Thursday, February 21, 2013

Former Neo-Nazi Bill White Sentenced To 42 More Months In Prison Over Matt Hale Juror Solicitation Case; May Face Another Trial In Roanoke

On February 20th, 2013, the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois announced that former American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP) Commander Bill White was sentenced to an additional 42 months in prison for soliciting violence to the foreman of a federal jury in Chicago that convicted another white racialist, Matthew Hale, in 2004. White stood trial in Chicago in January 2011 and was convicted by a jury of one count of solicitation after prosecutors successfully convinced them that White had used his now-defunct website to solicit violence against the jury foreman, Mark Hoffman, who White had exposed as a gay Jew in a relationship with a black male. Media stories published by WDBJ Channel 7 in Roanoke and the Roanoke Times.

Judge Lynn Adelman, who was assigned to preside over the case in U.S. District Court in Chicago, ordered White to serve the sentence consecutively to all but a little more than a month remaining on a federal sentence that White is currently serving for making threats to other victims and intimidating a witness in Virginia. White’s prior sentence totaled 43 months and is scheduled to end in early April 2013.

Initially, Judge Adelman dismissed the 2008 indictment against White, but a federal appeals court in Chicago reinstated the solicitation charge in 2010. After White’s trial in January 2011, the judge overturned the jury’s guilty verdict, but the government appealed and White’s conviction was reinstated, leading to the new sentence. White’s prior sentence stemmed from a December 2009 trial conviction by a federal jury in Roanoke.

Prior to sentencing, White addressed the court, apologizing for having created the situation that resulted in the trial, and saying he never believed or intended that any harm would come to Mark Hoffman as a result of his words. White also said that in December 2002, when he received a copy of Matt Hale's e-mail declaring war on Joan Lefkow, his immediate response — the one the agent didn’t detail — was to tell Hale to retract his statement and leave Joan Lefkow alone. White added that he has abandoned any sort of political activity, and as a result of his imprisonment, he lost his marriage and business, and spent the year he was released working without a profit to help those who invested in his business to recover as much as possible. He also spent that year living quietly in the mountains, focused on raising his now five-year old daughter. On that basis, White asked that the court grant him a fully concurrent sentence of time served and let him get back to my family.

Obviously, his pleas didn't sway the judge.

Meanwhile, Bill White still faces more legal action in the future. On February 7th, the feds announced that they had indicted White for sending threatening e-mails to his ex-wife in May and June 2012, not long after he jumped parole and fled to Mexico. White was angry at the woman because she had stopped sending him alimony payments privately agreed upon between the two. In one of the e-mails, White allegedly wrote “I would strongly recommend that you have the $500 when you are contacted — or you will probably be hospitalized”. White told the editor of Bill White Trial “I didn’t send it, and they can’t prove I did!” As of this post, no trial date has been sent.

Reaction: A discussion thread has just surfaced on the Vanguard News Network Forum. On February 10th, Harold Covington sounded off about the upcoming case in Roanoke:

No one, not even his most rabid persecutor in the Justice Department or the FBI, has ever claimed that Bill White has ever actually harmed anyone or seriously contemplated it. Basically, it now seems to have boiled down to pure primitive rage against a White male who will not do as he is told, stay off the internet, and who will not be quiet.

The United States government is absolutely determined to make sure that this man spends many years in prison for the crime of refusing to shut up when he was told to do so during the 2008 election and because when he came out the first time he hit the keyboard running and has produced a number of articles and books, mostly on esoteric subjects, but still, he's not supposed to be writing any books or articles at all. He's supposed to have crawled under the porch shaking and sobbing for mercy by now. White was supposed to break, God dammit! He didn't, and it's driving the lawyers and the secret police into a homicidal rage.

Covington is absolutely right. The feds are determined to bury this guy as an object example to other prospective white activists. However, the feds are making a fatal mistake in also targeting gun owners, and that may prove to be Uncle Sam's Achilles heel.


The Old Man said...

This is somewhat off topic, I know, but I did a special podcast this week dealing with the whole subject of internet GUBU, which I intend to make my official "canned answer" on the subject. Your readers may find it of interest.

Anchorage Activist said...

Thanks, Harold. As a matter of fact, I'm going to listen to it and see what I can glean since Lindstedt's audio ended up dysfunctional tonight.

Anonymous said...

Sucks to be Bill White.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Im not siding with ZOG here, but lets look at this realistcally.

White, this supposed genius, exposed the jury foreman as a jewish fag with a negro boyfriend. He also published the jews address and phone number. White tells the court he never thought anything bad would result from this. Really? What was the point of putting out this information? What purpose did it serve?

Yes, so there was a jewish homosexual on the jury in Hale's trial. But honestly, do you really think if the jury had been all White people, Hale would have gotten a fair trial? Would the outcome have been any different? I doubt it.

Again, what did White think would happen, with all of his shenanigans? Remember that magazine cover he did, it was "highly suggestive" of doing something very bad to the most famous American politician in 2008.
I guess Bill just got carried away, he thought he was so smart, so clever, and just revelled in being a know-it-all. Well, his antics caught up with him, and he got in trouble.

Yes, ZOG loves to stick it to anyone who is pro-White. Long list of WN people who have been railroaded by the injustice system. But White gave the authorities a lot to work with. The First Amendment just isnt gonna get you out of a jam if you are WN/NS. We know by now how it is applied selectively. Bill White, the self styled genius should have known this. How could he not have the foresight to see what might happen?

Any serious pro-White activist should know "the rules" by now, and act accordingly. I dont think White really was serious. The former anarchist-communist-conservative turned "nazi" was playing games, running his "National Enquirer" style tabloid website.

I think White could have avoided this situation, its too easy to be sympathetic, say "ZOG is targeting him because he's NS." White wasnt acting smart, his arrogance gave ZOG an easy "in" to go after him.

Anonymous said...

Bill White is getting what he deserves. I am a pro-White activist of over 40 years and laughing my ass off at what Bill White is getting. The dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Bill White and Fat Harold, both involved in the fantasy-world of White Nationalism. Both involved in entertaining the fringe and little else. Both glowing examples of what not to do. Both failures in life and WN politics. good riddance!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Covington owe Bill White a lot of money?

Anchorage Activist said...

I expected some comments implying that Bill White may have "deserved" what he got, and those expectations have been met.

Bill White clearly made himself vulnerable by his provocative remarks. He basically pinned a sign to his back that said "Kick Me!", and the feds took him at his word and kicked him...again and again.

It's the latter that's troublesome. The feds are kicking him...again and again. They're like a bunch of bullies who are gang-stomping someone in a schoolyard. This is the same tactic they used with Matt Hale when they dumped a 40-year sentence on him for basically posting on the Web. The Feds know NO proportionality...they attempt to kill a mosquito with a sledgehammer.

Bill White may have earned the attention, but he does not deserve the sustained repetitive abuse directed towards him by ZOG.

And in answer to another question, I'm not aware that Covington owes White any money.

Anonymous said...

"Former Neo-Nazi Bill White Sentenced To 42 More Months In Prison"


Finally, that prick in the Nazi clown-costume is getting everything he deserves! He's a liar, a thief, a jerk, a fool, and a fucktard. This time, he threatened one too many people. Man, what a weasel! What a coward! White would have cum in his pants if that gay-faggot juror had been killed and that's exactly what White intended by posting his personal data online. THEN, when White is caught, the slimy weasel tries to backpedal and claim "he never intended any harm to come to him".

BULLSHIT, Bill White! Now you're saying you "didn't mean it" just because a 9-inch nigger cock is greasing-up for your asshole even as we speak.

So, like several other WN posters here said, you're getting what you deserve. Enjoy your prison time!!!


Anonymous said...

Those that are attacking White and Covington do so out of cowardice. White and Covington have done and are doing something real. Those that have one hand on their keyboards and the other on their cock and attack them have done nothing except shit talk on the net and would sell out their wives and children at first chance.

Anonymous said...

I have it on good word that Bill White is going to be assassinated by an Aryan hit squad while in prison. They claim White is a kike working with two other FBI-paid infiltrators (Kevin Strom & Dr. Greg Johnson) trying to bring down white nationalism but that White is the kingpin. It sounds crazy but that's the word on the street. Yeah, Kevin probably IS working for the Feds but - but the other two?

This shit has got to stop.

Anonymous said...

Even an idiot eventually learns from his mistakes. But not Bill White! He loves threatening people, look at what he did to his ex-wife because she wasn't supporting his fat ass. Whats wrong with his wealthy mommy and daddy, have they finally had enough of his bullshit? Bottom line is, that the entire movement is better off, with this hollywierd nutzi GONE. As for HC's "canned answer", I can only hope that somehow, he leaves hiding in the protection of his NW Empire so that Will Williams can indeed "CAN" all of his nonsense once and for all.

Chaplain Bill said...

AA, this is not relevant to this topic but since poor Obie has her panties in such a twist over you saying that you are a Mormon I want to ask you something.

Unlike Obie I know that saying that one is a Mormon does not guarentee that they are mainstream LDS, A Mormon is a follower of Joseph Smith Jr.

Anyway, here is my question, Are you a member of the LDS or RLDS church? I'm going to say you're not FLDS because they are more followers of Warren Jeffs than JS. Also I acknowledge the possibility that you are not a meber of any of the Mormon Churches who follows Smith on a personal level without joining nay chruch which I think is most likely.

Enquiring minds want to know LOL.

Anonymous said...

"AA", its NOT that those of us who dislike Willy Weiss, want to "rub it in", as much as from the days when he used to run loose, spreading lies and disinformation (I still remember how he wrote about the ANP, saying that we were a small group of "trans-sexuals", amongst other things. Yes, I and the ANP have and do expose people, but NOT with LIES - everything we have ever stated has been PROVEN to be TRUE, and based upon FACTS), we knew it was only a matter of time before his ego-driven stupidity caught up with him. He was the PERFECT "hollywood nazi" stooge, who did MORE to REINFORCE the jews "hatemonger image" of NS, than anything POSITIVE. Is it any wonder that the SPLC constantly gave him the "Big Bigot Buildup"? Sure he got repeatedly in the jews-media, painting NS as MINDLESS BIGOTS, insane COSTUMED HATE-MONGERS, and COWARDLY INTERNET BULLIES - but, name me ONE positive thing that he accomplished? That he brought NS to the forefront in peoples minds? ONLY in the WRONG image! His activities reminded me strongly of those of Frank Collins/Cohn, except that Cohn was more SUCCESSFUL in his jew-baiting - as if that accomplished anything. Don't waste any tears over Willy, he was his own worst enemy, since he was born with that silver-spoon in his mouth. What I do regret are those few perhaps naive people, who bought his idiocy, and had their lives ruined by following him. Let him be the perfect EXAMPLE of WHAT NOT TO DO. For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

I was in the ANSWP Bill was
Simply the best spokes person the white working class ever had.
PS what dogs a China man do at 3 in the morning with the factury doors locked.

He cuts with a rubber wheel all the conduit on the walls
Leaving the former factury with
No electric power or box
No air piping
No water piping
No hydrolic piping
The factury is vandalized
You see it is the government wish that it never be reopened

Anchorage Activist said...

Chaplain Bill: I am formally on the membership rolls of the mainstream Utah-based LDS Church. I am inactive, having attending only three services in the past 40 years. But I still believe in fundamental core Mormon doctrine, to include the three degrees of glory that await us in the next world.

I would disregard Obie. He has clearly established himself as a disruptive shit-stirrer who introduces dissension into every venue he enters. Don't forget how Obie threw you under the bus; he will do the same to Visser when the time is "right" for him.

Anonymous said...

Check out and post this White genocide childrens video!

Anonymous said...

Rocky, I know you don't read much apparently. I'd still like to recommend a classic, Might Is Right. It might open your eyes a little to why people like you never make it. Cowardice and retreat = the slaves chains. You speak a LOT about your personal problems and life's misfortune. When you constantly avoid taking risks, you gain nothing, hence your life and certainly your history of "activism." Trying to lead others down that path is very, very un-Aryan.

You just don't have the right to comment on someone so much braver than yourself and certainly more effective. How much time have you ever done for going after the enemy, Rocky? Bill White, while very flawed, sits in a prison cell tonight while you are off urging everyone to stay home, stop naming the Jew and confine activism to "on paper" publicity stunts and chat rooms. Oh yes, you are smart, right? Every craven cowering in the trench while others charge tells people the same thing. Now go agree with yourself and pour out your excuses. You'll make a few sheckles and maybe have a few nit wits call you "chairman" but in the end it means nothing. Nothing ever moves without sacrifice, friend. Vince Nelson, Greenville.

Anonymous said...

Totally off topic here with all the usual and typical crybaby spam coming from the anp. We get it anp, you hate bill white, you hate HAC, you hate the NSM, you hate skinheads, you hate the KKK, and you guys are so great no one has ever seen your so-called group anywhere. Nevermind, you guys act like anti's and everyone see's that so right on! To the point. NSM is going into Atlanta for their National Rally at the State Capitol, this could be a wild one. Anyone serious about street action might wanna get in on this. You can bet the Klan will be there along with others to back this one

Anonymous said...

Great. Let's have a rally like the NSM in heavily niggerized Atlanta with police protection and the media photograghing everybody for FBI files. That's a fantastic area to recruit White people if you can find any of them there. Duh!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rocky. Bill White was a nutcase.

Anonymous said...

What we see here, is a clear case of on the one hand a few leftovers from the hate-mongering, anti-everyone part of the pro-white movement, and the growing section made up of sincere, normal white men and women, who stress a much more positive view of white racialism. Self-styled commander Bill White represents the former, and Chairman Rocky Suhayda is the spokesman for the majority. We can all see where Bill Whites leadership ends up, in prison. On the other hand, Chairman Suhayda has never had one member of the ANP incarcerated under his leadership. So the choice is pretty obvious. Follow someone like Bill White, and end up in deep do-do, having your life destroyed where you can't do much for the 14Words, or follow Rocky Suhayda's guidance and you can continue your efforts to achieve the 14Words in the free world. Megan Draper 88!

Anonymous said...

11:18PM So thats what its all about? Stirring up trouble in a niggerized city, instead of reaching out to White people? I would bet my childrens lives, that if you NSM cowards didn't have that huge Zog police protection, you wouldn't show up. Since its by now pretty well known that Jeff Schoep was married to a ARAB woman named Joanna, who had a BLACK child named Amber, for four years, that very few sincere White Racialists will take part in anything he does. Who would want to stand next to a phony race traitor, only in this to make money off of selling his t-shirts and CD's? What will this accomplish? The racists looking weak, and dysfunctional, needing protection from getting an ass-kicking. While the jew reporter smears all WN as supposedly being a part of these silly costumed clowns, acting the part laid out in the jews script of what all WN are SUPPOSED to be? No thanks, we'll all pass! Thank heaven that these circus's grow smaller each time these stunts are pulled. Hopefully, one day they will be gone as WN refuse to take part in such useless activity. Karl Klassen 14Words!

Chaplain Bill said...

AA, oh I know what a loser Obie really is, if you want to ammuse yourself go to Visser's forum and see how I slap him around while he hides like a sissy. His problem is he is self righteous and needs to feel superior to other. The very things that drove me from sectarian Penecostalism are what attracted him to it. Now he is infesting CI because of it's exclusion of non whites but he can't arap his mind around the fact that CI is not sitting online whining about the things you cannot change, it's about getting out in the real world and bringing souls to The Father.

Chaplain Bill said...

White's problem was that he spent all his time attacking other WNs that he didn't like, he's a clown that is about ten minutes away from going anti on us.

Anonymous said...

NSM can forget about real Klan organizations associating with them and their race-mixing furher Jeff Schoep. Real Klansmen take an oath to racial purity, and we take that oath seriously. AKIA!

Anonymous said...


Bill White is sitting in a prison cell becasue of his own arrogance and stupidity.

"Very flawed"? Yeah, that's an understatement all right. White's biggest flaw was that he was never a sincere pro-White acitvist. In his mid-20s he waltzed into NS after spending the last several years goofing off in anarchism, then communism, that conservatism. He fittingly hooked up with the NSM. Then he wanted to be more a "big star" so he left and started his own group. Of course (according to him) he was so brilliant, and had accomplished more at 30 than anyone else out there in the movement.

What a bunch of crap that you put down Rocky as a coward compared to the "brave" Bill White. Guess its a bad thing that Rockys ego and mouth never gave ZOG a nice opportunity to put the screws to him. Guess Rocky as well as most of the rest of us are weak because we dont want to put on a costume and do the "Hollywood Nazi Dance" for the TV cameras while the ZOG pigs take notes. What does this achieve besides that coveted "publicity?"

What DID Bill White's antics do for the WN cause? I guess this is irrelevant, since White wasnt in it for advancing the cause, he was in it to promote himself.

Chaplain Bill said...

AA, Obie now suddenly thinks that we're best homies! Isn't that about the funniest thing you've ever heard? See, he is such a weak minded little turd that he can't understand that men can not like each other yet still discuss things like adults, to him it's about hiding and whining. You know good and well what I think of your support for Lindstedt as well as my opinion of Joseph Smith (I assume you've read what I said about him and you at Visser's) while I know what you think of me. Personally I think Obaloser has mental hygiene issues of his own, certainly he's not completely gone like Lindstedt but he's well on his way. But then again, what can we expect from someone that was a huge supporter of obvious rat Hal Turner, attacking anyone that spoke of his race treason the same way he attacks me for having the guts to come to you directly for answers while he hides and whines like Marty.

Chaplain Bill said...

AA, actually I'm going to tick Obie off even more by asking you something that he lacks the balls to.

I ask you directly, why do you openly support Martin Lindstedt the way you do, now I am not asking why you opposed the complaints against him because you will claim that you support free speech, the fact that you allow me to come here like this says it all. What I am asking is why it is that when you talk about CI you list Marty as the go to person for questions about CI, are you deliberately trying to hurt CI by making people think that Marty represents it when you clearly know he does not?

Also I flat out ask you if you support his rantings about wanting to torture and murder white children and if your answer is no to that question then tell us why you still support a person that does so.

Put this in your crack pipe and smoke it Obalooney

Anchorage Activist said...

Chaplain Bill -- Those are actually some good questions worthy of an answer. I've actually been thinking about devoting an entire post addressing why I adopted a more objective attitude towards Pastor Lindstedt.

First, I don't believe Pastor Lindstedt actually intends to skin anyone alive. Much of that rhetoric is for effect.

Second, his five-minute tour of DSCI is, for the most part, strictly informational, without much editorialization. Lindstedt is quite knowledgeable about DSCI doctrine, and called out William Finck for alleging that the Garden of Eden story is an "allegory".

But finally, although I've adopted a more objective attitude towards Pastor Lindstedt, it doesn't mean he and I have to agree on everything. While he and I have the same attitude about Obie and Visser, I do not share his attitude about Eli James or yourself. I do not believe you ever "molested any niglet nieces".

But I do find a lot of his rhetoric hilarious, and no one calls out whiggers the way he does. If it wasn't for whiggers, the Jews wouldn't be much of a problem.

Chaplain Bill said...

Actually Marty knows very little about CI himself, he calls John Britton who tells him what to say but he does know vastly more than Obie does. As you know I met him face to face and we spoke at some length about CI and with less than two years in CI I knew alot more then he did, he had not even heard of the Soninni Manuscript or Pilate's letter to Tiberius which is CI 101 as they are two important documents pertaining to CI.

Everyone, including Obie does not believe he will ever do anything but run his mouth either and I am convinced that he rants like that because he wants everyone to believe he is this big scary maniac when in fact most think he is a creepy pervert for what he claims to want to do to children. It's not to hard to believe that a guy who rants about wanting to cut off a child's penis will kiss a boy he claims to care about there. Also everyone sees him as a physical coward who is well known in his area for calling the cops when it's time to do more than talk and he has actually admitted that he called the cops on one of Roxie's loser relatives and recently his own brother who I know him to be terrified of. When I went to his place the brother was parked out front and seemed to be yelling at Marty as I drove up and Marty looked terrified, when I stopped in front of the house and got out of my car the brother took one lok at me and drove off and Marty looked as if his life had been saved. I personally was revolted by his rantings and started to distance myself from him as soon as I left, completely breaking all ties after 6 days and never looking back.

I'll be honest, at first I could not comprehend why someone like you would support such a untermensch like Marty and your explanation did not really change that, personally I think that you are looking to create controversy to boost your ratings which I found goofy because you're a pretty good writer when you stick to the issues but endorsing Lindstedt can do nothing but hurt you with most WNs, all anyone has to do is go to his forum and be revolted by his rantings and they will think "dang, what part of his butt did AA pull this idiot from". I've noticed that one of your readers often displays his disgust for Marty and he looks like a Nazi type, maybe even one of Rocky's crew. for sure he has no connection with anyone in CI.

Also, don't judge Visser for associating with Obie, I don't. He's a good Christian and one of my favorite CI preachers. You need to keep an open mind and remember that although you speak favorably about Marty you don't want people to associate you with his ranting about murder, rape and torture please don't associate everythimg that Obie does with Visser.

Finally, thank you for saying that you don't believe Marty's lies about me, at least the molestation part anyway. Also I want to ask you if you post on Talkshoe under the name Zogbuster, cus Obie claims you do and that you called me mumpnuts and said I was a molestor. Now I did not believe that you were Zogbuster just because Obie said so because he is worng more often than he is right about such things, he has accused tons of inoccent people of being Marty and even harrassed a poor white woman of good report to the point that she came to me to intercede, so my question is are you Zogbuster? I heard it was either Marty's wing man Wee Willy or Frankenwhigger.

Chaplain Bill said...

I jusrt remembered something that I forgot to add.

When Obie reads you talking about Marty his blood obviously boils and he loses his mind, when I read it I laugh and think of that Iraqi propoganda guy that we called Baghdad Bob, you know the guy that was saying the Americas were nowhere near Baghdad eyt the viewers could see a pillar of spoke in the distance and hear an eplosion and heavy machine gun fire in the distance. All anyone has to do is read or listen to Marty to see for themselves that he is a complete imbecile. That is how I see you when you promote him. Beyond that I think you are a pretty good writer and while this discussion has taken away the small amount of animosity that I had for you any true respect for what you doing will not be possible while you support Lindstedt. However I have had more repsect for your than I do for Obie ever since he stabbed me in the back. You are my white brother and I'd really like to see you get off the Lindstedt train, in the name of Christ I urge you to turn away from this silliness.

Anonymous said...

White's critics, laugh while you still have that option. White is in jail because he ACTED as a National Socialist, but when the SHTF then the Feds will come after the keyboard kommandants!

Anonymous said...

Bill White is no 'hero'. He should serve only as an example of WHAT NOT TO DO and HOW NOT TO ACT. Otherwise, good riddance, he brought it all on himself trying to be a comic book 'nazi'.

Anonymous said...

As much as most white activists dislike Bill white and his antics of constantly gossiping and trashing other whites, he is still 100 times better than rocky and the anp. While bill white was hated, he still took risks and stood in public, even though basically alone in his group. Rocky will not stand anywhere publically and attacks everyone in the movement the same way that white did, its amazing these 2 were not best friends, the big difference is white would have hated rocky due to anps utter unwillingness to do anything but sit and complain, and anp is not accepted or welcome anywhere, white was still liked by a few others in the movement, unlike the anp whom would could get a beat down anywhere their membership shows up lol.

Anonymous said...

Who's supposedly going to 'beat down' the ANP members? Scrawny, cowards who need zog police protection, or they won't appear in public? Or, anoymous posters who are even afraid to sign such silly posts? I for one don't think the ANP has much to worry about. Robert Brown 88!

Anonymous said...

I like Rocky, he is one of the few white spokesmen who talks common sense. As for him not being in public, well type in his name on google and he's pretty well known. I guess he's smart enough to have moved off the street corner, and into the modern world of high-tech communications. Kylee

Anonymous said...

So much for "Good Christian" Visser Mumpsnut. Looks like he banned your ass on CPM! LOL!