Friday, June 28, 2013

National Front Accused Of Verbally Abusing A Seven-Year-Old Mulatto Girl At Liverpool Meeting; Participants Say The Story Is Exaggerated

It appears the British media has exaggerated a mix-up which occurred when a seven year old mixed race girl accidentally walked into a National Front meeting in Liverpool, and tried to transform it into a hate incident.

According to the Daily Mail and the Liverpool Echo (the latter with a reputation for leftist bias), a seven-year-old mulatto girl had gone with her parents to the Wavertree Cricketers Club in Liverpool on Wednesday June 19th, 2013 to book their wedding reception. The mother is white, and the father a black originally from Sierra Leone. They inadvertently walked into a room where they said there were 14 far-right activists discussing group tactics. Upon spotting the trio, some of the activists allegedly shouted "Fuck off back to where you come from" and started making monkey noises at the girl. The girl's parents pulled the youngster out of the room and reported the incident to police.

On June 28th, the parents, goaded by the Liverpool Echo, are suddenly raising a big stink about it. They claim no attempt was made by club officials to remove the activists, who the media refer to as "racist yobs". The parents said the room had been decked out with Union flags and banners emblazoned with nationalist slogans, and the mother complained that their wedding plans were now in disarray because they would not set foot in the venue again. Police say a full investigation into the incident is underway and they urge anyone with any information to come forward. In addition, Cricketers Club owner Brian Washington is running for cover; he said he had not known the National Front had booked the room until they arrived, and was co-operating fully with the police investigation. He further stated "The National Front are banned from here for life and as soon as I get an address for them I will be sending them notice of that officially and I will also send a copy to the police".

However, before anyone accuses Washington of cowardice, it should be noted that when his club hosted the BNP National Conference in 2011, sanctions were initially imposed on the club’s license by the local council, although they were overturned on appeal. So the British operate under greater restrictions against free speech and assembly than we do in the United States.

As of this post, there have been 173 comments appended to the Daily Mail story. Unfortunately, most of the commenters uncritically gobble down the media swill fed to them, although a few wonder about the double standard between the NF and UAF (Unite Against Fascism). The issue is also being discussed on Stormfront Britain, where much additional information is available. Many Stormfronters said that if the story was true, the National Front should be condemned. However, Scouse EFC was present and posted the following account on Stormfront:

Well what happend in brief, meeting is going as planned, got a speaker right int he middle of a speech, we are in our own function room which we hired out then in walks two people with a black kid who go to the bar and just stand there, the speaker stops speaking the whole place is completely silence, everybody looking at each other as if to say isn't this a bit awkward and even a few smirking finding the incident ironic, atleast 2 long minutes go by with the three of them just standing at the bar with us in silence, then the person behind the bar finally appears and they begin a conversation, the whole place continues to be in silence despite the fact it's our private meeting they have walked into, eventually after about 5 minutes of this sombody starts booing at them which i can only guess is were the apparent monkey chants is coming from, they were getting booed as they had held up our meeting for 5 minutes now and were still not looking like leaving, finally they leave and sombody shouts and dont come back as they leaving, then everybody preety much burts out laughing after they leave, nothing more and nothing less happend than this, you know it's bad when Nationalists suddenly jump the gun believing media crap.

So yes, there was reaction, since the National Front members believed they had exclusive use of the facility. But it hardly rose to the level of "verbal abuse".

And finally, the National Front itself published an account of the meeting, and there was no reference to the unpleasantness. There were as many as 40 activists present, and four speakers each gave five-minute presentations. This was followed by a break during which there was a raffle, a collection, and also a painting of Enoch Powell donated by the artist who was present, Candy Brown. The painting fetched £30. The meeting then concluded with an inspirational speech by Deputy Chairman Kevin Bryan, who spoke about how over a thousand years ago Charles Martel and his 75,000 strong army heavily outnumbered by a 200,000 strong Muslim army defeated the Muslim invaders at the battle of Tours and saved France from becoming a Muslim country. The bravery of Charles Martel contrasts significantly with weak, spineless contemporary leaders like British PM David Cameron who welcome Muslims and any other foreigner with open arms and give them benefits, housing, healthcare. Everything that should belong to the indigenous population because these things are the fruits of the British people.

The National Front is one of three White racialist organizations in the United Kingdom, the others being the British National Party and the British People's Party. The English Defense League renounces racialism, but works for many of the same goals as the other three organizations. The Bolton BNP expressed vigorous support for the National Front:

This is nothing but a set up to get the club shut down, it didn't work with the BNP, so they came up with these lies to ban the national Front. Mayor Joe Anderson is still seething at the fact that he didn't get the club shut down in 2011, so they now come up with this plan to make the headlines which say's the NF tells mixed race girl to F**k Off back to were she came from.

They would have known full well that the NF would be having a meeting at the club, and this would have been well planned out. I do not believe for a minute that members of the NF started name calling the little girl, it was a total set up from start to finish, and if by chance someone had been calling, then it would have been done by a plant.

The people in the Labour party are vile, and they will do anything they can to cause as much trouble has they possibly can for the Right wing parties, and at the same time brainwashing the public with their lies. They should be ashamed of themselves for pulling a stunt like this and using a 7 year old child. Lib/Lab/Con and UKIP all get by on telling lies and making up vile stories, while the National Front and the British National Party don't need to make up stories, they tell the truth, and this is what happens when they do tell the truth. The Labour party want a mix race Britain and they will do anything they can to get it.


Anonymous said...

Why are British women so much more prone to race mixing? I swear to god, it seems like the UK must have the highest rate of White trash mixing with muds anywhere.

I believe it is the city of Birmingham, the 2nd largest city in England, that will soon be the first major in city in Britain to lose its White majority. This is become there has been so much mixing between "Whites" and the Afro-Carribean (island niggers) population.

What's Britains problem?

I know there is plenty of this in the USA, but the UK has about 50 million people, and Im guessing per capita the rate is much higher.

I couldnt blame the NF members if the story is true. A White person can only take so much sometimes. Seeing mulattos makes me want to puke.

Anonymous said...

Gee, are WN ideas so "terrible" that we're either embarrassed or ashamed to speak them to "anyone"? Why not have allowed these people to HEAR our "side", as long as they're quiet and not disruptive? Seems like these were racialists of the "secret hater" variety, who prefer making "monkey noises", rather than an intelligent promotion of their beliefs. Surely, sincere WN can do better than that! If not, I guess that the "movement" is stuck being a "little boys" style club, that says to the general public - "NO GIRLS (public) ALLOWED". Sure change a lot of minds and attitudes with a policy like THAT! LOL For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

adam forbes said...

When are non Whites/ antis ever "quiet and not disruptive"? When do non Whites/antifa's want to logically hear us out and let us speak? I highly doubt that the N.F. made "monkey noises" at a child. 8318 M.a.

Anonymous said...

National Front supporters who were there say the story is "media crap".

British Movement (BM) leader Colin Jordan was interviewed in the 1960's on Midlands television and asked what he would do if there was a Jewish boy in his class (he was a teacher) and he replied:

"Well I wouldn't take it out on a young child. This is something to be done politically not out of petty spite. I think Jews in Britain would be better off in Israel."