Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Texas Department Of Public Safety Classifies Mestizo Criminals As "White"

One of the guests on the February 27th American Nazi Party Talkshoe program brought this to my attention. The Texas Department of Public Safety publishes a list of their Ten Most Wanted criminals. On the latest version, as of this post, it shows that nine of them are obviously mestizo both in appearance and in their names. Yet they classify all nine of them as White, as is shown in the screenshots below:

Notice that the lone American Indian fugitive is correctly classified as "American Indian". They don't seem to have a problem classifying American Indians as a race.

The reason Hispanics are frequently classified as White is because the federal government classifies Hispanic as an ethnicity instead of a race. And there's some justification; there are Hispanics who are White in every respect, and there are also Black Hispanics. But at least six of the "Whites" portrayed above do not have predominantly White features; they clearly show an Indian admixture and cannot be considered White. Such people have traditionally been consider Mestizos, which is not a racial slur by the way. But if Mestizos are classified as White, it could artificially skew racial statistics for Whites in one direction or another.

This is why in August 2012, the U.S. Census Bureau hinted that it wants to make broad changes to its surveys that would count Hispanics as a mutually exclusive group. Those changes would also end use of the term "Negro," and offer new ways to identify Middle Easterners. The recommendations stem from new government research on the best ways to count the nation's demographic groups. But one Hispanic leader threw up a caution flag, saying that the burden would be on the Census Bureau to come up with evidence that wording changes will not undermine the Latino numbers.

Of course, recognizing Mestizos as Mestizos would actually increase Latino numbers. But perhaps Hispanic leaders want it both ways; more numbers in regards to eligibility for gimmedats, but fewer numbers when it comes to unpleasant facts such as Hispanic crime and illegal immigration.


Anonymous said...

"Hispanic" has always been a tricky term. It is really neither an ethnicity or race. Its a language group.

Most "Hispanics" in the USA seem to be brown mestizos. Many are of african descent, and yes there are "Hispanics" who are White. No two ways about it. Of course its "better for business" nowadays to go with the Hispanic side. Look at actor Andy Garcia. He is from Cuba, and is clearly White. Compare him to the mestizo "comedian" George Lopez.
But, Garcia prefers to be known as a leading "Hispanic" actor.

Yeah, ZOG will screw around with terminology to meet their ends. Yeah, when obviously non-White hispanics commit crimes, they are White, but if they are victims of Whites, they are minority hate crime victims.

Hell, look at the jews. They get classified as "White" but they also get special protection under anti-White "hate crime" commie style laws.

Pity the poor negro or mestizo who beats up and robs a jew, thinking it was just another honky, then gets it harder from the system because he attacked one of the chosen ones.
Naw, I dont really pity them. :)

Anonymous said...

The ANP is more connected to reality than the NSM is.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the ANP Talkshoe program was great. So is the new ANPReport from Chairman Suhayda that just went up! One thing about the ANP, they tell it as it is.

Anonymous said...

I like the ANP radio show, they talk about real issues, instead of just a lot of negative race-hate stuff. Sometimes that gets so old hat. Becky L.

Anonymous said...

Maybe their using the same litmus test that Jeff Schoep and the NSM policy board does? After all, Jeff and his village people, for years declared that Jeff's ex-wife Joanna was an 'aryan', when everyone else swore that she was an obvious mud, which she is, an ARAB along with her obama-like jig mullato kid Amber. If Jeff says they're white, then who's to argue with him. Hail Kommander Kike!

Anonymous said...

My family and I on my mom's side are heavily native american trace of Spanish in us but the surname.....and all of our birth certificates say white race.... my parents and grandparents and great grandparents all born and raised in Texas and only english speaking. I am not white in color at all....