Monday, March 18, 2013

Nation Of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan Echoes David Duke's Message, Warns Whites Against The Promotion And Continuation Of Race-Mixing

In the video segment embedded below, uploaded to YouTube by a Black man, Nation Of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan warns Whites against the consequences of race-mixing, or miscegenation. During this segement of Farrakhan's weekly “The Time & What Must Be Done” message, he also warns us against the promotion of race-mixing taking place in our popular culture, and suggests that if it continues at its present rate, the White race will be anecdotal at best by 2050.

Farrakhan is no friend of ours; his interest is the preservation of the Black race. But Stormfronters approve his message. And those who profess to celebrate diversity should also take heed of Farrakhan's message too, because where's your diversity when everyone becomes chaotically brown?

In June 2010, Dr. David Duke also laid out an excellent case against race-mixing, pointing out that we are already being out-bred and out-immigrated:


Anonymous said...

So there we are! Now, there are some detractors of myself, who would prefer that we denigrate Mr. Farrakhan simply BECAUSE he is a non-Aryan. Yet, here is this man, who leads a much more SUCCESSFUL and POWERFUL racialist organization, than ANY in the so-called "white-movement" - stating the TRUTH - with no holds barred. He's not "gloating" over the facts - he's seems sincere, in that he's concerned about White people dying out, and their amazing lack of determination in achieving those 14Words. I would suggest that as a "spokesperson" FOR our NEED to achieve those 14Words - that as a NON-ARYAN his words carry MORE conviction than ANY White person could ever do! They should be spread far and wide - BY sincere WN - to the world-wide WHITE AUDIENCE, simply because Mr. Farrakhan cannot be construed by any manner, as being a "typical white racist extremist". Perhaps by doing so, we MIGHT breach the wall, of the White PC masses? Gee, a prominant, well-known BLACK guy is saying the SAME THING that these WN are saying? Hem? IF the WN movement ever "cleaned-up its act" and started acting/looking more "professional" instead of looking and acting like stereotypical "hate-mongering" buffoons,( note how this black man is well dressed, and acts and speaks intelligently...) we SERIOUS racialists of ALL persuasions - COULD get together to SAVE ALL of our mutual RACES from racial mixing. Isn't THAT the real, supposed goal? Or, is the "end-game" simply "hating" everyone who doesn't happen to have a pale skin - until WE disappear, from our own ineptness? Of course, for a organization like the Nation of Islam to ever even think of working with us, the WN Movement HAS to get its act together, and quit floundering around like a carnival freakshow. Yes, the Black Movement does have its clowns like the "Black Panthers" - similar to the rejects of the so-called "nsm types" - but, BOTH are tiny, fringe elements that the MAJORITY of both pretty much dispise and find to be pathetic jokes. Rockwell himself attempted to work with the NoI in the 60's, but once they realized that he was unfortunately more "theatrics" than substance, they called it off. We had better start "thinking outside the usual movement box", as even our "adversaries" are seeing the writing on the wall for the White race - and are openly commenting upon it... For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

David Duke is a flaming POS.


He stated on Stormfront (YOU research it) that he was "just fine" with a multi-racial America just as long as whites are given "equal rights".

What a flaming FUCKTARD position that is! Duke is "okay" with a multi-racial America???


Anonymous said...

Rocky thinks unconditional surrender is "thinking outside the box."

Anonymous said...

As usual, Rocky Suhayda makes excellent points and tells the truth that this pathetic "movement" doesn't want to hear.
It's amazing how far ahead the ANP is from other pro-white groups.

Chaplain Bill said...

There seems to be alot of this multi cultural thinking going on lately. Bradley Jenkins, Former National Director of Morris Gulett's AN faction and currently the IW of a new KKK group that he is calling the UKA (no affiliations at all with the orginal UKA) is hooking up with spook street gangs to protest Klans that he doesn't like. The movement is a complete joke, If it were not for my unshakeable CI beliefs I would have walked away some time ago. It is only through the direct intervention of Christ himself that the white race will be saved.

Anonymous said...

Rocky needs to hate more, he's too damn reasonable.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about Duke and his "character issues" so to speak. He has said and done some things that have greatly damaged his credibility. However, I do think he puts out very good videos, at least they are useful to show to Whites who arent fully informed, need education regarding our situation.

I dont see how Rocky believes in "unconditional surrender." Could you elaborate on that? I think if he really did advocate that, he would turn con-servative or something similar, join the mainstream.