Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Flyers From The Loyal White Knights Of The Ku Klux Klan Distributed In The Security-Widefield Area Of Colorado Springs

During the weekend of June 1-2, 2013, Klan flyers were distributed throughout portions of Security-Widefield, which is a suburb southeast of Colorado Springs. However, because some of the flyers were taped to U.S. postboxes, the U.S. Postal Service got involved in the investigation. This post is a composite report of the facts published by the Colorado Springs Gazette and KOAA Channel 5 and KKTV Channel 11 (with a photo gallery of the three different flyers) and KRDO Channel 13. The distributors got props at Stormfront.

Residents of the area awoke on Sunday June 2nd to find flyers from the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan on their properties. The area of town most targeted was the 700-block of Drew Drive where an estimated 40 houses received flyers, as well as Cardinal Street and Painted Rock Drive. Some people professed to be unhappy with the flyers, and one neighborhood woman got paranoid and said she intends to meet with the FBI and ask that the bags be tested for ricin. Although most of the flyers were wrapped in ziploc bags and tossed in driveways, some residents found them taped to their mail boxes. Even though they weren't actually put inside the boxes, the local postal inspector initially thought it might be a violation of federal law, and said USPS would investigate. However, KOAA is reporting that a representative of the postal inspector's office since determined that no crime had been committed.

Chris Barker, the Imperial Wizard of the Loyal White Knights, spoke to both KKTV and KRDO afterwards. Barker told KKTV that more distributions can be expected, and urged people not to fear the Klan. “They really shouldn't be afraid. The klan is not out to harm anyone. The klan is just out the wake up white America and the troubles we are facing with our government is becoming communist,” said Barker. To KRDO, Barker said Colorado was simply part of their national recruitment, and that because of the state's mostly-white demographics, there is a lot of activity here. Barker also said "To me, the white race is actually becoming extinct. And it's time for the white people to start waking up and seeing this right here." But their message isn't just about race, as Barker explained "A lot of the fliers that were put out are anti-immigrant fliers too. We're against the whole immigration that's going on in America. It's not just affecting the white race, it's affecting the black and the white race."

To KOAA, Barker confirmed that it was actual Loyal White Knights members who passed out the flyers. He further explained "They're trying to take guns away every time you turn around now they're talking about how they're going to release these flying drones just to spy on American citizens. Hopefully Colorado will stay white, I mean it's one of the last white states to stay a majority white while the rest of America's being flooded by all these immigrants." City-Data indicates that Security-Widefield is 63.9 percent White, 17.9 percent Hispanic, and 9.3 percent Black.

The Loyal White Knights have been one of the most active Klan groups in 2013. They participated in joint rallies with the National Socialist Movement in Memphis on March 30th and again in Atlanta on April 20th.


Anonymous said...

How about that NSM tard who lost his kids because he named them Hitler and such, wearing a homemade "nazi" costume to court? How stupid can he be, doing such things in this sick society. He is over on the OPP site, caught on tape at the New Jersey fiasco, where the anti's sent a number of NSM to the hospital during their convention. NSM sure has a lot of "LOOK at ME!" wierdo's, even at the price of losing their children.

Anonymous said...

I'm a former NSMer and I remember hearing Schoep yell at his children all the time while he was talking on the phone to me. I'm surprised they haven't got Schoep for past-child abuse.

Anonymous said...

Heath Campbell is NOT an NSM member, nor does this have anything to do with the Ku Klux Klan in Colorado or the price of tea in China. Irrelevant as the person that like the wandering Jew, goes completely off topic.

Anonymous said...

8:15AM If this Campbell guy isn't with the NSM, why was he at their NJ national meeting in uniform? He's caught on video, you can see it yourself over on the one peoples project website, creepy long ponytail and all. Looked more like a hippy anti than a real nazi!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 14/88,

The left wing racist journalist wrote an article in the Minneapolis star tribune that young whites under 5 are a loosing Majority in America.The Loyal White Knights are just doing their best to help white American know that standing up for one's race is the Correct course of Action!And That there are Race traitors on this issue of immigration.I believe in the Self-Preservation & Self-Protection of White America from an inferior Race.Regards,Anonymous 14/88

Anonymous said...

Nobody has said he was an NSM member Mr. Paronoid (8:15AM). However, he was at an NSM event which goes with the ole saying of birds that flock together..............

Anonymous said...

This is from the latest ANP Report. Chairman Suhayda is referencing the "whistleblower" who exposed details about the NSA spying on Americans:

"It will be "little people" like this hero, who eventually will bring Zog down. Eventually, enough "little people", like YOU and I will have had ENOUGH - to GET INVOLVED - in whatever manner available in our abilities, our capabilities and our resources, to make this land a BETTER and more DECENT place to live."

Exactly! "We" cant just wait around, doing little gestures and hoping for the "Great White Hope" leader to come along and save the day.
This struggle is definitely one "from the bottom." Like communists pretend their cause is, even though it was installed by the wealthy jew world order elite-Power of illusion.
We may have some "friends in high places" but I dont see any of them "coming out" anytime soon.

Right now the traitors in the legislative branch (still mostly "white.") are hammering out a deal to grant amnesty one way or another to the 20 MILLION illegal alien mestizo invaders that have done more damage to the USA than any "Moslem terrorist" has.
Plenty of republicans, (the white party, lol) are happy to roll out the red carpet for amnesty. Not to mention, NO politicians are calling for an end to "legal" immigration, which is just as, if not more destructive.

No establishment White politician is going to come out as explicitly WN. Even if ONE did, what then? He/she becomes a pariah and is out in the next election-show.

No, our answers are not gonna be found in an easy solution like a ZOG voting booth. Like Chairman Suhayda has said, its up to US, the regular working White people, to make this happen. It starts with you and me.

Thanks to Chairman Suhayda and the ANP for more useful insight.

Anonymous said...

Rocky is the only real leader in the white movement, all the others are characatured costumed clowns who pretend this isn't the 21st century, or paid stooges for the enemy.