Saturday, May 11, 2013

Spanish-Language Flyers From White Genocide Project Distributed In Milwaukie, Oregon; Anti-Racist Expert Calls It "Low Grade Terrorism"

KATU Channel 2, in a very one-sided story, is reporting that flyers produced by the White Genocide Project were distributed in a neighborhood along Southeast International Way in Milwaukie, Oregon early on Thursday March 9th, 2013. Residents woke up to find the flyers posted on nearly every vehicle in the neighborhood. And many were befuddled by the fact that the flyers were in Spanish; the only two English words on the flyer were "White Genocide". The issue is also being discussed on the Vanguard News Network Forum and Stormfront.

"Wah, I'm horrified!"
Like other media outlets with similar stories, KATU went out and rounded up their "outraged white liberal du jour" and their pet "anti-racist expert". Playing the role of the outraged white liberal was Dinah Davis, who claimed that she was "horrified" and that it was not a suitable neighborhood for the flyers. Davis then took it upon herself to presumptiously remove the flyers from other vehicles without securing the owners' permission. Then KATU scared up Portland State University Professor Randy Blazak, a self-proclaimed "racism expert", who went so far as to declare the flyers to be "low-grade terrorism". That, of course, is ludicrous; as the Canadian Association of Free Expression says, "To most people terrorism means acts of violence – bombing, beating, murder, kidnapping, arson – against innocent people, against civilians. These are leaflets, not bombs, saying no more than Whites don’t want to be exterminated". Blazak has previously produced anti-racist propaganda for the SPLC, and was also involved with Occupy Portland, trying to radicalize it and push it to the left. KATU news video embedded below:

A visit to the White Genocide Project website reveals that no members of the organization distributed the flyers; it was an independent activist. They write "It’s nice of KATU to credit White GeNOcide Project with the action, but we had nothing to do with it". In response to a query as to why Spanish-language flyers were distributed, one commenter wrote "Yeah, the activist set it up so the 'News' could fit it into a standard media anti-white meme, and therefor would use it: Whites targeting minorities. If it had been entirely in English, KATU might not have been able to make a suitable story out of it".

Of course, distributing a Spanish-language flyer in an English-speaking American neighborhood may also be an innovative way of illustrating first hand how invaders are being brought in to compete against and replace us. Spanish is the language of the invader.


Anonymous said...

Pretty well thought out media campaign. What do most people take away from this? WHITE GENOCIDE! Not an altogether bad idea.

Anonymous said...

This only shows the EFFECTIVENESS of doing Outreach literature distribution with INTELLIGENT materials. The "answer" is for everyone to INCREASE distribution, until its flooding the nation - coast to coast. WHY do you think that they are so upset? For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda Chairman 88!