Thursday, April 04, 2013

Obadiah Gets His Comeuppance; Christian Identity Forum Taken Down By ISP For Alleged "Copyright Violation"

Update April 12th: The Christian Identity Forum is now back online.

An individual who has practiced rigorous ideological censorship against those with whom he disagrees has in turn been victimized by censorship. Obadiah 1:18, the proprietor of the Christian Identity Forum, had his website taken down by his ISP, HostMonster, sometime on April 3rd or 4th. On the Covenant People's Ministry Forum, Obie, who we've also humorously nicknamed "Obagenderbender", says that HostMonster told him it was because of an alleged "copyright violation", but did not tell him the specifics straightaway. Obie suspects it may be a book he "accidentally on purpose" posted, which is an actionable phrase to be posted on a public forum. The projected outcome is still quite ambiguous at this point; but Obie intends to bring the site back up even if he has to get an offshore host. The Christian Identity Forum is a good repository of extensive information about Christian Identity despite the character deficiencies of its webmaster.

What's objectionable is that HostMonster did not allow Obie a short grace period to either delete the offending material or contest the claim. Libertarians like to say that since HostMonster is a private business, it can do what it wants. But it is unfair to blindside someone, even a person like Obie with whom I disagree strongly. This could not happen under national socialism; a national socialist government would require a minimal standard of ethics and social responsibility by business owners and corporations. National socialists would not permit corporate predation. On the other hand, HostMonster is probably acting preemptively to deter litigation; a national socialist government would make it more difficult for someone to engage in nuisance litigation. National socialists recognize that although lawyers can serve a useful purpose in resolving disputes peacefully and equitably, no lawyer has ever built a road, bridge, skyscraper, or anything of tangible value to society.

On the other hand, I think it appropriate that Obagenderbender is getting hoisted upon his own petard. Obie has ideologically censored people on his own website and on the Obie & Visser Talkshoe program; he also threw Pastor Bill DeClue under the bus after Pastor Bill dutifully functioned as Obie's cheerleader for two years on the Christian Identity Forum. Obie has also relentlessly stalked Pastor Martin Lindstedt, spending more time obsessing about Lindstedt than he does promoting Christian Identity. Obie has also got Pastor Jeromy Visser firmly entwined around his little finger. Obie's even launched unprovoked attacks on ANP Chairman Rocky Suhayda from time to time. Perhaps if Obie was a Yank, he'd be more respectful of the First Amendment, but then again, considering what happened to Frederick Toben in Australia, Australia's regard for and commitment to free speech can be considered equivocal at best.

Nevertheless, in a contest between my hatred for Obagenderbender and my love for the First Amendment, the First Amendment wins. Use market forces to penalize HostMonster; don't give them your business. Pastor Lindstedt reminds us in his reaction to this story that he also was victimized by HostMonster.


Anonymous said...

Though it is unjust not to give him a grace period, I simply don't feel sorry for him given his past transgressions. Good riddance!

Anonymous said...

The sockpuppet "Obadiah 1:18" is a complete liar when he asserts that he has to be anonymous because of "speech laws" in Australia. Derrick MacThomas has been running a radio show for the NSM called "Australia Calling" for almost a decade under his own name.

Chaplain Bill said...

Now I'd hardly say that I was Obagoof's "dutiful cheerleader" for over two years, but I was a loyal friend to him and had his back during the period that you speak of. He actually turned on me because I expressed concern over his pathological obsession with you. I mean this guy is REALLY stuck to your leg, if you fart he knows what you had for lunch and i'm only half joking here! See he rants and raves about how evil and satanic that you are, he obviously can't stop thinking about you and whn I tried to show him how foolish and unchristian his obsession with you was he turned on me and began to slander and attack me with no gratitude whatsoever for me having his back all that time. The guy is delided, he has accused me of praising and defending you when I have made it clear over and over that I thought that you were kind of a goofball who was not worth all the attention and time he devotes to you but somehow in his weak mind that qualifies as praise and defense, He is nearly as looney and Marty, the only difference between the two is that Obaprincess knows that one can't pretend to be a Christian without faking the overt behavior that is expected of Christians.

Anchorage Activist said...

Chaplain Bill -- What probably outrages Obagenderbender the most is that he knows he can't rattle or dissuade me, and it drives him nuts. Unlike Pastor Lindstedt, I am much less vulnerable; I don't talk about skinning people alive and feeding them theyz testicles, even in jest, as Lindstedt does. I've also not been falsely accused of any crimes like Linstedt was.

Also, Obagenderbender knows in his heart that I'm right. Too bad you found out the hard way, Bill, but Yahweh tries those whom He loves.

I hope Pastor Visser wises up to Obie before it's too late.

Chaplain Bill said...

AA what I do know is that Obacoward is one of your most loyal readers, he obsessively comes here to read every single word that you write and all the comments, I would wager that he visits this blog more than your most loyal friends do and I know that you must appreciate all the free publicity that he gives you.

But on the other hand he is a weaking and a coward who refused to debate me but prefered to act like a coward, hiding at his forum to attack me while refusing to debate me directly. I made such a fool of him and showed everyone what a coward he is so he ran crying to Visser, demanding that he ban me from his forum and like a weakling Visser obeyed his master's voice. I honestly expected Visser to have more backbone than that and was shocked to be betrayed by him for no reason other than he is Obacowards flunky, I honestly thought that he had more guts than that, we live and we learn. Also, did you hear that Visser is supposed to be closing down his forum in August? Most likely that is a ploy to get more people to post there, he's done it before. I'll believe it is gone when it actually happens. And Sincw Visser decided to be my enemy even though I did nothing to him I'm going to discuss something that I kept quiet about, the fact that Visser is a slanderer in his own right. He knows that Marty was not convicted of child molestation but he continues to spread that slander, granted, Marty did slander him first but as a Christian Visser is nbot allowed to slander him back, especially when it is far to easy to prove him a liar in this instance. Now, you of all people know that I am not defending Marty (everyone knows that if I EVER come face to face with him I'll be wearing his few remaining teeth on a necklace) but the Bible says thou shlat not lie, not "it's ok to lie if the other person lies on you first".

Visser has also lied about being ordained by Pastor Gulett, who told me that he revoked Visser's ordanation for inactivity, also with Gulett, he only ordains people to work in his ministryt and when they leave him the ordanation is ended. Visser also lied back in the summer of 10 when he made this big fuss about how Guleet was on his side and sent him a letter siding with Visser over Marty and John Britton, well I asked Gulett about this directly and he told me that he hadn't had any contact with Visser for a couple of years and that Visser was no longer part of his ministry because he did absolutely nothing for the ministry while Gulett was "away at camp" and would not answer his letter for months. See before Pastor G went to prison he ordained a bunch of guys, inculding Visser hoping that one of them would keep the ministry afloat but none of them did anything at all and when he got out of prison he had to start over again. Visser is an excellent preacher who gives lip service to CI doctrine but he doesn't practice it in his day to day anymore than Lindstedt does. If anyone doubts what I say regarding my claims about Visser just ask Pastor Gulett if Visser holds current ordanation with him and ask if he sent Visser a letter not long before he got out of the stir.
The fact that he lies about Marty has already been proven by the fact that Marty was not convicted. Now as I have told you before I feel it is more likely than not that Marty did molest that boy but it is based entirely on his rantings about all the demented things that he wants to do to innocent children not to menetion the fact that his brother Mike has been telling people for years that he believes Marty is a molestor but even with all of that I cannot break YHWH's commandments the way Visser has by claiming Marty was convicted when it is far to simple to prove that he was not. It's a shame that Visser lacks the fortitude to do the right thing and allows himself to be ruled by a weakling like Obasissy.

Chuck said...

Two witnesses convict Marty, Mumpsnut! I see you trust mammon over Yahweh. Sorry?

Chaplain Bill said...

Chuck, The problem is there aqre not two witnesses against Marty and never were, the two witnesses of YHWH's law is actually double the one reliable witness that man's law requires and they didn't even have that, all they had was one (not two) mentally impaired 7 year old who was testifying about something that happened to him when he was 3, it wouldn't take Clarence Darrow to cast reasonable doubt on that weak case, that is why the prosecutor vacated the case so your ranting about my trusting mammon oover YHWH is about the stupidest claim that I have ever heard since YHWH's burden of two witnesses was never met. It's a shame that the only Obie Opossum with the guts to face me directly is a babbling imbecile that has no clue as to what he is talking about.

Chaplain Bill said...

AA, I assume that you have followed Obie's latest tantrum against me LOL he is obsessed with you to the point that he was still trolling your comments a month later because it was like a month after you wrote this post that I finally noticed it and made a comment, how many people go digging through dusty old posts like that? LOL saying that he is stuck to your leg is the understatement of the year. I'll bet he's been trolling this post daily to look for a reply to his latest hissy fit.

BTW, I am now offically way ahead of you on points in the who can drive Obie farther over the deep end contest. I actually have the Obie Opossums imitating Marty Lindstedt, calling me mumpnuts and even going so far as to collaberate with Marty directly and they think that was a winning move? Am I too good at this or what? I can show up whenever I feel like it and spend a few minutes making a post and make the Opossum gang run around like chicken with their heads cut off, emulating Lindstedt himself and they think they've won! There is simply no worthy opponent for me.

Oh btw, I'm going to be posting the e mails from Pastor Gulett proving what I said abou5t Visser telling two lies, I know that I saved every email that I have ever recieved from Pastor G but there are over 100 that I need to sort through and I don't have the time to do all that today, but I will make an effort to come around more than once a month since I have the Opossums going beserk.

BTW I always thought the term pisser possum for stupid and Visser backstabbing me doesn't change that opinion and as I'm sure you know the photo's that Marty calls possums are actually american opossums and that possums and opossums and are two different marsupials.

Chaplain Bill said...

Actually I found the e mails that I spoke of but I am giving Obie a few days to claim that I am lying and demand that I produce the e mails. The reason I didn't produce them when I first spoke of Visser's lies is because they would have just ignored it and let it pass since if Obie hadn't been stalking this post I dount anyone else would have noticed it since this post was a month old when I noticed and commented on it. Obie is such a drama queen that he makees crucial mistakes, like how he actually endorses Marty calling his ranting in their hatchet job on me and outstanding contribution, even addressing him as Pastor Martin Lindstedt after having whined and moaned endlessly about you doing so.

Now, for the record, I am not saying that there is any current animosity between Pastor Gullet and Visser, to the contrary, Gulett is likely the most forgiving man in online CI and I respect that about him. What I am saying is that Visser does not hold current ordanation in the Legion of Saints as he claims and Gulett did not send Visser a letter expressing support for him over John Britton as Visser claimed in the summer of 2010, not long before Pastor G got out of prison, that is all I am saying.Also, it was not fair of me to call Visser still claiming to be ordained to be a lie because he has never recieved any official notification from Pastor G about it, but he also has never recieved a real certificate from Gulett either, all he has is a handwritten thing that Gulett did on the fly while he was locked up. Now I did tell Visser what I was told by Pastor G but he can claim that5 he was not required to believe it since it did not come directly from Gulett but his claim that Gulett sent him a snail mail supporting him over John Britton is a lie and I will be back to provide proof once Obie blows a gasket denying that I have them, if he is still dumb enough to go down this road, in any case I will be posting the e mails on this blog the next time that I visit it.

Also I want to make fun of Obie a bit more about how after like 9 months of hiding from me he is suddenly wanting me to debate him and Visser at the same time on their show when I know for a fact I told him and Visser that I work second shift and am not able to make the show, in fact me getting that job is the only reason Obie is the co host of the Wed night show instead of me, that was my gig until I got hired to work second shift in early 11.

Anchorage Activist said...

Bill -- You know, it's too bad Martin Lindstedt won't bury the hatchet with you. I think that exposing and uprooting entities like Obagenderbender from the CI community should be the highest priority.

I still believe that between Obie and Visser, Obie is guilty of the greater sin. Visser is merely too impetuous and undisciplined; in contrast, Obie is EVIL.

Chaplain Bill said...

AA, actually it is I who will not "bury the hatchet" with Marty. As much of an idiot as Obie may be he is a paragon of virtue when compared against Marty. There is no scenario under which I will EVER trust Marty again, none whatsoever. He could remove every piece of slander that he ever wrote about me, devote an entire podcast to apologizing to and begging my forgiveness and that would not make me trust him. Now as a Christian I would forgive him and never mention his name again but as far as my teaming up with him goes, I'd rather crush my own testicles with a ball pean hammer and I am only half joking.

Chaplain Bill said...

Now for the reason that I actually came here for today.

Why is it that Obie has not posted my the 3 comments that I made since his little hissy fit? Where is all the self righteous ingdignation and demands to see my proof against Visser? The usually combative Obie is suddenly as quiet as a church mouse, he doesn't have a single word to say. Did he really think that's I'd call Visser a liar if I couldn't prove it? Of course I kept the e mails. Obie is such a coward, it's a well known fact that he won't debate me directly, that he hides like a Lindstedt type coward.

As far as the e mails go not only will I post them at this blog in the not too distant future I will be forwarding the e mail to all who send me an e mail request. However I will not knowingly send to Marty or any of his clowns (that does not include you AA, if you request it I'll send both e mails along with personal commentary that you will have permission to publish)but I will not bother to fully screen who I send to, it just can't be an obviouws sockpuppet of Marty or any of the other fools who have joined in his slander against me.

But I am going to give Obie a bit more time to respond, He's the one that took an obscure comment on a post that evceryone but him forget and deidcated a whole hour to whining about how mean I am to him (btw I didn't listen to the podcast andprobably never will, If I have 3 whole hours of free time at once the last thing I am going to do is listen to Obie thrown a tantrum). Why is Obie suddenly so quiet? Where are his self righteous demands that I present my proof? Come on Obie, I know that you are this big a coward, do you really want every one else to know it for a fact as well?

Chaplain Bill said...

AA I have one last comment to make today, in reference to your remark about Obie being evil, to be honest I think he is just mentally disturbed, not nearly as bad as Marty is but he is half a nutjob in his own right. I also agree that Visser is not that bad and is being manipulated by Obie, In fact if Visser would publicly acknowledge his lies and seek forgiveness for them in the biblical manner I'd have no problem with him at all. Obie is a loon that has no business in CI while Visser simply needs to grow a pair and dump the idiot.

Chaplain Bill said...

From: Morris L Gulett
To: William DeClue
Sent: Wed, Sep 1, 2010 12:21 pm
Subject: RE: (no subject)

Brother Bill...

As far as I can see, you know your Christian Identity very well. So why not put out a few essays and send me the first one right off the bat. I'll look at it and if it is up to snuff ( and no doubt it will be) I'll put it up on our site. Perhaps you could create some fliers and I could recreate them in PDF format for the website and our people could print and distribute them. I tried to call you again this morning and perhaps it was too early. I got up early because that's what I do. I went and met a man and purchased a rooster. Now I need some hens. Love them fresh eggs, I do.

Now about Lindstedt, Britton and Visser: As far as I am concerned all three of their memberships in the Church and Legion of Saints as well as any ordinations I issued are null and void. Perhaps they should know that. Perhaps I should write them and make them aware of that, and why. I made it clear to Martin several years back, that his ordination and membership both were revoked. And since Visser was so lack in signing his name to a certain document (by laws and constitution) as a board member of the church and I was forced to go ahead and send the document to the church's lawyer without his signature. And his replies to my mail from prison were so sporadic and left me long waiting, he must not take our work seriously I shall assume. And since John Britton did absolutely nothing as far as furthering the work of the Church or Legion of Saints, I don't even feel it needful, let alone urgent that I contact either one of these fellows to touch base or plan for the future of the Church of the Sons of YHVH or Legion of Saints with thier involvement, because none of these fellows seemed to be too concerned about it at all when they were needed. Unless it was to post on forums and message boards copies of personal letters I had written along with hand made ordination certificates, with my signature on them in order to boost their own self worth and self images. I am certain you are aware which of these three fellows I am referring to in that regard. Unless they are all three guilty of such ego trip type tactics.

I am also aware of the words Lindstedt and others have used against me, for whatever reason, who knows. I know Lindstedt is striking out because of his public removal from our ranks. But his statements that led to that removal were public so therefore it was necessary to make a public condemnation and rebuke of him and his statements. The scripture warns us to guard our tempers and our tongues does it not ? I refuse to acknowledge such petty and childish words coming from supposedly grown men.

Nevertheless Kinsman: I shall be busy about my Fathers work. I do not have time to lend to slackers, pretenders or ner do wells. Not will I. The labors are many and the workers are few...

Yours Respectfully: Pastor Gulett

Here's the e mail where Pastor G told me that Visser is no longer ordained by him, now again I am not claiming that Gulett has any current animosity towards Visser, just that Visser is not ordained by him as claimed. Post this one Obacoward, better yet, show it to Pastor G and see if he denies it is from him.

Chaplain Bill said...

Brother Bill...I haven't written Visser in years. Me thinks Visser smokes too much of that Hemp he promotes.

By the way. I suggested you write that aricle on how Kinsman are supposed to act with each other and I was at that time working on writing an article for the upcoming Aryan Nations publication using the same theme. It's been finished and sent off to the printer. It was near my heart because I see far too much bickering and backstabbing. Before I engage in that sort of behavior I'll just ignore the person. Sort of like I do Lindstedt. I haven't really read anything Britton says about me. But am not happy with how strong he took his duties as an ordained Pastor with the Church of the Sons of YHVH. It meant nothing to him eveidently. But I would be curious to read some of Johns opinions. So if you know where some of his stuff referring to me is at please point me to it. That will remain between you and it and will really set in concrete my feelings about the fellow. And don't feel like you're stirring the pot. I really would like to see for myself if he was bad mouthing me as Martin claims.

Anyway. I haven't read your article yet, so I am posting mine below for you to read. Nevertheless, what I am getting at is, would you mind writing another using the topic you suggested before about denouncing the refuting of the existence of satan as Downey and some of his followers do. I'd rather post something of a different topic at our website other than one of the same topic that I am having published. Sorry about that my friend. I will read your article though. No doubt it is very good.

Hail Victory !

conduct among Kinsman.

Hail Victory !

Morris L Gulett - World Pastor
Aryan Nations / Church of Jesus Christ-Christian
P.O. Box 165 - Calhoun, Louisiana 71225

Here is the e mail where Pastor G denies having contact with Visser not long before he got out of prison as Visser claimed back then.
Also, due to your content limiter I had to remove the very excellent essay that was included but the complete e mail along with the other one are available by e mialing me at

Show this to Pastor G Obie, see if he denies writing it. I have 5 bucks that says neither e mail will be mentioned in the smokescreen interview that Obie set up at the last minute to make it seen that I am lying. The thing is I'm not saying that Gulett hates Visser or anything of the sort, I am simply say that these e mails are genuine and anyone that sends me an e mail can get both forwarded directly to them. Also, show them to Gulett and see if he denies sending them to me, he won't because he isn't a liar like Visser and Obie.

Chaplain Bill said...

Well I just sent an e mail to Pastor G telling him what I did and showing him the e mails so there is no way he'll deny send them because despite what others claim he is an honorable man and will have no choice but to tell the truth if Obie and Visser ask him about the e mails, so go ahead Obie, ask him specifically about the emails, I dare you, since I am claiming nothing but that the emails are genuine.

Chaplain Bill said...

Well I guess you've noticed that Obie has announced the end of the Obie and Visser show. I think it is probably a ploy to get their listeners to beg them to stay so they can say they are staying by popular demand. Obie is a snake and as clever as a jew so don't go believing the show is gone for good unless it stays gone for a long time.

The funny thing is that if it turns out to be true and I really did cause the end of the podcast I am not proud of it, in fact I wish that Visser had not made it nessecary for me to reveal his secrets, if he had not chosen to betray me on Obie's orders I would have never revealed his lies and if he had not let Obie make him attack me on his podcast I would have never posted the proof.

Jeromy, I told you that you'd come to regret taking Obie's side, you should have remained neutral but you willfully chose to betray me because Obie demanded it and now everyone knows that you are not ordained in the line of Wesley Swift and that you are an unrepentant liar. I'm sorry that you made it nessecary for me to do this to you.

But them again I'm not convinced that the show is gone for more than a few weeks to let things die down. I suppose we'll see.

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot, Bill - wah, wah wah! Nobody cares!

Chaplain Bill said...

LOL 8:31, quite a few people care that Visser has been proven to be an unrepentant commandment breaker and a backstabber. Obie sure slinked away with his tail between his legs to lick his wounds.

The funny thing is that none of this ever had to happen, if Obie had come to me like a man and privately asked me to not openly disagree with him on the AA thing I would have been happy to accomodate him but instead he chose to pull some jewboy crap and start a huge war and when he saw he was losing he dragged Visser into it and we all saw how that ended for them, everyone knows Visser to be a liar and Obie is hiding at his forum. If Obie had known how to conduct himself as a white christian none of this would have had to happen.

I do hope everyone notices how my detractors will only run their mouths As Anonymous or a sockpuppet, I wouldn't be surprised to find out both 8:31 and "chuck" are Obie himself, after all his howling and feet stamping over Marty's use of sockpuppets.

Chaplain Bill said...

Actually I was just laughing about how Obie called me quixotic, well I guess with me in the starring role the tale ends with Quixote standing atop a pile of rubble that was once the windwill, doing his Tarzan impersonation. LOL it is an undeniable fact that I single handed brought down the Obie and Visser show bu exposing Visser as a self promoting liar and Obie as a slandering coward. Obie so self righteously claimed that I was lying right up until the time that I provided proof and made that gutless punk publicly look like the fool that he is.

But I am surprised that they just gave up like that, I was ready for round two. Of course I have more e mails of known CI teachers talking smack about Visser, two of them in fact, it is nothing like what Gulett said but they are not glowing recommendations. I've also spent the last 9 months compiling e mails from people in CI whose names are recognizable talking about what a fake and trouble maker Obie is. of course I'm not going to waste all my ammo on what I thought would be the first battle.

AA, I also want to clear up some possible confusiob for you as to why Marty isn't estatic over the downfall of Obie (who is nothiong without Visser and both of them know it). It is because I did it, you see, Marty and bellowed and moaned about how horrible Obie and Visser are for over 3 years with no effect at all, to this day Visser could do a podcast where he does nothing but make fart noises with his armpit and still get more listeners than Marty, from what I under standthe Obie and Visser show averaged 2-3 times the listeners that Marty gets.

So what I am saying is that Marty with his own forum and twice weekly podcast could not bring down the dancing Opossum show but little old me, with my supposed IQ of 85 and posting only from this obscure old post sent Obie down in flames, looking for a rock to hide under and that actually depresses Marty, That I have succeeded wildly where he failed, over and over again.

I'll bet Obie is wishing that he had behaved like a white christian towards me when he had the chance.

Also I must say something for the benefit of the silly people who think they can "beat" me through attacking me online. This silly little online obscurity is not real to me anymore, not by anyone's measure. Unlike people like Marty and Obie this has never been my primary or even secondary vehicle of social interaction and I have nothing to gain or lose from anything that occurs here. None of the 18 active members of my congregation will ever read Marty, Obie, Visser or anyone else who is stuck in this fake online world. Marty is obsessed with me until the day that he dies and he cannot comprehend a reality where I do not recipricate his obsession, he so desperately needs me to read his babblings with I do not, In fact I haven't been to his forum more than twice since November of 11, when anyone that has followed my posting patterns can see that I went from posting nearly every day to hardly posting at all by comparison, it is not unusal for me to go up to a motnh without visiting any WN forums and it is rare for me to post two days in a row now. That is because until Nov 11 I came online daily to play an online combat simulation game, wasting most of my free time doing that and while I was online I went ahead and visited CI and WN forums. Even then this silly world was not my primary form of entertainment and when I quit playing the game my visiting and posting on CI and WN forums went to the unpredictable and sporadic pattern that I use now.

Chaplain Bill said...

I want to say for the record that if Jeromy Visser is willing to let bygones be bygones I am as well, It seems the split with Obie is most likely genuine and I applaud Visser for finally seeing Obie for what he is. I am just sorry that he couldn't have done it before he chose to forsake our friendship for Obie's sake. I wish them well in their attempt to launch a new show without Obie. I also want to say again that if Visser had not chosen to side with Obie against me (at a time when I was telling people not to judge Visser for Obie's sins no less!) I would have taken his secrets to my grave, only after he and Obie spent a full hour attacking me on their show even going so far as to invite Marty to call in and lend their support to his slander against me did I post the emails. To tell the truth I was hurt when I realized that Visser had flushed our friendship down the toilet because Obie demanded it.

Jeromy, you've done well to dump Obie, I only wish you had done it before things between us got to this point.

To Obie, crawl back under the rock you came from you creepy old tosser, you've done enough damage to CI as it is, go back to VNN and promote Hal Turner like you did for years.

Actually I now have another distinction that Marty claims, I am the one that broyght Obie's true nature to the surface for all to see. People started to be replused by him when they saw the unchristian way he treated for for simply disagreeing with him then loser my temper when he though posting vile slander agaqinst me was a smart idea. At one point I even came to him in the spirit of Christian love to attempt to reconcile, asking forgiveness from him. Not only did he completely ignore the teachings of Christ he pretty much wiped his rear end with them publicly with his looney and slanderous attack against me, even backing Lindstedt in his flase claim that I posted at his chatroom when Obie knew for a fact that he was lying when he said it as I know I told him that I work when Marty's show is on and am not able to be there.

I am proud to be the one to start the beginning for the end for Obie but I do regret that it cost me my friendship with Visser and I am sure that he regrets this as well, but hey, things happen.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone in Christian Identity explain why they wrongly translate 'beast of the field' as 'negro?' Nowhere does the scripture say the beasts are negroes. In fact the scripture says the tribes of Israel are the beast of the field. Don't believe it? Incapable of questioning your SeeEye Soothsayers? Then read the scripture, and see how Christian Identity doctrine mangles the Hebrew scripture: ... save your pejorative comments until after you have read the article. It shows how the scripture crumbles the foundation of two-seedline Christian Identity.