Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Two NSM Members Rid Kentucky Of A Heroin Dealer, But Are Arrested For Murdering And Dismembering The Scumbag

This case gives me mixed emotions. Two members of the National Socialist Movement and an unaffiliated associate did Kentucky a huge favor by ridding them of a scumbag heroin dealer, but committed kidnapping and murder, and dismembered the drug dealer's body in the process, so they must face justice. Primary sources include Kypost.com and Hatewatch.

L to R: Harkness, Baumgartner, and Allen
The two NSM members, who are said to belong to the Kentucky Unit, are 23-year-old Anthony Baumgartner and 22-year-old Stephen Harkness; the third person is 21-year-old Jeffrey Allen. All three are being held without bail on charges of kidnapping, murder, tampering with physical evidence and abuse of a corpse, and prosecutors have not ruled out the death penalty. Boone County Sheriff's Deputy Tom Scheben says all three have confessed. The victim was 19-year-old Daniel Delfin, who was arrested in May 2012 for trafficking heroin in the area.

Summary of Crime: Jeffrey Allen, who planned the crime, caught wind of the fact that Delfin was dealing drugs in the Walton-Verona area, so he decided to solve the problem once and for all. Baumgartner and Harkness agreed to help him. According to investigators, the three suckered Delfin into meeting them on High Street in Walton on January 9th, 2013 using the ruse that they wanted to buy heroin from him, but needed to go get more money. Harkness drove with Baumgartner next to him in the passenger seat, while Allen was in the back next to Delfin. Allen assaulted Delfin with his fists, choked him, then eat him with a metal bar. Delfin was fighting to get away, kicking the windows and kicking the doors open. Eventually, Delfin was subdued to the point that he became unresponsive. They attempted to revive Delfin but were unsuccessful.

Once they reached Messmer Lane near Allen's House, Delfin was pulled from the back and attacked. They slit Delfin's throat, stabbed him in the chest underneath the rib cage up into the heart, rolled his body down a hill and left him dead in the bushes, covered in brambles. During the next four days, the men returned to the field and began dismembering the body with knives and a hatchet, scattering the body parts in the field and a landfill. Allen then put the body parts into white plastic garbage bags, put them in his mother's SUV vehicle and transported them to a dumpster located at the Super 8 Motel on Dream Street in Florence, KY. It's believed this last act occurred on January 13th, based upon records from Delfin's cellphone which showed it active until about 6:30 p.m. on that day.

Delfin was first reported missing on January 14th. Based upon input from a witness who said she'd overheard three men at Baumgartner's Florence apartment talking about kidnapping and assaulting Delfin, sheriff's deputies got warrants and on January 15th, interviewed the men, who quickly confessed, explaining that they hated drug dealers and considered them a blight on society. According to Anti Racist Action, the three didn't originally intend to kill Delfin; they merely wanted to teach him a lesson and get him to lead them to the local drug "kingpin". Allen was the first to confess; the other two soon followed. In the first court hearing on January 17th, Boone District Judge Charles Moore ruled that there was enough evidence in the case to have it presented to a grand jury for consideration, and ordered the trio to be held without bond. FOX19 news video embedded below:

FOX19.com-Cincinnati News, Weather

The Daily Mail provides some more background. Of the three suspects, only Baumgartner has a criminal record. In 2007, he was charged with cocaine possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. Two years later, he pleaded guilty to theft and was sentenced to 60 days in jail and two years’ probation. Also in 2009, he was accused of carrying a concealed weapon, but the charge was later dismissed. Both Allen and Harkness had served in the U.S. Marine Corps, but the former had been discharged dishonorably.

Analysis: These guys did Kentucky a huge favor by ridding them of a heroin dealer. Dealing hard drugs is different than dealing marijuana; hard drugs create additional crime. Heroin and meth are extremely debilitating; users commit other crimes to get the funds to fuel their habits. But this case illustrates how taking the law into your own hands can go wrong. Although they only intended to rough up the drug dealer, events escalated out of control and they ended up killing him. Now they face possible capital murder charges. So in doing society a favor, they will pay a high personal price. And they have to pay a price; you can't just go around arbitrarily executing people. There has been no official reaction to this case by the National Socialist Movement.

The three perpetrators attracted some support in the Daily Mail:

huggybear, corpusChristiTX, United States, 17/1/2013 19:28:
They Charged them with a crime? These three should be given a medal and a pat on the back

Lexor, Chicago, 17/1/2013 20:35:
Where can I mail them money for a defense fund?

philjudo, birmingham UK, 18/1/2013 6:06:
Could they not have found them a few dozen other drug dealers before arresting them??

Sheamus, Baltimore, United States, 18/1/2013 10:47:
maybe they should send them to Mexico to teach the locals how to deal with the Cartels?


Anonymous said...

The guy they killed was only nineteen years old. He probably was selling drugs to make money since unemployment is high. Even thiogh thats not an excuse selling drugs. It's a fact of life. Why didn't they show this kid a better life instead of killing him and dismembering the body. Only NSm people would do this kind of shit.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with 2:46AM. One NSMer was dishonorably thrown out of the military, you know how tough that is these days? The other was a drug user himself, with a criminal past. Instead of killing and mutilating this 19 year old white kid, couldn't they have dropped a dime on him to the police, or plastered the area with leaflets and posters exposing him? Cutting him up into tiny pieces is pretty damn sick, what normal person could do that. I cannot consider these creeps as any kind of hero's, they're all mentally imbalanced maniacs. Would you want such people living next door to you? Its wierd that almost monthly, something disgusting arises in the jew controlled media about those 'crazy nazis' thanks to Jeff Schoeps NSM.

Tom Stedham said...

Just to point out: a "dishonorable discharge" can ONLY be awarded by a General court-martial, and is ONLY given for serious felony offenses.
A Dishonorable Discharge is normally considered a "felony conviction" for purposes of employment, background checks, and firearms purchases.
He would not be able to legally own a firearm, for example.
He had to have been CONVICTED of serious felony offenses in the USMC to be given a Dishonorable Discharge.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the NSM are scum. Yes, this young White man very well could have been economically disadvantaged, just another White victim of modern jew-capitalism. But there is NO EXCUSE for dealing that poison. It is extremely dis-honorable and un-Aryan.

To make excuses and say "its a fact of life" that this White man "needed" to sell drugs is the kind of excuse niggers make.

What the NSMers did is wrong, but it is one less piece of White trash to deal with.

Anonymous said...

No mention of this on the NSM website, altho we can probably assume that per Jeff's usual backpeddling 'they left the NSM months ago'. NSM is certainly what I would refer to as a shit-magnet, what with all the human shit that they seem to attract.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 2:46 A.M: I could accept your reasoning if he was selling marijuana; pot doesn't generally render someone dysfunctional.

But not heroin, meth, or any other similar drug. Heroin and meth frequently render people dysfunctional or make them irrational. Users rob and mug people in order to get money for those drugs. There has to be zero tolerance for any recreational drug other than marijuana. And no, I don't smoke marijuana myself, although I did so decades ago with no apparent ill effects.

I agree that perhaps the NSM cadre should have offered the guy a one-time opportunity to come out of it.

Zane Wheeler said...

Class A drug dealers should be given the death sentence. It's as simple as that. Perhaps if the law and the judicial system wasn't so flawed these three men wouldn't have felt the need to take it into their own hands.

They are heros. Driven to committing sick acts in an attempt at self preservation. Self preservation that shouldn't have been required.

Anonymous said...

These are no hero's, they are examples of the worst of our race. Anyone who can chop up a dead body into tiny pieces is a freak. The guy they killed was only 19 years old, a kid. He was white, a I seriously doubt a 'big time drug dealer', or the cops would have been aware of him. Just looking at the pics of these three give me the creeps. They remind me of those anti-fa at tinley park, the dregs of our race.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Morris Dees will now sue the NSM and Jeff Schoep, since these NSM members were following the NSM code? After all, they killed that kid because of what the NSM believes, right?

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 10:44 A.M: Good point. Morris Dees sued Ron Edwards and the IKA on the same pretext.

Anonymous said...

I doubt that the enemy would go after their best poster-boy of hate, thereby removing the worst example that the jews media loves to wave about as examples of what NS/WN are supposed to be all about. No doubt that there are a few decent, naive people in the NSM who haven't yet learned the truth about Jeff Schoep and pals, but on the whole the NSM is a putred mass of freaks, disfunctionals and societal rejects. While you are correct AA, in stating that Dees using his usual litmus test for going after 'racist criminals' in the past, and successfully bringing down entire organizations over the actions of a few of its members, such as the late Pastor Butler suffered, NSM seems to have opened the door in recent years a surprising number of times, yet remarkably received a pass from Dees and the SPLC. Maybe Jeff Schoeps teflon, is because of NSMs usefulness in the jews scheme of things. With Schoep and NSM gone, who else would continue the traveling circus, for the jews to beat their drums about? No matter what any NSM membership may do, as long as they're useful to the enemy, knowingly or unknowingly, they'll stay off Dees scratch list. Perhaps I sound paranoid, but ask yourself why Schoep and criminal NSM membership can get away with all the things that NSM members have committed in the past, that brought other groups down and you have to admit it is very strange. From my own observation, WN organizations have been held liable for their members actions, even when it was incorrect by any gauge of common sense. Yet, not NSM - WHY? Randal Wallingford

Anonymous said...

randall, you sound like a typical ANP tard, trying to spread shit about americas formost leader of white people. Without jeff doing what he does at great personal risk this whole movement would be dead. commander shoep sets a proud example for white men to follow putting boots on the ground where you ANP cowards fear to go. His personal lifestyle is a pattern for all white men to emulate, and that why hes such a hit with women hes a real man! NSM dont fuck around they are the real deal. Without the help of retarded wimps like ANP the NSM will clean up america no matter what it takes. Fire and blood comes where ever NSM takes stand and plants boots on the ground. It wont be long before NSM is the only white power group left standing as the ANP and NA and klan all give up and the heros of the NSM steamroler ahead crushing the enemys of the white man! Hail the NSM!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Jeff Schoep teaches his members in the NSM? Certainly its not behaving like a normal White man should, and not commit crimes. Certainly not the Golden Rule. Does he attempt to teach them anything, beyond hating everyone who isn't White? What would have happened in Hitlers Germany, if someone off the street kidnapped, tortured, killed and then mutilated a corpse? This is not the actions of a National Socialist, much less a normal human being. It is the act of some crazed beast! If you read about it in the paper, you would assume that it was the work of a typical bunch of savage negroes, or meztizo gang bangers. No, these morons were taught nothing good by Jeff Schoep, not even common sense. The NSM is nothing more or less, than a White street gang, not a serious National Socialist organization. Every time something disgusting like this occures by NSM membership, Jeff Schoep hides under his rock somewhere, never even issuing a statement except through a proxy when the heat gets too much to ignore. Someday one of his followers is going to do something so outragously bad, that he is going to be held responsible for their actions. With all the deaths associated with the NSM in the past year alone, it might not be too far off.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Schoep sets a proud example for white people? WTF He's a known race-mixer who was married for four years to an ARAB woman named Joanna, who has a BLACK daughter from a previous relationship to a negroe named Raymond Smith! He's a convicted FELON-BURGLAR! He's a well known ADULTERER! He ABANDONS all of his children and ex's with no support! What kind of example is that for white people to want to emulate? Look in the dictionary for the word 'WHITE NIGGER TRASH' and Jeff's picture ought to come up.

Anonymous said...

The post at 3:10 is pure comedy. Gotta be a joke.

NSM a "white power group?" What does that mean? Schoep has the "power" to make money selling crap merchandise to guillable and stupid whites?

"Fire and blood comes where ever NSM takes stand..." ???

You mean vomit and excrement, right? That's what the NSM has been "spreading around" since they started.

NSM "steamroler crushing the enemies of the white man" ?

Take that steamroller and crush the NSM, that's a good start.

Anonymous said...

For anyone who gets tired of all the anp online bickering lying crybabying, and sissyboy talk talk talk talk talk from effeminate males who are afraid to put boots in the street, or anywhere else but talk the big stuff online and crap talk the nsm and everyone else non stop. Here is the latest article by Jeff Schoep and the NSM, and it sails anything of the crap writing from the anp right outta the sewer. Check it out,sorry with all the anp spamming on this blog figured might be nice to see a good article for a change other than rocky whining for money or bad talking everyone Slamming the Door on Amnesty by Jeff Schoep

Anonymous said...

How about we slam the door on people who RACE MIX, who are BURGLAR FELONS, who ABANDON their WIVES and CHILDREN, who commit ADULTERY, who MURDER people and chop them up into little pieces, especially BABIES, who ABUSE ANIMALS, who WORSHIP SATAN, who KIDNAP and RAPE young CHILDREN, need more? If we did that, that would mean that JEFF SCHOEP and most of the NSM membership would have the door slammed into their ugly mugs! No, you can keep Jeff's moronic babbling right there IN the SEWER where it belongs. After seeing the Kikemander Poop on kosher Comedy Central program, being made the butt of a negroids humor like a stuffed dummy, we have all had more than enough of arab-bum-lover's 'wisdom' than we can stomach! Now, when Jeff writes about the joys and pleasures of bedding and waking up next to a non-white who produced a negroid offspring, from a previous marriage to a black man, then we might be curious. How did it feel, Jeff? For four years you bedded a mud, leaving your white wife and six kids for her, and she had been married to a black man for nine, yet she paraded herself too as a 'neo-nazi'. WTF Jeff, don't you see ANYTHING WRONG with this picture? Shelly Anderson 14/88

Anonymous said...

I have to refer to something Rocky Suhayda and probably others have said regarding this NSM stuff:

What Would Hitler Think?

If he took a look at the "National Socialist Movement" aka "America's Nazi Party" what might his reaction be?

To see these "Aryans" claiming to be adherents to his ideology, using his symbols and invoking his name?
I would imagine he would feel things like:
Disgust, Sadness, Pity, Shame. Perhaps disbelief, that this must be some kind of joke?

Yeah, its so easy to use the slogans and symbols, present the image and be a "Nazi." Anyone can play that game.

But to be a true National Socialist
is not easy, it means LIVING IT. The NSM have clearly shown that they are not much concerned with National Socialism and what it is about, the true substance and spirit of it. But they are happy to induldge those (friend and foe) who want the cliched "Neo-Nazi" image, right up in your face. NSM has been bad from the start, and its not surprising that their personnel from top to bottom is the kind that Hitler might describe as "untermenschen." And not in the racial context, rather the context of "Personal Quality."

Anonymous said...

For all sincere National Socialists in America, the ANP is the only real voice of substance there is. These fringe clublets are hollywood nutzi's who are wearing the symbolism, yet don't really understand it. A few others are freaks of the worse kind, attracted to NS by the evil image that the enemy has created about it.

Aaron St.Clair said...

Leave it to the ARA to call out every NSM member a hateful Nazi!

From what I'm getting just out of the comments section is the same old ANP verses NSM drama club... And you call yourself's National Socialists?

Regardless what we think about OTHER so-called organizations and yes there are those so bad that would make Hitler & the NSDAP roll over in there graves! Time to cut the bull and get down to business! Our country is fallen all to pieces and now our GREAT ONE is after our guns...

Enough ranting about the obvious and yes both the SPLC & ARA have yet to post the source of the online forum they used to identify the two that committed this horrible crime as NSM, I am guessing they saw something over on Stormfront or NewSaxton... Hence Kypost never said anything about Neo-Nazi's.

By the way... My name's Aaron and I'm just another pissed off Nationalist. Here's a link to my NEW blog for anyone that want's to follow.


Aaron 88

Anonymous said...

Aaron, the enemy has a very strong intelligence collecting apparatus, unlike the WN's who think all of that is too much effort. With every story that they come out about crimes etc, that WN commit, they have photos of the perps, matched with names that their info collectors collect off of these same idiots face-book sites etc. Movementites have zero sense of security, too many act like its a game of some kind. You think that the ANP shouldn't expose the rotten apples in the movement? How would that serve us better? Until we clean up our act, we'll collectively go no where!

Anonymous said...

Yes Aaron, we of the ANP are National Socialists, I have been an active NS since I was 16 years old, 45 years ago. You seem to take umbrage over the ANP's exposing the rotten eggs in NS/WN, why? Isn't it necessary to "clean up our own backyard, before pointing at the neighbors"? How can we gain any real credibility - pointing out "nigger criminal behavior", as an example - IF we don't condemn, that right within our own "movement"? You seek to "get down to business"? Great! Can we count upon YOU to become a candidate in REAL American politics, instead of sitting on the sidelines? Until White Americans ACTUALLY take part in the electorial process - we have no right to complain - about those who have, and ARE in CONTROL - BECAUSE they DID. Better to have TRIED and lost - than NEVER to have TRIED at all, eh! For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman www.AmericanNaziParty.com 88!

Anonymous said...

The fact is whether it be NSM, HS, NA, AF etc, you have people in all of these groups that have done plenty of degenerate stuff. But that does not define the whole entire group. I think this is a general rule and fact that goes for anything.

Anonymous said...

4:47am-Jew media arises non stop on the NSM because it is one of the nations largest pro-white groups. When someone is gaining success and accomplishments in the pro-white world you can bet Jew media will have a "few" words to say.

Anonymous said...

The jews PROMOTE those groups that they feel helps them PROMOTE a negative image of WN, in the worst possible way. NSM fits that mold. Thats why they never publicize organizations that they would like to see die on the vine. In this way they hope to channel angry people into dead-end operations, by giving them the "Big Bigot Build-up". The jews aren't dumb.

Anonymous said...

NSM is full of degenerates. Its not just a few individuals giving the whole group a bad name. Any decent person who wants to get involved in WN/NS should know very well by now how rotten the NSM is. No excuse for getting anywhere near them now. Even if there are a few good people in the NSM who have been there awhile, why the hell would they still be there? I dont know why anyone would have joined them in the first place. They were bad from the start.

Doing the tired old Hollywood Nazi costume stuff (Phase One) in the
21st Century is ridiculous. Not to mention that NSM is part of Commander Disability Benefits "Tyr Productions Company," its a business, a money-making venture.
Yes, other groups have/had bad apples, its inevitable. But the NSM is by far the worst, a barrel full of bad apples.

Also, yes, it is very important that the "bad elements" (of which there are far too much of) in this Movement be exposed, and hopefully cast off. If we dont clean up our own house, just ignore "indiscretions" by leaders and group members just because they are "one of us" then we are just as bad as Democrats and Republicans.

Anonymous said...

The NSM is NOT the same organization that it was five years ago. I myself left after the 'satansgate' affair, and then one after another NSM was in the news for some dysfunctional event. None of the people who were in it back then with myself, is a member anymore. They all quit because of Jeff Schoeps fuck-ups, he's being outed as a confirmed race mixer was the last straw for most. You can only lie and fuck-up so many times, until people don't believe your excuses any longer. NSM had a good thing going with a lot of good people involved, for a while, now its basically a skinhead gang. And sincere National Socialists know that that is not real National Socialism. Its a street gang using nazi symbolism. Schoep is a fake. Walter Bonds

Anonymous said...

As they say, if you are not being talked about then you are not doing your job. Hitler is highly publicized in bad light by the Jew Media as well on tv and news articles all the time. So are you trying to say that Hitler was un-effective as well? It seems a lot of people are very jealous of NSM and Jeff Schoep when if you are white, you should be supporting our cause and people. It's bad enough non-whites post on this site non-stop but when we have other so called pro whites making it their job to hate and talk down any other group but their own, it makes me sick. How can any pro white make hating ANY of our people a priority be relevant or even allowed to post such posts non stop? Some people need to just move on. Focus on the what we are supposed to be fighting for. A future for our children and our race. Our quality of living is decreasing daily while you sit on your computers and go on and on about he said she said. Perhaps you have given up and cannot stand to see that others have not.

Anonymous said...

Wow....stop eating your own.
As an aside, these kids acted independantly of the NSM..
How many drug dealers are murdered everyday? Does anyone ever ask the political party of the murderers? NO!

Knock it off people!

Anonymous said...


Here in Duluth,Mn there are plenty Heroin Scumbags that need a hanging tree! Just go to the central hillside,West end/Lincoln Park Area!!!!Look for Midtowne Manor 2!The Fuck who runs it is has a history of drug use!!!


Anonymous said...


All heroin dealers are Faggots :-)

Anonymous said...

Degenerates and morons are NOT 'our own', especially when through their criminal and anti-social actions, they smear the entire WN struggle. Our fight is too important to allow this anymore. NSM in particular appears through their own actions, not by those of the enemy, to be a crap-magnet when it comes to enlisting the worst type of white people in their gang-like organization. As Chairman Rocky Suhayda of the ANP has stated over and over, we would all be much better off if NSM didn't exist. Com'on, Jeff Schoep himself is a race-mixer as well as a numerous adulterer. And if your Captain acts the part of a Non-Aryan, what can you expect from the crew? I for one am tired of EXCUSES being made for Non-White behavior that never ceases! Paula S.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Paula! I think that us women WN are about the only ones who object strongly about so-called WN leaders being adulterers, ans we're supposed to be quite about it? No more! If our men disrespect us that badly, we need to start standing up for ourselves for the proper manner of White society. Men like this Jeff Schoep are no better than blacks in the hood. They treat women like trash too. Lynn

Anonymous said...

To the last 2 posters claiming to be women, nice try anp boys. The NSM and especially Jeff Schoep are well liked in the Movement, and with Jeff he is especially well liked by the ladies, and that is the problem with some of the guys that can't seem to keep his name out of their mouth. Seriously boys? You guys need to learn to start acting like men, and perhaps the women will like you too. Its terrible these young men in this article are wasting away in jail now, and all some twerps on this forum want to do is run their mouths about how bad Jeff is and how bad the NSM is? Seriously WR, enough of the anp spam already everyone is about ready to toss their cookies if we have to hear anymore complaining from the anp reactionaries. 88 Brittny