Wednesday, April 03, 2013

DSCI Pastor Martin Lindstedt Finishes Fourth In Granby Mayoral Race And In East Newton R-VI School Board Race

American Nazi Party Chairman Rocky Suhayda has literally been begging white racialists to run for elective office as a more conventional and credible means of activism. Specifically, he has urged white racialists to target local races, preferably running "under the radar".

One resident of Granby, Missouri has been doing that for years, and he did it again in 2013. Dual Seedline Christian Identity Pastor Martin Lindstedt, who runs the Christian Nationalist Forum, decided to run for both a two-year term as mayor of Granby and a three-year term on the East Newton School Board. Here are the results from the Neosho Daily News:

Granby Mayor:
-- Ronald L. Arnall (RL): 104 votes, 34.44 percent
-- Craig W. Hopper: 98 votes, 32.45 percent
-- Paul Ferguson: 90 votes, 29.80 percent
-- Martin L.D. Lindstedt: 5 votes, 1.66 percent

East Newton R-VI School District:
-- Vicky Rawlins: 433
-- Mark Knight: 486
-- Keith Guinn: 445
-- Martin L.D. Lindstedt: 47

The "Daily Douche" couldn't even spell Lindstedt's name right in their report, omitting the "t" at the end.

Lindstedt discussed his candidacies from time to time on the twice-weekly Da Dik-Dik Show, which he hosts on Talkshoe under the nom de guerre of Dick Reltney. While he didn't delve into many specifics except to say that as a school board member, he would work to get illegal aliens out of the school and mandate head lice checks periodically, his mayoral candidacy may have been prompted by a dispute he had with the city of Granby over one of his properties. In December 2011, city council members were asked to bring a list of addresses deemed as unsightly locations in the city. They listed about 20 total locations, including a property Lindstedt owns across the street from his house. Lindstedt subsequently approached the city council to dispute the findings and to discuss the possibility of suing the city. Lindstedt acknowledged several times on his Talkshoe show that he expected to finish last in both races.

It seems like the school board route is more promising for him than the mayoral route.


Anonymous said...

While I certainly applaude ANY sincere WN getting involved in "real politics" - I have to wonder IF Mr. Lindstedt campaigned, utilizing the "Dik-Dik/Turd" style of propaganda? You see, its not "only" campaigning - thats just Step One - its campaigning in a APPROPRIATE manner. To do otherwise, as we have seen in the past with Traitor Glenn Miller and his stretching his vocabulary to utilize any and all racial slurs that he could think of and/or create - only stigmatizes WN as the Posterboys of Hate - the IMAGE that the ADL and others have cookie-cut for racially aware White people. With that kind of approach - we will probably piss some people off - but, we are also assured of LOSING. IF we NS/WN are going to do this, lets bother to do it CORRECTLY - or not at all. Sometimes its better NOT to do something, rather than do a piss-ass job... For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

My muscles ripple just thinking about Martin Lindstedt's courage, especially when compared to the twinkled-toed intellectual effete like Greg Johnson of Counter Currents, who does nothing but mince around in metaphorical high-heels looking to flirt more money out of the pockets of his equally effete followers.

Yay to Marty Lindstedt! He totally mamzered the fu*k out of everyone else!

CJ Lankersham
Granby, MO

Anonymous said...

Good for him. This is some real activism, not just talk. Nice to see.

Hope to see much more of things like this throughout the nation.

Keep being realistic, and focus on your own local area.

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like he talked about relevant issues, regarding the school board. Getting illegal aliens out and head lice checks. These sound like common sense issues that regular White folks would support.

No call for "Whites Only" schools that would teach CI, nothing outrageous or hateful that the media would have loved to hear.
Sounds positive to me.

Anonymous said...

Good for Pastor Lindstedt. At least he is actively doing something politically. You can't say that about anyone else in CI.

The rest seem like nothing but a bunch of whiny back stabbers and liars.

Anonymous said...

Good for Pastor Lindstedt. He is doing more than the whole of CI politically.

Anonymous said...

Chairman Suhayda of the ANP deserves a lot of credit for being willing to promote new strategies and tactics despite all of the resistance from the stick in the mud bunch. It can't be fun, running counter to the crowd, and breaking new ground, but thats what white nationalism needs, someone who see's a truth even if its deemed distasteful at the time and still willing to state the necessary truth. While I myself am not a nazi, still I can see the value of what Chairman Suhayda is saying. What we have been doing is a flop, as he has stated so many times, the white movement is basically as 'useless as tits on a bull' to use his own words, and its overdue that that changed. We desperately need political power, and that comes from running for political office and eventually winning that power we deserve. We aren't going to get it by protesting, or by lets face it violent actions. But I do agree that it is possible by campaigning and winning elections. Even if we have to start off small, winning local offices and hopefully building from there. What is odd to me, is that no other major white racial leader has picked up on this obvious principal too. Perhaps, the obvious needed change frightens them? While I'm not currently a member of any organization, I would help Mr. Suhayda's efforts if and when I can, to get this movement back on track towards achieving those fourteen words, before we finally run out of time. A couple more decades, and protesting is all that we'll be able to do, if we're even allowed to do that by the minority majority. Kenny Odjean

Anonymous said...

I hear Mr. Bowles is preparing to run for office.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bowles would be a good candidate and representative for the white working class. He's intelligent, well spoken and has a long history of serious involvement in the WN struggle. Mr. Bowles is a candidate that all WN could rally behind and support! Hail the ANP 88!

Anonymous said...

2:06 and 10:24 sound like the same person. Bowles himself perhaps?

Not sure why anyone would take seriously the idea of Bowles "running for office." Have you already forgotten the farcical "Presidential Campaign" he ran in 08? Even Rocky was mocking it. Not sure why Rocky let Bowles into the ANP. That was the point where I started having doubts about them.
Supposedly Bowles was brought in as a "politcial advisor" to the ANP. Huh? He's qualified for that how? Because he had a website saying he was "running for president?"

Now Bowles is an "NS Lobbyist." Claims he is in contact with people in DC, has lots of support. No proof, just have to take his word. Also no evidence that he is an actual registered lobbyist. Then again, the ANP is not a registered political party.

Another Bowles run for office would be another joke. Has he ever explained the whole Nick Chappel money swindling incident? Rocky sure passed the buck on that one- "See no evil."
Keep up the conversation with yourself 2:06/10:24.

Anonymous said...

What I like about Bowles is he doesn't answer to no one including the bullshit lies here. lol That drives anti's like 8:22PM crazy because all you ever read on here is lies and slander against patriot Bowles. Never no proof of any allegations. Just made up rumors and shit which apparently 8:22PM likes to fuel.

PS. I would send him a donation if he ran.

Anonymous said...

I remember when people like 8:22PM said Bowles was making up and lieing about visiting high schools and speaking on behalf of the ANP. Then OPP hacked Bowles' e-mail account and we found out he was speaking like he said. Now this same asshole is saying Bowles isn't doing anything as a lobbyist. Based on the prior record, who you gonna believe?

Anonymous said...

If you want to expose and talk numbskulls you should mention Gullett and Mullett. Both are trying for convict of the year awards.

Chaplain Bill said...

Brother Bill...

As far as I can see, you know your Christian Identity very well. So why not put out a few essays and send me the first one right off the bat. I'll look at it and if it is up to snuff ( and no doubt it will be) I'll put it up on our site. Perhaps you could create some fliers and I could recreate them in PDF format for the website and our people could print and distribute them. I tried to call you again this morning and perhaps it was too early. I got up early because that's what I do. I went and met a man and purchased a rooster. Now I need some hens. Love them fresh eggs, I do.

Now about Lindstedt, Britton and Visser: As far as I am concerned all three of their memberships in the Church and Legion of Saints as well as any ordinations I issued are null and void. Perhaps they should know that. Perhaps I should write them and make them aware of that, and why. I made it clear to Martin several years back, that his ordination and membership both were revoked. And since Visser was so lack in signing his name to a certain document (by laws and constitution) as a board member of the church and I was forced to go ahead and send the document to the church's lawyer without his signature. And his replies to my mail from prison were so sporadic and left me long waiting, he must not take our work seriously I shall assume. And since John Britton did absolutely nothing as far as furthering the work of the Church or Legion of Saints, I don't even feel it needful, let alone urgent that I contact either one of these fellows to touch base or plan for the future of the Church of the Sons of YHVH or Legion of Saints with thier involvement, because none of these fellows seemed to be too concerned about it at all when they were needed. Unless it was to post on forums and message boards copies of personal letters I had written along with hand made ordination certificates, with my signature on them in order to boost their own self worth and self images. I am certain you are aware which of these three fellows I am referring to in that regard. Unless they are all three guilty of such ego trip type tactics.

I am also aware of the words Lindstedt and others have used against me, for whatever reason, who knows. I know Lindstedt is striking out because of his public removal from our ranks. But his statements that led to that removal were public so therefore it was necessary to make a public condemnation and rebuke of him and his statements. The scripture warns us to guard our tempers and our tongues does it not ? I refuse to acknowledge such petty and childish words coming from supposedly grown men.

Nevertheless Kinsman: I shall be busy about my Fathers work. I do not have time to lend to slackers, pretenders or ner do wells. Not will I. The labors are many and the workers are few...

Yours Respectfully: Pastor Gulett


As promised here is my proof that Visser is not ordained by Morris Gulett, in it's entirety, anyone wishes to recieve the compete e mail forwarded them to can e mail me at and I will send it, well anyone that I cannot make as a Lindstedt flunky.

Let Obie ask Pastor G about this e mail this Wed.

Chaplain Bill said...

LBrother Bill...I haven't written Visser in years. Me thinks Visser smokes too much of that Hemp he promotes.

By the way. I suggested you write that aricle on how Kinsman are supposed to act with each other and I was at that time working on writing an article for the upcoming Aryan Nations publication using the same theme. It's been finished and sent off to the printer. It was near my heart because I see far too much bickering and backstabbing. Before I engage in that sort of behavior I'll just ignore the person. Sort of like I do Lindstedt. I haven't really read anything Britton says about me. But am not happy with how strong he took his duties as an ordained Pastor with the Church of the Sons of YHVH. It meant nothing to him eveidently. But I would be curious to read some of Johns opinions. So if you know where some of his stuff referring to me is at please point me to it. That will remain between you and it and will really set in concrete my feelings about the fellow. And don't feel like you're stirring the pot. I really would like to see for myself if he was bad mouthing me as Martin claims.

Anyway. I haven't read your article yet, so I am posting mine below for you to read. Nevertheless, what I am getting at is, would you mind writing another using the topic you suggested before about denouncing the refuting of the existence of satan as Downey and some of his followers do. I'd rather post something of a different topic at our website other than one of the same topic that I am having published. Sorry about that my friend. I will read your article though. No doubt it is very good.

Hail Victory !


Hail Victory !

Morris L Gulett - World Pastor

This is the e mail from Pastor G proving that he did not communicate with Visser not long after he got out of prison. Now I had to edit out the essay that he also sent in that mail due to your content limiter but the full e mail is available by e mailing me at and once again, if you're Marty or a Marty flunkie send from a sockpuppet that I won't associate with Marty as I won't knowingly help that crew.