Monday, April 22, 2013

Another White British Woman Lashes Out Against Diversity In Racist Rant Aboard London Subway; Emma West's Trial Postponed A Fourth Time

British Transport Police are actively looking for a white British woman who lashed out in a racist rant against non-white passengers aboard the London Underground. Although the video of the rant was only recently posted on April 11th, the incident is believed to have taken place in November 2010, according to Sky News. Yet police are wasting valuable time and resources trying to find the woman over two years later. Update May 13th: Claire Moloney, of Western Avenue, Dagenham, was charged with a racially aggravated public order offence on May 12th; she was bailed and is due to appear at Westminster Magistrates Court in June.

The woman is believed to have been aboard an eastbound District line train, which passed through Stepney Green Tube station and Mile End station. The Daily Mail recorded snippets of the rant; at the peak of her anger, the woman was saying "You come in this country you fucking mother fuckers cunt. You want everything on a plate fucking cunt and expect us to take this. You are all racist cunts, you want to take over the world. You're so thick you don't even get it". She also is heard to tell one person "If your country is so good, fuck off back there".

By the way, do you remember Emma West, who became famous for her November 2011 subway rant? On April 9th, 2013, her trial was postponed for the fourth time. The British authorities are deliberately dragging her case.

Reaction: British National Party Chairman Nick Griffin Tweeted "More PC police & media hysteria over new tube 'racist' truth outburst. Question is, why have the women got more balls than the men?". Threads on both Stormfront Newslinks and Stormfront Britain also expresses support for the woman. A quick scan of the 684 comments appended to the Daily Mail story so far indicates over two-thirds of respondents are supportive of the woman, as indicated by the green arrows. Some samples after the jump:

harry fredericks , Bromley, 22/4/2013 19:45:
I am just surprised it took so long for tempers to fray, what with our treacherous globalist betraying GovCorp, sitting on the slime green benches in Westminster, braying nonsense, while holding our front door open to all and sundry to drive wages down to third world levels, for their corporate bosses while driving prices ever higher. I fervently hope they all go back to their countries, to give us a chance to recover and suitably punish our politicians and police forces.

fasteddie, ukshires, 22/4/2013 9:57:
I am afraid these incidents are only going to increase as we British increasingly feel we are loosing our country, our jobs,our housing, schools and NHS to immigrants, and our elected politicians will not listen or act on behalf of us to protect the British way of life.If one speaks out, one is branded racist. It is not about being racist, it is about the fact that we have had enough of being treated as second class citizens in our own country. I for one am now seriously thinking of voting UKIP to register my disgust at the way this immigration have been allowed to continue.

knoxy, bishops stortford, United Kingdom, 22/4/2013 9:20:
you cannot change peoples views however much you try an legislate against it .and theres more than a few of us that agree with her just not the way to put it over .and as for the police making a real big deal over it?? while people are getting mugged raped and burgled ? stop sucking up to ethnic minoritys and get for the woman use your vote at the ballot box.

Bold As Brass, South Of England, 22/4/2013 9:06:
Because we couldn't clearly hear the man next to her, his reactions to me showed he was dishing it out as good as he was getting, having said that, Without the swearing I agree with her.....Britain is in a multi mix of Troubled waters, if you really believe Multiculturalism really works in this country then you are deluded...It doesn't work.....And I resent The Politically Correct brigade forcing me to live in this Multicultural environment.

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Anonymous said...

Just like here in the JewSA British pigs have their priorities straight, on the hunt for a White woman who used "bad language" in public OVER 2 YEARS AGO. Meanwhile, London continues to become as bad as New York City.
NOte to all you American travelers: Britain aint British anymore. No need to visit, you will only be disappointed, when you see the same the multicult shit you thought you were getting away from here in America.

On a different topic, speaking of anti-British forces: Excellent recent post on the UK Northwest Nationalist blog about the Boston Marathon Incident. (ZOG False flag.) Blog author notes Boston (the Irish city in the USA) has a long history of supporting and sympathizing with the IRA. They essentially got a taste of what they have been supporting with the Marathon Bombing attack, very IRA like.