Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Possible Anti-Racist Harassment In The Lehigh Valley; Unidentified Man Takes Picture Of Woman And Calls Her An "Anglo-Saxon Neo-Nazi"

One of the four points of unity observed by Anti-Racist Action is "We go where they go: Whenever fascists are organizing or active in public, we're there. We don't believe in ignoring them or staying away from them. Never let the nazis have the street!" But antifa are not always careful to identify the right people.

An incident reported by LehighValleyLive.com may very well have been the work of an anti-racist activist. On February 6th, 2013, an unidentified white man approached a woman outside the Fogelsville post office, took her picture, and called her an "Anglo-Saxon neo-Nazi". The report from LehighValleyLive.com:

An unidentified man snapped photos of a woman and called her names Wednesday [Feb. 6] outside the Fogelsville post office, Upper Macungie Township police said.

The woman, Karen Ritter, told officers she exited the 7918 Main St. post office at about 3 p.m. and was approached by a man she does not know, police said.

The man got out of a maroon Chevrolet Venture minivan, "stood uncomfortably close" to Ritter and yelled at her as he took photos, police said. At one point, he called Ritter an "Anglo-Saxon Neo-Nazi," police said.

The suspect is described as white man in his 40s, 6 feet tall with a large build and clean shaven, police said. He was wearing a gray baseball hat and a gray hunter's jacket, police said.

According to a 2007 post on Lehigh Valley Ramblings, there's a Karen Ritter in the area who was a popular state representative from Allentown. So it could be an innocent dispute with a disgruntled former constituent. But the man's use of the term "neo-Nazi" doesn't necessarily fit that profile. This would more likely be the work of a lone-wolf antifa. Since Ritter's name doesn't appear on any professional anti-racist's rogues gallery, this could be a case of mistaken identity. This would be a disturbing escalation of disruptive tactics by antifa.

It may turn out to be a fluke, but forewarned is forearmed.


Anonymous said...

Chairman Rocky Suhayda of the ANP, continues with his analysis of the Racial Movement, and how we can improve it, with his new ANPReport on the ANP website. Check it out! www.AmericanNaziParty.com 88!

Anonymous said...

No thanks, 9:04. Rocky has had decades to try new ideas. And over the past few years we've seen them bogged down and not moving foward an inch. All other reasons aside, that is the reason Rocky is mostly ranting to himself now.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rocky. You are far superior to any oither National Socialist leader in our modern age.

Anonymous said...

I think Rocky makes a lot of sense, and why you make snide remarks about his 45 years of activism, makes me think you are only jealous of him. If being bogged down means to you, that Rocky isn't a jews-media whore, well I guess your correct. Otherwise, the American Nazi Party seems to be the only WN organization in the Movement that is solidly growing and making concrete progress. Its certainly the only one I'm aware of that is trying new ideas, attempting to pull WN out of that stagnent old Phase One nonsense of, as Rock says "posing for the jews camera's", and getting involved in real-world political activity. I give them a big thumbs up! ANDY C.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she was a blond and blue eyed, anti's tend to think all whites like that, are neo-nazi's. Too bad they aren't.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 14/88

AntiRacism is code for antiwhite!But Duluthians are either too stupid or there brain
matter is full of Monkey shit!!!! Dave :-)


Anonymous said...

The latest ANP Report is very good. Rocky discusses something that cuts to the heart of this whole WN Movement. For too long we have been focused on "them" constantly going on about the jews, blacks, mexicans etc. It is certainly valid to discuss our enemies and what they are doing to us, but lets be honest, we havent made much headway with the White masses in the last few decades.

I do believe that circumstances now are a lot more different than before. It has become increasingly difficult for most Whites to get away from the societal rot that is sinkin this country. Not just being able to do the "White flight" thing which is not as easy as it once was. I mean more White folks really "feeling the pinch" of the economic troubles as the USA sags under its own weight.

I think it makes sense to address the issues that average Joe and Jill White are facing, specifically declining standard of living and it being tougher to make ends meet. The "kike and nigger" talk will scare them off, as it usually does. We need to shift the focus to US.

Our main goal is to bring in more White people to the cause, grow our numbers. We need to be mindful of our audience, and be very aware of sending the right message.

As for the critic above, who talked about the ANP "not moving forward an inch" can I ask, Who has made real progress in recent years?

I see the once mighty NA, the premier WN org in the USA, now a shadow of its former self. The current "leader" milking the "business" for as much as he can before it all shrivels up and dies.
I see the group that the jewsmedia just loves to go to for "opinions" the costumed criminal NSM gang, doing the embarassing phase one antics in 2013.
I had some hope for the American Third Position Party, but they seem to want to compromise and water down the message in order to be "more respectable." Get away fromt that pesky "race issue." They are looking to end up becoming just another right-wing populist/constitutionalist outfit. Like the "Ron Paul" fan club.

Then I see a large sub-culture of "online activists" who sustain the forums, mainly the big ones, Stormfront and VNN. Lots and lots of talk...not much else.

At least Rocky is being realistic and trying to put forth some fresh ideas. Im not seeing much of that anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Thats why the movement rejects hate Rocky and the ANP so wildly, he tells the truth no matter how much the idiots hate to hear it. These tards know what he's saying makes sense, but it holds the mirror up to themselves and they really don't like what they see deep inside. Much better to keep telling themselves that they're Aryan Super Men, and SUPERIOR to everyone else, when deep inside they understand what dysfunctional losers they really are. And unlike Rocky, most of these Movement Poohbahs continue to tell their miserable followers what great guys they are, so that they have a few morons to parade around in public like zombies before the camera's. After all, you can't be a mighty leader, without something to lead, even if they embarrass the hell out of you in private, so much so that you don't even want them in your home or around your family. I guess you could call them "CAMERA FODDAR"! LMAO

Anonymous said...

She ought to be proud! I would be. 88!