Saturday, March 16, 2013

Towson White Student Union Contingent Shows Up At CPAC Race Panel Discussion, Under Fire For Promoting "Segregation"

"Where's yo white wristband, honkey?" (From
On Friday March 15th, 2013, members of Towson University's White Students Union showed up at a Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) race panel discussion, creating a stir. And they're now catching it from both sides.

The White Students Union planned to attend the event from the time it was first announced; on one of their blog posts, they wrote "The Republican Establishment will be trotting out only the best and brightest to tell the white socially conservative working class base why they need to support homosexual marriage, corporatism, blank checks for Israel, and amnesty for criminal border jumpers. None of us can be surprised that the GOP Establishment has once again decided to declare that the destruction of our people, our nation, and our industrial livelihoods somehow are what the Founding Fathers wanted".

The event was called "Trump the Race Card: Are You Sick and Tired of Being Called a Racist and You Know You're Not One?". K.C. Smith and KCarl Smith, two brothers from Birmingham who are black, led the panel and began with a conversation on how the Republican Party can reach out to blacks, women and Latinos; they urged attendees to become Frederick Douglass Republicans. According to White Students Union founder Matt Heimbach, at least 30 members of their group attended the panel, although Atlantic Wire claims the number was 23. But it was Scott Terry who stirred up the controversy. He suggested that the GOP would do better as Booker T. Washington Republicans —- united like the hand, but separate like the fingers. Atlantic Wire captured the crux of the exchange launched by Terry:

Then Terry stood to talk. "It seems to me that you're reaching out to voters at the expense of young white southern males like myself." The audience was open, like maybe he would go in a positive direction. He went in a segregationist direction. There was crosstalk, commotion. Smith regained control of the room, talking about Douglass forgiving his slavemaster. Then Terry went full troll: "Did he thank him for giving him shelter?" Whoaaaaaaa. "Slavery was not a 'benefit' to black people!" [Kim] Brown said. More commotion. Smith said "Racism does not have a political face" -- both liberals and conservatives are capable of it. To make a difference, you have to talk to people. "Dr. King interacted and impacted..." Heimbach broke in: "We don't need Marxists in the Republican Party!" "We don't need Marxists anywhere," Smith said. Brown said King was not a Marxist. "Yes he was!" Heimbach said. "Two of his advisors!" Terry joined in.

The Washington Post also published their version of the exchange, which contains some additions. The Guardian reported that after the session, Heimbach said that the Republican party should focus on attracting more white votes and abandon attempts to reach out to minorities, whom he described as being naturally inclined to vote for socialists and Marxist leaders. Part of the exchange was captured on this video, disingenuously entitled CPAC 2013 Racial Tolerance Session CHAOS Shouting Match with KKK members. Of course, there were no "KKK members" there, but when do progressives concern themselves with truth and accuracy?:

Afterwards, The Blaze, which is Glenn Beck's neocon propaganda website, spoke to Matthew Heimbach by phone. Heimbach told The Blaze that Scott Terry was not attempting to spread ideas of racism but of race realism, and that he had no desire to excuse the abuses of slavery. Heimbach also highlighted the growing political disenfranchisement of the white race, saying that freedom of association is only marketed as "racist" when whites try to practice the concept. He also argued that the left’s history of slavery is propaganda and doesn’t match up with what really happened. Heimbach refused to say whether he disagreed with the idea of forced segregation, telling The Blaze that the states should be able to decide what’s best for their affairs. The latter is a principle occasionally voiced by non-racist libertarians as well. A number of commenters to The Blaze express support for Heimbach, with several proclaiming that the Era of White Guilt is over. Some Stormfronters effusively praised Heimbach and said he has a bright political future.

Visit the CPAC 2013 page to find out what else transpired at the conference.


Anonymous said...

Good for these young White people. It's great to see the BACKLASH happening. It was inevitable, there's gonna be a lot more of it ahead. The fact that this particular setting is the bastion of anti-White jewish multi-cult programming that is the US college/university sysyem is a good sign.

Also, good to see the WSU address the dead end garbage dump that is the GOP. Hopefully more Whites will ditch the pathetic Republican Party, start to think outside the ZOG controlled box. I do believe that more and more Whites are seeing that the GOP will not help them at all, and recognize it as hardly any different from the democraps.

Times they are a changin', to quote a leftist jew. LOL.

Many more Whites are gonna refuse to simply roll over and die.

Anonymous said...

Con-servatives are just as bad as the liberals. Really they are worse because they are such hypocrites. The WSU had a good number of people too, notice no bonehead neo-nutzi's for the jews media to focus upon and smear the others with. Way to go WSU!

Anonymous said...

Its great to see healthy, intelligent, couragous young White people stepping up to the plate like this! For far too long, young White men who predominated in the WN scene, have been of the bonehead persuation, finally we're seeing some normal folks like these getting involved. Lets hope that this is a new trend! 14/88

Anonymous said...

Yes! We need many more Heimbachs!