Monday, June 17, 2013

The White Voice: John King Protests 2013 Kentuckiana Gay Pride Parade In Louisville, Kentucky

Since June is Gay Pride Month, many American cities stage gay pride parades. But the voice of opposition was raised at the parade in Louisville, Kentucky. John King, who contributes to The White Voice website, decided to let people know that there are still many of us prepared to take a public stand against the promotion of homosexuality and the statutory protection of homosexuals as a class. And he recorded a video:

According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, which published a worshipful puff piece on the parade, about 1,000 parade participants included individuals, bars, student organizations and churches along with such corporate names as Humana and UPS "all proudly showing their support of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities as part of accepted diversity". Good Lord -- they might as well have just printed a press release from the gay lobby. While they did not refer to John King's protest, they did mention that there was a man in the parade staging area with a bullhorn yelling that the Bible says homosexuality is wrong. Nearly one-third of those posting comments to the story expressed opposition to the parade, primarily because of the way some in the parade dressed. There are also supportive comments on The White Voice Facebook page, but since this post was published, Facebook deleted the page.

Discussion also broke out on Stormfront. Joe Adams, who is actually the proprietor of The White Voice, posted the following:

Thanks for the kind words. We must all admire John's courage as last year this got us MAJOR media coverage (Huffingtton Post among others). We are fighting for Western civilization and a part of that is promoting NORMAL sexual relations and romantic relationships.

We have also protested for the race issue several times under our previous URL "" (for those who are curious why we change URLs so much, it is because we had our eyes on "" for years but it was taken until recently. We always wanted a URL that bears the name our signature podcast.)

John & I protested in Times Square (the belly of the beast ) around this time last year in satrical form:
Pro-White Protest in Times Square New York

John also broke up a Trayvon Martin/Black Power rally in April 2012:
WN Breaks up Trayvon Protest

It's not much, but we are doing what we can. Thank you all for the kind words.

P.S. no, no "White supremacy" for us, we're not that kind of people; we'll settle for the destruction of diversity & multiculturalism.

A discussion thread has been started on the White-friendly F2 Anonboard.


Anonymous said...

Small correction, Joe runs, edits, and owns TWV, John works with Joe

Anchorage Activist said...

Thanks for the info. I have now identified Joe as the proprietor of TWV, which should cover everything.

Anonymous said...

John King is a dedicated and hard-working advocate for whites. He's kind of a one-man US Marine platoon, constantly storming the beaches of multiculturalism with a machine gun blazing in one hand and an anti-tank rocket firing from the other. But Mr. King can only fight against so much and my advice is to limit his commando missions to striking only those who are Anti-White - and no other. Let the churches fight the homos. In short, either be an all-out WN or an all-out fag-fighter - but not both. Otherwise all that you oppose will become so tangled up that you won't know whether you're coming or going.


a "famous" WN writer

Anonymous said...

Great! This is really uplifting to see. Mr.King is truly dedicated, and has the guts to get out there, even just by himself.
Makes my day to see something like this.
Nicely done sir.

Anonymous said...

looks like W.N. are taking on the faggots all over, here is a post with an actual video link from Andre Anglin's Total Fascism, Rodney Martin of American Nationalist Association spoke publicly against a faggot Pride action in a city meeting full of faggots

Rodney vs the Queers

On Wednesday. Rodney Martin went down to his local town hall in Portersville, California, to give a statement against the gay agenda.

Here is the video.

Let this be a lesson and an inspiration. Everyone needs to be doing this. Not just protesting gay, but protesting immigrants and abortion and gun control and Monsanto and everything else we are against.

Anonymous said...

If you are going to protest take a lesson from Westboro Baptist Church - yes, they're nuts - but their posters and video propaganda are always professionally done,signs are silk screened and legible as well as eye catching - they never look like some schizo scrawled the message : Look Sharp Be Sharp !

Anonymous said...

The Martin guy was was in the newspaper, they posted a video of him talking about western society. his was about him talking about stopping queer pride month.

crusader said...

Good to see a man bravely standing against every sort of perversion that festers among the sodomites.


Anonymous said...

The queers have actual PARADES, while WN type on forums, about individuals protesting them. Whats wrong with this picture? Too hot outside? LOL

Anonymous said...

You're exactly right. Sad situation, here in 2013 we have trouble coming up with 50 decent WNs to take to the streets.

Much credit to John King, but yes, our numbers are piss poor. I mean activists. Online we seem to have legions of people who always seem to know "the right way" to do things, and just LOVE talking about it. Mr. 20,000 posts high falootin' senior member at VNN or SF sure can talk a great big game, a regular "guru" on WN. But actually get off his ass and hit the streets? "Um I'll get back to you on that one....."

Anonymous said...

Well, he got his 15 seconds of LOOK at ME! fame. LOL

Anonymous said...


So, how would you have done things differently?

What this man did was far better than the embarassing NSM freak shows.