Thursday, May 02, 2013

Howling Mob Of Leftist Commie Scum Throw Bags Of Urine At Towson White Student Union Activists During May Day Protests In Washington, D.C.

Members of Towson University's White Student Union report that when eight members of their group showed up in Washington D.C. on May 1st, 2013 to protest communism and to advocate for the blue collar working class, they were met by Communist-oriented left-wing scum who showed their opposition by throwing bags of urine at the White activists. Stories have been published by CNN and The Raw Story and Counter-Revolutionary Traditionalism and the Southern Nationalist Network, and a discussion thread has been launched on Stormfront.

But the most detailed account comes from the White Student Union blog. The eight White activists, some of whom are also members of the Council of Conservative Citizens, took to the streets with signs and flags to advocate against amnesty, to support the working class, and to fight Communism. Their signs read messages such as "Commies are class traitors", "100+ Million Killed by Communism", and "Smash Left Wing Scum". They eventually formed up near the White House. Matthew Heimbach reports that they had dozens of positive conversations with tourists and DC residents. Several women from Romania praised their stand against communism and regaled them with tales of oppression experienced at the hands of both the communist regime in Romania and their Soviet overlords. The police were friendly and cordial and all WSU members obeyed the requests of the police to attempt to ensure a peaceful afternoon.

Then the Communist mobs made their appearance on the scene. The Southern Nationalist Network estimates there may have been as many as 400 of them. Prior to their arrival, the lefties showed their "regard" for the working class by storming a GAP store to steal clothes, assault police officers, and harass the low paid employees inside. Here's the key excerpt outlining what happened next:

As the hundreds of Communists began making their way down the street toward us, I had the WSU form a solid line away from the heart of where the Left would be gathering to ensure that any trouble or scuffles that broke out would be them coming to us to attack us. With the Betsy Ross flag flying at our center being held aloft by one of our female members, the jeers started. The enemy was flying red flags, carrying communist signs, and screaming at the top of their lungs. Like a swarm they descended upon us to scream, chant, stomp their feet, and then throw urine on us. In retrospect it is almost humorous that these thugs descended to the level of newborn children who don't get what they want. The fact that someone opposed their ideology that killed over one hundred million people just seemed to short-circuit their brain.

The remainder of Heimbach's post documents various confrontations between the lefties and the patriots. Maryland League of the South Vice Chairman Shane Long fought heroically until he was dragged to the ground by Leftist scum; he suffered bruised ribs while the patriots who rescued him incurred some cuts and bruises. Some of the lefties deliberately targeted female WSU activists, threatening them with rape. Heimbach was satisfied with the way his group handled themselves, writing "Through holding our line, staying strong to our values, and never retreating, we have won the day. No surrender comrades, our people depend on us". Here's a 7:45 video shot by Heimbach himself:

Note the borderline homicidal comments posted by antiracists in The Raw Story. But the WSU activists got some support in comments to the various media sources. Here's a sampling (after the jump):

Oakspar77777 Ann • 3 hours ago (CNN):
How do you know they were not a reaction against being passed over for less qualified affirmative action hires? AA might be good for society as a whole in the long term of lifting discriminated races, but that does not help the person who it excludes in that moment.

Also, the systematic discrimination the BP's [Black Panthers] were founded against is gone. Argueing that it continues is like complaining when a emptied cup is still damp and minimized the actual discriminations of the past.

concerned • 35 minutes ago (CNN):
look, in my opinion the only way to beat this thing is to have NO special treatment for blacks OR WHITES!!! THAT means NO B.E.T, NO CLAN, NO Black history month, unless you wish to incorporate a white and other racial history months, which actually sounds like a good idea and learning experience about all of us. its not about making things seemingly more special. its about taking it all away and realizing that were all the same, and NOT special in comparison to another race. sure be proud of who you are, I guess. because honestly what does it mean to you? I see people covering their genitals with their tails. insecurity makes one race try to look better then another.

Barry G • 11 hours ago (CNN):
So...the white student union is a bigoted group, but amazingly, La Raza, NAACP,ACLU, and the SPLC isn't ? Interesting. Oh, while we're on the subject of race, did anyone read about ' black beach week ' in Virginia beach this past week ? I'm betting almost everyone didn't. 40,000 black students came to Virginia Beach last week and destroyed shops, assaulted whites, latinos, and asians, stole bikes from rental shops, and 3 people were shot and 1 was stabbed. Not a word of it made print within the mainstream media. Oh, and before some clueless hack responds with ' you're lying ' feel free to go to Google, type ' black beach week violence ' into the search engine, and read away. You can also view the videos of it, just in case you think ' the man ' is making it all up. I strongly support white groups for white people. You can call me whatever you want, I refuse to be held hostage with names like ' bigot ' or ' racist.' I hope the attack on whites ( especially white christians ) continues, as you're forcing us to finally wake up.

Michael Hill • 3 hours ago (The Raw Story):
Commies goons are going to get their asses kicked and the sooner the better! Join the Southern Resistance!

Delaware Confederate • 3 hours ago (The Raw Story):
Ok commies..let me get this STRAIGHT - White Student Union = racist. Black Student Union = wonderful.
Ok so the commies throw bags of urine = ok.
WSU and Confederates stand up for their beliefs = not ok
Yeah that about sums up your monkey way of thinking!


Anonymous said...

Good for the WSU! A salute to you, job well done. You stood up for US.

These modern day white commie morons are so ridiculous, most are from middle class backgrounds anyway.Just like most the "campus radicals" back in the shitty 60s, only back then there were a lot more jews. Most jews broke with the left of course, over the issue of Israel.

It is encouraging to see this courageous display, but 8 Aryans vs 400 reds. We gotta increase our numbers!


Anonymous said...

Well down WSU, keep up teh good fight!

Anonymous said...

Heimbach is badass

Anonymous said...

Good work in the streets WSU, showing the reds how its done. Ignore the constant online attacks from the anp. The limpwristed do nothings have never set a foot in the streets in their entire lives. You guys are showing the way and getting it done right, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

NSM and Jeff Schoep were on History channel Americas book of secrets show of American Nazis. They looked wonderfull. No mention of or footage of ANP events other than the real ANP under Commander Rockwell, some great old footage of the old days on there as well. If the modern day misnamed anp was even real beyond Rockys imagination they would have showed something of them dontcha think?

Anonymous said...

10:54PM. They didn't mention the NSWPP either. The NSWPP accomplished a lot in the 1970's and 1980's and they totally ignored it to prance the nobodys and the tattoo freaks and criminals of the pro-White movement to the White public. That's why you didn't see the ANP on there or the NSWPP. It was freakshow time and misrepresnetation of the NS idea in America time by the Jews. Duh!

PS. The NSM didn't look that wonderful on the History Channel. Only if you liked freaks and geeks.