Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Memphis City Council Votes To Remove Confederate Names From Three Parks; No White Council Members Vote Against It

On Tuesday February 5th, 2013, the Memphis City Council voted 9-0 to remove Confederate names from three local parks and give them "less controversial" names. The council approved changing Forrest Park's name to Health Sciences Park" because of its proximity to the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, while Confederate Park will become Memphis Park and Jefferson Davis Park will become Mississippi River Park. To preclude the measure from being reconsidered at the next council meeting, the city council also voted to approve its meeting minutes on Tuesday. WREG Channel 3 has a multitude of stories about this issue; here's a news video:

The voting was mostly along racial lines, although no white council members actually voted against it. Voting in favor was William C. Boyd (white), Harold B. Collins (black), Wanda Halbert (black), Edmund Ford Jr. (black), Lee Harris (black), Joe Brown (black), Janice Fullilove (black), Myron Lowery (black), and Shea Flinn (white). Boyd's vote in favor of renaming is actually surprising since in January, he was publicly defending Nathan Bedford Forrest against misrepresentation by Fullilove. As for the remaining four council members, Jim Strickland, Kemp Conrad and Bill Morrison, who are all white, chose not to take a public stand and abstained from voting while Reid Hedgepeth, who is also white, did not attend the meeting. Photos and contact information of the city council available HERE.

However, suppression of Confederate history doesn't appear to be the only motivation; the city council is also involved in a partisan political "food fight" with members of the Tennessee State Legislature. It was Myron Lowery who set the whole brouhaha in motion when he originally surfaced a proposal to rename Forrest Park as Forrest-Wells Park, to include the name of local black civil rights activist Ida B. Wells. Lowery apparently thought that by appending Wells' name, it would prevent Forrest's name from being removed altogether. From there it snowballed, until Rep. Steve McDaniel (R-Lexington) and Sen. Bill Ketron (R-Murfreesboro) got involved and drafted the Tennessee Heritage Protection Act of 2013 (HB 553), which would prevent cities from altering any statue, monument, memorial, nameplate or plaque erected for a number of military events, including the War Between the States, in the bill's language. A couple of the black city council members objected to Nashville, East Tennessee, and Republicans telling them how to run their city. But we know the real reason why they want to remove the Confederate names, and it has more to do with racial supremacy rather than geographical sovereignty.

It's possible Health Sciences, Memphis and Mississippi River won't be the final names of the parks, though. Future names would likely come out of the committee consisting of two council members, two university professors, a representative from the NAACP, a member of the Shelby County Historical Commission and the city parks director that was also established Tuesday night. Considering the composition of the committee, it is unlikely that the old names will be restored, although Councilman Collins later said “Who knows? We may come back and name the park Nathan Bedford Forrest, but we will never let the legislature in Nashville control what we in Memphis do for ourselves.” However, Councilman Harris demurred, saying "I don't think there is much of any chance that they'll go back to the names that sparked a lot of controversy."

Reaction: As expected, Stormfronters decried the measure. One pointed out that one of the first signs of an area being conquered is when place names get changed; this happened to Saigon in 1975 after the North Vietnamese conquest, and continues to happen in South Africa today 18 years after former President F.W. deKlerk surrendered the country to black majority rule.

But there's also considerable local opposition, including by some black residents, as recorded in comments to the various media stories. A sampling:

Candyce 14 days ago:
Millions of idiots across America believe that the war between the states (the civil war) was about slavery. They can't help it, they have been educated in government schools. The government teaches these lies because they want's division so they can gain more control of us!!! Because people are so brain-washed they call all the brave southern men who fought and died racists. Fine Christian men, like Robert E. Lee, who was even eulogised by his enemies after his death, are belittled and womanizing socalists like Martin Luther King, Jr. are elevated for god-like praise. Nathan Bedford was a hero and a man to be admired...but you wouldn't know that if you went to a government school.

V For Vendetta 14 days ago:
Blacks are always wanting whites to compromise. They are the most ungrateful race in the United States and will never be happy, irregardless of what concessions others make for them. All is owed to them, and if you think I'm wrong, why do we keep seeing one black generation after another on food stamps, welfare, public housing or other assistance, not to mention affirmative action and extortion? Give them a logical counterpoint and the race card is sure to be thrown. And who in their right mind would vote for a racist idiot like Fullilove?

Bill Mason 1 hour ago:
The problem with Memphis is the spineless white population who has cowardly backed off the "poor black man" ever since one black man got it in Memphis. If Memphians would grow a spine and finally stand up to the politicians who are using them for tools to control those "less fortunate" then this would resolve itself. Too many stooges have been given control of something they have no idea how to run for the sake of political correctness. This is truth wrapped in nothing but more truth. SHow me one successful city run by the downtrodden, poor black population. Aint gonna find one. Can a white politician mess things up? Sure but they at least don't have a perfect record for messing things up. The down trodden are down trodden because they are weak not because they are victims.

Leonard West 3 hours ago:
What was accomplished in this measure? Nothing! Changing the names of three parks, doesn't decrease crime, poverty or enhance the educational system in Memphis. I don't embrace the confederate history with open arms, but Memphis is a southern city and some aspects of confederate history, such as statues and parks named doesn't come as a surprise. I wan't to know why this issue wasn't addressed 10 or 15 years ago , particularly about a park being named in honor of Ida B. Wells?

Eric Barnett 2 hours ago:
Memphis politicians need to take a trip to all the thriving cities in the south. All those embrace the history and it draws tourist. Check out Charleston, Savannah and a huge number of cities and see how they are thriving by embracing their history. It makes me sick everytime I return to Memphis from a trip, there is NO comparison at all.


Anonymous said...

Let's please put aside the Civil War debates (both sides got screwed) and recognize this as yet another attack on White heritage and culture. Yet another that just sails on by while most Whites busy themselves with their usual pursuits- doing everthing except for anything that might help White people.

It's easy to take a "so what" attitude, and point out the much bigger issues we are facing. I understand this view, but symbolic gestures like these shouldnt be ignored. The war against the White Race is fought on various levels.

Brian Pace said...

They have been trying to remove the names of Confederate Park, Jeff Davis Park, and Nathan Bedford Forrest Park for many years. I'm surprised the names remained this long as Memphis is the land of Black Supremacists, White Liberals, and Drug Dealers these days. We contacted most of the Memphis TV media over this issue. It's common sense based on this story when Blacks control government they work to destroy our Confederate, Christian, and White Heritage & Culture. Just look at South Africa to see the future of America under non white rule. Deo Vindice !

Anonymous said...

BECOME the City Council, and then you can make your own changes. Too much effort? Then don't complain. White people have become the complainers and cry-babies, instead of the CREATORS of HISTORY! We reap what we sow - since we sow literally nothing, in defence of ourselves, besides pity-parties and moaning - we are ignored. IF we could only ACTIVATE "10%" of the White-Movement to get involved in REAL POLITICS, instead of "political theater", we could still change the direction of political life here in America! Time IS running out - WHO will GET INVOLVED with ME, before its too late? For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman www.AmericanNaziParty.com 88!

Anonymous said...

In a few more decades, these parks are just as likely to have Spanish names..........or God forbid, Chinese. The blacks better enjoy their days in the sun while they are here. It won't be this way for long. No one can long hold power that they didn't earn.

Anonymous said...

Great point about the blacks enjoying what they have while they can. "Hispanics" surpassed negroes as the most numerous minority in the USA awhile ago. Blacks are gonna be slowly but surely pushed away from the head table of the racial extortion coalition.

Media doesnt focus much on racism between non-White groups, but anyone from Southern California probably is very aware of this reality. Blacks and mestizos dont like each other much, and the asians dont like either of those groups. Building "minority alliances" against Whitey might not be as easy as some think. Even with the jews orchestrating it. Easy to pay lip service to, but at ground level it might be difficult to keep the rainbow alliance in order.

Naturally, the vast majority of blacks just parrot their "leadership" Jackson, Sharpton, NAACP etc. All these mainstream leaders support amnesty for illegals and continued mass non-White "legal" immigration, despite the fact that since blacks are the least educated group in America, and most susceptible to losing jobs to Hispanics.
The above mentioned black leaders are all ZOG House negroes, they gladly support and promote politices that hurt their own people in exchange for superficial symbolic gestures (like these Memphis Parks) and personal gain.

As for the Chinese, yeah, eventually. When the time comes the "model minority" will drop the facade of politeness and deal with their fellow American "minorities" the way the Chinese have dealt with any other enemy. Big Fifth Column already in the USA and the Western World in general. Thanks to "legal" immigration.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, Rocky inserting yourself into every post and spamming things up like anyone cares about your old, tired, boring rants and back biting of everyone in the WP scene. The anp is even weaker and more ineffectual now than when they had the meeting of 8 or 10 people. While Rocky cries on this blog and spams up every post with crap talk which no one understands why its tolerated here, some others in the mOvement are getting things done. Check out jeff schoop on fox news last night
No Rocky, we do not care what you say, and thank goodness we have someone who is well spoken, and delivers like jeff. 88 Brittny

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 1:08 -- Thanks for the link to that story; have now put up a separate post.

Former NSM Member said...

Who cares what race-mixer Jeff Schoep and his misfits say and do. They are zero when it comes to credability unless a person wants to be a Hollywierd Nazi prancing in front of the Jews like a puppet.

Anonymous said...

Whats this shit about wanting Rocky not to post here? He has the right to free speech, just as anyone else does. The mere fact that other so-called prominant movement personalities like Jeff Schoep don't lower themselves to post,(being sarcastic) is their choice. I'd love to see some of these big shots come on this board, its the only one I know of that gives free reign to discussion of topics with no holds barred! Perhaps Schoep and some others don't come on here, because they might have to answer some tough questions, about their questionable activities? Raynard P.

Anonymous said...