Sunday, March 17, 2013

Northwest Migration 101: Northwest Front's Andy Donner Discusses Northwest Migration; Preliminary Planning And Preparation Required

Because of the volume of misinformation in circulation regarding migration to the territory of the proposed Northwest American Republic (NAR), one of the Northwest Front's top officials, known by the pseudonym of Andy Donner (who posts as Andreas Donner in Talkshoe chat), has decided to address migration procedures once and for all. Donner himself migrated to the Northwest from the Kansas City metro area, and despite the fact that he had sufficient funds and a highly marketable skill, it took him a year to complete the migration process. This illustrates that Northwest migration needs to be a deliberate decision requiring planning and preparation -- it should not be an impulsive act.

Donner advocates taking the following steps:

(1). Visit the Northwest Front website and read both the Butler Plan and the proposed NAR Constitution to ensure you could live under the laws and regime that will govern the area if the Northwest Front is successful.

(2). Listen to the Radio Free Northwest (RFN) podcast from September 23rd, 2010 which addresses the most frequently-asked questions about Northwest migration.

(3). Read at least one of the five Northwest Independence novels to get an idea of the effort which might be required to secure the NAR. It will not be bloodless and sanitary. Both Donner and I recommend The Brigade as the best novel. If you cannot either buy this book or get a PDF download online, contact the Party to get a PDF copy e-mailed to you. Take it from me -- I read The Brigade, and it was utterly captivating. I particularly enjoyed the part where FBI Special Agent Rabang Miller ended up paying for her sins.

(4). If you decide migration is potentially for you, use the Party contact page to request an intro packet. You will be required to provide your real name and a valid address. The most important part of the intro packet is the Northwest Front Handbook fourth edition dated October 2011, commonly known as "The White Book".

(5). Consult the Northwest Front's recommended reading list for more information.

(6). Begin setting aside money for migration. Dispense with superfluous services such as cable or satellite TV. Take it from me -- you can do without TV. I stopped watching TV two years ago, and I feel much cleaner spiritually.

(7). Contact the Party to arrange a preliminary scouting trip (if you want their assistance). At this point, the Party seems to prefer that you re-locate to the coastal areas of the NAR, on the west slopes of the Cascades. However, any part of the NAR is equally worthy as far as I'm concerned -- don't overlook the possibility of moving to Kalispell and becoming part of the PLE there. Seattle and Portland have a wider variety of affordable jobs and housing, but Kalispell has job opportunities in selected professions and some affordable housing is available.

Donner also says that the Northwest Front comrades in Seattle and Portland are solid and reliable, and he can safely recommend their company. Of course, the Northwest Front cannot guarantee that they'll never be infiltrated by another Axis Sally, but they've already shown that they've learned from the experience. For example, the Northwest Front recently rejected Doug Pearson for membership, even though Pearson has the reputation for being a proven Canadian activist who's a contemporary of Paul Fromm. Pearson made the mistake of pumping Donner for too much information too often in Talkshoe chat, and this may have put the Northwest Front off.

Realistically, Northwest migration is not the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; it is merely one of several alternatives available to white racialists. But it is a legitimate alternative in which it provides us with a rear staging and organizing area where whites in other parts of the country can go if the rest of the country becomes uninhabitable. The existence to the Northwest Front does not imply that we must surrender the remainder of the country. Note that both the Northwest Front and the Kalispell PLE are workfare organizations, NOT welfare organizations. They'll give you a hand UP, but NOT a hand out.

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