Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Chelsea Clinton May Become The Seventh White Female Celebrity To Adopt A Designer African Baby; Rush Limbaugh Calls It A "Fashion Accessory"

From The Aryan Alternative #3
I was a bit reluctant to push this story because it originally came from the National Enquirer. However, Rush Limbaugh has picked up on it, and although Limbaugh may be a muckraking buffoon at times, he has a reputation to protect, and so I believe Limbaugh has substantiated the story.

The story is that after nearly three years of unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant and facing some pressure from Bill Clinton, who wants to be a grandfather, 33-year-old Chelsea Clinton and her husband, 35-year-old Marc Mezvinsky, have decided upon adoption. No big deal -- except instead of finding an unwanted white American baby or child, they're considering adopting a designer African baby. Chelsea reportedly warmed up to the idea during a recent trip to Africa. From the National Enquirer:

“Chelsea has a heart of gold, and recently everything – from her parents’ health crises, to her and Marc’s inability to conceive and her family’s special devo­tion to the black community – came together in her mind,” said the source.

“She realized that adopting an African child would be a good idea if she couldn’t get preg­nant.”

And as the daughter of a former president and former secretary of state, “she can cut some corners when it comes to the red tape of the adoption process,” said the source.

“For now, Chelsea is doing ev­erything she can to jump-start the adoption process. It’s possible a child could be selected in the next few months".

If she follows through, she would become the seventh prominent white female celebrity to adopt a designer foreign child during the past eight years; according to this previous post, the others are Holly Madison, Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Sandra Bullock, Charlize Theron, and Jillian Michaels. To their credit, some Malawians opposed Madonna's efforts, and some blacks questioned Sandra Bullock's motives.

Rush Limbaugh was quick to pick up on the story, and here's his money shot: “So, Chelsea decided to adopt a child from Africa because of her father’s bad heart and Hillary, her mother, fell down. Nothing to do with the fact that this is the latest fashion accessory for elite liberals – particularly of the Hollywood variety.” Don't kid yourself, people; Rush Limbaugh is racially aware, even if he isn't Jew-wise, but he cannot go as far as we can and still retain his power and prominence.

Reaction: On Free Republic, some people are clearly questioning Chelsea's motivation. One person says that adopting an African trophy baby is the "in" thing with all female liberal kooks. Some think she's laying the groundwork for a future run for elective office. But most wonder why Chelsea did not choose to adopt an American baby. Stormfronters are not too concerned with the National Enquirer origin of the story because they were right about the John Edwards pregnancy story. Chimpout is a bit more explicit, with a thread sarcastically entitled "Awwwe, ain't that sweet. Chelsea Clinton is going to adopt a niglet". And I started a thread on the F2 Anonboard.


Anonymous said...

Hey, she's "White" from a scum anti-White family (if you can call it a family) married to a jew (the ones who made her dad president and almost made her mom president) so yeah, this makes sense. Im sure Grandpa Slick Willie (the original black president, LOL) will be pleased as hell. Cant wait to see Chelsea with her monkey on "The View."

Maybe Chelsea will be the first woman president someday, a shining example of a citizen of the Universalist Toxic Waste Dump that used to be the USA.

Anonymous said...

Well this actually is good news, for the jews seed and pyscopathic genes of both her and her husband will die.

Also if history has taught us anything, in 12-18 years the negro will resort to his genes and probably rape,rob and possibley butcher her.

I'd say it's win, win around.

Folk Reich said...


I like the way you think!

Some time over the past weekend I watched "The Dark Knight Rises" and there was a line by Baine I believe it was, where he was stating how unfixably the world was and it needed to crumble completely so it could be rebuilt the correct way.

I agree with both of your statements.

Anonymous said...

While its certainly unnatural, where is the same distain with Jeff Schoeps having had a black stepdaughter himself, or being married to an arab? Does HYPOCRACY come to mind - its "ok" if "one of our side" does it. I think that its even WORSE, as supposedly a "racist leadership" figure should be held to a higher standard, than these PC systemite creeps. Oh well, many of you are only playing lets pretend games in any case aren't you... For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman www.AmericanNaziParty.com 88!

Anonymous said...

Damn it Rocky, you hit the bulls-eye once again! Fred S.