Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cyndi Steele Publishes An Update On Political Prisoner Edgar Steele: Donald Pauly Continues To Smear Cyndi Steele

After an uncomfortably long hiatus, we finally have fresh news about political prisoner Edgar Steele. His wife Cyndi has published an account of his current status on the Free Edgar Steele website; a new discussion thread has been launched on Stormfront.

Knowing that there are stalkers like Donald E. Pauly (Trojan Cowboy) out there who have repeatedly impugned the reputation and integrity of both Edgar and Cyndi Steele, Cyndi leads off by explaining why there has been very little information posted about Edgar recently, and why she has not behaved the way Pauly thinks she should behave. Not only was Cyndi's life disrupted by the trial and incarceration of her husband, but she took another hit when her mother passed away. Let's see how the rest of us would act if we were suddenly deprived of the companionship of a spouse AND a parent within a short period of time before passing judgment on the way Cyndi Steele has been handling this situation. But Cyndi offers a credible explanation as to why she's published so little news about her husband:

I realize that I’ve been far too quiet on matters pertaining to Ed’s current situation, but I assure you that I’m out here fighting for my husband’s freedom. Unfortunately there hasn’t been a lot to report, as the appeal process is slow and a lot of time is spent waiting for filings, responses, replies and answers from the attorneys on both sides and the courts. It is just one of the many things that has been a source of frustration, but anyone in this type of situation is at the mercy of our un-justice or “Just-us” system.

Cyndi also notes that she's been dealing with the 9th Circuit Court since January 2013 and is still waiting for their response. She's been told that the earliest response might be in 2-3 months, but because there is no prescribed time limit, it could take six months or longer to receive a response. In addition, her own contact with Edgar, while recurring, is limited in duration, and prison officials are interdicting mail sent to Edgar by others. Cyndi says that Edgar he isn’t getting most of the mail that anyone has sent, including any legal mail, and that the mail is not being returned to the sender. What little mail is released to him is not given him until two to three weeks after the prison receives it. And now, Edgar Steele's contact will be further restricted by virtue of his move to solitary confinement; he will only be able to call Cyndi once per month. The move was requested by Edgar because he was punched by another prisoner and receiving threats from others.

Donald Pauly has already posted a response on this other Stormfront thread. Starting on this page, Pauly shows he must not have comprehended what Cyndi wrote:

If this indeed is a letter from Steele, it is breaking news. There has been no contact by him with the outside world in 16 months. It looks like that he is admitting that he has not written his wife for at least 'a few months ago'. He doesn't say a word about having pneumonia which Cyndi whined about on 5 February in a begging newsletter. That tends to confirm my guess that she was lying about the whole thing.

When he was in the West side, he should have gotten 20 calls per month of 15 minutes each. There may be restrictions when he is in solitary confinement (SHU=Special Housing Unit according to Pravda Bill White). It sounds as if Steele has not talked to his wife in ages. If he wanted to talk to her, he should have been able to call her every other day.

Something strange is going on here. Perhaps Cyndi has cut off Steele's money to make phone calls and money for stamps. There is no talk of email contact. What caused him to suddenly write this letter?

Pauly's allegation that Edgar hadn't talked to Cyndi in ages is false; in her post, Cyndi clearly states "Until March 17, 2013, my main contact with Ed has been through email and phone calls about every 3 to 4 days". In addition, what makes Pauly such an expert as to what goes on in prison; Steele's the one incarcerated, not Pauly. It should make you question the veracity of Pauly's other claims. Pauly should know that the Bureau of Prisons will do whatever it wants to prisoners regardless of the rules because prisoners are rarely in a position to effectively challenge it.

Donald Pauly has been challenging the official story about Edgar Steele for nearly two years now; he lays out his case on a website called Steele Went Crazy. Pauly's main premise, which is sound, is that Edgar Steele's mental competency may have been adversely affected by a ruptured aorta he suffered; the subsequent surgery to repair the damage may have dislodged many small blood clots which traveled to his brain and made him go insane. Pauly believes that if the Steele defense team would have waged an insanity defense, not only would he have received a shorter sentence, but would also have received medical treatment. One piece of evidence supporting this conclusion is Steele's Internet outreach to Ukrainian women, an estimated 14,000 e-mails worth. The official spin was that Steele was doing "academic research". Bullshit......he was trolling for a girlfriend, and it's understandable why Cyndi would not want to believe this.

But then Pauly goes completely off the reservation with wild allegations. He alleges that Cyndi Steele squandered the $122,000 collected for her husband's defense, and even suggests she may have pocketed some of the money. He claims that Larry Fairfax didn't really steal silver from Edgar Steele. He puts forth the wild claim HERE that Cyndi Steele actually wants Edgar to remain locked up for life, insinuating that she may have sabotaged his case so she can pursue a relationship with a "sugar daddy" named Don Stovall, who is further identified as a "known informant".. Steele writes "All the above prove to my complete satisfaction that Cyndi is the WORST race traitor in the history of White Nationalism", but he provides little to no objective evidence to support his statement. This places Donald E. Pauly completely beyond the pale of reason, and fortunately, most Stormfronters responding to thread know something's wrong with Donald E. Pauly.

It's too bad that Pauly resorts to such wild conspiracy fantasizing and smear tactics against Cyndi Steele, since his premise about Edgar Steele's medical condition seems sound. He has no idea what she has gone through, and has substituted presumptive judgment in place of sound reasoning. Donald E. Pauly has justifiably brought the fickle finger of suspicion down upon himself by his stalking of Cyndi Steele.


Anonymous said...

Political prisoner? Shouldn't we reserve that title for real POW's like the men of the Order?Somethings very wrong here, $122,000 WN dollars raised and wasted on this guys defence, yet stormfront and just about every other WN org out there goes begging for funding. This Steele character isn't in the can for some heroic action against zog, ala the Order Comrades. He's in there for supposedly trying to murder his wife! And I certainly don't believe that he was framed because of how important he was in the WN struggle. There are certainly many more important figures than Edgar Steele, who was basically a self serving aggrandizer who only took cases like Pastor Butlers for cash, and then stupidly wound up putting up such a pathetic defence that he lost anyway. I guess in WN, self-promotion is the key to becoming supposedly important in the eyes of a lot of the couch potatoes, who love their all important entertainment. Steele, Hale, White, all put themselves where they are through their own stupidity. Why waste time on these bimbo's? Karl Raddle

Anonymous said...

If Steele had waged an "insanity defense" it would have been a de facto admission on his part that he indeed was guilty of plotting his wife's murder - EVEN if the Court & Jury had bought in to that plea and given him a lighter sentence.

Steele - whether "insane" or not IS guilty of plotting his wife's murder. As an aging lawyer with dwindling options, he deluded himself into believing he could "have it all" - stacks of silver ingots, young, tight Russian pussy, and the admiration and subservient worship from white nationalists the world over.

He thought wrong.

Now he's a scrawny inmate who serves as a punching bag (and maybe "other" purposes) for mestizos and groids because he's no longer the Big Man in the suit sending people to Zog Prison.

Steele has only one last "honorable" thing to do: stretch a bed sheet and then quietly stretch his cum-gobbling chicken neck...

Brant H.
Aryan Nations Forever

Anonymous said...

great new video on the slimey Jewish SPLC WORTH SHARING!

Anonymous said...

I see the NSM had someone go to prison for spying.

The Old Man said...

Not sure of your e-mail, so I'll use this and if you don't want to approve the post then you'll at least get the message. Judging from the templates I see on here, I believe Anonymous One is Pauly himself and Anonymous Two is a negroid wog of some kind named Reg Natarajan in Vancouver, B.C., believed (by left-wingers, not us) to be a CSIS internet asset who either moonlights as an "anti-racist" or does so as a kind of hobby,

Anonymous said...

I see the psy-ops brigade is busy here. I'm sure a
man that just had open heart surgery was looking for a
girlfriend and plotting his wife's murder. Give me a break. This case is a joke.

Anchorage Activist said...

Old Man -- Since you said "I believe" rather than "I know", this leaves it open to conjecture and so I approved the comment.

I don't think Anonymous #1 is Pauly; it doesn't fit his posting style very well. As for Anonymous #2, who knows?

Anonymous said...

Yes, over on Taylor Bowles' blog, he reports on a NSM'er in the military who was attempting to sell secrets to the Russians! Where in hell does Jeff Schoep find all these retards? Every month it seems that there's something in the jews media about one of the NSM fucking up and making WN look bad. Jeff ought to fold up shop.

Anonymous said...

Its obvious Steele was screwed over because of his pro-White views. That's plain to see. We all know by know that anyone openly WN has a big target on their back. Its a shame, because this Movement definitely needs competent lawyers. Im certain their will be many cases ahead involving WN defendants facing trumped up charges by ZOGs injustice system.

The jews are gonna have a tougher and tougher time keeping this trash dump of a country together, with all the current and coming domestic problems, as well as the next "foreign military adventure," which will drain more from the empires treasury while being very unpopular at home and abroad.
No doubt there will be some "incidents" that end up in court. I dont mean dumb criminal actions, I mean cases where people are pretty much on trial for being WN, and the issue of civil liberties arises.
Having good legal minds on our side is essential.

Anonymous said...


Did you see the NSM member convicted as a spy for Russia?

Anonymous said...

@5:18pm ➨ You flatter Edgar Steele way too much. He was NEVER a "threat" to ZOG or anyone else, except maybe his clients whom he invariably sent to prison after botching their court cases. Nor was Steele, by his OWN admission, a white nationalist. Yes, he had "racial views" but that's as far as that pencil-necked cock-gobbler went.

IF the Feds wanted to take down a white nationalist, why wasn't William Pierce top of the list? Why weren't others? And no, Matt Hale, Chester Doles, Tom Metzger, David Duke, Kevin Strom, and others don't count - BECAUSE they incited and embezzled and perverted their way into prison and so deserved what they got.

If anyone should be taken down today for his WN views it should be Harold Covington, who's literally advocating the overthrow of the USA! And yet...HAC rests peacefully, smoking his pipe, dreaming the Iron Dream.

Steele was just a cheap attention grabber that got too big for his britches.


an authentic white nationalist!

Anonymous said...

If Steele is a typical example of a 'white nationalist lawyer', anybody charged with a serious crime, had better look for a non-movement attorney who is competant. This individual is an obvious small town loser, who was in over his head in the cases he handled. And as someone already pointed out, he's NOT in jail because of his beliefs, he's in jail because he was found guilty of trying to kill his wife. Big difference guys.

Anonymous said...

Tom Metzger got what he deserved? What a load of crap! Taking ZOGs side, huh?

Feds never went after Pierce because he was never a threat. He was the top "WN Businessman" who sold lots of useless crap including "Skinhead Rock" CDs. Sure there was lots of ongoing "education" but Pierces most "serious threat" was penning a fantasy fiction book.

Yeah, Duke gambled his way to the pen, Strom is a sick pervert, and Doles seemed like a decent guy who made very bad decisions. Hale should have focused on being a lawyer not, being "Pontifus Maxiumus" or whatever he was.

Tom Metzger has done way more than probably anyone who posts here, or on the popular BS forums. People slam him for advocating the Lone Wolf idea, but looking at this pitiful "movement" we have, I cant blame him.

Yeah, Steele was "found guilty" by ZOGs system. So that must make it so, right?

Anonymous said...

So just WHAT has Tom Metzger accomplished after all these years? He sits alone, providing entertainment and 'great wisdom', hopefully to incite naive and gullible imbeciles into doing what he won't do himself. I wonder how many people sit in zogs cages, for following the advice of Terrible Tommy on a binge?

Donald E. Pauly said...

I am honored that my work is getting some recognition. There are two referrals from here on our website. Note my expose of the forged letter from Steele.

You failed to mention that Cyndi has been begging money for Hinkson. He is a tax resister who is in Federal prison and is a client of Hoyt. He is Cyndi's lawyer and is likely her handler. It is time for Cyndi to get a job like the rest of us. Her days as a kept woman are over.

BTW, I don't hide behind screen names like the Whiggers who bash me. I am a public Nazi.

Anchorage Activist said...

Donald -- your work should get recognition; you are a legitimate voice. But I still think you've become obsessed with this.

Donald E. Pauly said...

You title is incorrect. There is NO known contact by Steele with the outside world in 16 months. I have just exposed the letter attributed to him as a forgery at . There are numerous lies in the begging letters by Cyndi as well. My theory is that she has had NO contact with Steele since he went to prison in Victorville.

I am obsessed with getting Steele out of prison, getting his brain fixed and stopping the swindle of White Nationalism by his race traitor self professed gold digging wife. I do not apologize for this.

Did you read how Cyndi tried to take Steele for everything but the shirt off his back when she filed for divorce? He kept this a total secret until he was arrested.

Donald E. Pauly said...

You are attaching a too much importance to the 14,000 emails that Steele wrote to Ukrainian honeys during a 100 day period before he was arrested. This works out to one every four minutes for a 10 hour day. While this is a rather good proof that he was crazy, it is not incontrovertible.

These letters are not in dispute since Cyndi admitted at trial that she had been shown the emails by the prosecutor. She did not dispute their authenticity.

Steele's wife was in Oregon and he hadn't been arrested when he wrote the emails. It does prove that his so-called Ukrainian bride scam investigation was bogus. If you can't crack the case in 1,000 emails, you don't know what you are doing.

Steele admitted at sentencing that he wrote the steamy love letters to Tatyana from his jail cell and that "I had my reasons.'. This IS incontrovertible proof that he was crazier than a shit house rat. A junk yard Negro would have had more brains.

My beef is that his wife and lawyers all know that he is crazy. They want him locked up for life for their own reasons. Cyndi wants to steal all of his property and the lawyers want some of the loot. Cyndi also keeps most of the money that she begs for. I want her to go out and get her first job.

James said...

This is why I left the WN movement, its full of crypto jews, government agents, and just truly stupid people. You know who they are when they start showing their colors. Slamming Steele for losing a politically incorrect case? Huh, you DO know the kind of system our courts are now days, surely. . . And btw, I've been to Ukraine. Noone man needs write but to a few women to find a wife there. Steele was obviously researching them instead. Yes, I haven't been active in any online WN forums since 2006 when I was "swarmed on", out of the blue for "hating women". And why? Because I was trying to undo the Jews' influence on our society by pointing out that WN women shouldn't be such man-haters. Innocent enough, no? Well its at that point I saw the the most devastating a jew is, is when he works from the inside. And I see that here. . .

Donald E. Pauly said...

James is clearly poorly informed. He needs to read the transcript of the trial and sentencing at He will in short order see that Steele's website is the greatest swindle in the history of White Nationalism.

James didn't tell us how many letters that he has written to Steele. He also didn't tell us how much that he gave to be squandered on Steele's thieving lawyer McAllister who is now also in Federal prison. The latter has pleaded guilty to mail, wire and bankruptcy fraud and is serving 12 years.

Donald E. Pauly said...

If there is any doubt in anyone's mind that Cyndi Steele is a race traitor it can be removed by reading . Tubbs is now pimping for her. She is sucking all of the money out of every White Nationalist fool that she can.

Her IRS reports for 'Edgar Steele Defense Fund' non-profit for the last two years have not been filed. By the admission of her webmaster, she has refused to publish an audit of where all the loot went that she collected. By her own admission, it is OVER $122,000.

Donald E. Pauly said...

As you can see at , Cyndi's webmaster claimed that some fool gave $25,000 late last year. This is even after the McAllister was thrown in Federal prison. A fool and his money are soon parted. We could have Steele out of prison in a month with that much money.

Donald E. Pauly said...

Here is Tatyana's love nest. I hope that Cyndi doesn't sell it before we can get Steele out of prison. They would make such a wonderful couple. The ranch house is on the lower left where Steele was arrested. Note the huge horse barn where you can have an indoor rodeo.

Steele bought it for Cyndi and she did nothing but lose money with it. She was down to five horses on this 16 acres of ranch when he was arrested. I have grave doubts that she could get on a horse these days without the aid of a fork lift. Even then, she would break the horse's back.

She had it for sale for $1 million but apparently there were no buyers. She tried to get the entire ranch when she filed for divorce but had never put a PENNY of her own money into it.

Donald E. Pauly said...

From: Donald E. Pauly
Date: Mon, May 13, 2013 at 7:27 PM
Subject: Steele's Steamy Love Letters Posted (TFW)
To: Tom Metzger , "Donald E. Pauly"

Terrible Tommie:

Steele wrote his Ukrainian girlfriend Tatyana Loginova the world's longest and steamiest love letter from his jail cell while awaiting trial on charges of trying to blow his wife up with a pipe bomb. It is posted in two parts at

Can you write him as follows and give him The Five Words? He
apparently never got them. Make sure that he knows them by heart.

P.O. BOX 3900

The Five Words
There's hope with a scope.

Donald E. Pauly said...

From: Donald E. Pauly
To: Tom Metzger , "Donald E. Pauly"
Date: Fri, May 24, 2013 at 12:03 PM
Subject: Steele's First Recording Transcripts Posted (TFW)

Terrible Tommie:

I hope that you have written Steele in prison and given him The Five
Words. He damn sure needed them. You can read the first part of the
transcript of the recordings between Steele and Fairfax as they
discuss the killing of Steele's wife at . This is the
first time that more than tiny extracts have been published. You
never know when someone whom you have known for many years will become an informant. Murder for hire employers have a hard life when it comes to trusting their employees.

Donald E. Pauly
Las Vegas
Buy low and sell high.
The Five Words

Anonymous said...

Here is the smoking gun that I have been looking for. It proves that Cyndi was notified a MONTH before trial that McAllister had just filed for bankruptcy in Colorado. This proves to my satisfaction that the entire Steele gang knew that he was a throwaway lawyer who would work cheap and had nothing to lose. Steele was dumb enough to think that his wife believed in his innocence and failed to realize that she was using his misfortune as a cash cow. Latebloomer clearly knew about this post because he had to approve it for it to show up on the website.

[quote] ESDF statement regarding audio recordings | Free Edgar Steele

Hans Christian PERMALINK
March 18, 2011

Hey …I just saw this on a twitter fee for Steele’s attorney Robert T. McAllister….is the defense fund aware that this McAllister guy just filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Colorado???

[quote] Follow
Robert T. McAllister, P.C. 1:11-bk-15008 Chapter 11 Bankruptcy [url][/url]
Reply Retweet Favorite More
12:01 AM - 17 Mar 11


[quote]]Robert T. McAllister, P.C. (closed) - 11-15008

Robert T. McAllister, P.C. (closed)
U.S. Bankruptcy Court
District of Colorado (Denver)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 11-15008-SBB

Case summary

Assigned to: Sidney B. Brooks
Chapter 11

Date filed: 03/11/2011