Monday, March 25, 2013

Right Wing Resistance Hosts White Pride March And Rally In Christchurch, New Zealand; 80 White Patriots Show Up

On March 23rd, 2013, Right Wing Resistance hosted their annual march and rally for white pride at Abberley Park in Christchurch, New Zealand. Media reports from 3News and Seven Sharp and the New Zealand Herald claim that 50 white patriots were offset by 100 anti-racist counterprotesters, but Right Wing Resistance (RWR) says that 80 white patriots were present. The rally also enabled RWR to showcase their new black NSM-style uniforms; previously, they wore woodland camo uniforms.

Not all the white patriots were from RWR; a few were from Blood & Honour and from the National Front. RWR acknowledges a few differences with the other groups but is glad to accept their support; they don't waste much time slagging off one another on message boards. Also present to lend support was Jim Saleam of the Australia First Party, who also was there to discuss with RWR leader Kyle Chapman his plans to run for mayor of Christchurch. Some protestors tried halting the march with a sit-in along Papanui Rd, but police allowed the rally to continue alongside the road to limit any chance of physical scuffles. The two sides had another standoff at Abberley Park; police responded by forming a physical barrier to try and keep the groups apart as they continued marching towards Merivale Mall. The rally was followed by a social event featuring a multi-raffle, drinks, food and entertainment.

There was official government reaction. New Zealand Ethnic Affairs Minister Judith Collins, who is white, says she is disgusted to think white pride groups even exist. “Personally I’m quite embarrassed, as a Kiwi, that we have such people. But we also have free speech, and the good thing is that hardly anybody bothers to go to them”, said Collins. RWR has photos from the rally posted HERE and HERE. There's also a seven-page Stormfront thread. News video from the New Zealand Herald embedded below:

RWR was critical of Seven Sharp's coverage. They said that although the Seven Sharp article is about RWR, they only showed small amounts of 2 RWR members interviews. They also expose bias in the coverage; while they gave an Asian live air time, they only represent RWR with a very harshly edited clip. It was designed to give the message the media wanted to deliver rather than actually show what RWR was there for.

Right Wing Resistance is becoming well-established, with chapters all over New Zealand and an additional 11 chapters worldwide, including one in the United States.


Anonymous said...

Just a note:

These new black-uniformed New Zealanders look damned sharp. MUCH better looking than the American NSM. They also look in MUCH better physical shape - not a fat belly in the bunch. I'd wager that in a man-4-man clash, these NZ's would utterly smash Skoop's pot-bellied losers and wipe up the pavement with them just like toilet wipes clean an asshole.

Let's face it - EVERY white nationalist from Europe to New Zealand to Australia to South Africa looks better and stronger than America's hawg-fat-fuckups.

Jason K****G
Orlando, FL

Anonymous said...

'unity' = EIGHT CRIPPLES (costumed fantasists) ARM IN ARM, DO NOT CREATE ONE WARRIOR. Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

Anonymous said...

9:53, I very much agree with you. 80 people is certainly more than we can get here in the USA.

11:59, yeah so easy for you to bash this group. How do you know they are "cripples?" How much do you know about them? They are in another country, far from the USA, that has a very small population. The situation is different than in the USA, so dont be too quick to lump them in with the NSM.

BTW, What have YOU done lately???

Anonymous said...

It seems more antis visit this site then actual supporters. Non-whites will always be obsessed with us whities because deep down inside you all hate yourselves for what you are. Go find yourself a productive hobby. No, not impregnating our people or trying to get impregnated by our people. Stick to your own kind as we do. There's a website for you non-whites called splc and OPP. You can go and obsess openly about us there.

Anonymous said...

Chairman Suhayda's current ANPReport - USELESS AS TEATS ON A BULL is hilarious, and once again, right on target. Check it out! 88!

crusader said...

Given the poor attendance at the subsequent Memphis rally in the United States, Right Wing Resistance's march is all the more impressive. They are a real-stand up group on the front lines of the campaign for White dignity.

Anonymous said...

What did either accomplish really? Are we any better off from waving some signs. No. We've been doing this same shit now for years, its time to reconsider something new. We'll all be protesting as they lower us in our graves. And yes, I've been there done that too many times, and it accomplishes nothing. Maybe Rockys right. Its time to try something new. Tandy