Saturday, April 13, 2013

The American Nationalist Association: It's Off To A Good Start, But Is It A Serious Endeavor Or Just Another Alphabet-Soup Group?

Because so many pro-White groups have tried and failed, the arrival of yet another pro-White group may be greeted with some degree of skepticism. Nonetheless, the advent of the American Nationalist Association is worthy of publicity, and they're also getting some attention on Stormfront.

Introduction: The American Nationalist Association (ANA) is the brainchild of Rodney Martin, Director & Editor of World View Foundations, and John Friend, the host of The Realist Report on Blogtalk. The Realist Report is just one component of the American Nationalist Network. The ANA is not just another political movement or party, but is intended to build a unified national community of European Americans that is broad-based and appeals to the millions of American Whites who have otherwise avoided becoming involved in what has become known as "White Nationalism". The ANA is intended to bring our people together, identify and develop our priorities, gather and harness our intellectual assets and resources, and to champion public policies which serve the betterment and advancement of our people.

Purpose And Aims: To unite all honorable, dedicated, courageous and selfless men and women of European-American descent or otherwise European Heritage who are loyal citizens or residents of the United States of America, proud of their European blood, treasure, culture, traditions, language, and ideals of national and individual identity, liberty, justice, truth, duty and honor into one proud and respectable American National Community to advance the interests of our people and protect the dignity and honor of our ancestors. The fundamental objective of this Association is the preservation and protection of our Race, Culture, and Heritage; to ensure a bright and prosperous future for our Children; and to form a unified National Community among our people to champion, provide for, serve, and advance the interests of our people. The ANA intends to meet in person a minimum of twice per year. They list 15 specific objectives, many of which bear a close resemblance to the American Nationalist Union platform. A two-hour video of a discussion of the ANA originally embedded here has since been taken down.

Since the American Nationalist Union operates under the umbrella of the American Freedom Party, the question has been posed as to why the organizers of the ANA didn't just choose to join the American Freedom Party. Answers are provided in this string of comments appended to the original post:

John Friend March 27, 2013 at 10:52 AM:
A main difference between the ANA and AFP is that we are combining racial nationalism with historical revisionism, something that is absolutely essential but something many White Nationalist types have avoided. [Ed. Note: The ANA defines and explains historical revisionism HERE.]

WV Foundations March 21, 2013 at 11:29 PM:
The American Freedom Party is formally the A3P, they are NOT doing the same thing. They are political ONLY. They changed their name to attempt to be more "Tea Party-LIke" and in fact their Presidential candidate in 2012, Merlin Miller stated during the campaign that he "wished their Party was not so racial". The AFP are essentially Libertarian-Konservatives.

onwatch March 27, 2013 at 12:35 PM:
Kevin MacDonald is a major spokesman for AFP and I've heard him say numerous times that the White ruling class had been supplanted by the Jews and the party, also, promotes college white student group organizations. As for TF (and others), I don't see any real attempt to intervene in the key flash points: organizing to counter a massive gov't arms build-up domestically, which will prevent "open ground" to get our ideas across, if not imprisoning us all; the destruction of the white middle class through via enemy strategy to tax us into oblivion and dependence on an alien gov't. These can all be pointed to as Jewish machinations (as Bro Nathaniel points out at realjewnews and David Duke). We are in a worse situation than Hitler faced, since we no longer have the electoral process. This means defense organizations where possible and alternative means of communication through such things as micro broadcasting. I look at you folks and it seems you're "fiddling while Rome burns". AFP has electoral illusions, but at least they're doing things like organizing on campuses.

John Friend March 27, 2013 at 2:58 PM:
Well give us a chance man, we just released this. I'd like to get Dr. MacDonald on my program, but I haven't been able to reach him via email. I think Dr. MacDonald is great. My point was that the ANA is putting historical revisionism as a centerpiece of our agenda, which hasn't really been done yet.

And I absolutely agree; the ANA does deserve a chance. It's obvious that considerable time and effort were invested in organizing this endeavor and defining its aims. This is far more than just another "alphabet-soup group". Competition in the political area is always welcome and can lead to a better product. And like the American Nazi Party, the ANA is religiously neutral; they consider religion a private issue, and will not tolerate either the promotion or denigration of Christianity or any other spiritual and religious perspectives.

But there's a time in which competition can lead to fragmentation. Consider the American national socialist scene, so dominated by the National Socialist Movement and the American Nazi Party that the National Socialist Freedom Movement cannot gain any serious traction. What can the NSFM offer that isn't already offered in one form or another by either the NSM or the ANP? And the ultimate historical example of fragmentation was the so-called Holy Roman Empire, often derided as being neither holy, Roman, nor an empire because it was fragmented into countless duchies and city-states. It wasn't until Otto von Bismarck unified the German states that Germany became a force to be reckoned with.

By virtue of its detailed and logical platform as well as its established podcast, the ANA has clearly shown it is far beyond being just another "alphabet-soup group". But it will have an uphill struggle convincing a fractious and skeptical white racialist constituency that it is a serious endeavor worthy of sustained support. The inability of Stormfront to consistently meet its donation targets indicates the ANA has a tough road ahead. But our race depends upon our willingness to support pro-White outreach.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck to them. They are right about the A3P now AFP. I had hope for that group, but like its mentioned un the article, presidential candidate Miller did want to get away from that "pesky race issue." Well gee whiz, I thought that the A3P was supposed to be a WHITE party?

I'm glad to see a pro-White group trying to bring in the normal White folks, NOT the Nazi Costume Club freak show junk.
Youre only going to scare off most regular White people looking for an alternative, with the Nazi stuff. That's just how it is right now. Remember our main goal is to increase our numbers, bring more of our people to the fold.

Yes, its always an uphill battle for any WN type group. Not a suprise that Stormfront cant meet its donation goals. All Don Black and co. "do" is provide the biggest "forum" for the endless bull sessions that many consider to be activism. Makes sense that most of the talkers on SF cant even be bothered to take the action to throw a few bucks in to keep the operation going.

Anonymous said...

Another alphabet soup group with the same ol' failed "gameplan"
Gee, lets talk about the holocaust, lets talk about black crime, lets talk about white power because that's never been tried before and failed miserably.....

Anonymous said...

Don Black is on the FBI payroll, mark my words. When his second stroke knocks him off, the truth will come out. And anybody who sees ol' Donny Boy as anything more than a white Creflo Dollar is just a goober.

Anonymous said...

Just what we don't need, another fledgling clublet. This fragmentation is a major source of our movements impotance. I sadly believe that its driven more by personal egotism, than anything else. How many times have we seen these groups pop up, and after a while disappear? They are like suckers on a tree, and need to be pruned for the tree itself to grow strong. I honestly question the sincerity of these founders, in as much that surely from already existing organizations, they could have found one palatable enough to what they are proposing. Is it because they couldn't be the head honcho, big shot right off the bat, that is the problem? Nothing that I see with this ANA is much different from a number of already existing, or past organizations in operation. Just the leadership, who has little known experience in White Nationalism. Like so many we;ve seen, this time next year they'll have disappeared. Peter Popkin

Anonymous said...

Just what can the so-called 'NSFM' offer? Well, since Clifford Herrington is its spiritual leader, how about SATANISM?

Anonymous said...

Modern National Socialism is a mix of Aryan democracy, and a classless Aryan form of Marxism. Rocky promotes universal suffrage, social justice, and the elimination of classes. He favors giving the "vote" to all, regardless whether a person has any property, or a vested stake in society. This is democracy, by giving the vote to all in a nation. In other words he is in favor of people who have nothing, having equal voice as those who do. He is for a controlled centralized economy, instead of true ownership of property, and business. This is insane. Any whites who have worked hard, to obtain wealth, and property would oppose such positions. This is why all his well to do member resigned with disgust. The small meaningless club which is ANP will never accomplish shit.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous You sound more like a Tea Party member than a Nationalist. First of all Marxism and Nationalism are two completely opposite things... Your right, this IS a democracy, a democracy only the rich and powerful control. National Socialism is about putting food on the table etc. As for people hating the ANP. Um well, What has the entire White Power movement accomplished so far???

Virginia ANP Supporter

Anonymous said...

8:06PM in your way of thinking, Adolf Hitler wouldn't have been allowed to vote! After all, Hitler owned no 'property' now did he? Thank heavens that Chairman Suhayda couldn't be bribed to take a totally un-Aryan standpoint, simply to keep the wealthy reactionary tard around! Apparently Chairman Suhayda cares more about his beliefs and true National Socialism than getting money from selfish assholes. Aren't many real leaders like him, most would have sold out their beliefs for the rich guys money.

Anonymous said...

Hitler was a pawn for the international bankers/Zionists.

Anonymous said...

Good for Rocky, he's obviously a man of courage and commitment!

Anonymous said...

Hopefullt this new group won't be like the defunct NSALP.

Anonymous said...

If its got the same sorry leadership as the defunct nsalp, it won't be much different. Too bad the kid has hooked himself to that moron Rodney, he sounds sincere, but naive.