Saturday, March 30, 2013

Klan-Led White Civil Rights Rally In Memphis Attracts 75 White Activists From Multiple Organizations

Screenshot from Fox 13 video report

The March 30th, 2013 White civil rights rally against the re-naming of three parks in Memphis has just been concluded, and a preliminary video report from Matt Gerien on Fox 13 Memphis is now available on their Facebook page. Gerien says police told him that 61 White civil rights activists, mostly from Klan organizations, were bussed in and showed up at the Shelby County Courthouse; attendance may have been held down by a forecast of rain, which did materialize. Another source, the Memphis Flyer, claims 75 White patriots were present. They started around 2:00 P.M., a half-hour later than expected, and wound things up by 3:20 P.M. Comments appended by others indicate their bullhorns might not have been working; police say the batteries for their bullhorn may have died. Although 1,200 people passed through the security checkpoint at the perimeter of the restricted area cordoned off for the rally, many of the people did not stay long because of the rain, and the number of counterprotesters inside the protest area at any one time only maxed out at around 400. Update April 7th: The National Socialist Movement has published their official after-action report and confirm that 75 White patriots were present.

According to the SPLC, some ARA activists showed up to stir up trouble, but wussed out when they saw the massive police presence. Jerry Bellow, a member of Anti-Racist Action for 20 years who drove to Memphis from Ohio, said he did not think it wise to go into the fenced in protest area. “I’ve been to about 500 of these,” Bellow said. “Back in the ’90s, the Klan would send into the protest pen bikers they were friendly with and they start trouble. I’ll give it to them, they could take a punch. But we were the ones who got arrested. It’s a trap.” The Daily Mail has some good photos. Screenshot from WREG photo gallery below:

Screenshot from WREG photo gallery

The Memphis Commercial Appeal contains many more photos and an expanded story. Although the Loyal White Knights were leading the rally, other organizations identified by name include the Northern Mississippi White Knights, Aryan Nations, and the Sadistic Souls Motorcycle Club. The National Socialist Movement had pledged to send supporters; the screenshot shows a couple of NSM flags and the Memphis Daily News confirms that NSM cadre were present. One antifa was denied entry to the protest and escorted from the security checkpoint by authorities. No official reason was given, though the man said deputies took issue with a shirt he was wearing. The shirt had a picture of urban activist Huey P. Newton and a quote from him reading, "You can the jail the revolutionary, but you can't jail the revolution." Plainclothes officers within the protest area also removed at least two people during the demonstration, to include one man jeering at officers, and a teenage boy with a Confederate flag draped over him.

There's now a discussion thread on Stormfront.


Shirley said...

Yep, the Village People are together again. lol

Sadistic Soul Motorcycle Club were there!!! No wonder the NSM went to the rally. They were among sadistic brothers. lol Herrington should have been there and really would have been an anti-Christ rally.

Anonymous said...

You look at the kkk'ers and the anti's and they pretty much ALL look like bums. I think that its time to retire these clown costumes, they look so damn silly!

crusader said...

Sad the turnout to fight for Southern heritage was not greater. But really, "Sadistic Soul Motorcycle Club"? That one doesn't impress me either--especially for a supposedly Christian group! What kind of political movement labels itself sadistic? These bikers have to get their act together!

Anonymous said...

In that second photo, behind the fence they look like freaks in a cage, like at a zoo.

Can I ask, just WHAT did this accomplish? Besides giving the groups involved the "publicity" they love and crave so much? No doubt their websites will be calling this a "victory."

If you were a normal, decent White person who had recently "come around" and now had a grasp on the severity of the situation we are in, would THIS sorry scene offer you any hope? If you finally realized the republican party isnt going to do anything to help White people, and that its time to look elsewhere, does this ugly street show look promising?

What sane White man or woman would see this "event" and think: "oh,there's the answer, I wanna be a part of that!"

Just sad.

Before you bash my comment with: "What are you doing? At least those groups are out there!"
Again I ask, WHAT GOOD did this accomplish???

Anonymous said...

Crusader is right, we're known by the company we keep, and sadistic MC club really doesn't send the right message of who we are supposed to be. Thats one reason why my Klan Brotherhood didn't attend. Another was the NSM and Jeff Schoep. Its sad enough to have a race-mixer as a leader, but to allow known satanists in your organization, like NSM does is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

EMBARRASSING. N B Forrest wouldn't have allowed himself to be penned in a literal cage, soaked by the rain, with no batteries, surrounded by nigger cops and anti-white scum. This was the hero of Fort Pillow, for christs sake! These losers 'represent' the Klan, like the hollywood nazi's 'represent' National Socialism - NOT!

Anonymous said...

Yes, and isn't sad that these are the only men who stood up and said something as our heritage is being stripped away?

I am not a klansmen, i am not a National socialist. What I am is white and I am sick of putting those few who are doing something

Look at the visiters on the main page when the trash talking is posted. Its pretty clear who it is. (rocky) I have months of proof that 85% of the put downs come from his home town, but unlike him I am not going to pass the blame because we shouldn't throw stones.

I dislike the nsm as much as anyone else, and I am not going to dress up and protest like its 1865. What I am is white and I understand that, "he who slings mud should like living in a hole."

Chaplain Bill said...

I don't agree with the Aryan Nations having a biker gang and told Pastor Gulett so personally, but when it comes right down to it the AN is Gulett's group to run, right or wrong.

Anonymous said...

These fat losers in the pointy hats MUST be on the government payroll. And if their job is to make white racialists look like totally off-putting, brainless fools then they deserve a big pay raise.

Hey you fat stupid fucks: GTFO.

Anonymous said...

6:07PM whats sad is you thinking that unless someone is running around in a silly costume of some kind, looking and acting like some monkey in a cage at the zoo, standing in the rain, that they aren't doing anything. Look, its not that we all aren't doing anything, its simply that we have all found a much more positive approach to doing it. Maybe for some reason you can't figure out anything to 'do' except the same old/same old thats gotten WN nowhere. I can assure you that White-Reference reachs many more people with a positive message, than any pathetic demonstration does, in one single day. As for MY posting here, well unlike most of the Mighty Poohbahs - I don't hide myself away - "thinking great thoughts", I "bother" to speak my mind and I will continue to do so. Apparently, my words are getting through to many WN, as these "fun-fests" seem to be shrinking, as more and more sincere WN find BETTER THINGS TO DO - than engage is moronic "street theater". Perhaps they'll start getting engaged in REAL POLITICS soon as a serious alternative to the so-called "activities" of the failed past! For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

What are these NSMers and Klanners doing that is good? Here we had yet another publicity seeking street-theatre event.

Rocky and everyone else are well within their rights to criticize this. Do you think these freak shows really help the cause? I think they are detrimental. They feed the jewsmedia machine with the negative cliched images of pro-White groups that ZOG wants, and they put off normal, mentally healthy Whites who are concerned with our situation.

Sure these groups were doing "something" but that sure as hell doesnt mean it was good, of value to the cause.

If some raving White lunatic stands on a street corner in some town bellowing out racial slurs and calling for all sorts of drastic actions, should he be applauded for "doing something?"

What went on in Memphis the other day was just a few notches above the aforementioned lunatic on the street corner.

Anonymous said...

The NSM has a report from the event up on their website now.
Just wondering if all the hatefull comments come from the anp or the ara? Shucks, nevermind its the same thing. Ask any Klansman, Aryan Nations member, NSM, Skinhead, or just ask anyone, the anp are considered no different than the ara. The Movement has unity now, the scumbags infesting our cause only thrive online, and in real life we wonder if they could end up swinging from lamposts?

Anonymous said...

7:23PM would those be the same lampposts that race traitors like Jeff Shoep should be swinging from, for marrying an arab who has a nigger kid? Or don't you believe in hoisting up race mixers, just criticizers of moronic behavior like Rocky and the ANP? Fred

Bill said...

The NSM is more like the ARA. Both groups have a leader that loves non-Whites and even marry them.

I'm with the KKK that won't be appearing with the NSM ding-dongs in Atlanta for their freakshow.

Anonymous said...

"The Movement has Unity now..."

Oh boy. This is where Hitler's "Eight cripples walking arm in arm do not make a warrior" statement rings so loud and true.

So, because the disgusting and disgraceful NSM (many of their offenses have been chronicled on this blog) has a street show with some Klanners, some "Biker Gang" members, and some people from AN,(at least claiming to be AN, i dont see ANY of these groups calling themselves the real AN being worth of carrying on Pastor Butlers legacy) the "Movement" is united.

Sorry state of affairs. Not much else to say. Sure as hell helps me understand the advocates of the "lone wolf" thing.

Maybe some day there will be a real WN Movement in the USA.

Anonymous said...

Was Bradley Jenkins there? He made a lot of wind about standing by the Crips gang. I saw no mention of him - or did I miss something?

Anonymous said...

No, Rocky, most leaders can and speak on forums, at rallies, meetings and just about everywhere. This is the only place on the web anybody will tolerate your rantings.

Anonymous said...

No, 9:24, most "leaders" do not engage and speak out. . Thank God Rocky posts here or there would be almost nothing useful to read.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen Jeff Schoep ever post here, dispite all the coverage that AA supplies him. Perhaps he's afraid of the reception he might receive from white folks who take umbrage over his disgusting lifestyle of adultery and race mixing? Certainly not a proper lifestyle for any white person. Carol K

Anonymous said...

As our race dies, doing something is always better than nothing!

What did you do rocky, when it was anounced that a part of southern heritage was being taken away? I did nothing. However, as the leader of a nation-wide organization, professing the need for a stronger white nation, why were you not there?

Where and what are you doing to help, personally?

The problem with the anp, rocky, and I beleive a lot of whites feel the same, is the anp was and allways will be Rockwell's. His charisma created a type of "personality cult". He was an amazing speaker and I still listen to his speechs. But his movement died with him.

It was created out of a reaction to the civ%l rights movement and the red scare of russia. His type and style would be totally out of place in prrsent time.

Rockwell would speak to our nations colleges, sparking thoughts in the nations youth. What do you do to carry on the name anp? Send send Bowles to a single high school 1 time a year?

The anp is dead and has been since 1967. Today it is a gossip group who fail to lige up to rockwells "men of action".

Anonymous said...

Rocky, as 4:17PM says, you need to get yourself some funny looking costume, a big sign, a bullhorn (with working batteries, this time) and have yourself put in a cage surrounded by nigger zog cops away from the white populace and then call the jews media for a pathetic photoshoot of you looking stupid! Your concerning yourself with a white future, instead of the dead past only shows your lack of understanding of what this racist movement is all about. Haven't you noticed that these affairs have been carried out by people in costumes of the past, about issues about the past, by people who obviously are lost in the 21st century? I guess you could refer to these people as the 'Lost Boys', since they all seem kinda lost in doing anything positive or progressive and thrive on re-enacting era's that are lost forever. Until you do this Rocky, you will never be viewed as a 'man of action' by those too afraid to even sign their posts... Hazel Court Hail Rockwell and his followers who refuse to let his dream die! 88!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. 4:17PM This month is declared White Pride Month by the ANP in honor of Adolf Hitlers birthdate on April 20th - and as always - the ANP is launching its annual Spring Blitz Outreach literature drive, all across America. I can assure you, that the ANP will reach many, MANY more White Americans, with our positive, intelligent message of the Good Word of National Socialism - than we would being locked away in a cage for a few hours, like some kind of exotic zoo exhibition! As for "doing nothing", I myself have been ACTIVE for over FORTY YEARS - what about YOU? I still consider myself "active", altho of course I have LEARNED from past experience(s) - WHAT WORKS and WHAT DOESN'T - and this silly "protesting" over literally DECADES of doing it has ACCOMPLISHED...NOTHING. If you dispute that - WHY is the Struggle in the dismal state it IS in, after all these decades of various "protests"? Look, if I wanted to dress-up in a funny outfit, and shout "LOOK at ME!" - I could join a circus. Oddly enough, I've outgrown that infantile stage of my life. For White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman 88! PS - Do you REALLY want to re-name the parks, to what they once were? Great! GET ELECTED to public office, and YOU can effect your desires! Otherwise, keep on "protesting" to the people who DO have political POWER - and who don't give a rats ass what you want! LOL

Anonymous said...

Why on earth are criminal bikers allowed at this event? We can't do better than that?!?

Anonymous said...

Hell with Jeffy Schoep and the NSM and all its misfits, they probably make the Sadistic bikers look like innocents! The mere fact that a race mixer like Schoep is tolarated, instead of ass kicked says it all.

Anonymous said...

The ANP is dead? Wishful thinking jew boy. The ANP is currently the best and only option for sincere National Socialists to get involved with here in America. They may not be out there holding photo shoots for the jewish media, or playing at being silly and unproductive costumed re-enacters in a zog cage, Rockwell wouldn't have allowed himself to be caged either. Rockwell wouldn't be stuck in 2013, doing the same stuff he did way back in the 60's, does anybody think he was that stupid? Thank heavens that Rockwell's banner is being carried forward today by decent, wholesome people who honor him by doing so! Paula Bxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

The anp of today is a joke compared to the original and bears no real connection to the original. The anp today is a tiny group of gossip queens and men of no action. The anp exist only to slander the efforts of NSM, and obsess over Jeff Schoep like most men obsess over the sports Illistraed Swimsuit edition. Its no wonder they welcome gays. This whole blog is spammed up with anp nonesense and spam. Lets hear about real activism the anp engages in instead of the online drama, and no not wild claims no one can see or believe, I mean real actions. The NSM, KKK, and Skins will be in Atlanta in the streets in a couple weeks, the anp will be on the sidelines casting dispersions from the net. The ara will be out in the streets, the anp should limp wrist it alongside the ara since they hate the Klan, Skins, and NSM so much. Oh well my post will probably be deleted since it tells the truth about what the anp really is, and endorses real action instead of this gay internet drama.

Anonymous said...

That's right 2:25AM. The NSM will be in the streets in Atlanta with nothing but niggers around them to speak too and guarded by nigger cops. That's a good place to recruit. Then again, since NSM Commander Jeff Schoep married a half-Arab with a mulatto child he might want them as members. lol

Why doesn't the NSM march in Harlem? That's a good place to recruit White people too. lol See how idiotic Schoep and his buttheads are.

I'd take the ANP any day over the NSM. Maybe the Sadistic Souls Motorcycle Group can help the NSM in Atlanta and if they invite former Satanist Cliff Herrington they could do a public satanist chat.

All the ANP has to do is stand still and they set a better example than the NSM freakshow.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the ANP of today is not the same oas the original. They have the name, and little else.

But the NSM and their associate KKK, AN, Motorcycle gangs are just a sad sick joke.
"real activism"
Yeah, the boys were "out there" in Memphis, like freaks in a cage guarded by ZOG pigs. That kind of "acitivism" is like pissing in the wind.
What GOOD came of it? Besides the coveted "publicity"?

Anonymous said...

I'm a proud white woman, who has been involved in white nationalism for about five years now. While some of you might not like what I have to say, I'm still going to add my two-cents. These people look rediculous! My two little boys love to play dress-up, and thats what these men look like too. What are they? Grown men who still what to act out fantasy scenarios? Don't they realize that everybody laughs at them and nobody takes them seriously? Grow up guys! Your only making us all look ludicrous, by appearing to be halloweeners in the rain. Your not even scary.

Anonymous said...



The National Socialist Movement (NSM– will rally at the Georgia State Capital Building , located at 206 Washington St SW in Atlanta, Georgia , at 2:30pm on April 20, 2013.

The goal of the rally is to show how the relatively new problem of illegal immigration is negatively affecting the historic Old South.

According to Jeff Schoep, Commander of the NSM, “There is no single issue of more importance facing America and the world today of more than illegal immigration. The Obama Administration’s proposal of granting of amnesty to millions of non-White illegal aliens will propel America down an unimagined course of social chaos and economic ruin! The end result will be a block of non-White voters that can beat the indigenous White voters at the election polls.”

“The fact that such amnesty is even being considered, should be sending a very clear signal to the American public that there is a fundamental problem in both their leadership in Washington.”

“This amnesty means that White Americans will suffer an ever decreasing standard of living, and become the first generation in the history to give away Constitutional freedoms (aka gun control) that have been paid for dearly in blood in places like Lexington and Concord, without a shot even being fired! All of these things will come to pass if you do not speak out today. The NSM will NOT let this happen!”