Thursday, May 23, 2013

TNB Alert: Watch How A Business Owner Confronts Public Urination In The Alley Around His Premises

I found this on the F2 Anonboard, and it was absolutely hilarious. The video below shows how a business owner decided to deal with people who liked to urinate in the alley next to his business:

He wants us to watch video #25 for the conclusion? O.K., here is video #25:

They say classical or country music will also keep them away. Classical music is particularly effective for keeping your business from becoming a teenage hangout.

The other 23 videos are linked on the sidebar of this portal. One other fringe benefit of turning the shower on the pissers -- it washes the urine away and prevents an unbearable stink.


Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight: he sprays the pissers with liquid while they take a pee.

Then what does he do when they ass-puke a coupla of steamy logs?

Rick Tumm

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's been said many times before: 3rd world people make 3rd world countries. White liberals who want to show "compassion" for the hordes of illegal invaders by being nice to them and giving them amnesty dont grasp this. Maybe they will when the consequences hit them hard, head on. Many of the White liberals live comfortably away from the ills of diversity, so it may never directly confront them.

Same goes for negroes. Even 300 years or whatever of living in a real civilization built by Whites hasnt been able to "take the jungle out of them." Again, the anti racist White liberals (or conservatives for that matter) dont get it, because they apparently dont experience TNB firsthand like many regular White people do.

Types like say, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, George Lucas, Ken Burns, Keith Olbermann, Bill Gates, etc.(way too many to name) need to get a taste of the garbage they want the rest of us to live with.

Chaplain Bill said...

Flush the Pissers!!! LOL! LOL! LOL!