Sunday, March 24, 2013

FDNY EMS Technician Reportedly Breaks Down And Sobs When New York Post Confronts Him Over "Racist" And "Anti-Semitic" Tweets

The New York Post is bragging about how they made an EMS with the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) break down and start sobbing when one of their reporters confronted him over "racist" and "anti-Semitic" Tweets. And there's not a pretense of objectivity about the story; the Post is in full character assassination mode. The Post even brags about ratting the guy out to his FDNY superiors. The Daily Mail has also picked up the story, and has a picture of him sobbing that I will not post here to add to his humiliation.

The unnamed Post reporter confronted EMS Lt. Timothy Dluhos, a paramedic from EMS Station 57 in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, outside his Staten Island home on Friday March 22nd, 2013. Dluhos immediately owned up to it, and is said to have dropped to the ground sobbing. He was quoted as saying “My life is ruined. Oh, my God. I’m so sorry...There has got to be a lot worse out there than me”. After regaining his composure, Dluhos then explained “I’ve seen strangers shot and killed. I’ve seen families torn apart by violence. It’s a damn shame that gang members ruin it for hardworking, struggling people”, and said that he doesn't personally hate minorities or Jews, noting that his stepfather is Jewish. But although the FDNY merely told The Post that the matter is under investigation at this time, Dluhos seems to have resigned himself to the possibility of losing his job despite 12 years of good service, saying “I guess I should go enjoy my last day on the job”. I really wouldn't be surprised to find out the unnamed Post reporter is Jewish. Update March 25th: FDNY was suspended Dluhos without pay for 30 days while their investigation continues. Ultimately, he could face discipline ranging from a fine to termination

Although Dluhos has since taken down both his Twitter and Facebook pages, the Post captured and published a number of his Tweets. Here are the three I found most noteworthy:

-- On Feb. 2, when a groundhog bit Mayor Michael Bloomberg in the face, Dluhos Tweeted “Too bad he didn’t have rabies or AIDS and too bad he didn’t bite King Heeb’s face off.”

-- On Jan. 30, Dluhos Tweeted “That’s how King Jew sees it. Ban all guns & shootings will go down in NYC. But it’s the criminals w/the guns.”

-- On Mar. 14, in response to the grieving mother of Kimani Gray, the 16-year-old black thug capped by NYPD officers, Dluhos Tweeted “He was a good boy who never done NUFFIN wrong. Unfuckenreal. He was a perp & died like a perp. Oh well.”

Damn......this guy would have fit in perfectly on both Stormfront and VNN Forum. This guy also names the Jew big time. But his Tweets show he's experienced the dark side of diversity first hand. Bed-Stuy is part of what is called the "Black Belt", which stretches west to east from Williamsburg to Brownsville to East New York, although Williamsburg is being increasingly gentrified. How could a self-respecting red-blooded White guy not become radicalized after being directly exposed to the worst element of the Black community for such a prolonged period of time?

Update April 28th: On April 16th, Dluhos chose to resign from NYFD, eight days before his suspension was to end on April 24th. The resignation will enable him to collect a partial pension beginning 13 years from now, but far less than what he would have made had he completed 25 years of service. Dluhos now works part-time for Richmond County Ambulance on Staten Island.

Dluhos picked a particularly inopportune time to be outed. FDNY has just launched a department-wide witch hunt for closeted White racists after former FDNY EMS technician Joseph Cassano quit his job on March 18th after three months employment when it was revealed he had tweeted that he hated working for the EMS and made offensive comments about Jews and Blacks. One of his Tweets insulted St. Marty: "MLK could go kick rocks for all I care, but thanks for the time and a half today." Complicating the issue was that Cassano is the son of former FDNY Commissioner Salvatore Cassano, who in turn distanced himself from his son's politics. Even Mayor Bloomberg stuck his nose into the case, saying “I find the messages offensive. My understanding is he has chosen to resign from the Fire Department. That's the appropriate thing, and I'll leave it at that." With the mayor against him, Cassano would have been fired had he not resigned. The firefighters' union has since urged its members to stay away from Twitter, Facebook, and blogging in general.

The Root reveals what might be the cause of all this White resentment bubbling to the surface. In 2012, the city was ordered to pay $128 million to black and Latino applicants who alleged the city had used a special entrance exam to intentionally exclude them from the FDNY. Quoting from the lawsuit at the time, CNN reported, "According to the most recent census data, black residents make up 25.6 percent of New York City's population; when this case was filed in 2007, black firefighters accounted for only 3.4 percent of the department's force. In other words, in a city of over eight million people, and out of a force with 8,998 firefighters, there were only 303 black firefighters. This pattern of underrepresentation has remained essentially unchanged since at least the 1960s." The U.S. District Court judge also ruled that the city was to hire 239 black and Latinos. So the federal government is dictating race-norming regardless of merit. Yet I'm still waiting for a federal judge to rule that the NBA must hire additional White players to compensate for the fact that it's 77 percent Black.

Anything can be ruled "too white" by the civil rights inquisitors, but nothing can ever be ruled "too black".

Reaction: When I first read this story on the F2 Anonboard, I immediately felt contempt for Timothy Dluhos. Here was a guy with white racialist instincts blubbering like a baby when confronted publicly by the media. But then I started thinking about it. Just because Dluhos has racial instincts doesn't mean he's an activist. This means he didn't have a strategy to deal with being involuntarily outed. So when he was outed, all he could see was his job going away, and possibly losing his Staten Island home. A job reference of being fired for racism would render him unemployable anywhere within a 100 mile radius of New York City. Understandably, panic set in. Even a more experienced activist like Dan Schruender, at one time a member of Aryan Nations, experienced some momentary panic when he was involuntarily outed by a reporter when he ran for the Rialto School Board in 2010. But Schruender soon recovered, campaigned openly as a White racialist, and has since gone on to become one of the top leaders of the American Nazi Party. So instead of condemning Dluhos for panicking, I choose to commend him for at least articulating what many White people really think.

On this Stormfront thread, one poster wrote "Well, he screwed up big time by posting that stuff online. However, he should have taken it like a man and should not have broken down, cried, and apologized. That just looks so weak and submissive to his Jewish master King Heeb and all the other multicultural overlords". But another poster puts the blame where it most rightfully belongs and writes "It's another reminder that there's always a liberal or Jewish commissar with his nose to the computer screen looking for politically incorrect remarks. They would just love to outlaw anonymous posting". A third poster simply characterized Dluhos as a typical uninitiated racist, "uninitiated" meaning he reacted impulsively rather than thoughtfully.


Anonymous said...

Well, at least this shows that there certainly are some racially aware Whites left in the jews holy city of the USA.

I guess im guilty of being lazy and often assuming that the few White people left(REAL White working people, not filthy rich Wall Street types or celebrities) in NYC aka Jerusalem West, are liberal democrat types. The ones who revel in the "New York attitude" and look down their noses at us dumb White rednecks in flyover country. You know, the types that hold views like the one expressed by this paramedic.

But, I guess any White left living in that Zoo City is gonna have a hard time NOT noticing what a multi-cult hell-hole it is. Denial can be pretty powerful though, as evidenced by White people today throughout the world.

Nice to see the jewsmedia focusing on such an essential story, lol. At least it distracts from that moron mayor- "King Jew" to quote Mr. Dluhos, trying to solve the probelms of New York by banning extra large sodas!

Oh, in terms of "equality" did CNN also report that in a nation of 98 percent non-jews, about ZERO percent of the mainstream media is controlled by non- jews? There's your story.

Anonymous said...

The white guy is a whining, cowardly loser. Seriously, he should pop a cap in his brain. We need white men with backbone in our struggle, not simpering suck-ass wienies ready to squeal and deal when they "get caught".

Rahowa IS coming.

◁ ◈ ▷

Anonymous said...

Did this guy actually think that he could post on social media sites like Twitter and not have it come back to bite him in the butt?

This guy doesn't seem like he's all too bright.

Now he's going to have to kiss ass to keep his job.

If you're not going to be able to stand behind what you say, then don't say it.

Anonymous said...

Thats the price for being outed in many cases. Of course, if you join one of these publicity hound groups, you can count on being outed through your own stupidity. Then you break down, sob, and quit the struggle forever. Which is perhaps the purpose for such groups in many cases.

Anonymous said...

3:34-Maybe that's how you work but if you can't take a stand with out regretting it then you were never meant to take a stand in the 1st place. You whiney fucks need to man the fuck up. If you don't think the consequences are worth the fight then shut your mouth and go hide in a hole.

Anonymous said...

There are many ways of skinning a rabbit. Some are more intelligent than others. Outing oneself is one of the stupider. 7:26 takes the position of our enemies, 'oh, be a man! Show us who you are!' So, that they can percecute those who are dumb enough, for the rest of their lives. I suppose to 7:26 that AA who operates this excellent site, is a 'coward' too?

Anonymous said...

RaHoWa is a silly fantasy, just like the Turner Diaries. Distractions like these keep the lazy from getting involved in real world, practical politics. I'm surprised anyone still buys into such nonsense any more.