy targets and when some people actually defend themselves against this backwards savages they suddenlt demand that the laws be changed so that they may victimize people with impunity.