Monday, January 14, 2013

Joseph Hall Found Guilty Of Second-Degree Murder In The Killing Of His Father, Former NSM Activist Jeff Hall

I did not spend much time discussing this case, because quite frankly, it's depressing when a kid decides to haul off and blow a hole in his father's head just because he's pissed off at him. But on January 14th, 2013, the late NSM activist Jeff Hall received a measure of justice in a California courtroom when Riverside Superior Court Judge Jean Leonard, in a trial held before the judge alone, found 12-year-old Joseph Hall guilty of second degree murder in the slaying of his father Jeff Hall on May 1st, 2011. Because of his age, Joseph was not tried as an adult. The story has gone international thanks to the Daily Mail, but good local coverage was provided by the Press-Enterprise and the San Bernardino Sun and the Southwest Riverside News Network. A discussion thread has been posted on Stormfront. Press-Enterprise reporter Chris Ercoli recorded both the prosecution and defense reaction in the video embedded below:

Prosecutors maintained that the crime was both deliberate and premeditated, saying that the boy killed his father to keep him from splitting up with his stepmother. Joseph's younger sister bolstered the prosecution's case last week by testifying that the boy plotted the shooting days in advance. Prosecutor Michael Soccio told the court Jeffrey Hall was a loving father despite his neo-Nazi ties. However, defense lawyers suggested that the boy snapped because he was allegedly beaten and kicked by his abusive father and that, at the age of 10, he was still too young to understand what he was doing. A psychologist testifying for the defense told the court the boy had been conditioned to violence by years of physical, emotional and probable sexual abuse. Thus the defense sought either exoneration due to self-defense at best, or a verdict of involuntary manslaughter at worst. But it appears Judge Leonard split the difference, demonstrating by her verdict that although she considered the crime to be deliberate, that there was sufficient doubt as to whether it was truly premeditated. Judge Leonard noted that after shooting his father, Joseph put the gun under his bed and he did not cry when the police arrived, which implies that Joseph knew his actions were wrong and did not want to get caught.

Joseph's stepmother, Krista McCary, testified that Joseph had been violent almost his entire life, explaining that he repeatedly hit his sisters and his stepmother, stabbed classmates at school with pencils and once tried to strangle a teacher with a telephone cord. As a result, he was expelled from at least half a dozen schools. It is for this reason that the prosecution pressed this case so vigorously; the evidence was almost overwhelming that Joseph Hall continues to pose a danger to society.

Along with the murder count, Judge Leonard also found true sentence-enhancing gun and great bodily injury allegations. She scheduled a dispositional hearing in the case for February 15th. The Riverside County Department of Probation was directed to draw up a pre-sentencing report listing options for Joseph’s placement. The boy is expected to be incarcerated until the age of 23. Matthew J. Hardy, the public defender who represented Joseph and who frequently played the Nazi card to denigrate Jeff Hall during the trial, said he planned to appeal.

Shortly after the murder, the National Socialist Movement paid tribute to Jeff Hall's activism, while avoiding any comment about the case itself. But while Jeff Hall is to be commended for his pro-White activism, this case brings to mind the statement once made by the late LDS Church President David O. McKay, who said that no success abroad can ever compensate for failure in the home. The Hall family may have done the best they could for Joseph, but it was not enough. Jeff Hall paid for it with his life, and now Joseph will pay for it with his liberty. The most foolproof form of White activism is to create and raise healthy White families. While the Cause is important, never sacrifice your family for the Cause.


Anonymous said...

Stand by for Rocky and the ANP's shit talk reagrding this tragedy. A person is dead, a little boy is scared for life and a family is destroyed, isn't that enough?

NO, I am not a member, nor fan of Hall and the NSM.

Anonymous said...

Again, an activist that talked that talked; but didn't walk that walk. It seems to be the NSM's way.

Anonymous said...

A childs behavior is the result of his parents upbringing. Jeff Hall, dispite his hollywood nazi antics, was obviously not the kind of parent that deserves praise. Far from it, he was a petty little drunken, unemployed bully who took out his personal frustrations on others, including his own children. If the daughter was aware of this boys plans, and she told no one, she must have deep inside felt some understanding of what the little ten year old boy felt necessary in doing. Once again, the white movement has been given a black eye, by a lowlife slapping on a swastika. As AA states in the last paragraph, family, especially ones children comes before anything else. Mr Hall led his life by his leader Jeff Schoeps example, who has abandoned his children due to his rampant and unAryan sexual urges. Playing the role of a costumed hollywood nazi was more important to both, than cherishing and mentoring their own flesh and blood. No matter which manner one may try to white-wash it, Jeff Hall was a very poor representative of Adolf Hitlers beautiful National Socialism, rather he was a by-product of this sick jewish dominated society that we suffer under.

Anonymous said...

A REAL NATIONAL SOCIALIST provides a hypocritical example:
This discussion a Jew Commentator (David Sirota) speaking with Negroid (Don Lemon) while 2 other stand by in quiet approval on screen, calls for White Racial Profiling with regard to Gun Violence (mass shootings) and says the reason that the Race of the shooters in recent mass shootings is not being discussed is because of "White Privilege", yet for the vast amount of Black on White crime, especially Rape of white women, the Race of the negroid attacker is either NOT reported or is purposely omitted. The Jew also omits that a vast majority of violent crime is indeed committed by Negroids and "persons of color", especially Rape, Assault, Murder and other "Crimes on Persons".

Anonymous said...

I'm not an NSM member either but this whole affair has proven that the ANP is a bunch of soulless monsters by their own words. Taylor Bowles was running around saying how Hall's children danced around singing "ding dong the witch is dead" when Hall was killed. A father was killed by his son you sick fuck. You can accuse the ANP of being feds, Jewish shills or whatever. Laughing and making fun of a dead father killed by his son? That is right from the horses mouth and repulsive beyond words.

Anonymous said...

Im not going to comment on the specifics of this, the court case or the people involved. Im not qualified to, I dont know all the facts. All I can say is that it is very, very sad.

What I will say though, which is something most are aware of, is that this is one of MANY bad incidents involving NSM members. Though this is certainly one of the most sad and disturbing. (The other being what happened in AZ with Ready.)

The NSM should be looked upon for what it is: Not any kind of legitmate Pro-White Acitvist org, but an unfortunate blight on the whole cause that fulfills the worst of stereotypes.

I wont even say that the NSM is an example of something to learn from, of how not to do things. They were bad from the beginning. They never seemed intent on attempting to engage in productive activity, or attract decent White people.

It wasnt just the personnel involved, but the fact in the 21st Century they were doing the long outdated Phase One "Hollywood Nazi" antics. It should go without saying that the NSM was badly flawed from the beginning. I would hope that at first sight if the NSM, any sincere and right minded pro-White individial would realize it was NEVER for anyone serious about the cause. It was bound to attract a certain type of person, I concur with 4:01 that the groups leader set the tone for the followers, in regards to behavior and conduct.

The only reason to mention the NSM now is to explain to others, if the topic of the NSM arises, that they do not represent true WN/NS/Pro White activism at all.

Anonymous said...

This sad, tragic case serves as a stark reminder of what happens when ideology becomes more important than family life, especially when young children are involved.

There is a lesson to be learned here.

Anonymous said...

Rocky, do you really think you are in a position to bad mouth someone with a mentally ill son?

Anonymous said...

There sure is a lesson to be learned here. When you abuse your children like Hall did you will get your ass shot. What a worthless dad he was.


Whats the hardest holiday for an NSM member to observe?

Ding-dong the witch is dead!

Answer: Fathers Day

Anonymous said...

7:41 is obviously Taylor Bowles making a reference to his bizzare wizard of oz fetish. How can Bowles talk about being a good father? He ran off and abandoned his 3 children to "run for president" which he never actually did.

One thing about the ANP, they declare that ZOG doesn't lie. Enough of Jeff Hall's family has come foward to say he was a loving and dedicated father. But as usual, the ANP sides with ZOG. How can you defend these guys, AA? You don't have to like the Nsm but you can plainly see the ANP for what it is. What monsters sides with the enemy to ridicule a dead father by a deranged and troubled child? At any point, Jeff Hall could have given up on the boy and put him in a mental ward. Remember that was Taylor Bowles' solution to his abandoned daughter when she threatened suicide. Maybe if her father wasn't out strutting around in his Nazi costume with teenagers, she wouldn't have had such problems.

Anonymous said...

Very sad what happened, and also sad that a moron on here has used this tragedy to attack America's only legit NS group, the ANP. As always, no proof or references, just lies from the antifa crowd.

Anonymous said...

How do you know Bowles ran off from his children? Where is the proof? You have none. Submit the proof!

Maybe Jeff Hall should have put that kid of his in a mental ward like Bowles suggested. He would be alive now and gotten rid of the bad seed.


PS. How do you know that 7:41 is Bowles? You don't. Another guess. Rocky and the entire ANP staff put there names on comments in this blog. I doubt anyone would buck Rocky on that simple request.

12:32. All you do is spread bullshit in this BLOG with nothing to back shit up. Go screw yourself and your FBI/ARA buddies.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Hall apparently wasn't a loving dad as 12:32 PM paints him to me. Hall's daughter knew ahead of time about the brother going to shoot the dad and didn't say shit to anyone. Hall spread the abuse was like spreading peanut butter on bread. That's why.

A child shoots the father in the head!!! No happy kid does that. Hall brought that on his own. Maybe that kid did belong in a mental institution. Don't know. The way Hall acted we all knew he should have been committed. On tv in a SS uniform. Geez! Now, that's a fetish.

Anyhow, NSM Commnader Schoep has race-mixed, #2 NSM leader Schneider married a negress, and SS Chief Schloer abused his wife and is an alcoholic. Now, Suhayda and Bowles have never race-mixed, or married a negress, or accused of wife abuse or alcoholism. When you catch Bowles or Suhayda doing those things then I might listen how BAD they are. Until then, the NSM holds the lead by a thousand miles on bad behavior compared to the ANP.

Anonymous said...

A TRUE NATIONAL SOCIALIST SAYS The only thing that matters, is what the kid himself said. Why he did it. This NSM seems to have a bad habit of making marytres and hero's out of losers and degenerates. Another fine example of this is J T Ready. And of course Jeff Schoep and his race mixing.

Anonymous said...

A REAL NATIONAL SOCIALIST comments, I am neither a Jeff Hall nor NSM fan, in fact I have criticized the NSM and the ANP equally. However the posthumas attacks on Mr. Hall by self described White Nationalists and National Socialists violate all Aryan decency. These people who have attacked Mr. Hall after his death never would have done so man to man. Let's look at the facts, which few have done. The boy who murdered Mr. Hall was his son by Hall's first wife. The boy was a victim of drug use during pregnancy, a documented fact. Thus he was no doubt mentally damaged as a result. Mr. Hall obtained full custody in a California Court, no small victory and his National Socialist affiliation was used. The Court still ruled in his favor, a major victory. Thus, Hall's was interviewed by Court appointed officials, his home inspected and custody was still awrded dispite his National Socialist political activities. There is documented evidence that the boy had long standing mental issues and had been violent, at his school and toward other family and animals, his grandmother, aunt, step-mother and many others attested to this to Riverside officials and to the Court they all also stated that Mr. Hall was a loving father. It was not until there was a need to find a way to keep the boy from criminal custody rather than mental health custody did the unproven, and ultimately false allagations of abuse were injected. Allagations which the Judge ultimately discounted in finding the boy criminally guilty and stating that he had long been violent and there was no link to Mr. Hall's politics. Also keep in mind that the step-mother herself was charged, for the boys access to the gun, in a bit of over the top charging by authorities, most likely in an attempt to dig for more sexy info, thus her statements, againts her now dead husband, that ultimately lacked substance and merit. One may well assume that there was a gun accessible in the parents bedroom due to violent attacks by antifa which had occured at Mr. Hall's home or even a fear of the boy. Those in the so called "Movement" need to cease the eating of our own, and the attacks on our own, which mainly taks place by those who do nothing on those who do something, even if that something is not totally effective. At least there is an effort in the right direction and toard our enemies and not at eachother.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that the ONLY group where this kind of crap occurs, is the NSM? That is the question. No other WN org out there, has the amount of bad apples as this one does. From Jeff Schoep and his race-mixing, to Cliff Herrinton and his devil worship, to CoS Duke Schnieder marrying a congoid, to JT Ready killing his family including a baby, to Brian Holland the Fed snitch, Fox and Davenport the sex maniacs, to this creep abusing his family enough that his ten year old son shoots him. What a fucking collection of misfits and rejects! No wonder the nazi's have a bad image.

Anonymous said...

A REAL NATIONAL SOCALIST asks that facts be posted, as I recall, JT Ready had long left the NSM. As far as "snitches", It has been shown that Mr. Suhayda and the ANP has accepted, several times over very questionable individuals and with respect to at least 2, one made it known and emails have ben posted on this blog, Suhayda, had this individual fraudulent join other Organizations to gain acces to that Organization's Membership Rolls, and to spread rumors and lies in an effort to disrupt and cause hate and discontent. Rocky Suhayda then used the information obtained from his planted "snitch", in an attempt to recruit members from Organizations that he was attacking on his ANP Report and on this very Blog. This is a prime example of Jewish type tactics, unethical and unAryan conduct, not to mention outright hypocricy. The NSM does have quality and charater issues, but so does the ANP and others and this is because many, if not most so called and self professed White Nationalist Entities are too individualistic, to democratic and far too libertrian.

Anonymous said...

A REAL NATIONAL SOCIALIST COMMENTS No matter how dysfunctional and or wierd, I support anybody who slaos on a Swastika and acts like an ass in public. I do this simply because I myself wish that I had the courage to do so as well, but I'm afraid that I'm a confirmed coward who speaks from the shadows. I refuse not to cast stones at others, not because I'm a hypocrite myself, but also because if I act nice to everyone, hopefully they'll act nice to me. I only hope that someday, all National Socialists, sincere, hobbiest, or wacki hollyierd-nutzi can all get together and sing kumbuya why I lead with my personally handchosen, and goldplated baton. After all, dispite no following, or acceptance by anybody declaring National Socialist beliefs, I have self-appointed myself as the Mighty Fuhrers emmisary on earth, and final judge and arbitor of who and what National Socialism really is, I am the final word in deciding who is a REAL NATIONAL SOCIALIST and who isn't. More to come, of course...

Anonymous said...

This is a terribly sad incident, but I think its best that we just move on. I dont think anyone who posts here knows ALL the facts and details. It's just very awful that it happened at all.

We have gotten used to bad incidents occuring with the NSM, and most likely there will be more.
The NSM needs to be shunned and ignored. I see no point in debating this story, speculating etc.

We have known for awhile how bad the NSM is, as terrible as this story is, its not like its a shock. Also no need for sick jokes that are not only in very poor taste, but are very immature and make the person posting them look stupid.

We are looking at some very tough challenges in 2013 in terms of legislation ZOG will pass to further destroy the USA and eradicate us Whites. Yeah, every year is bad, but we have a negro president who was awarded his second term from the jews and will be looking to be that "scary nigger" that many conservative Whites feared he might be, and that all his fellow muds want him to be. There's gonna be a LOT of Whites who are gonna realize the idiotic GOP wont help, in fact the GOP is gonna start acting a lot more like the Democrats, in order to survive.

WE should be looking to give these awakened Whites a place to go. A place that can offer real help, and a place that they would WANT to be. It does us no good to continue to argue about the latest scandal involving a pathetic costumed clown "nazi gang."

14 Words Forever.

Anonymous said...

"Real National Socialist":

You say that the "NSM does have quality and character issues..."
That's like saying "the Pope is kind of religious."

The NSM is an absolute train-wreck, they are incredibly embarassing and disgusting and they are a disgrace to the Swastika and true National Socialism, and the legacy of Adolf Hitler.

That's fine if JT Ready had long left the NSM. The point is that he did something that, as horrible as it was, was yet ANOTHER bad incident invloving a current of former NSM member. It makes perfect sense that someone like him would have been involved in that group.

I know the ANP has its flaws, but there has NEVER been a current or former ANP member involved in anything remotely close to the stuff NSM personnel have done.

By your most recent post, Mr. Real NS, I see you are either a mental case, troll with too much spare time, or some anti.

You support "anyone who slaps on the swastika"

You're "nice to everyone so hopefully they'll act nice to you."

And, you are "the final word in deciding who is a real national socialist and who isnt."

Thank you sir, I needed a laugh tonite. Nice of you to put so much time and effort to entertain others.

I dont know if your mental hospital lets its residents use computers, or if you are an antifa who is bored cause you couldnt score any dope today, or maybe you got banned from VNN and needed a new place to go.

Good to have some comic relief once in awhile.

Anonymous said...

A REAL NATIONAL SOCIALIST replies to 6:38PM, I dare say that you have describd the ANP exactly, with their effort at attempting to "be nice to everyone, i.e. Jews, Non-Whites, Homosexuals, etc. Of course the ANP slaps on a swastika for some stratnge reason when their true colors are solid red with a hammer & sickle.

Your comment cannot apply to me as I have stated over and over that National Socialism is not for and should not be for everyone. It is the ANP that is being "all inclussive", just look at their web site and the banners on most of their "Supporter Blogs".

Anonymous said...

A REAL NATIONAL SOCIALIST talks about himself in the 3rd person and condemns and attacks others who are active in the NS cause. A REAL NATIONAL SOCIALIST doesn't need to bring up NS issues like the faggots in the ANP do since all one has to do to be a REAL NATIONAL SOCIALIST is make bizarre claims and embarrass himself anonymously online.

Anonymous said...

The NSALP was even worse.

Anonymous said...

What greater shame can a father have, than that his own ten year old son hates him enough to shoot him while he's passed out drunk on the couch. What a fine example of a National Socialist, to be drunk and passed out before his wife and kids - NOT! Sherry

Anonymous said...

A REAL NATIONAL SOCIALIST CLARIFIES Sherry, you are obviously a jew brainwashed, man hating so-called modern woman, filled with loathing and disrespect for proud aryan men! As a modern viking myself, I declare that I find the use of alcohol as necessary to my cultural beliefs, as much as bread and meat itself. Aryan men like myself need and deserve the release that alcohol brings, from the constant attacks and pressures that being a real national socialist brings. It also helps drive away those sexual longings that real national socialists like myself seem unable to fulfill as I can find no women worthy of my precious seed. Unlike the Rocky and the ANP communists, I am very selective of whom I intend to personally honor and bless. I am looking tho constantly on the internet, and have already saved over three gallons in disused olive jars, to eventually share with those deserving women, once we real national socialists gain power through my teachings and eternal wisdom and we will once more set up breeding stations for only those women who meet my standards. You, I'm afraid do not measure up! You, have a bad attitude! You, are the type of woman who belongs in the ANP, with Rocky Suyhada misdirecting you with his marxist teachings, such as not obeying men in everything that they demand of you! More later, I feel the need to add to my growing stockpile...NOW!

Anonymous said...

"THE REAL NATIONAL SOCIALIST" clarifies, The post at 12:11AM is so nonsenseical, it need not be replied to and is typlical of many ANP Eunuch replies, words that say nothing.

5:15 is making a lot assumptions in today's world where children shoot parents for telling them to go to bed, clean up their room and to behave. The fact is many in the so called "Movement" who give "parenting" and "marriage" advice and criticism have either never had children, or never been married, or in the case of ANP Members, are Homosexuls, or have had several children with several mates and have married none of them which puts them on par with nigroids. Hall, to his credit, was maried, had fought for his child, and achieved custody in a Ca Court. I again say, I am not a Hall fan, but we must be objective if we are to be proper Aryans.

11:34AM is not "The Real National Socialist" who has suggested A.A. moderte a debate with Mr. Suyahda.

It is rather interesting that a grat many self described White Nationalits and National Socialists are very vocal and cyberspace and ready willing and able to engage other Aryans, but rarely,and most of the time NEVER do anything to engage our enemy and in a lot of cases embrace our enemy and even call for greater understanding and co-existance with enemies who sek the destruction of our Race and Culture and the corruption of our women and children.

I have by the way, never spoken of myself in the 3rd person.

Thank you to whomever reposted the 4:55PM Post, I posted that on another Thread.

Anonymous said...

Rocky is in such bad shape that he's constantly caught referring to himself in the third person. The ANP is bad to its original form as a small collection of Internet trolls. Looking back, I don't know what they hoped to accomplish. Take down the NSM? If they did, another possibly more powerful group would take their place. Even Rocky knows deep down that it wouldn't mean anyone special coming over to the ANP. They be stuck with the very most useless throwbacks at best and as usual. I think someone was paying them to try and tie up any and all NS over high school drama and BS. Look at what's going over al over. Rocky's Christian Indentity counterpart, Martin Lindstedt operates roughly the same way.

Anonymous said...

Great new ANPReport on the website. Chairman Suhayda starts off the new year, with some compelling suggestions of what NS/WN need to do, in order to pull this movement out of its collapse, and to begin to professionalize it. The ANP-Twitter campaign has now broken the 2,400 mark! Party Comrades in WV have launched their new NS blogsite in co-ordination with their stepped-up outreach efforts - see links. And the Jan. issue of The White Worker magazine is 28-pages this month! Next ANP Talk-Shoe radio will be the 26th of this month - don't miss it as we continue to expand upon the Partys agenda to move American National Socialism, out of the silly and tired Phase One tactics, and into real-world political action! 701 downloads already, of our first radio-show of 2013! Hail the ANP! 88!

Anonymous said...

Yes it is a very good ANP Report, but then again, they all are. Rocky and his team of professionals are doing a fine job but could advance the cause much further if all these whiny reactionaries would give up complaining anonymously online and actually join the struggle.

Well be looking forward to the next Talk Show as well!


Anonymous said...

A REAL NATIONAL SOCIALIST comments on the outstanding ANP growth:

One person in WV, starts a Blog, the same goes for AZ, Ca, La, and Tx. This does NOT translate into a large Movement. Notice that the NC Blog disappeared and the LA Blog Owner attempted to start the "American Nationalist Party". The "White Worker" at 28 pages, shows what can be done with republished material, watch out for copyright violations. The ANP makes very superficial attempts to show growth and size, but the proof is otherwise. Their meetings are never over 12. Their last "National Meeting" had a mere bakers dozen. Regional meetings, such as the one in Ca had 3 and one of those was the notorious "Axel Hess" AKA?????
The ANP attacks the NSM, yet the NSM has 3 to 4 times the membership and 10 tims the dedication. This does not mean I endorse the NSM. Given all of this and the fact that the ANP has operated under the ANP name since the early 1990's when Suhayda adopted that name, some nearly 20 years, this is abject failure given the amount of self-horn blowing he does regarding his top notch leadership and 40+ yars in the "Movement". Leaders are judged on results. I dare say Suyhda has no results and he cannot continue to blame "White people" as he does for not following his dynamic lead.

Anonymous said...

A REAL NATIONAL SOCIALIST tells the truth about the ANP. Their White Worker publication is outstanding and uses 100% original and exclusive material. The ANP quality control checks their supporters and members and that is why there has NEVER been an ANP Supporter in the news for some terrible crime like you regularly see with the NSM/FBI group. The last ANP gathering had about 40 people which was confirmed from several sources including Rocky Suhayda who is well known to be honest and truthful whether people like what he has to say or not.

This is all common knowledge.

REAL NATIONAL-SOCIALISM is based off Mein Kampf and other NS literature as we see with the ANP. The nsm/fbi group holds demonstrations behind police barricades that accomplish nothing whatsoever, and claim they are a "white civil rights" group that clearly doesn't understand very basic NS principles as the ANP does. As been shown quite clearly before, the nsm/fbi is a business operated to sell stuff to keep Jeff Schoep from having to get a real job.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty impressed by what the ANP is doing, dispite the jealous statements made by a couple of their detractors here. Com'on fella's why not show us what you've got, compared to this 'handful' of people in the ANP? If its true that they're only a dozen people, they are sure a damn productive bunch. Why don't you stop your complaining, and show some dedication such as these boys have. The Old Timer

Anonymous said...

A REAL NATIONAL SOCIALIST believes the ANP is on the right track; but has to say evil things because he is jealous of it.

Anonymous said...

11:46, if you are impressed with what the ANP is doing, you must be absolutely blown away by what Erich Gliebe's national alliance is doing.

Klansman said...

Yes, REAL NATIONAL SOCIALIST like to type a lot and whine and bitch like a Jew.