Friday, April 19, 2013

Convicted Army Spy William Colton Millay Marketed By DOJ As "White Supremacist" Because Of Tattoos And Marginal NSM Connection

Because someone who belonged to a white supremacist prison gang snuffed the head of the Colorado Department of Corrections, there's been a tendency to play the "white supremacist" card in a number of crimes since then. However, this seriously backfired down in Texas in the case of Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife, who were murdered. Originally, the crime was blamed on gang members affiliated with white supremacist crime syndicates, but authorities have now arrested a former justice of the peace, Eric Williams, and plan to charge him with the crime. Williams previously crossed swords with McLelland when he was convicted of stealing computer equipment from a county office in 2012.

But this has not deterred the Feds from playing the "white supremacist" card whenever they deem it advantageous. This occurred up in Alaska on April 15th, 2013 during the sentencing hearing of U.S. Army Spc William Colton Millay. Millay was sentenced to six years in prison with a credit for 535 days of pre-trial incarceration, reduction to private (E-1), forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and dishonorable discharge. This resulted from Millay pleading guilty to attempted espionage, soliciting another to commit espionage, failing to obey regulations, issuing a false statement and communicating national defense information back on March 19th. Read the full story on Alaska Pride for more background on the specifics.

But it was during the sentencing hearing that the Feds played the "white supremacist" card. In his pitch for a 25-year sentence, military prosecutor Capt. Stewart Hyderkhan reminded the panel of eight officers that Millay not only had two Nazi SS thunderbolt tattoos under his biceps and spider web tattoos, which he said was common among racists in prison, but that a search of Millay's quarters uncovered literature from the National Socialist Movement. Capt Hyderkhan told the court, "He branded himself in their symbols of hate...He had hate for the Army. He had hate for the United States."

First, SS tattoos and spider web tattoos are not the exclusive province of white racialists. Most who wear them may be pro-white, but not all. Second, possessing National Socialist Movement literature does not mean he was a member of the NSM; anyone can download NSM flyers from HERE. I've distributed National Alliance literature and American Nazi Party literature, but it doesn't make me a member of either group. Just because someone walks into a garage doesn't automatically make him a car. Thus John Taylor Bowles may be premature in tarring the NSM with this brush.

If Millay was indeed pro-White, he sure didn't turn out to be much of an asset to the Cause, did he? But perhaps we should explore why he adopted pro-White attitudes in a military that professes to stand for equal opportunity. In the combat and technical specialties, accession and advancement is still primarily meritorious. But some of the support specialties are dominated by females and non-Whites combined. The American elite is actively promoting anti-White attitudes nationwide; heck, Salon Magazine was openly hoping that the Boston Marathon bomber would turn out to be white.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Jeff Schoep will rush to announce that Millay left the NSM a long time ago, like he does every time one of his misfits gets his ass in zogs meatgrinder. What in hell does the NSM instruct its followers to do, and not do? Its seems treason would be an obvious no-no in any WN organization. In any case its comical that this moron gravitated towards only the NSM out of all the WN orgs out there. Its truly a crap magnet for mental midgets. Wild Bill

Anonymous said...


I notice on Mr. Bowles'blog he doesn't call that spy an NSM member; but an NSM supporter. When someone prints out copies of a political leaflet it usually means a few things: They either want to show their friends it as a novelty or they sympathize with the group. In this case, I would suspect the latter and Bowles was right with his supporter remark.

Anonymous said...


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