Thursday, May 16, 2013

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage Hoisted Upon His Party's Own Anti-Racist Petard, Mobbed By Anti-Racist Scum During Edinburgh Appearance

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) has sought to distance itself from the British National Party and other like groups in order to avoid anti-racist targeting and to gain establishment street cred. They've even gone so far as to suspend or remove some of its candidates whose previous ties with the BNP and the English Defence League have been outed. So it is somewhat ironic -- and even mildly amusing -- to find that UKIP leader Nigel Farage has been targeted by the very same anti-racist scum he's been seeking to placate. During a recent appearance in Edinburgh, Farage was mobbed by anti-racist protesters and forced to take refuge in a pub until police rescued him. From the Vanguard News Network Forum, a video:

The incident took place during a May 16th news conference held by Farage inside the Cannons Gait pub on the Royal Mile, just yards from the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. Farage was promoting his candidate Otto Inglis in the Aberdeen Donside by-election. Suddenly, he found himself surrounded by dozens of protesters, most of who appear to have been young, left wing supporters of Scottish independence, shouting insults at him - some calling him "racist Nazi scum" -- and chanting "Farage is being lifted" and "How does it feel to be treated like an asylum seeker?" Bar staff were forced to clear the pub and the protest spilled outside, obstructing Farage's exit. Farage then twice attempted to escape by taxi, but the first cab driver refused to move when demonstrators blocked the way. He tried to hail a second taxi, which refused to stop, after which police escorted Farage back into the pub and barricaded the doors against protesters. Later he was removed from the scene in a police riot van around 5:40 P.M. British time. Afterwards, Farage dismissed the racism charges, saying "We are a non-racist, non-sectarian party and unlike every other party in British politics, we actually forbid people who have been on extreme left or right-wing extremes from joining our party".

The first cab driver, Alexander McMillan, said he was shaken by the incident. "They were all going bloody mental...I couldn't take him, they were attacking that taxi and blocking its path so I just had to give up, and then the police got involved." ITV has more coverage and photos HERE.

Although the protesters may have been motivated in part by "Scottish nationalism", the anti-racist tone distinctly shows that anti-racists never forgive. Thus the efforts by the UKIP to distance itself from more patriotic nationalist elements will not placate anti-racists, who are motivated by international socialism. One Stormfront poster wrote "That is utterly disgusting. There's no limit to how low these vermin will stoop. We definitely have a serious left-wing problem here in Scotland. The place is crawling with Communist vermin and English-haters. I'm afraid UKIP don't have a chance up here". However, the UKIP is making inroads into some mainstream constituencies which were less responsive to the BNP message. The UKIP does have some pro-White elements in their platform, to include opposition to EU membership, opposition to illegal immigration, advocating a five-year freeze on legal immigration, an end to the European Arrest Warrant, repeal of the Human Rights Act to end abuses by convicted criminals and illegal immigrants, and freeing the police force from the straitjacket of political correctness.


Anonymous said...

Scottish Nationalists of the SNP variety are a damn joke. Yeah they want "independence" from the UK. Let the colored immigration hordes pour into Scotland, let the rot continue, just give us our symbolic independence.

Apparently they're fine with Bonnie Scotland become a 3rd World Toilet bowl, just keep the English out!
Sounds like a Scots version of the IRA.

National Front is the ONLY true WN Party in Britain.

Anonymous said...

The SNP make one wretch. I recall when one of their senior Muslim members died, I can't recall if he was a MSP or not now, in any case Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon went into the Mosque - Sturgeon with full head covering. If the Scottish parliament becomes "independent" they will turn Scotland into even more of a police state than it is now. I agree electorally the National Front are the only option.