Tuesday, February 26, 2013

White Liberal Feminist Chick Complains She Was "Disowned" By Her Father For Dating A Black Man

It is only now that this became an issue on Stormfront, but on December 3rd, 2012, Ashley Miller, who identifies herself as being atheist, feminist, and a gay rights activist, revealed in a post on Free Thoughts that she had been "disowned" by her father because she's in an intimate relationship with a black man. According to Miller, she was told over the phone by her stepmother on the day after Thanksgiving that her father didn't want to see or speak to her any more as long as she continued to date a black man, and that he had forbidden the stepmother from seeing her as well. Miller quotes her stepmother as telling her "Your father is an old Southern man, he was raised like that, he was raised to believe that races just don’t mix. It was the final straw. He loves you, he just doesn’t like you".

Ashley Miller admits she and her father have squabbled politically over the years, since they are opposites. Miller subsequently shared her thoughts on a video. The AOL version of the video is HERE, but the YouTube version is easier to work with and is embedded below:


I suspect that Ashley's interracial relationship isn't the only issue, but was the straw that broke the camel's back. When you listen to her on the video, she displays that same snarky, snotty, condescending attitude shared by many progressive extremists, the type of attitude that makes you want to just bitch-slap them across the face. Of course, just what she means by "disowned" is unclear, since there's no indication she's been disinherited.

Naturally, most of the comments on her blog are sympathetic towards her and decry her father as some sort of paleolithic monster who's living in the past, although as you scroll down, you'll find some sensible pro-White comments towards the end. Stormfronters are quite supportive of the father, with one person writing that her father can't fix what he didn't break. Her blog is heavily steeped in narcissism; while she imagines herself to be intelligent, in reality she's malleable and clueless. Romans 1:22 describes such people; "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools". One would think that if progressives truly celebrated "diversity", they would cherish racial differences enough to avoid trying to mix the races and meld those differences into an inchoate mishmash.

I wonder what Nicole Simpson-Brown would tell her about race-mixing.


Anonymous said...

Her father did the right thing by disowning her, obviously. Guess he did what he could to raise her right, but once the kid becomes an adult, what else can you do?

"Atheist feminist gay rights activist" yeah, thats a really rotten apple. Sadly not a rarity among White people. Sounds like she made a real effort to "rebel."

Yes, she deserves to be sterilized, and MUCH worse.

Let this chaff voluntarily seperate itself form the wheat.
White race mixers are among the lowest scum who commit an unforgivable offense. Whether they are some trashy "feminist" bitch trying to get revenge on her dad, or a male lowlife posing as the leader of a National Socialist group.

Chaplain Bill said...

As someone who actually purged 2 race mixing adopted "sisters" from my family (and by purged I mean I kicked them so far out of the family that they left the state, were disinherited by my Mother and no one in the family has heard from them since 96) I applaud this man's actions and only wish that more white people would stand their ground like he did,

Anonymous said...

Bless her father's heart......

Anonymous said...

RACE-MIXING is RACE-TREASON, no matter what kind of an excuse someone tries to put on it. This creatures father was willing to disown his own daughter for what she does. Yet, in the white movement, we still find some who look the other way, when it happens right within our ranks. This Jeff Schoep is the perfect example. He should be GONE! And since his NSM group still accepts him for their fuhrer, THEY should be condemned and avoided as well. Isn't it crazy how we all are sick over a race-traitor like this woman, yet Jeff seems to get a pass, and he was married to a mud, with a black kid, for four years no less! The entire movement talked and argued about if it was true for years, and when it was proven to be true, what happened? Nothing. He's still accepted by some, just as Traitor Glenn Miller, another race-mixer with a viet-cong gook is still over on VNN as their resident racist star. Why do we point the finger at HER, and not THEM?

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with 9:55AM, in as much that nobody in WN takes Jeff Schoep or the NSM seriously anymore. Jeff is in a position similar to Erik Gliebe of the NA. Both live off the movement selling junk. Both have been dumped by most of their membership, yet they stay with it because thats how they make their living. Schoep will continue to try and hang on until his supply runs out and then when the money dries up completely he'll disappear. Maybe he'll have an awakening and become a tout for Zog, touring as a 'reformed' anti-racist. He sure isn't one now by his own personal actions. I say good riddance!