Thursday, February 14, 2013

Prothink's Mike Delaney Fires Brandon From Zion Crime Factory; Brandon Fires Back, Disputing Ownership Of The Site

The latest outbreak of movement drama involves Mike Delaney, the editor of Prothink and the brand-new website, and an individual identified as Brandon, who edited Zion Crime Factory. Delaney fired Brandon as editor of Zion Crime Factory and took the website from him, but Brandon disputes Delaney's ownership of Zion Crime Factory.

The latest outburst started on February 10th, 2013 when Delaney published this brief announcement on Prothink:

At this point and time I wont go into too many details but will be interviewing some highly respected people about how and why I removed both of these non-white individuals. *Most* of their work in the Prothink network is appreciated but my limit of tolerance and compromise has been far exceeded. These domains and content have been property of the Prothink network and therefore will continue to be the property of such. I refuse to turn this into a big ordeal but do feel people are justified in some explanations which will be offered in length shortly.

Note that Delaney insists that Zion Crime Factory is the property of the Prothink network. However, Brandon disputes this premise, and he's chosen to fire back, launching a new website called The Real ZCF. In this post, Brandon launches his counterattack. Much of it is a hysterical diatribe against Christian Identity, in which he attempts to portray Christian Identists as Whites who wish they were Jews. He claims he was fired because he criticized Christian Identity, and that Delaney knew from the very beginning that he was anti-religion and anti-CI. But Brandon also claims that Delaney never asserted ownership of Zion Crime Factory, telling him that ZCF was his site and that he could do whatever he wanted with it. Here's the pertinent part of Brandon's response:

Most people in the real truth movement know that my former website is hosted by Mike Delaney, also known as ‘Prothink’. In September 2011, Mike offered to host a website for me where I could post my written work, which had been consistently censored from free Blogspot and WordPress sites for over a year. Since I began working with Mike, he gave me full control of the Zion Crime Factory website, and only ever went into my control panel to fix some technical issues that we’ve experienced from time to time. He told me it was my site and that I could do whatever I wanted with it.

You can see that Brandon is under the clear-cut impression that he owns ZCF, not Delaney; this explains why he claims Delaney stole the site from him. The tipping point actually came on February 3rd during a chat room discussion where Brandon says he merely remarked that “Yahweh = JWO (Jew World Order)”. Some Christian Identists in the chat room understandably took offense to that statement, since they consider such a reference to Yahweh to be blasphemous. Then Delaney jumped in and said “Only a kike would have such a hard-on to bash CI (Christian Identity).”

On February 4th, Delaney allegedly returned to the chat and promptly lashed out, telling non-religious critics of Christian Identity to shut up, essentially forbidding any further criticism or discussion of Christian Identity. Delaney accused Brandon of trying to divide the White community between between pro-CI and anti-CI factions. Brandon then tells us what happened next:

On that same day (February 4, 2013), in a hissy fit of uncontrollable religious rage, Prothink [Delaney] locked me out of my site by changing my log-in password because he took offense to what I had said the previous day about Yahweh representing the ideological foundation of the Jew World Order. Since Mike is a fervent devotee of Christian Identity, he decided to “punish” me for what he considered to be an affront to his religion by preventing me from accessing my website. Shortly after barring me from my site, he maliciously redirected my domain to Christogenea for several days, a website run by CI cult leader and convicted murderer psychopath William Finck. Prothink associates closely with this animal, and I suspect Finck played a substantial role in the seizure and redirecting of my domain to his pathetic site of ridiculous gibberish. Like a typical scheming snake, Finck apparently was gloating about the substantially increased traffic to his trashy website of fanciful delusions of grandeur. This treasonous act of betrayal by Prothink was obviously an attempt to rattle my cage and “get at me,” so to speak.

Mike Delaney says he will tell his story in full later on. A discussion thread on The Information Underground indicates that Delaney addressed the issue on his February 10th Talkshoe podcast. At this point, it seems to be a "he said-he said". type dispute; I don't know either party well enough to make a call. One person on The Real ZCF is sympathetic, but maintains that Delaney had a right to shut Brandon down:

Justin Thyme says February 13, 2013 at 6:30 pm:
I feel sorry for you, ZCF. You do good work, and it sucks that everything went down the way it did. I hope you find some people to work with that you can get along with better, and continue to spread the word.

That said, your story distills down to: This CI guy offered to set me up on one of his websites. Everything went well until I invited him to a chatroom where I said CI was a Jew plot. Then he kicked me off the site and called me a Jew.

How did you expect Mike to react to you calling his faith into question? If you were writing for a Mormon guy’s site, and you said “Mormonism = Satanism,” how would you expect him to react?

I’m an atheist by the way.

Justin Thyme has a point. If you go on a CI site and claim that Yahweh is a Jew, you can expect to get censored. I censor comments here that I consider too personal against Rocky Suhayda, Jeff Schoep, or other WN personalities. But the vast majority of commenters are unconditionally sympathetic towards Brandon, including such heavyweights as Clay Douglas and John Kaminski.

Weighing in separately in support of Delaney is William Finck, who refers to Brandon as a "little atheist punk" and claims he looks like a Jew. However, Finck's own Christian Identity bonafides were compromised by his recent claim that Genesis 3 is an "allegory". Also weighing in separately is DSCI Pastor Martin Lindstedt. While Lindstedt is no ally of Brandon, he has particularly strong issues with Mike Delaney. Pastor Lindstedt has extended an invitation to Brandon to call in to The Movement Turd at any time; perhaps he will call in tonight.


Anonymous said...

Delaneny gave a interview a few weeks ago on Carolyn Yeager's new Network. He essentially collaborated Brandon's statements regarding how Delaney came into possession of ZCF. Brandon is probably right that Delaney wants to use ZCF as a cash cow for fundraising so he can avoid real work. I would love to see this litigated under theft of intellectual property rights claims, copyright claims and a few other claims. Delaney's interview is a great piece of evidence. I think Delaney would be in trouble and in a Civil Case, there would be Discovery and we could actually see where Delaney gets his support. What I found disgusting about Delaney is that he talks Pro-White and Aryan and all, and yet he is a "Kept-Man", he keeps his ass at home in front of his computer screen and lives off his wife who is a nurse. Delaney says he is a "stay at home Dad" which is a way of trying to candy-coat Lazy Dead-Beat. A stay at home Dad does not go all over the Country on his wife's dime doing these little show off escapades. By the way, if he is a stay at home Dad, who is watching the little ones when he is out doing all his hard activism? Not a lot of difference between Delaney and that idiot who uses the NA for a personal cash cow.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say about this is that Delaney's "9-11 Missing Links" film is the by far THE BEST on the Sept. 11 Attacks. Covers in depth the areas that none of the well known "conspiracy theory" experts (like jewish tools Alex Jones and Jim Marrs, and the Loose Change gang) will go anywhere near.

Sadly, most of the "9-11 Truth Movement" was controlled from the beginning by ZOG, and Delaney's film is absolutely essential because it is unlike any other work on the subject.

I recommend the film to anyone, WN or not.

northpal said...

"theft of intellectual property rights claims, copyright claims"
You cannot copyright cut and paste of material from other websites.

Anonymous said...

@7:05PM, Mike Delaney is not the creator of the 911 movie. JA Martinson crated that movie and like ZCF, it was taken by Delaney. Delaney seesm to have a habit of lifting work by others, then branding it as his own and of course profiting from it.

Anonymous said...

@2:09, if the material, which includes a book, is nothing but "cut and paste" material, this begs several questions:

Why did Delaney speak so highly of Brandon for so long and Delaney should have no issue returning it. By the way, Delany has not said ZCF consisted of "cut & paste"

Anonymous said...

I did not know that, thank you for letting me know. Regardless, it is still essential viewing. Sorry to hear that Delaney took it and claimed it was his. Guess he is another WN Profiteer type, like so many others, sad. Our people are facing extinction, yet many "get involved" in the movement with dollar signs in their eyes. Chasing that dream of not having to set the alarm clock at night. What a jewish way to think.

Anonymous said...

Is Mike Delaney the same person as Corey Michael Rose?

Also is this Brandon guy the same as Brandon Long?

The guy in the mugshot in this video looks very much like Mike Delaney.

I could very well be wrong and this is no attempt at slander, but rather finding out the truth about who is a Jew pretending to be White or not.

It would be foolish to think that Jews would not try to infiltrate and subvert C.I.

In fact, it would be easy for them as C.I. is based on morally reprehensible principles. In my opinion, the practice of C.I. is unbecoming of an Aryan.

Folk Reich said...


This is a claim made by JAM.

Although, not "White", John had a pretty good knowledge of the Jew.

Then he started leaning toward what I felt was a Black Supremacy stance and I stopped listening to him.

I wonder, what happened to him?

Anonymous said...


What do I care about some spat?I am more concerned about saving white America from the Liberal/Jewish onslaught to make whites feel guilty for being White!Whites need to not feel guilty for being White!Stand Proud that you are White!As a creationist,I believe whites
were created by a supreme being. Whites are a gift on this Planet.Which looks more like Planet of the Apes!Due to NeoCon shitheads! Aryan14/88

Anonymous said...

One thing I've not seen mentioned is that Delaney provided "Brandon" with the ability to publish his work while remaining anonymous, essentially hiding behind Delaney's name and ISP. Anonymity is a valuable service if one wants to maintain employment, social relationships or even legality if one lives in a place such as Canada where laws against hate speech are more stringent than in US.

How did "Mr. Fuerza" thank Delaney? By disrespecting and bashing his religious beliefs.

One of the things Brandon/Zander/ZCF said in his "farewell" post was that he was through with the truth movement and wasn't going to "release" his new book "to the public." What this indicates to me is that without the protection that had been provided by Delaney ZCF could not or would not risk exposure by further involvement with the truth movement.

Mike's work has been out there under his own name from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

@5:36, Mike has not acted as anything devout religious and his actions show contrary. He has a new post where he uses his family photo and changes the subject. The point is he has a history of theft of other people's work.

The GUBU Guru said...

This is where HAC plays with the GUBU crew. Get your silliness and gossip and howling at the moon here!

Anonymous said...


Did you see the news,that racist white couple!
Blacks must feel upset that a white couple adopted a black boy!I suspect that the mam mee is hearing the N-word,were ever she go's,I do not believe that the white called the
black boy the N-word! Happy Hitler Day!!!


WP said...

Always. :) Anybody to speak against Christian Identity is a Jew. *facepalm*

Anonymous said...

I thought CI believe that they ARE jews? Kinda fucked up, European Aryans wanting to be a jew.

Anonymous said...

It's sad that no matter who you post a blog about on here there is constant hate spewed supposedly from like minded whites? Or perhaps most individuals on here are not pro-white and that is why they seem to hate everyone who is? I wish this blog would filter out individuals better by actually confirming they are white or having all their comments saved in a private history so you can block individuals ip's who are only shit talking and advocating nothing positive for us.

Chaplain Bill said...

3:02, you are incorrect, those of us in CI hold that modern jews are not the Hebrew or Israelite people of the OT but rather are imposters who worked thier way into Palestine after the Babylonian captivity and took the place of Israel. Look at how Christ condemned the "jews" of his time for their worshipping of what would become the Talmud over the true commands of YHWH. Anyone who wished to learn more can go to my blog at to read about the basics of CI doctrine.

Anonymous said...

"SO ODD OF GOD TO CHOOSE THE JOOS". Why didn't Christ go to the White-Aryan Europeans, instead of the semites of the Middle-East? I never could figure that one out...

Anonymous said...

I agree with 10:35PM We ought to focus our hate upon NIGGERS, and KIKES, amd BEANERS, and TOWEL-HEADS, ( did I forget anyone? ) instead of upstanding White Warriors like Jeff Schoep the race mixer, or Erik Glieb the trinket-king of the now non-existant NA, who ran a million-dollar operation into the ground, or many of the other targets whose feet are made of clay. Sure, don't strive to clean up our collective act, and possibly become a real threat to ZOG, by exposing and getting rid of the phonies and con-men. That might cause some hard feelings amongst the self-styled Mighty Poohbahs...

Anonymous said...

Hey HAC, Axis Sally has dumped the beans on you and your bullshit. Why don't you go back and write more exciting fantasy stories to entertain the few mental midgets who bother with you anymore. Anybody who's been around the movement block, knows just "what" you are, and the rest listen to you for comedy entertainment. Now clean the crumbs from the taco bowl, guzzle down that last soda, and go check out the fridge, you don't want to lose that 380lb wobbling mass you've worked so hard on...

Anonymous said...

What kind of dumbasses would hold a rally in Atlanta Georgia (nigger capital of the South)? The NSM of course. Since their Commander is a proven race-mixer and rACE-TRAITOR its only natural he and the others would want to inter-mingle with the niggers . lol Maybe he can recruit them.

Anonymous said...

I am very disappointed at the actions of Prothink Delaney.
ZCF's material is clearly his own.
Also, criticism of any sect of Christianity especially highly
political sects is in the realm of free speech. Free speech is the
golden egg laid by White Europeans that is the prize of our
American heritage from our European ancestry; and which
is ever endangered. Free speech helps protect from false ideas
and deceptions and misinformation etc. and helps to clarify things.
If Jewish rule were characterized by fairness and the Jewish elite
worked diligently to make a peaceful world and said they do not
want Jews to intermarry outside Jewry because it might make Jewry
disappear over time and others should do as they see fit .In such a world
American manufacturing capacity would not have been dismantled and
shipped to communist China and there would be no wars for Israel.
It is the injustice and abuse of power that compels me to view Judaic
control with alarm. The empathic portion of the population, a majority
still, must react with dismay in the face of abuse of power and injustice and
with any attempt to silence freedom of speech> Religion when political is
political and invites political criticism.
What would Jesus do in Prothink's position? What would a White heritage
valuer of free speech and liberty do if he were Porthink Delaney, annoyed
apparently by ZCF criticism of CI's characteristics as reflecting the
values of the very oppressor both Prothink and ZCF rail against?
To lock ZCF out of access to his ZCF site even though he could do it,
just a Go-Daddy perhaps could have don that to Prothink but did not,
is unfair and unjust no matter how much Delaney might have disliked what
ZCF . To rob ZCF of his intellectual property representing many hours
of his thought and labor aggregated into the ZCF site because he had the
power to do it is abuse of power.
ZCF's complaint about CI is that it claimed the Whites are the true Jews
and does not reject the horror of the Judaic religion which views non-Jews
through a psychopathic lens; but rather would embrace the thing but replace
Jews with Whites. Such criticism is certainly valid for one who objects
to abuse of power and the anti-free speech injustice imposed by Jewry
to the extent they are able to do so because they do not value justice and free
speech for all.
In this way, Prothink's actions by virtue of injustice or unfairness and abuse
of power aped or mirrored or mimicked the character of the Judaic elite. key
objectionable characteristics of the Judaic elite. ZCF reacted the way any sensible
person would react to outrageous behavior and the evident betrayal of Prothink
Delaney in whom ZCF had placed the trust of the fruit of his years of work by
placing it within the power of Delaney to sabotage if he proved to be a false haven to ZCF.
Delaney's claim to own ZCF content is outrageous.
Prothink inadvertently through terrible megalomaniac pride has done the work of the ADL.

Anonymous said...

Delaney shoots up my FBI detection flags big time. It's just a gut feeling. ZCF was onto something big and rare: seeing the entire Jewish matrix for what it is. Seeing through the religions they create for us Goys to control us. I realize many Jews are atheists, as I am. Does a heroine dealer use his own drugs? Only if he's stupid. Likewise, I see atheist whites as one step towards freedom from religious whites. ZCF was onto this. The fact that Delaney shut him down makes me think he is part of this Jewish matrix, spreading the CI disease to keep otherwise free thinking whites from truly escaping. He is a traitor to the cause of total body and mind liberty.