Wednesday, February 20, 2013

ESPN Whigger Jocksniffer Colin Cowherd Says Indianapolis Is Racist For Not Attending Indiana Pacers Games

An ESPN whigger jocksniffer is trying to out-whigger the whiggers. On Tuesday February 19th, 2013, during his radio show, ESPN sports talk host Colin Cowherd was discussing the fortunes of the Indiana Pacers, who've rebounded this season after several subpar years. However, Cowherd was decrying the attendance, which he thinks is lower than it should be for a competitive NBA team, and finally decided it was because of race. A white-majority city allegedly doesn't want to support a black-majority team (12 of the 15 rostered players are black as of Feb. 20) simply because of race. Here's the money shot by Cowherd:

"You're holding an organization to a standard that happens because of race. There's no other explanation why people don't go to Pacers games".

Cowherd backs off a bit afterwards, saying he's not characterizing everyone in Indianapolis as racist, but he insists that Indianapolis punishes the Pacers more than they punish the Colts for indiscretions off the field or off the court, and a lot of that is racial. He also cites Facebook posts which describe Pacer players as thugs, automatically assuming they're referring to their race.

Unless, of course, Cowherd is merely projecting his own racism upon other people. It's not unheard of for anti-racists to use anti-racism to disguise their own prejudices.

Here's the Indiana Pacers' response:

"That’s one person’s opinion we don't agree with. We are grateful to those who have supported us so far this season and over the years and we expect the support to grow as the season goes on. This is a great sports town, as evidenced by the great crowds we had during the playoffs last season and many times this season. The Pacers are a very good team with a very good group of players, on and off the court, who are very proud representatives of the city and the state. That was pointed out many times from a national media perspective over the recent All-Star weekend. We look forward to seeing our great fans here at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.”

USA Today suggests a different reason for the Pacers' tepid support:

The NBA season-ticket-buying culture in Indianapolis is dead, at least for now. That has nothing to do with race. That has everything to do with six years of really bad basketball.

Here’s what Colin doesn’t quite get as he watches from afar in Bristol, Conn. After that 2004-05 season, pro basketball died here in Indianapolis. Ron Artest went crazy. Stephen Jackson, Jamaal Tinsley and others got in trouble. The team made the playoffs, but it was an unlikable team, and the Pacers were forced to trade off all those players in order to change the culture.

The result was five or six years of nice guys who couldn’t play a lick of basketball.

So yes, the Pacers did have a bunch of black thugs at one time, and people have long memories, even if the current crew is of better character. Of course, no one bothers to mention the price of tickets, parking, and concessions at games, or the effect that the recession which kicked in at the end of 2007 had upon the disposable income of many people.

It is at least understandable when a non-white plays the race card against us; the non-white can be said to be defending his own racial interests. But whose interests are served when whites play the race card against us?

Most likely those with surnames like Goldberg, Bloomberg, and Madoff.


Anonymous said...

Yep, the pathetic, pointless, totally empty dead end that is sports-following.

Yeah, the cost of wasting your time and hard earned money is a barrier to regular White people attending games. Whites all over this country just love their niggerball, so I think its more economics than race issues. Yeah, moron sports fans want to back winners, so they will be less inclined to spend a weeks wages on a family trip to the stadium/arena to see dumb jocks (of various colors) who drive cars that cost more than many fans make in one year, play badly and lose.

Geez, if White Americans as an organized group were a sports team, hardly anyone would pay to see them play. Talk about last place losers! Sad/funny thing is, its a team that loses because it is beating itself. The other "teams" dont have much work to do to win.

As for this whigger Cowterd, yeah, thats ESPN for you. "Everyone Should Praise Niggers" or "Egregious Semites Pushing Niggers" are some things ive heard those letters stand for.

The most signficant source of power we Whites have is economic. Even though we are not the wealthiest group in the USA, and our majority status is rapidly declining, our collective $$$ is still a major driving force. If White people stopped supporting the stupid "sports leagues" those leagues would crumble quickly. But no, Whitey just has to have his ball games.

You want to hear some real stupidity, tune in to your local sports talk radio station for a little while. Overwhelmingly all "White men" (show hosts and callers) and its embarassing just listening to them. Sports are definitely a modern "opiate of the masses."

Anonymous said...

Excellent writeup of this topic, Anchorage Activist! Speaking of Bloomberg, he's got his shekels working hard in the Jesse Jackson Jr. mess in Chicongo.

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