Sunday, February 24, 2013

Free America Rally Against Illegal Immigration Overshadowed By Competing Day Of Resistance Rallies For Gun Rights

Although overshadowed by the Day Or Resistance gun rights rallies taking place all over America, the Free America Rally against illegal immigration also took place in various locales on February 23rd, 2013. The Free America Rally had chosen February 23rd as their day of action long before the Day Of Resistance was conceived, so the organizers shouldn't be criticized for picking the wrong day.

The Free America Rally was independently coordinated nationally, although some members and sympathizers of the American Freedom Party, formerly known as the American Third Position Party, undoubtedly participated. Their goal is to promote in a democratic fashion logical and humane policy solutions to pressing issues facing our nation, in particular, illegal immigration. Both sides of their excellent 4" X 6" pass-along card are displayed below:

Since this post was published, Free America Rally has now published an official after-action report, but here were some unofficial reports have been published in this Stormfront thread.

From Sacramento, CA: The rally at the Capitol reportedly well. Participants marched from the parking structure straight up through a hoard of dirty commie scum (they didn't want any) right up to the steps of the Capitol. They spread the good word and had more than a few folks wander over from the Second Amendment [Day of Resistance] rally that was being held on the south steps. They expressed approval and appreciation for what Free America Rally (FAR) was saying, a couple of them joined the FAR contingent. Another participant reported that no one said anything that denigrated anyone because of race or ethnicity, and there were no swastikas or Nazi uniforms. Passers-by reportedly found it strange that antifa were screaming about Nazis when there were none present. The California Highway Patrol, and the Sacramento City Police did a fine job of protecting the antifa and other extreme leftists from the consequences of the violent actions they wished to engage in. Here's a short video from the Sacramento rally:

From West Virginia: The West Virginia Rally at the Capitol Building went off with out a hitch. Harry Bertram did a T.V. interview with Channel 8 out of Charleston WV, but the station ultimately opted not to air it. The weather was great; about sixty degrees and partly sunny. They were right at the capitol and next to a road so they showed our signs and got many thumbs up and many police who where watching us were in agreement that this country is going down the wrong path. Pictures will come soon and no Libs or Commies showed up.

From Oregon: The story of the Oregon rally is told primarily with photos at this point. One Vietnam veteran showed off his medals and thanked the activists for what they were doing. Supporters of the Council of Conservative Citizens and the American Freedom Party participated; additional information was published by the Council of Conservative Citizens.

From Spokane, WA: No media stories, but here's a photo of at least four White activists sounding the alarm against illegal immigration.

From Massachusetts: One participant noted that although metro Boston experienced some of its customary winter weather that day, that for the first time in a while, he felt like he was part of a "Movement" and not a localized group of concerned activists. The fact that a sizable portion of the racialist community came together under a single cause so that we can unify our voice in opposition to an issue that negatively affects us all renewed his faith in not only our cause, but our racial community as well.

A planned rally in New York was cancelled at the last moment. Other rallies were planned for Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Arizona, New Jersey, and Maryland, but reports on them may have been swallowed up in the Day Of Resistance publicity.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Demonstrations by NORMAL looking White people, with NO wierd costumes, for the enemy to point fingers at! Could WN's maybe, just maybe might be waking up, and ash-canning the klan robes and swastika's and tattoo's in public, along with rabid racial slurs? Compare these demo's to that of the NSM type, and check out the RESPONSE from both the media AND the public at large. I sincerely hope that this "new, proper look" is the wave of the future for White Nationalist public activity! For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

Note that these rallies seemed to all go very well, and like Rocky said, were done by normal White folks. YET, the mainstream media coverage seemed to be lacking.

Well, there you go. It just isnt very "newsworthy/jewsworthy" if the pro-White rallies arent being conducted by the costumed clowns spouting off racial slurs and the usual cliched "White power" slogans.

At these rallies the the ARA morons were making the usual asses of themselves, but the "Nazis" they were bitching about (and were making violent threats against, which the pigs NEVER take them to task for) werent present.

These rallies are a good sign, great to see this. Hopefully positive stuff like this can counteract the negativity of the usual suspects- the hollywierd nutzi clowns. Who will be showing their ugly faces in some city soon, up to their usual antics. As always, more than willing to give the jewsmedia a "story" and the antifa retards their "Nazis" to scream at.

Anonymous said...

Yes and NO ANP either

Chaplain Bill said...

The funny thing is that most of the people that resist illegal immigration are not racialist in the least, they oppose any race without a greencard, including whites. My state enforeces immigration laws as much as they can, the factory that I work in won't hire anyone that is not here legally and you hear of places that use illegals being shut down regularly.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Chairman Suhayda's message of cleaning up the WN movement is having some effect! I looked at these photo's and not one tattooed bonehead, negative banner or sign 'hating' anyone, just pro-white stuff. Even the speakers were able to get their message across without the usual racist slurs. The anti's must have crapped their pants, when they didn't see one swastika or confederate flag. I would attend something like this no problem.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that there wasn't any huge zog police presence, like at the nsm demos. Thats interesting. I bet these cruds were afraid to attack normal looking white folks that were prepared to look after themselves. Good job white brothers and sisters! Hail the ANP! 88!

Anonymous said...

Chaplain Bill-

I think a lot of the Whites against illegal aliens who claim that race isnt an issue are lying. Regardless, obviously the vast majority of illegals are non-White, mainly brown mestizos.

Funny when the media trots out a few Irish or Poles who are in the USA illegally because they overstayed their visas. These photo-ops are usually done by the Catholic church, since Irish and Polish are Catholic like mestizos are.

Yes, it is ridiculous that federal law is ignored, even by elected and appointed officials who's job is supposed to be to uphold the law. In fairness, yes, ALL illegals should be deported, whatever the race.

But dont you think the situtaion would be a hell of a lot different if the USA was flooded with illegals from north of the border?

Can you imagine millions of illegal Canadians here? What would be the biggest problem? All the ice rinks are taken over by Canadians playing hockey? That sure isnt as bad as 25 Americans killed every day by the mestizo scum.

Chaplain Bill said...

7:34, Oh, I personally want whites from all over the world to come here to live and I make no bones about not wanting any more non whites allowed in any form, legal or illegal. also, can't Canadians more or less travel freely back and forth to the US? I know I never had any problems crossing into Canada but that was pre 9/11 and I haven't kept up on the laws.

Anonymous said...

With no decent jobs available, and probably not coming ever again in any real numbers, we don't need ANY more immigrants from anywhere. Yeah, just what we need, a flood of more PC whites wanting to live the materialist 'americrap dream'.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see more rallies like this happen, with no costumes or negative symbols to distract from the message. I think NSM style demo's do more harm to our cause, than any positive help. Wouldn't the enemy be shocked, when they turned out to see costumed klan/nazis and there was only well dressed, normal looking, well spoken white people?

Anonymous said...

Amen to that. If you have rallies, public events, etc., with normal, regular White people, then you will attract more normal regular White people. The average White person sees a freak show like the NSM or some Klan-Club and thinks: "I dont want to go anywhere near that!" Who can blame them?

And like you said, the enemy will be taken aback by a lack of the usual cartoon-character "White Power" weirdos.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the NSM does more to perpetuate the 'evil image' of us WN, with their silly uniforms and 20th century symbolism. We would all be better off if this tiny band of publicity seekers disappeared and were replaced by more up to date efforts.

Frank Anderson said...

White Reference, great article. I think it actually does a better job describing our event than the article we released through the Free America Rally website.

Maybe we can enlist you to help write for us. Anyway, keep up the good work. Great website.

Anchorage Activist said...

Frank -- Appreciate your comment. My main concern was to get something out about the FAR activism as early as possible, since it was being overshadowed by the Day of Resistance. The mainstream media was focused so much on the Day of Resistance that they virtually ignored the FAR activism.

Anonymous said...

This is so obviously the wave of the future for WN, that I can't imagine anyone thinking otherwise. Stick with it Rock, after all these years of suggesting positive change, I think your words are bearing fruit! I'm not a member of the ANP, but a lot of what you write is so darn true, and a lot of us are listening and taking it to heart! Thanks, Gina