Monday, June 03, 2013

White British Lady Lashes Out On Video Over Black Muslim Terrorist Attack On British Soldier In Woolwich; BNP Rumbles With UAF In London

The cold-blooded murder of Lee Rigby, a British soldier in Woolwich, by the black Muslim thug Michael Adebolajo has struck a raw nerve among rank-and-file Britons. On Saturday June 1st, when members of the British National Party gathered outside the Houses of Parliament for a planned march, holding Union Jack flags and calling for "hate preachers out" – a reference to radical Muslim clerics they say should be deported from Britain, they were confronted by hundreds of protesters from Unite Against Fascism (UAF) group and the Socialist Worker party chanting "smash the BNP". However, police said some of the UAF protesters refused to remain in their designated penned area and 58 were arrested; the Daily Mail has numerous photos. On May 27th, the English Defence League (EDL) skirmished with police in Woolwich on the night of the killing and mustered about 1,000 protesters in central London to chant slogans like "Muslim killers off our streets".

But ordinary Britons are sounding off. One typical British lady posted the following video:

Early in the video, the lady falls for the trap of asserting she's not racist; by doing this, she perpetuates the fiction that racism is a bad thing. But this is a product of her acculturation. She also drops an excessive number of F-bombs during the video, which will undoubtedly put off the Jared Taylor constituency. But it represents the fact that people can only be pushed so far. The raw anger of white Britons cannot be suppressed forever; it is rising to the surface. And sometimes this anger will not be manifested in the same way as it would in the more genteel Houses of Parliament.

An increasing number of Britons are organizing and lashing out at a thoughtless government which imposes second-class citizenship upon its own people. Worse yet, most of the governing class are white. As a matter of fact, the current British Prime Minister, David Cameron, is a founding signatory of the far-left, extremist Unite Against Fascism (UAF) organization, which has a track record of attacking political opponents with darts and clawhammers and has been involved in many violent confrontations with the British police. With "friends" like Cameron, white Britons can't afford enemies.

By the way, the BNP provides us their own account of the London demo and a video:

Nice to see the BNP force its way back into the public eye again. The progress of the UKIP is gratifying, but they're not quite the same as the BNP.


Anonymous said...

People in white countries should focus their anger at their communist regimes and central banks. An all out race war will be good for nobody. The rich and the Jews will laugh at the death of millions with this manufactured 'clash of civilizations'.

The Israelis at least had the balls to drag out a guillotine at Rothschild boulevard. Why don't the Brits go and drag this enemy terrorist family out of their castles?

And Woolwich was a damn false flag. Get with the program.

Anonymous said...

Good to see people in the streets. Britain just might be the most PC nation on Earth, but people can only take so much.

Problem is that both BNP and UKIP are not truly WN. BNP is now famous/notorious for its compromises,and UKIP always insists that it is not racialist. Even the EDL apparently is only concerned with Muslims, when there's plenty more enemies in Britain.
NONE of these groups goes after the jews for being the source of the cancer killing Britain.

Meanwhile, here in the USA the Whites are deeply engaged in watching ballgames, going to the latest blockbuster jew-movies, waiting for the next I-Phone type gadget to come out, having barbecues, getting into the "summer" lifestyle. Strange way for a people targeted for genocide to act, no?

Anonymous said...


The commies and central banks (jews) are the ones responsible for flooding White nations with hordes of aliens, and demonizing and criminalizing White opposition.

I dont know if this incident was a false flag. Sure its possible, but this is the latest of many non White crimes against White people in Britain,just like ones that happen all over the White world.
Radical muslims are deeply entrenched in Britain, this kind of incident is what results.

This mud-scum should never have been in the UK in the first place. One of millions who dont belong. Yes, focus on the root cause, but this kind of horrible thing will keep happening.

Anonymous said...

The UK public are a ficle lot, yes, a dreadful race murder on London's streets caused shock and revulsion, but the end result will be ZERO. The BNP under Griffin sold out its core beliefs and principles years ago, today the BNP has no elected representation save for griffin himself who is a Member of the European parliament (MEP) following the next Euro election when he loses his seat he will quietly retire moving to his retirement home in Croatia.

Electorally White Nationalism in the UK is a non-starter, due to the hostility of the media the NF will forever be unelected & unelectable.

Anonymous said...

Funny ain't it? The "muslims" are a "safe", kosher approved target, actually the jews must be rolling in laughter as once again ol'Whitey goes after one of the jews enemies! Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT a "muslim lover", but WHO allowed them to invade OUR homelands in the first place? The JEWS and their PALE-FACED LACKIES! WN need to focus upon the ROOT CAUSE - not the symptoms! For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

National Socialism is an outdated philosophy, that cannot be reconciled with our current situation in the US. Rocky, and the rest of NS thinks they can establish a NS society here. It is futile, and ignorant. It will never work, nor ever happen. The answer is the elimination of the state altogether, with complete autonomy, and free economy. People want freedom, and autonomy, not trading one dictatorship for another. What good are we to trad a Zionist democratic dictatorship for a NS dictatorship? Under both regimes there wouldn't be freedom, and true property ownership. The best thing NS groups can do is fold up, and get on the freedom bandwagon. But they won't because guys like good old Rock want big government, so he can have it take care of him. Theses guys area waste of space, and are breathing up good air.