Thursday, May 09, 2013

Afrikaners Establish Exclusive All-White PLE-Style Community In Orania, South Africa

The Pioneer Little Europe (PLE) concept, already established in the United States in locations like Kalispell and Crescenta Valley, has spread to South Africa. In fact, a PLE community for Whites has actually existed in South Africa since 1990, three years before F.W. deKlerk surrendered the country to the African National Congress.

On May 8th, 2013, the Daily Mail reported on the existence of Orania, located in a remote part of Northern Cape Province. The community of approximately 1,000 people was first established in December 1990, when 40 Afrikaner families, headed by Carel Boshoff, the son-in-law of former South African prime minister Hendrik Verwoerd, bought the dilapidated town, which was a construction camp of builders of the Vanderkloof Dam on Gariep River, for around US$ 200,000. Built on 8,000 hectares of private farmland along the Orange River in the Karoo region, it has schools, a museum and even its own currency, the Ora. However, all the residents are Afrikaners -- descendants of white migrants of Dutch and German heritage -- who make up about 7 per cent of South Africa's population. No non-whites live in the community. Yet despite there being no black faces in sight, the people insist their town is not racist. Carel Boshoff IV, the son of the late founder of the town Carel Boshoff III, said "When new people come to Orania, they are interviewed by a group of people to make sure that they have sufficient understanding of what the town is about". Their primary objective is to preserve Afrikaner language and culture, although they hope their town will be a springboard to an independent state for the Afrikaner people. Here's an AFP video report:

So far, the South Africa government is not interfering with Orania, because its existence is actually protected under Article 235 of South Africa's Constitution, which ensures the right to self-determination. The legislation recognizes the right of self-determination for any community sharing a common cultural and language heritage within a territorial entity within the republic. And the arrangement in Orania confers additional benefits; residents report they are safe from the crime wave which engulfs most of the country, and don't have to lock their cars or their homes at night. What a contrast to other parts of South Africa where home invasions and carjackings occur even during broad daylight.

Discussion on Free Republic is quite supportive, and there's some interesting discussion on My Broadband. The story was also picked up by a South African media outlet, IOL News. As of this post, 207 comments have been appended; many are supportive. Here's a sampling (after the jump):

Douglas Hendry • 6 hours ago:
I thought about settling there when we retired and returned from the UK. They made it quite clear that I, a rooinek, would be most welcome, as long as I followed their rules, and I had no problem with that. However, we found peace in a beautiful Western Cape valley. (name withheld as we don't want too many people coming here),

Abe Sheldon • 13 hours ago:
...I had to drive pass that town orania, on our way to De Aar, we stopped at the garage there and we went into a shop, the people were very friendly and we chatted with them, and for your info, they also use our south african currency. When we told them we from ctown, they started talking more and more. We were talking to a guy who was actualy at university in pretoria, but was on holiday by his parents. Futher on is another town where people of other colours are staying, namely africans and coloureds, they work hand in hand to better both c ommunities, don't nock something while you don't have atleast some info about their situation, it is their right. They are happy and safe

Jakes Mathews • a day ago:
Only the ANC LEECHES will perceive Orania as RACIST! What does President ''Zupta'' think of the all Zulu but National Cabinet? Do we have Zulus living only in South Africa?

knortjor • a day ago:
I did some trouble some time ago to go and see for myself how these people live.First of all they do not use taxpayers money.The ground they live on is private property.They are poor people with here and there someone with some cash.They live off the land they are supported by friends and relatives.They sell or trade the goods they make.What is very impressive is the dicipline,the town is clean,tidy and neat.They are friendly and have a strong faith in what they do and they HARM NOBODY,ask Julius he was there as well.
So leave these people let them be,they are happy and they prefer it so good luck to them.
At least they are not exposed to the filth we are exposed to.The black townships can send a delegation to Orania to go and see how people with common sense manage a town with very little resources.

SA-Sucks • a day ago:
They are not racist - they just know the truth that if you eliminate africans out your neighborhood that you eliminate 99% of crime - ask those living in Harlem, detroit, Louisiana, Texas, Johannesburg, London, The bronx, the french from the 17 hundreds living in Haiti

- Oh before you cry racist - The statistics for Port Elizabeth prove it, before apartheid crime was very high in port Elizabeth, the day apartheid was implemented crime dropped to virtually non existence, when hell was let loose in 1994 once again crime rise overnight

Sound familiar - maybe like your town, your city, your province and maybe even your country.

The same applies to countries who have zero negros in their city, they have less crime than when there are bantus living amongst them - When the truth hurts, these days the first place scoundrels run to is the word "RACIST"

If you call me a racist and i have not called you a insulting name, kicked you , beat you, mocked you but stated facts - then i know im right


Anonymous said...

The PLE concept did not "spread" to South Africa - white South Africans founded Orania YEARS before any of those knuckleheads in Kalispell thought of creating whites-only communities.

And in Orania they do it right. Unlike April and her pet Walrus, Orania does not hide, clearly states their actual numbers, has actual infrastructure, businesses, schools, and more - all by their own efforts.

Orania clearly states just how many people are in their little town. Ask April or her Walrus and they suddenly go psycho on you - accusing you of being ADL, FBI, or, as always - a JEW. They are mumbling, bumbling fools. The Oranians are the real deal, in a land far more dangerous to be openly pro-white than it currently is here.

Oranians wouldn't wipe their collective ass on April, her Walrus, or the whole American PLE nonsense. Same goes for HAC's Northwest Front, which doesn't even have 12 lousy "residents" after years of begging.

What damn fools!

- Disgusted WN -

Anchorage Activist said...

Orania appears to be a default model on how to establish a white PLE. They've progressed beyond showing Holocaust Revisionist movies at their local library, and have actually built an exclusive community.

April Gaede does publicly admit that it will take 10-15 years to do the same in Kalispell.

Anonymous said...

The difference between Orania and the efforts in the USA, is the South Africa Constitution ( believe it or not) provides for freedom of association and thus the Whites are being left alone, thus far. In the USA, the SPLC, ADL, et al would immediately move jews, negroids and other muds in and the Federal Courts would rule that multiculturalism has to be the way.