Wednesday, January 09, 2013

White Nationalist Hip-Hop: White Countries R 4 Ery1 By DJ SoshulKonstrukt Protests Against White Genocide

The video embedded below is a true test of our ability as White racialist activists to set aside our paradigms and become open-minded enough to exploit the full range of tools and venues available to us for promoting White racial consciousness. An activist who calls himself DJ SoshulKonstrukt has decided that since hip-hop has achieved such prominence in our culture and so many White youth listen to hip-hop, why not use hip-hop to spread OUR message for a change?

Few people hate hip-hop more than I do; I still consider it the devil's own music. But I know enough about hip-hop to deliver a coherent opinion about this video. This is an absolutely superb tool in getting the pro-White message across. The lyrics drive home the mantra -- again and again. The visuals are almost perfectly matched with the lyrics, and show the chaos attendant to multicultural societies. If you're going to use hip-hop to win over White youth, THIS IS THE WAY TO DO IT!!!

While we must remain firm in our core message, we must become much more flexible in how we deliver it. Pastor Martin Lindstedt uses shock, awe, and humor to deliver the message. Jett & Jahn use the entertainment motif. Harold Covington promotes a White homeland. The American Nazi Party has actually reached out to non-Whites through a separate sympathizer channel. The National Socialist Movement continues to attract younger people through their program of agitprop rallies. The tired old shopworn methods are no longer enough and do not effectively reach younger Whites who must directly contend with the challenges of multiculturalists in their communities and schools on a daily basis. People like Jared Taylor, Kevin McDonald, Greg Johnson, Jeromy Visser and William Finck may be dedicated White racialists, but they put the younger cadre to sleep. We old fogies allowed it to get fucked up -- if we cannot support the younger activists, at least get the hell out of their way and allow them an opportunity to contribute using their own specialized knowledge and understanding of their peers.

Either lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way.

Initial reaction to this video is highly favorable -- as of this post, it has 25 likes and only one dislike. On Stormfront, Alpha Rabbitt wrote "I know this one might split opinion amongst pro-Whites as Gangster Rap and Hip Hop are musical styles normally promoted by our enemies. However if that is what White and normal kids are listening to, then why not use the tools of the anti-Whites against them to spread our consistent message?" It's already attracting attention on the F2 Anonboard. A sampling of YouTube comments:

Alphaman7100 18 hours ago:
Great tune!

Smash the GENOCIDAL anti-White system with a consistent message. Nothing is more powerful than sound.

Africa for the Africans

Asia for the Asians

White countries for EVERYONE!?


Anti-racism is a code word for anti-White.

SAVETHECHILDREN6592 1 hour ago:
The WHITE GENOCIDE Mantra is a rebellion against the wholesale nonwhite invasion of white lands, a rebellion against the brutal attack on the political rights of white people,a rebellion against the theft of the inheritances of white people, and a rebellion against the cruel assault on the posterity of white people.

How is this not genocide:White countries flooded by non-whites.Whites are told be TOLERANT.Whites are forced to integrate.With assimilation we see the extinction of the White race.

jpmcauliffe 17 hours ago:
Excellent. Really well done. They say they are 'anti-racist' but WE know what they REALLY are. They are really just anti-WHITE. There is no justification for genocide you stupid anti-Whites.


WP said...

Look, if it wasn't truly honestly for the older generation fucking up then we would *not* be in this situation. Ben Klassen saw the situation, he saw thousands of little groups that should've banded together under the COTC and we would be well on our way to victory right now.

I am "Shane P Bunting" on Stormfront, and I myself have made some music, even though I have no clue who Dj Social Construct is. Note: My music doesn't speak for TCM or Creativity and I am not a member of TCM, so I want to make that clear. My site is: Go take a look at it, and you'll see one damn fine site. 1,000 views, almost 20 likes and 2 dislikes.

I am of this generation so can understand it a *lot* more than what these older people can, that's just whats up. You've said it pretty clear Ancourage Activist, about the older WN's backing off when it comes to us trying to do what we can. They wanted to kick me off of Stormfront because I listen to Dutch hip hop and openly believe that we can use Hip Hop, and it looks like the Rabbit crowd see that is true as well. Fawking Daw. Anybody can go search my posts on Stormfront. It's good to see Hip Hop getting recognition as a tool. It is already used in Europe and the NPD promote Makss Damage. Nationalist rap is big in Russia. Even some of Ian Stuart's music can be called Blues. 60 years ago was the horrors of Rock, and this time it's the horrors of Hip Hop. No bro, it's part of our future. Hell yeah! You know it. Not all of us listen to Five Finger Death Punch and want to get together in somebody's backyard for hard liquor and burgers. I don't drink or smoke...

Anonymous said...

I think that at this stage, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING should be tried, instead of the same old/same old rut that WN have dug themselves into. I often have wondered WHY - COUNTRY MUSIC - has been a forgotten theme for pro-White music? It seems that the people who enjoy "country", would be in many cases - THE - type of people whom WN could connect with. Yet, on the whole, WN's have gone into ONE "genre" ONLY - "bonehead rock", and the demand for that is dwindling as the "skin scene" gets older and dies off, as it is. We have GOT to go MAINSTREAM folks, if we are to reach the average, normal White population. For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, its strange, but why not? Rap is utter garbage and the blackest of black "music" but if this DJ wants to use it to promote a pro-White message, good for him.

Reminds me of what the great Ian Stuart (R.I.P.)did with rock music. Now, I know that the "White Power Rock" scene now is a dead end where skinheads get drunk and act like buffoons, and most of the music is pretty bad. But I do admire what Stuart did. He took negro rock n roll, pushed and promoted by the jews, and turned their own device against them.

Rock first was utilized in the 50s to promote integration, then in the 60s it was about promoting drug use and "free love" as well as leftist politics. After that its been about re-enforcing those above mentioned things and finding new levels of degeneracy. "The rock n roll lifestyle" etc.

Stuart pretty much single-handedly started a movement that reached a lot of people. I still remember the first time I heard the Skrewdriver song "White Power" it was a great feeling. I thought "this is rock music for me, for us, White people."

adam forbes said...

Not sure how to feel about the hip hop thing. But I guess it can't hurt. So long as its used as a vehical of racial awareness and not turned into what the bluegums sing about.
Keep the music white, respectable etc. And it may proove to be a useful tool.

adam forbes said...

A.a. thanks for letting my comment through. I must speak about Skinheads though. We are not mindless haters or ruffians as some make us out to be. I just ask that it be known .Skinheads are not all drunks and fools. 88

Anonymous said...

I might be one of the few who hate hip-hop more than you. Or at least as much. Talk about something with absolutely NO positive qualities whatsoever. To me, promotion of rap "music" and the hip-hop "culture" and its being so successfully ingrained into so many White people is one of the great triumphs of the jews and their cultural marxism.

In our sick society, some of the stupidest, weakest, most corrupt and most inferior are held up as heroes to be idolized, while the truly good people are shunned, casted out mocked, attacked. Just look at the cult of "celebrity" worship. Be they movie stars, music stars,tv stars, sports stars, even politicians, they are presented as being "better" than the rest of us.

"Rappers" are probably the bottom of the barrel. Rap takes NO talent. A computerized beat and some moron runs their mouth over it, spewing verbal sewage. As degenerate and scummy as most of the White "rock stars" are, at least rock music generally takes some talent; playing an instrument, vocal ability, songwriting.

Most of these rappers are nothing but common nigger criminal trash, obviously. Yet, it is not a bad thing in this culture- no, it is to be celebrated, and revelled in!Tucrap Shakur and the Notorious N.I.G. are viewed as some kind of urban folk heroes.

I dont even need to get into the "subject matter" of rap "songs." The word "filth" doesnt begin to describe it. When Ive been flipping through TV channels and catch a glimpse of a rap video, i think "and they wonder why we we call them niggers."

Always lame when I hear loud obnoxious bass thumping from a car stereo, and I see its a White trash whigger kid driving the car. Very common where I live. Even lamer when its not a kid at all, but a White "man" well into his
20s. (or older)

The disease of the hip-hop "culture" foisted on our young people (and the older ones who cant seem to mentally grow up) is one of the ultimate examples of "negrodation of chracter."

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 7:50 P.M. -- My attitude towards hip-hop as a style remains unchanged. It has been filthy, misogynistic, anti-cop, and anti-woman. Until now, it has offered no socially redeeming value.

But what this videographer has done here is to overlay a positive pro-White message over the top of the beat. Since many young whites listen to hip-hop, it is a way to turn a negative into a positive.

So I say give this guy a chance to see if he can accomplish his mission. You'd be surprised at how many young Whites play hip-hop from their car stereos; I see it at least once per day.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I know I went off on a rant in regards to rap, but yes, if this White man wants to use rap to deliver a pro-White message to our youth, that's great. I have no problem with trying all different avenues to spread the word, even very un-orthodox ones like rap. God knows we need some new tactics.

Anonymous said...

Rocky made a valid point about no racialist country music. Why is it that this fertile field is left dormant by WN? You would think that country music would be a natural for white racialists. A whole lot of conservative White people listen to country, probably more than even rock n roll. One thing about Rocky, the man often comes up with some pretty good and progressive thinking that so many others never even seem to consider. D Downs

adam forbes said...

As long as a Pro White messege gets out. Don't sing about killing Whitey, drug dealing, pimping.etc. I'm not a fan of the music, but the youth like this crap so I say why not?

Anonymous said...

Downs, are being serious or kidding? I hope you are joking. Rocky, as usual, appears to know next to nothing about the white power scene. What about Johnny Rebel? What about Youngland? What about all the white power bands that cover country songs? Even Resistance records had a country singer on board. No pro- white country. Go back to bed, Rocky.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of pathetic dumbed down Whites polluted by popular culture, look at this:

These are modern day American "White Men." Not kids, or even young men, adults, fully grown. I know it says they do charity work, but that doesnt stop me from being disgusted.

Anonymous said...

Most whites today are pretty pathetic. And its by their own personal choice too.

Anonymous said...

3:15, complaining about the populace is a losers tune. What whites need is the same thing everybody needs: leadership. The ANP in particular is bad about blaming the people instead of the leadership. If there is anything wrong with America, it is out fault. It is especially the fault of anyone that has been around for over 20 years. You want to play mini-Hitler, you have to accept that the buck stops with you. Leadership is the life and death of any people. And it can't be done from behind a computer or at a secret location.

Anonymous said...

11:09AM You are probably one of the people that the ANP complains about, tards who play on the internet in anonimity. Remember what Mussolini said - "One cannot make a marble statue out of clay", refering to his Italian people vs the Germans in WWII. You like most White people refuse to accept the responsibility for your actions, or lack of them. Peter Popkin

Anonymous said...

11:09AM no and it can't be done by people playing anonymous either! Gary Loouris

Anonymous said...

No Rocky and the rest of us know little and care less about the 'white power scene', like its some kind of fad or cult. Its the same with the vast majority of white people, This little collection of bonehead rockers, are not part of our political struggle. In fact, they do more harm with their I wanna kill all the niggers-rahowa noise, than good. These adolecent men, with their teenage fixations ought to take a good look in the mirror, quite laughing, and grow up!

Anonymous said...

A REAL NATIONAL SOCIALIST SAYS Rocky and his communist rejects, don't know about white-power because they are marxists! I know all about white-power. In fact, I know all about everything and more! Ask me how much eight and eight is - 88! See, I told you I am the one and only to ask!