Saturday, July 06, 2013

Black Blogger Brittney Cooper Eavesdrops On Fellow Passenger's Text Message, Upset To Find She Was Referred To As A "Big Fat Nigger"

The experience of Brittney Cooper, a blogger who self-identifies as a radical black feminist chick who just happens to be an assistant professor of Women's Studies and Africana Studies at Rutgers University, reminds us of the value of minding our own business. Cooper eavesdropped on a fellow passenger's text message, and got upset by what she read.

Although The Root printed an excerpt of this story, the full version of this story was published by Salon. Cooper was aboard an airliner on July 4th traveling from New Jersey to Louisiana. She was seated next to a white woman accompanied by her two sons. By her own admission, she had become "fixated" with this woman but could not give a reason. Then, as the airliner prepared to depart, the incident occurred. Here's an excerpt of Cooper's own account:

As we boarded, I noticed that this mom and I would be sitting in the same row, I in the window seat, she in the center. As we sat awaiting takeoff, I finished a text conversation and signaled to the flight attendant for a seat-belt extender, a fat passenger’s best friend. Then just as the call came to shut our phones off, I glanced over at her, and she was still texting, rapidly. I caught a few words of the end of her text that made me look more intently: “on the plane, sitting thigh to thigh with a big fat nigger. Lucky me.”

My breath caught in my chest.

And then there was pain. Humiliation. Embarrassment. Anger.

Cooper says she got the other woman's attention and asked her to read the Facebook status from her smartphone. Cooper adds that the woman saw it, grunted her assent, and then said nothing. So Cooper pressed forward, saying in a low voice: “I just want to let you know that your words were hurtful. And I hope you don’t pass that kind of ignorance down to your beautiful boys.” She replied curtly, “I don’t.”

But Brittney Cooper actually brought the problem upon herself. Don't forget that Cooper wrote "I caught a few words of the end of her text that made me look more intently" Who the hell invited Brittney Cooper to eavesdrop on somebody else's text message? Had she minded her own business and respected her fellow passenger's privacy, she would never have seen the message, and her feelings wouldn't be hurt. If you don't want to see other people's dirty laundry, don't open their clothes hamper.

Then again, I suppose I should not be surprised that Brittney Cooper eavesdropped on Whitey. After all, she is a "radical black feminist chick" who is an assistant professor in two totally useless disciplines, and we know radical feminists are always out to stir shit up just to prove a point. We also know that blacks have a reputation for overreacting to slights and taking them more personally than other races. Brittney Cooper senses that her prosperity and status are largely artificial and contrived, and in a real world, it's unlikely there would be a Women's Studies or Africana Studies for her to lean on. And it subliminally grates upon her.

So she started a row on an airplane just to vent. KATC Channel 3 in Lafayette, LA picked up the story, and here's a sampling of public comments, mostly unfavorable:

Stacey Duval · Morgan City, Louisiana 13 hours ago:
I read the whole story and I have to say a few things on the matter. for one, she shouldn't have glanced at the lady's phone to begin with because that's invasion of privacy. I don't agree with being racist but it's not jus the blacks that get called disrespectful names. It doesn't matter if ur fat, skinny or an in between size ,it also doesn't matter bout the color of ur skin because there will always be name calling no matter what race u are ,or the size of ur body. We are all equal and that's how god intended it to be.

Yes, I do agree it's wrong for a black person to complain when the {N} word is said by a white person or someone other than their race and When it comes from a member of their own race not much is said rather it be on a t.v., a movie, or even in a song. I feel that if u are gonna complain about something a person says rather it be in a text or verbally and u spoke to that person about it already then I don't think it needs to be headline news or even posted on facebook.

As for slavery, I have to say something on that as well , it wasn't jus the blacks that were slaves ,there were white people too, so when u think about slavery and think it's jus the blacks that suffered trust me ur so wrong and need to read the history books again . Our ancestors were white, black and some of us even indian but no one talks bout the white slaves or the indian slaves that also had to endure the same pain that the blacks had to endure.I think that this was all jus a means to get publicity and there is no need for it. If u think I'm racist for posting this comment I'm sorry but I have to say , I'm not racist I come from multiple races. I love all nationalities the same. If I have offended anyone by this post then I'm sorry for that as well but it's just how I feel on the matter.

Glenn Vincent · Top Commenter · Orange Beach, Alabama 14 hours ago:
The black race uses that word and worse to describe their wives, mothers and kids. But let a white person use that word and and they want to sue someone. Hers is an idea...respect yourself if you want others to respect you.

Thad Daly · Top Commenter · University of the Pacific Whittier 13 hours ago:
So she upset with the name, what about her evesdropping - invasion of the other passenger's privacy- if she had not then she would have never known.

Cris Van Dijke · Bulk Crude Markerter and Lease Acquisitions at Big Oil 14 hours ago:
I wonder if there is an associate position for men's studies? Oh wait, they call that business and engineering.


Anonymous said...

Haha now that's the kind of woman I want to meet

Anonymous said...

I like that comment about "respect yourself if you want others to respect you." Reminds me of that old WAR cartoon about blacks always talking about "respect" but how you need to be REPSECTABLE in order to get respect, which the vast majority of blacks are anything but.

This negress was "fixated" with this White woman? Once again, just shows how obsessed the negroes are with what WE think, despite all their claims of being so talented and smart and original, most of what they do seems to hinge on US.

"How will White people react?" to whatever blacks do or say. In other words: always looking for "racism" from Whites just like the jewsmedia is so into covering, whether real or imagined.

Ralph said...

This is great!