Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Richard Scutari Reveals That The FBI Would Have Provided Him With Canned Information To Testify For ZOG At The Fort Smith Sedition Trial

One of the Order members who kept faith is still in prison. Richard Scutari's most recent letter has been posted on the National Alliance Reform website. This website is separate and distinct from the Natallnews.com website. Even though Mr. Scutari has long since been released from solitary confinement, he's busy with his own personal education and with outreach programs at the institution including teaching yoga for the recreation department and heading up the Odinist program for the spiritual needs of fellow prisoners, so he hasn't much time to correspond with people.

Two things about this letter shocked the hell out of me. First, Mr. Scutari reveals that not only did the FBI want him to testify for the feds at the Fort Smith sedition trial, but offered to supply him with "facts, figures, and dates". That's right -- canned information. No way could Mr. Scutari have known in advance whether or not the information would have been true. This means the FBI doesn't care if their witnesses lie on the stand, so long as they can lie credibly. Here's the pertinent excerpt from Mr. Scutari's letter:

...Two and a half months after receiving my 60-year sentence, two FBI agents came to the prison and talked separately to James Ellison and me. We were offered our freedoms if we would testify against movement leaders and others in the upcoming Berg and Sedition trials. Ellison accepted the deal and was the government’s star witness at the trial in Ft. Smith. He was released from prison after his performance at the trial. I refused to cooperate. One of the leaders they wanted me to testify against was Dr. Pierce. Because I was very rarely away from Bob Mathew’s side during the last 6 months of his life, the feds believed I was present when Bob allegedly gave Dr. Pierce $250k to $500k. When I told them they would not believe what I did not know, they responded by saying that they would supply me with facts, figures, and dates. After again telling them I would not cooperate with them, I was placed in the hole, had phony escape charges place against me, transferred from a medium security prison to a high security prison, had a management variable placed on me raising my custody level from medium to high max. It took me 22-years to get that variable off me.

Mind you, I wasn't exactly born yesterday. I already knew from the official authorized versions of the JFK assassination, the shootdown of TWA Flight 800, the OKC bombing, and 9-11 that the feds had a habit of massaging the truth and withholding pertinent information from the public. But never had I seen an account of a federal agency offering to literally "make up the truth" and hand it to a prospective witness for dissemination in court.

The other thing that was also shocking, but much less so, was the grossly disparate sentencing imposed upon James Ellison and Richard Scutari. Both appeared equally involved in the movement. But while Ellison, who had faced a maximum 20-year sentence, was released after only two years because he testified for ZOG, Mr. Scutari is still in prison after 22 years (he was sentenced to 60 years total) because he wouldn't testify. Does this mean Scutari is mathematically 11 times more dangerous than Ellison? Not hardly -- what it shows is gross disproportionality. If you don't cooperate with ZOG, you don't merely get punished -- you get buried. Ask Matt Hale about his ridiculous 40-year sentence. Look at the differential sentencing between Larry Fairfax, who planted a bomb under Cyndi Steele's car but sang for ZOG and got a 2 1/2 year wrist slap, versus Edgar Steele, who merely was wishing out loud in a moment of medically-induced weakness that Cyndi was no longer around and got buried with 50 years.

No discussion of the Fort Smith Sedition Trial is complete without reference to Frazier Glenn Miller, who also testified for the government. But despite the fact that no one was convicted because the jury did not consider the government witnesses to be credible, many on the Old Right, most notably Pastor Martin Lindstedt, are not inclined to forgive Miller for his testimony. But Miller, who had a wife and family, must have sensed that he would have got buried like Richard Scutari had he held out, so he made the painful decision to testify, gambling that he could massage his testimony enough to prevent a conviction. Miller discusses his travails in his book "A White Man Speaks Out". Miller specifically gives his account of the sedition trial HERE. It can be tough to stand firm when the choice is between two years and 60 years. That's why I'm not inclined to judge Miller, although I admire Scutari's fidelity.


Anonymous said...

Glenn Miller better pray that Scutari never gets out. That's because Miller won't be hard to track down, something every rat fink never stops worrying about.

Anonymous said...

Creatures like Traitor Glenn Miller, and Race-Mixers such as "Kommander" Jeff Schoep MAY be "pitied" by some, but that kind of thinking only breeds problems. Anyone who was/is weak enough to betray our basic beliefs for ANY "reasons", must never be "forgiven", or "taken back" into our WN community. No one "forced" them in their actions, except their own private, selfish feelings. BETRAYAL is simply that! IF they STAB US IN THE BACK ONCE - that's more than enough. Our future children will not thank us for being so F-UP, that we allowed those who betrayed our beliefs, all in the name of "being nice guys" and "forgiving our enemies"! For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda , Chairman www.AmericanNaziParty.com 88!

Anonymous said...

Why is the continued spam, and traitorous back stabbing by Rocky Jewhayduh tolerated here? Lumping in a federal rat like Glen Miller with Jeff Schoep (Rockys strange obsession with Schoep is enough to make any straight male vomit). Rocky, you might want to think twice before running your mouth about Schoep in a thread about Richard Scutari. Have you ever written Scutari? Why don't you ask him what he thinks about Jeff Schoep? I happen to know for a fact that the NSM was the first and perhaps the only group in the U.S.A. carrying Richard Scutari's new book, due to the long term friendship between Schoep and Scutari. Ask him yourself Rocky, oh thats right you probably think the Order members are scum, and like most people they probably only know of you due to your constant slander against white activists, if they ever heard of you at all. The real purge of scum in the movement will come and Rocky you can bet you will be right next to Miller and other traitors when that day arrives. WR, maybe you won't publish this since your pet (Rocky) is only allowed to attack other activists here, but the facts are the facts, write Richard Scutari and ask him yourself his opinion on Schoep, and then ask him what his opinion is on people who sewn dissention like the mis-named anp. I already know the answer he would say, but for public dissemination and coming from a wise man like Scutari, maybe the last 3 tards on the anp ship of fools will jump ship before Suhayda drags them down with him.

Anonymous said...


I have great respect for Mr. Scutari and the Order comrades. However, NOTHING can change the fact that the NSM is a black mark on the WN Movement.

Schoeps disgusting personal life, all the criminals that are/have been in the NSM, the groups constant embarrassing street theatre antics, the fact that NSM is a part of Schoeps " Tyr productions company" and takes in a decent amount peddling useless merchandise, these things are very well known by now and out there for all to see.

You shouldn't bash AA for allowing different opinions here. It is to his credit that he allows FREE SPEECH. To be honest, I get annoyed sometimes when he covers stories involving the sad comedy of the latest NSM street shows, as they are counter-progressive and give real NS/WN a bad name. But, I respect that AA wants to cover all areas of the pro-White movement.

Regarding Rocky, I haven't seen him criticize others with charges that were not valid/credible. I'm glad he is willing to be the "unpopular" one who isn't afraid to expose the phonies, frauds, scum, etc. in the Movement. God knows there are plenty.

If you want to purge the scum in the movement, start with the NSM. From top to bottom, clean it up. Oh wait, then there would be nobody left in the NSM!

Anonymous said...

11:56PM Jeff Schoep was married for four years to an ARAB woman named Joanna, who has a BLACK child named Amber. Isn't that racial treason? So Schoep peddles Scutari's book, that's what he does, sells shit for a living. Schoep and the collection of dwindling misfits in the nsm are a disgrace to the 14words. Ignore the FACTS of Jeff being a multi-time adulterer, a convicted felon who has never held a real job in his lifetime, who doesn't support his ex's or his six kids whom he has all abandoned. There's no ignoring his race-mixing!

Anonymous said...

Miller is a "Fed Rat" for sure, but Jeff Poop-Schoep is an out and out race mixer! Is Mr. Scutari aware of this treason, I doubt it? Maybe I'll write him and make him aware of Jeff's real character, or lack of! Phillip W.

Anonymous said...

Rocky only attacks those who have something disgraceful about their behavior, and I thank God for it! If it wasn't for Rocky Suhayda and the American Nazi Party, few would be aware of a lot of the trash infesting WN. I believe that Chairman Suhayda deserves a lot of credit for breaking the Masonic like Code of Silence that permeates unfortunately our WN struggle. AA should be thanked as well! Shiela Bennes 88!

Anonymous said...

John de Nugent is for Glenn Miller.

De Nugent states that all members of the Order were rats and traitors and most of all cowards!!

Just google: "John de Nugent" Glenn Miller.

Anonymous said...

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