Friday, January 04, 2013

Tinley Park ARA Terrorists Accept Plea Deal, Sentenced To As Much As Six Years In Prison

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Screenshot of police photos of Tinley Park terrorists

-- Top Row, left to right: Cody Sutherlin, Jason Sutherlin and Dylan Sutherlin, all brothers
-- Bottom Row, left to right: Alex Robert Stuck and John Steve Tucker

While it was severely watered down, the victims of the Anti-Racist Action (ARA) terrorist attack upon white racialists meeting at the Ashford House Restaurant in Tinley Park, IL, on May 19th, 2012 did receive some measure of justice on January 4th, 2013. The five perpetrators accepted a plea deal and were sentenced.

Against the advice of their attorneys who believed they could win at trial, the perpetrators, after plea deal negotiations dating back to October, pleaded guilty to three counts of armed violence Friday in a Bridgeview courtroom. Judge Carmen K. Aguilar handed down the sentences in the attack in which the five men, who were part of a group of an estimated 18 antifa, stormed the restaurant wearing masks, hoods and gloves with axes and metal batons to assault their victims. In exchange for their pleas, more serious charges of mob action, aggravated battery and criminal damage to property were dropped. The defendants and their sentences, according to the Tinley Park Patch:

-- Cody Sutherlin, 23 - five years in the Illinois Department of Corrections
-- Dylan Sutherlin, 20 - five years in the Illinois Department of Corrections
-- Jason Sutherlin, 33 - six years in the Illinois Department of Corrections
-- John Tucker, 26 - 42 months in the Illinois Department of Corrections
-- Alex Stuck, 22 - 42 months in the Illinois Department of Corrections

All five men have been in custody since the May 19th incident and will receive credit for 233 days time served and will have to pay $587 in court costs. They will also be on parole for two years upon release from prison. With good behavior, they will be eligible for parole after serving 50 percent of their time.

Reaction: Defense attorneys were generally disappointed in the clients' willingness to accept plea deals and praised their clients for their anti-racist activism. Attorney Sara Garber, who represented Alex Stuck, even went so far as to smear the victims, saying "All the Nazis at the restaurant have records, with violent felony backgrounds. They had weapons, guns in their cars." First, the victims weren't "Nazis", and second, only two were established to have criminal records. Furthermore, one of those two, Steven Speers, was considered a possible ARA mole. Brian Barrido, attorney for Dylan Sutherlin, claimed the prosecution was politically motivated, saying that one of the victims injured in the attack was reportedly the brother of a longstanding Cook County official.

One person, Harry Callahan, posted a comment to the Patch claiming that the five assailants had ties to the Occupy movement. "This group has ties to the Occupy group which were in town protesting in Chicago the same W/E they did their attack,and the Occupy group was supported by the Democratic Party and obama,even ms pelosi when to bat for them when they were protesting elsewhere when the police were to harsh on them.= a national news press conference.I happen to be scanning that Saturday when all this took place,and not to much later the TPPD. contacted the FBI WHY? on a disturbance in a local eatery,this incident goes a lot deeper than we are being told".

Efforts to find the remaining 13 perpetrators quickly fizzled after the attack. However, it's believed authorities were satisfied merely with finding five of them. One Stormfront member wrote "They were the sacrificial lambs. If they hadn't been caught at/near the scene by the police the investigators would never have attempted to catch them. They could easily have arrested the others. We've seen this before. If a White guy punches a mulatto in a bar and it's found out that he went to a Klan or Nazi rally 15 years ago then they are investigating every White in those groups. These jokers had enough evidence from their facebook accounts to link them to the others but made no efforts". But in general, Stormfronters were pleased that at least some justice was done. Posters on White News Now expressed similar sentiments.


Anonymous said...
NSM to rally in Texas

Anonymous said...

The NSM's Work Never Ends!


With Inglorious Bastards, people of Anglo Saxon heritage became uncomfortably shocked at the work of Quentin Tarantino. Seeing Jewish ‘Nazi’ soldiers hiding their ancestry in an effort to kill ‘their own’ seemed disingenuous as well as almost bastardly. Now, we see history revisited again in Django Unchained. (OFFICIAL TRAILER:

“Killing White people and getting paid for it...what's not to like?!” enthuses the main character, Django, who goes after White criminals (and his wife) throughout the pre-Civil War Antebellum South. This dialogue comes from the mind of a creative genius, who in an interview with Charlie Rose called famed director, John Ford, “racist,” and almost spuriously called the old west, “fascist.”

How can Tarantino explain or justify this creative vision that is so contrary to much of the history he seems to deride? Media critics have already questioned if Django Unchained is justifiable as a ‘Christmas movie.’ And the famed Black director, Spike Lee, criticizes the fellow-director, of being “disrespectful” of Black slaves of the past with his seeming cavalier attitude. It’s an anti-white hate-fest! Pro-White organizations like the National Socialist Movement would have been more even-handed to the historical players, and more aware of the effects had by such broad stereotypes being portrayed. Not even the talent of Leonardo DiCaprio can save the film from Tarantino’s anti-white venom…er, vision.

The National Socialist Movement agrees with the critics and industry professionals. Why reopen the wound of America’s past “sin” of Black slavery? It’s one thing to DIRECTLY impugn the integrity of Whites of the past through commentary and discussion, but almost ‘inglorious’ to do so while INDIRECTLY condemning Whites with one’s artistic efforts. The movie is a travesty in the portrayal of two people – Blacks AND Whites!

The National Socialist Movement is the largest pro-White civil rights organization in America. It has chapters across America, and affiliates around the world.


Anchorage Activist said...

Thanks for the head-up; I've now published a post on the proposed rally.

Anonymous said...

Well, I do hope that these ARA Inbreds get some regular doses of the "diversity" they love so much while doing their time. Maybe while in prison, they can take their "cultural understanding" crap to a new level when they find out what its like to be a woman.

As for another inbred, Tarantino, his garbage "films" fit right in in the Hollywood kosher garbage factory. Those vile Weinstein kikes that made his career have produced plenty of non-Tarantino anti-White filth. There's different levels, degrees of propaganda attacks. Tarantino is one of those at the most blatant levels.

Tarantino is part Cherokee Injun (unlike most Whites, and blacks for that matter, who pretend to be) so it makes sense that he would call John Ford racist. By the way, I recommend watching Ford's classic "The Searchers" probably the best western movie ever made.

Spite Lee is a pathetic little nigger boy who had one hit film back in 1989 and hasnt done much since, despite the jew media propping him up. I dont think Di Caprio is "talented." He's a movie star, not an actor. That's what Hollywood is all about. Its business, an industry. When art becomes a commodity, artistic integrity, talent, ability, all get thrown out. When the jews get a hold of something, they pervert it in every way. No substance, just illusion.

As for the NSM, well.....yeah.

Anonymous said...

Make sure the NSM shows up in their regular costumes, yelling and screaming and being drunk like Schloer was last time they rallied, and make sure they have a police controlled event where everyone is patted down and required to show ID and take a police bus. The NSM might as well hold a rally in an FBI building in Texas since their rallies smell of FED all over them (remember Brian Holland?).

Wendel Fettig said...

I was actually looking forward to going to testify against these pigs considering they attacked old people before even getting to our table they should of received a lot more time and a hate crime charge also like any one of us would of been charged with , well I will never forget it that's for sure .

Anonymous said...

Typical ZOG injustice. Those last 2 get 42 months. Good behavior and serve 50 percent? Less than 2 years for a violent mob attack, wearing the usual ARA masks and hoods.

Cant help but think what a masked "neo nazi" gang or klan group might get for attacking non Whites or ARA types in a similar way.

Im sure they are part of occupy movement. Occupy members have turned out to protest Pro-White demos.

Oh, and one of our American "NS" type groups supports the occupy movement. Strange.

Anonymous said...

Whine, whine, whine about Zogs "justice" - what the hell did you EXPECT? You want some JUSTICE? Then it SHOULD have been given them at Tinley Park, instead of hiding under tables. NO SECURITY. No lookouts, or guards of any kind - everybody just wanted to have fun. Well, after this - I hope that rightwing reactionary "patriots" pull their heads out, and realize that this isn't a game, nor is real-world activism the same as playing on the internet. Next time, at least leave ONE person outside to phone in an alarm if needed. Bring MACE or WASP SPRAY, look at your surroundings and devise a PLAN for defence if your attacked. Review "what" can be thrown or used as a weapon in the room itself. I could go on, but your all useless whiners... For White Worker Power! Rocy J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and one of our American "NS" type groups has a Commander that is a race-mixer. Strange.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Schoep is a well known race mixer, and the NSM is a well known clusterfuck of creeps, cruds, felons and feds. Surprised? We've had outright jews as neo-nazi leaders in the past, Frank Collins-Cohn, Andrew Greenbaum, Willy Weiss, just to name a few. Thats because American NS has been of the hollywood-nazi variety, not real National Socialists. Its all been about getting publicity in the jew media, not building a serious, orthodox based NS movement. I'm personally amazed at people who are impressed at how much negative filth an organization has willingly poured on them by the kikes, is a positive sign. Its never good publicity, is it? Why go out of our way, when they call us, to give them the time of day. They're the enemy! Fuck'em!

Anonymous said...

7:12- ANP fan-

Everyone knows by now what a sick joke Schoeps "Nazi criminal gang" is. The ANP sure loves to keep on harping on the NSM "look how much better we the ANP are than the race mixers, weirdos, thugs in the NSM are!" Yeah, the NSM makes virtually everyone else look better by comparison, that's not hard to see. We get it.

The ANP loves it that the NSM sticks around and does its stupid publicity stunts. Helps to deflect attention from the ANP and its many shortcomings. NSM is old news, theyre done. Let those sickos rot away into obscurity.

I find it funny that ANP chairman misspelled his own first name in his post at 5:16. This is the same guy that cant get his own age straight.

Anonymous said...

Rocky's rants distract from real white nationalism but they are funny to read. He'll come back a few hours later and congratulate himself anonymously. AA have him a golden opportunity to run with the big dogs but he only ended up making a total fool of himself. Then you've got resident clown, Taylor Bowles. You just need to take one look at Bowles wearing a Santa costume standing next to a teenager boy dressed as an elf on his blog. That speaks for itself. Nothing else needs to be said. No, it isn't a young woman as what you might expect. I'm not making this up.

Anonymous said...

Take a good look everyone at 4:05 AM comment about Mr. Bowles. According to that statement Mr. Bowles is suppose to make sure he never gets photograghed with another male in any picture at any event because that makes its look FAGGISH. Isn't that the most retarded thing you ever read on this BLOG? To me it is. Mr. Bowles has three daughters. Oh yea. That makes a person a fag too. Duh! If having a picture with males around a person makes them a FAG then Jeff Schoep is the biggest FAG in the world. haha