Sunday, April 28, 2013

White Racial Activist Michael Carothers Finally Released From Prison, But Still May Face Trial Because He Withdrew Guilty Plea

On April 24th, 2013, White racial activist Michael Carothers, who pleaded guilty to felony aggravated assault and was sentenced to one year in prison, nine years probation, and banishment from the six-county Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit (which includes Muscogee, Harris, Chattahoochee, Taylor, Talbot and Marion counties) during his probation, was unexpectedly released from prison, although it was nine months after the August 2012 date he should have been released (Carothers was given credit for time already served when he was sentenced). His probation takes effect immediately. In August 2011, Carothers thought two black men were trying to carjack him in Columbus, Georgia, and so he used pepper spray on one of them to stop them. Originally charged with a misdemeanor, he was charged with a felony once his National Alliance membership was revealed. This shows that the system wasn't content with trying to punish Carothers for an actual crime, but also for his legal activity as a National Alliance activist.

The reason for the delayed release was because back on June 29th, 2012, Carothers sought to withdraw his guilty plea not only because banishment from the local area would have made him homeless after he was released from prison, but also because he said his plea wasn't voluntarily given and his counsel was ineffective. Muscogee County Superior Court Judge Bobby Peters, who originally sentenced Carothers, reminded him that his case would return to square one if he withdrew his guilty plea, which is why he remained incarcerated after his originally-scheduled release date.

It was former National Alliance member Robert Ransdell who publicized Carothers' release. Because it looked like Carothers would be homeless after getting out of prison, Ransdell offered to allow Carothers to move in with him even though Ransdell likes his privacy. However, one of the conditions of Carothers' probation is that he cannot leave the state of Georgia. The offer has now become redundant, since it appears Carothers has found a place to stay in Georgia. Like Ransdell, Carothers has also resigned from the National Alliance. What really hurt is that National Alliance Chairman Erich Gliebe not only failed to mobilize support for Carothers, but he even failed to publicize Carothers' plight on the National Alliance News website.

Although Michael Carothers is now free, the threat of further legal action hangs over his head. Prosecutors could still elect to actually try him in court, since he withdrew his guilty plea. On the competing website, Carothers himself writes "I would like to thank my loyal friends: Jim Ring, Connor Ring, Cisco Loya, Patrick Tracy, and Robert Ransdell for their ongoing support on my behalf. You’re all true friends. I wholeheartedly support Mr. Jim Ring as the next Chairman of the National Alliance. Sincerely, Michael Weaver aka Carothers".

Another former National Alliance member, Jim Ring, published this powerful endorsement of Michael Carothers' activism and character:

For those who may be unaware, former “Activist of the Year” award winner Mike Weaver was hands down the NA’s most active member. Up until his unwarranted arrest 2 years ago, there was hardly an NA newsletter that didn’t have an article about Mike’s exploits distributing Alliance materials throughout the Columbus GA area and at area gun shows. He was virtually a one-man “unit” earning him the name, “The Weaver Army” by the national office.

Corrupt politicians in the city couldn’t scare Mike into giving up his constitutional right of expression so they waited for an opportunity to literally take him off the streets with a trumped up charge while he was fending off an attack by a couple of Columbus’s black drugged and drunken denizens.

He credits himself, (and I have no reason whatsoever to even consider doubting his claim) to have distributed well over 100,000 pieces of Alliance literature in his region! His distributions were so massive that he couldn’t afford the burden of cost on his own , so members from across the country would send him materials or purchase it and have it sent to him.

Mike is highly intelligent and a promising leader. His first ever speech at the 2010 conference at the William Pierce Memorial Hall on the national office property also showed him to be an energetic, motivating and promising public speaker and spokesperson for the organization.

If we can find a way, let us all give this dedicated man a helping hand as he struggle’s to keep what little freedom he has while under parole especially with their seemingly vague guidelines which seem designed to be a potential violations trap to send one back into the prison.

He cannot leave the state of Georgia as I understand it and he also is banished from Columbus city, where his home and family are and the half dozen counties surrounding it. Banishment is a little used punishment nowadays and when it is used it is applied mostly to drug dealers. He has eight years of parole yet to suffer under. However, Mike is a courageous fighter and he has an appeal pending to have his wrongful conviction overturned.

Some kind people apparently took Mike in for the time being giving him a place to stay. For all practical purposes Mike is literally a homeless person. He needs to find a permanent place to live and a job soon.

In the meantime, show him your support here and we’ll see if we can work something out so people can send him funds. One kind former Alliance member in southern California has already offered to send Mike a hundred dollars and I’m sure that many others will want to help as well. We just need to get a stable address from Mike for people to send help individually. As soon as I or Robert Ransdell hear something we’ll share the information.

I call on everyone, resigned members, former ones, current ones and all pro-White people whomever you are to help this wonderful person whose only “crime” was his zeal to alert the masses of Whites who unfortunately are for the most part too ignorant or apathetic to appreciate what he was trying to do for his people. In any event he did his work, with no reward except his own self-satisfaction that he did what he felt was necessary.

Mike Weaver is made of the stuff that every movement needs. He is an altruist and dedicated National Socialist.


Anonymous said...

What can Erich Gliebe be thinking of? How low the National Alliance has fallen, not to try to help this above average member with all the million dollar resources they supposedly have. I guess that money is more important than people in the NA.

Francisco Loya said...

If every city had a Michael Carothers distributing fliers,the masses would finally wake up in a heartbeat. What stops would-be activists is FEAR. The SPLC knows this, so they posted a picture of Michael's mugshot and basically sent the message of, "This is what will happen to you if you distribute National Alliance fliers!" Many pro-White groups fell for this SPLC trick, hook, line and sinker and unwittingly helped spread the fear...except for The National Alliance! Erich Gliebe knew it would only generate fear into the hearts of would-be activists. Also, Erich Gliebe was one of only four Alliance members who wrote Michael. Those who say he did not are lying. IF you don't believe me, ask Michael himself.

The SPLC badly wants the Alliance to die, because they know it's a group like no other. Don't let the SPLC win. If one of our comrades is railroaded, ten more must burst fourth from the shadows to take his place. Long live The National Alliance.

~Cisco Loya

Anonymous said...

I belonged to the NA for seven years, until I saw that it was becoming more and more of a skinhead dominated gang and record label. I attempted to dissuade William Pierce from getting into that garbage, but all he saw was the dollar signs, so we parted company. And not wanting to crow, but look what finally happened to that once powerful organization. I joined the American Nazi Party several years ago, led by Chairman Rocky Suhayda, as it is the ONLY sincere National Socialist entity here in America, the rest are what Dr. Pierce observed to be freaks and hobbiests, who do more to smear National Socialism with jewish constructed lies than anything otherwise. I urge other ex-NA personnel to consider doing likewise. Unfortunately its a fact of life that the old NA is dead and gone, never to be revived. If Gleibe was sincere, he would have resigned long ago, but as its his cash cow, he'll never let go of it. Thats the real problem, money goes to the heads of too many people in control. They're not into it to GIVE but to GET. Its refreshing to have found an honest organization, that puts ideology before raking in the bucks. Our website is Kenneth Ojean 14/88

Connor Ring said...

@Francisco Loya

Oh boy Erich Gliebe took time to write a letter, someone give the guy a pat on the back.

Erich hasn't lifted a finger to help Micheal get out of his current situation; he is too busy trying to figure out how to permanently cripple the NA without causing the remaining clueless dues paying members to start asking questions.

Sure the SPLC wants the Alliance to die. They WILL win unless the SPLC's number one pick for chairman is booted out of the organization.

By continuing to try and convince the uninformed that Gliebe is such wonderful guy you are only helping to strangle the NA. As Erich has hinted in his latest ADVs, he is looking to completely paralyze the organization by removing the National Socialist elements and turning it into a CCC clone. And of course those who bother to read his ADVs have caught him hinting that he wants to sell of the headquarters. You are enabling him Cisco and steering well meaning individuals into a ditch.

Anonymous said...

"The SPLC badly wants the Alliance to die..."

Wrong tense - the Alliance is not dying - it is DEAD. The fact that its remains still gibber like a squashed turkey on the road is because that's the sound of Gliebe wondering where all his members went.

As for the NA member now with the ANP he must have a short memory. Pierce made it clear that costume-Nazis are "freaks & hobbiests" - which means Rocky Suhada and his bunch.

Give it up. Really. Learn to know when you're dead. Stay in your grave for Christ's sake.

Former NA member
10 Years

Anonymous said...

I know Pierce had his flaws, one of them being the greater pursuit of $$$ like 3:39 pointed out. Ultimately, Pierce strayed too far from activism, and built the most successful "business" in movement history, as Rocky Suhayda has mentioned.

It is sad though, to see Pierce's life's work, the org he founded and built, go to waste and rot away. Gliebe is just milking it, squeezing whatever bits of cash he can, I guess the record company is still the main revenue source, and it will eventually reach a point where its done.

I know the NA had many sincere, dedicated members over the years, who sadly were let down by inadequate leadership. The NA is pretty much dead, no point in anyone trying to step in and "revive it."

Also, 8:21, I think you are confusing the ANP with the NSM and other cliche "Nazi groups." ANP are the antithesis of the stupid, corny, costumed hate-gangs that ZOG just LOVES to portray/present in the media.

Francisco Loya said...

Question 1: How many people on this thread are pro-White?

Question 2: How many people on this thread are publicly bashing other pro-White organizations?

Question 3: Would the Jews be happy with the answer to question 2?

As far as I'm concerned, all of you are my brothers in arms. Disagreements in tactics is normal and healthy but there have been horrible mistakes made in the past regarding public infighting.

There really is only one way to solve which organization is on the right track.


In one year's time, lets see who's organization the Jews hate most!

Anonymous said...

Francisco Loya:

The problem with "tactics" among pro White groups is that today we still see the same old tired stuff being tried over and over.

Pierce's "tactics" with the NA seemed to be aimed at moneymaking. This is now carried on by Gliebe.

You speak of infighting, but I think its irresponsible to not call out the dregs of the movement, who do more harm than good, like the NSM. They may claim to be pro White (hmm) but I dont think many normal White folks would want to go anywhere near them.

As for your "contest": That's your goal, to be the "most hated by the jews?" Jeez, has this movement learned ANYTHING? Instead of seeking out hate, how about we focus on US, and bringing more of our people to our side, while building an effective alternative to the anti-White system.

No, im not saying to water down the message or give the jews a free pass. But If your goal is to be so "hated" just do the usual cliched costume and racial slurs routine, you can be all over the ADLs radar.

Anonymous said...

@francisco loya

Both your comments are very childish, and I suspect you must be in the 18-20 age bracket. Only an 18 year old would ask people such stupid questions, in response to a serious article, about a great activist like Michael and his ongoing plight.

Let's have a contest? What are you talking about? Is this how an organization proves itself,with a contest? and what is this trick you talk about from the splc? and hook,line, and sinker?
And what has gliebe done for the Alliance all these years to drive away the fears you talk about? A big fat NOTHING. The National Alliance doesn't have any more activists, or any units,or any coordinators around the country, no one wants to have anything to do with the organization or that dreg gliebe, who thinks he is a leader.
Besides that, gliebe is behaving like a ghost, nowhere to be seen or heard, except maybe that ADV he put out last month which was so pathetically irrational. Where is the change he promised by the way?
What is the big change? big words from a do nothing idiot,who flaps his mouth in order to cover up his failed leadership.
So what if gliebe wrote a letter or two to Michael Carothers?
What did he do after Michael's arrest? Did he offer him support financial or otherwise? He avoided him like the plague. Judging from Michael's statement he wasn't impressed or thought much of that either, and he resigned from the National Alliance and is now firmly in Jim Ring's corner.
As for the splc, they don't have to lift a finger to do anything, gliebe has done it for them.The National Alliance is no longer viable, only the name remains to speak of it's past glory, which is so far off into the distance not even high power binoculars can help you see it.
gliebe is a joke, everybody knows that. He neutralized a once great organization, who's glory days ended after Dr. Pierce's death. Long live the National Alliance you say? From the looks of it, it's more like a funeral procession to me. Grow up and face facts.