Friday, April 05, 2013

Anti-Racist Groups To Protest American Renaissance Conference At Montgomery Bell State Park In Tennessee

American Renaissance is holding their annual conference at Montgomery Bell State Park near Nashville, Tennessee from April 5-7, 2013, but conference participants won't be the only ones in the area. The Nashville Tennessean reports that two anti-racist groups will be holding protests at the location. WDKN-AM 1260 and American Renaissance has picked up the story, with 154 comments attached. There's also a companion Stormfront thread.

One protest group, the Coalition to Shut Down AmRen, in association with the Communist-influenced Austin Peay Students for a Democratic Society, plans a protest from 4-6 P.M. on Friday April 5th and from 5:30-7 P.M. on Saturday April 6th outside the conference center. A second group, Not in Our State, plans a “counter conference” in the park from 10:30 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. on Saturday at the office pavilion near the entrance. At least 15 academics and advocates for Not in Our State have signed on to make presentations, covering topics ranging from race and the death penalty to state efforts to criminalize immigrants to transphobia. A list of speakers is available HERE, and includes the infamous Daryle Lamont Jenkins.

Meg Lockhart, spokesperson for the park, is standing firm and says the park is open to all of the public as long as they abide by park rules. “Our primary goal is to ensure our park patrons understand that we appreciate their concerns and their patience. Clearly we value our customers,” said Lockhart. “Montgomery Bell State Park is a public park and state owned; we can’t discriminate against who can and can’t use the park’s facilities as long as groups and individuals follow the park’s policies and rules.”

American Renaissance espouses race realism rather than white nationalism; they are willing to recognize white Jews as white so long as they put white interests first. At least eight speakers are expected to make presentations, including John Derbyshire, who was earlier fired from National Review Online, pop videographer RamZPaul, and Sam Dickson. In a nod towards the white working class, Byron Roth will give a speech entitled "Off-shoring, Mass Immigration and American Wage Stagnation: Why Education is No Solution”, one of the infrequent occasions in which white working class issues are discussed at this conference. Dr. David Duke won't be attending; he said he's been asked by Jared Taylor not to attend because he is deemed too controversial. But he retains respect for the participants, and on March 25th, published an open letter to participants in which he reminded them not to forget about "the big hairy gorilla in the room". In this case, the "gorilla" is the fact that in the elite universities of the United States, European-Americans are far more victims of racial discrimination in favor of Jews than of discrimination on behalf of African-Americans or Hispanics.

The one-sided coverage in the Tennessean was noticed and called out:

Gerald Martin · Dallas, Texas 4 hours ago:
I see that the author had several quotes from those opposing AmRen, but none from representatives of AmRen itself, save one taken off the AmRen website. Granted, the article was about the protests, but even so, it doesn't allow for the voice of any AmRen representative, such as Jared Taylor, to be heard. I attended last year's conference. I heard no hateful views expressed, but only some well documented presentations aboout racial differences - for instance, that the evidence shows (contrary to the article's claim that AmRen believes "whites are superior") that east Asians (specifically, Chinese, Koreans and Japanese) have higher intelligence and commit fewer crimes of violence than do whites. But yes, the presenters did point out the evidence that blacks and Latinos have lower intelligence and commit more crimes of violence than whites - factual statements supported by sophisticated IQ testing and FBI crime surveys. I invite Colleen Creamer and other reporters to actually attend the AmRen presentations, listen with an open mind, and then go listen to the presentations at the "counter-conference."

See who makes more sense.


Anonymous said...

Daryle Lamont Jenkins? LOL, I didnt know that fat sambo was still arounb. He get paroled early?

Hey, as much as I despise the fact that White people who are pro-White in any way get the screws put to em in the modern world, its really damn hard to care about Taylor and Amren.

"...white jews as white so long as they put white interests first."

Taylor's "jews are White" garbage, along with his REFUSAL to name the jews as the source of the war against Whites that rages today makes him just another right winger constitutionalist Ron Paul fan club type.

Yes, they do cover important relvevant topics and deserve to have their conference, but they arent WN.
"White jews" yeah right.

Mary said...

Taylor's "jews are White" garbage, along with his REFUSAL to name the jews as the source of the war against Whites that rages today makes him just another right winger constitutionalist Ron Paul fan club type.

Yes, I am always reluctant at having to agree with this, because I like a lot of what Amren does, but it's 100% true.
Amren is really of no use at all to us, and it's solely because of their welcoming Jews into the fold.

Anonymous said...

Amren? These guys are fake as the nsm, ku klux klowns, david duke, and jump around like monkeys in the moshpit boneheads. The ANP is the only real National Socialist group in America. We do not want idiot skinheads, klowns in kostumes, or degenerates like the nsm. We are the only hope for the White Race. Join the ANP today. Paula Bxxxx

Advanced White Society said...

Time to take it back to those we oppose.

Myself and several other people were invited to help protest this event in Jersey City Liberty park. This was not a immigration rally but more of a slap in the face for American citizens and those that have come here legally over the years.

We were told by the police that we had this little area way off in the distance to stand with another small group protesting. No bullhorn or any other noise makers were to be used.

Those that I went with decided we were not going to stand on the side and let this happen. We will no longer stand for the illegals to have more rights then American citizens!

Our group took all of our items back to the vehicle and then walked around the police and into the crowd of maybe 2,000. We then started our protest. The news report of course did not report or show any of the photo's of what this crowd of filth tried to do to us.

We stood our ground and refused to be intimidated by these illegal criminals.

The police then came and removed us from the crowd only by the threats of arresting us if we did not leave. We were escorted from the park by a group of officers, 3 police vehicles and what looked like a swat vehicle followed us off of the park grounds. Several followed us into Jersey City where we were going to go and grab a bite to eat.

The last paragraph on the second page The Advanced White Society was mentioned -
The two-hour event was briefly interrupted when two men — one who said he was affiliated with the Advanced White Society — and a woman entered the crowd, shouting at immigrants to return to their countries and alleging that they are criminals. The three were quickly escorted away by police.

The Advanced White Society
Jason Hiecke