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Jim Ring Condemns Erich Gliebe, Offers To Reorganize The National Alliance Under His Leadership

Just three years ago, in December 2009, Jim Ring, who was then the Coordinator for the Sacramento Unit of the National Alliance, reacted strongly against the first public insurgency against the organization. He fervently defended Erich Gliebe's performance as chairman, accusing the critics of entering the National Alliance with malice aforethought, and claiming that Gliebe had suffered much abuse at the hands of cowards who like to hide behind the skirts of the hobbyist and federally trolled forums.

What a difference three years makes. Jim Ring not only has resigned from the National Alliance, but has now issued a clarion call to current and former members as well as supporters to get behind his efforts to take control of the organization and rebuild it. But according to his lengthy statement, which has been published on and Stormfront and the Vanguard News Network Forum, Ring actually resigned from the NA on October 12th, 2012; only now is this information becoming public. The significance of this is that less than one week after Ring's resignation, his son Connor Ring abruptly took down two National Alliance websites (one of those sites,, has since been resurrected under Ring's control).

Justification: Erich Gliebe has essentially lost interest in the National Alliance, and is systemically neglecting the organization and its headquarters. This has become most apparent during the past six months when the American Dissident Voices broadcasts, once a weekly event, is now a catch-as-catch-can operation; the most recent ADV was done on December 29th, 2012. Furthermore, the recent ADV texts have been written under the name of the now-former Cincinnati Unit Coordinator Robert Ransdell rather than by Erich Gliebe (Ransdell posted a comment saying he resigned from the nA in October and that Gliebe continued to use his name). Only 19 people attended the most recent National Meeting in October 2012, and since that time, five of those attendees have resigned from the NA. It is even alleged that Gliebe wants to drop the name National Alliance altogether, and turn it into an organization like the Council of Conservative Citizens. While no disrespect to the C of CC is intended, the National Alliance was not designed by Dr. William Pierce to replicate their function. This merely begins to scratch the surface. The bottom line -- under Gliebe's leadership, the NA is corkscrewing itself into the ground; it will be dead in a year if no change is made.

Qualifications: Jim Ring is superbly qualified to take over as chairman, even more so than Robert Ransdell or David Pringle. Ring has been a white racial activist since 1968, and associated with the NA for 22 of those years. During that time, he's served for 15 years as a unit coordinator and in many facets of National Office capacities. In addition, Ring helped to organize other members in southern California and Las Vegas. Ring is also quite media-savvy, having made numerous television appearances as well as radio and newspaper interviews; even Erich Gliebe concedes Ring is the best speaker in the NA. But most significant is the level and consistency of activism by his Sacramento Unit, which has been second to none. The Sacramento Unit found an excellent niche in which to promote the Alliance's message -- gun shows. The Sacramento Unit appeared repeatedly at gun shows without incident or threat of censorship, and were well received by the public. Considering how the gun issue has exploded since Obama's re-election, one must wonder if Jim Ring knew instinctively that the gun issue was a logical way into a white man's heart.

Objectives: The first thing Jim Ring wants sympathizers to do is to contact the two remaining people on the board of directors and persuade them to remove Erich Gliebe and replace him with Ring:

7845 STATE RD.
PARMA, OH, 44134 USA

HAYES, VA, 23072 USA

Jim Ring has taken on many duties of the chairman and of the office for several years before his resignation in order to try and keep Dr. Pierce's organization alive, without getting paid or thanked by Gliebe or the board of directors. Jim has the energy and drive to run the Alliance and is backed by many competent people who will bring the Alliance back to its former glory. If this is "opportunism" or "empire-building", then why did he wait so long before breaking away? Jim Ring remained faithful to Erich Gliebe until the last possible moment, in which it became painfully obvious that this loyalty could result in the destruction of the NA.

In exchange for supporting him as the new National Alliance Chairman, Jim Ring pledges to do the following:

-- He will live and work solely from the national office in West Virginia, and as resources grow, he'll increase the staff as necessary to optimally service the expected growing numbers of supporters and membership.

-- He will rehab the West Virginia compound and make it fully operational and livable once again; it will become the spiritual home of our people.

-- He will create a real membership program and draw a definite distinction between the true members and basic financial supporters.

It should be noted that another prominent former NA activist, David Pringle, issued his own call for Gliebe's resignation in October 2012. He spoke highly of Ring's integrity, and urged him not to go paleo and sell off the West Virginia headquarters. It appears Ring has listened. A triumvirate of Jim Ring, David Pringle, and Robert Ransdell could recharge the National Alliance just as the triumvirate of Rocky Suhayda, John Taylor Bowles, and Dan Schruender recharged the American Nazi Party.

Jim Ring's full statement is also cross-posted here, after the jump:

A Message of Hope for the National Alliance
To the board of directors and our members current and resigned:

Part 1: The Problem

In mid-October of the previous year I made a heart wrenching decision to resign from the organization after 22 years of service. I could do nothing else at that point, as I couldn't with good conscious continue working with the current chairman for the reasons I’ve already outlined to the Board of Directors in a communication to them that was ignored.

I had extensive talks with the chairman over the miserable state of the organization under his long tenure of this past demoralizing decade. I told him then, some common sense things that absolutely had to be done to turn things around; how he was lacking in his responsibility to us all, and that he needed to make the necessary changes himself, or otherwise select or suggest a new man to take his place to the Board of Directors.

A second reason for my resignation was to give the chairman, the board, and everyone a wake-up call of sorts. I thought that maybe by my drastic and surprising action, the loss of my participation would be a catalyst for the chairman to take the necessary steps needed to save the organization from going into complete obscurity. I would sacrifice that, if that's what it took to wake the chairman from his continuous slumber and inattention, even though Alliance work was my life. To the chairman, the lack of progress over the years has always been the fault of others, of nebulous “agent provocateurs” and “troublemakers”, never his own. What does that sound like? The answer can be found on page 64 of the National Alliance member’s Handbook (3.iii.6).

Little did I realize then, that my resignation would spark a flurry of other resignations from many of the most significant people in the Alliance including the remaining unit coordinators, (now there are NONE) and Dr. Pierce's brother (our only bond of living blood to our beloved founder and a long-time member) to mention a few, as well as dozens of rank and file members across the country including the entire Sacramento local unit, the Alliance's only active chapter left in the entire United States. They all have removed themselves mostly by not paying their pledges any longer, while others have chosen to write to the chairman, mostly by email and some by mail expressing their intent of resignation.

As the resignations continued to pour in, I was going to just leave it at that, and move on, begrudgingly I might add. Unfortunately there isn't anything out there to move on to, moving on to another pro-White group is not an option for us, as there is nothing that is comparable to the world view of the Alliance; essentially a National Socialistic world view that promotes its message in an intelligent, responsible, professional manner that can be accepted by a growing number of our people. There is absolutely no reason why the Alliance should not be successful and robust, instead of stagnating and barely “hanging on to life.” It has a program that can appeal to people, good people, quality people; the type of people we want, and can help make us successful. Only the Alliance has the potential in North America to become a revolutionary force to be reckoned with in the future, our enemies know this.

Very recently the chairman told one resigned Sacramento unit member that he wanted to turn the Alliance away from its established world-view, as outlined in the membership handbook which states that our creed is based upon “the eternal truths embodied in the National Socialist idea… (page 113) and that Alliance members acknowledge the debt we owe to Adolf Hitler.” The handbook goes on to state that the National Socialist idea is a powerful recruiting tool for opening the minds of potential recruits to the Alliance's message. These words of the handbook are the words of Dr. Pierce himself. The chairman however, didn't realize that the member he was speaking to is a National Socialist. The message he gave wasn't appreciated, and only hardened the member’s attitude.

Over the past 10 years we have stayed stuck in the past, haven't been aggressive in our outreach and recruiting, been woefully lacking in keeping up with technology, have demonstrated an inferior work ethic, have scandalously not provided good service nor communication to members and prospects, and have lost all the respect we once had under Dr. Pierce. Since his passing, and especially so in the past 7 years, we've sat and “watched the world go by.” Instead of having a measure of respect for us, our enemies, and consequently potential prospects, see us or more specifically the chairman, as a “laughing stock.”

Mr. Gliebe even suggested to the former member mentioned above that the name National Alliance perhaps should be discontinued or changed all together, as the name has been “tarnished and dragged through the mud for too many years now.” I maintain that the tarnish on the National Alliance's name is ultimately his responsibility. The tarnish and mud on the Alliance's name are sticking due to his name being associated with it.

The time for the Alliance is now! For years, we have been missing great opportunities to become the most respected and effective revolutionary voice for our people's interests. This new century should be a treasure trove of new interest and recruits, as the New World Order is reaching its zenith, and we all know that in the end it is a doomed New World Order, and we must absolutely struggle to be in a position to take advantage of that when the time comes, and work “hand in glove” with Almighty Nature as her human agents. The National Alliance can be a historical inevitability, as that’s what Dr. Pierce meant and wanted it to be.

As a consequence of all this, many people have been asking me: “Isn't there something that can be done?” “Isn't there anything more you can do?” “Are we just going to let it be without a struggle?” “Why doesn't the chairman do the right thing for the Alliance?” “Why won’t the board members communicate with you?”

As the chairman fully realizes the state of many people’s opinions about his mismanagement of the affairs of the Alliance, he nonetheless refuses to make the necessary changes that are critical now, not just for success, but for the very survival of the organization. He not only will make no changes to his own personal situation to remedy our problems, but also will not step aside for a qualified replacement. I pleaded with him to relieve the stagnation of the organization by doing one or the other. Appeals to the Board of Directors have thus far produced only silence; not even an acknowledgment of the petition of grievance, let alone any consideration of it.

However, through this type of communication, that originally I wouldn't have considered as it is not “my style”, I am responding to the wishes of others. There are other good people who like myself have felt the need to leave under the circumstances, knowing how great the Alliance could be with a dedicated, full-time, honest leader, utilizing every possible opportunity to move the organization forward; instead of these many years of stasis, never ending “soap opera” type dramas, moving backwards and taking ill advantage, and otherwise alienating good members with personal financial shenanigans.

As the current chairman is unable to keep his own personal house in order, how could we expect him to keep organizational affairs in order, as he feels it necessary for him to extract monies for himself from trusting members, who would have otherwise been able to contribute to the movement. I know this to be a fact, as I’ve seen the chairman's careless evidence myself and have in fact been approached by him, “hat in hand” asking for personal monies, as have many other members. We're not talking of hundreds of dollars here. We're speaking of many thousands of dollars from a number of members over the years. I would venture a guess of multiple tens of thousands over the past decade.
The movement suffers for funds each time the chairman approaches yet another unsuspecting member, and the member isn't paid back when the transaction is called a “loan.” We lost some good members in this manner, simply because the chairman doesn't know how to live within his means. It is our people’s sense of altruism that makes them easy victims. A friend of mine has said that our people’s sense of trust and dedication can be manipulated to a fault, and this situation is a classic example.

When I mention that this type of communication isn't "my style", I’m saying that the method in which it is conveyed, using the internet, isn't "my style." The words I express are heartfelt, but I would have preferred to get my message out internally to all the members, which unfortunately I wasn't able to do. I’ve been able to alert many, but not all. Perhaps now, I can reach more.

When all this took place this past October (2012) almost two weeks after the most dismal, sparsely attended National Office meeting I had ever been to, people on the internet expressed the sentiment that by my silence on this medium, “I was using a page from Dr. Pierces’ playbook” I think one person called it. And that is true to some extent, this is not the route I wanted to take, but it is the only route now, to get a message out to the members. However an advantage is that I am now increasing the chances of former members reading this, and it will give them cause for new hope, and perhaps they will return to the National Alliance.

(Speaking of that meeting a moment longer, a “lieutenant” for the chairman recently wrote a letter to who he thought was a remaining member and told this person that I had tried to “pull a stunt” at the meeting in October. I call this man a Liar. This “lieutenant” even agreed with me a day before the conference, during a lengthy one to one conversation, almost in totality what I’m trying to convey to you here in this statement. Afterward he simply got “cold-feet”, and decided to do and say otherwise. That meeting went according to its haphazardly planned agenda. I played my part as one of its speakers and gave one of the best presentations of the afternoon, save perhaps one inspiring talk given by a young man there who used his opportunity to honor his father, a long time member who recently passed on. One of the board members was present and can certainly attest to the fact that there weren’t any disruptions, or any “stunts” having taken place at that meeting. At the meeting's conclusion, I was presented a gold Life Rune pin by the chairman for my years of service. I could have not accepted the “honor” and denounced the chairman in front of everyone then, but I didn't. It was difficult to get my energy up to deliver any kind of message, either positive or critical in front of such a pitifully small “National” audience (only 19 attendees with just 11 actual members taking away myself, the chairman and one office staff person. At least 5 of those members have now resigned).

Conversely, the enemies of our people and the various play-actors of the internet, now have another little something to titillate their hobbyist interests. I had to make a mental weighing of the scales in this decision, and obviously you see my judgment. That is how critical the situation is.

A risk must be taken and I’m throwing the dice of Fate. I am receiving accolades for this from many, but I know I am also going to hear the “brickbats” as well, from at least a few. If anyone is offended, then is not with malice, but with necessity that you are offended, and that counts much higher in my estimation than your feelings or opinions. There is something much greater at stake here than just ourselves as individuals. A whole grand idea is at stake. A movement is at stake. Indeed the future of our people is at stake, and we are the only ones who can move the wheel of history to our favor. And there are several individuals who are standing in the way of what could be history in the making; the National Alliance. They must give way! They must stand aside!

The members expect me to stand for their interests. I cannot, and will not let them down. And on a more personal note, I cannot sit back and do nothing, and leave my son with no hope whatsoever. He is a young man and was an energetic and talented resource for Our Cause. He built two of the Alliance's best websites ever, and was instrumental in local activism with his unit. I cannot, and will not let the cause of the National Alliance go asunder, without a struggle for it, now especially that the chairman declares his intent to take National Socialism away from who we are. National Socialism is our very essence!

Part 2: The Solution

Your help and participation are needed. This is your opportunity to let the board members know what you think. If you do, you'll have to “snail” mail them, as it is only this contact information that is made public through the Commonwealth of Virginia. Perhaps with a number of people writing in more impact will take effect. There are other ways to contact them, but I’d rather you do it through the mail, as they are listed with the state of Virginia and this is information anyone can access on the internet.

Now it is one thing to encourage you to give your voice, but something would be lacking if either you or the Board of Directors were to be thinking about relieving someone of their post without having any idea of who would or could replace the vacancy. It is here I am putting myself forward for consideration for the Board, as the necessary replacement for Erich Gliebe. Now neither you, nor the Board has to wonder about this essential element.

I know the Alliance can be successful, and I think that I can achieve what the Good Doctor was aiming for, and keep our worldview intact. I’ve demonstrated it many times in the past years working with the public in public venues. I know that a small, but significant number of our people are ready for us and ready now!

But we must be able to demonstrate that we can deliver the goods; that we can provide good service to our people, whether they are our members, or customers, or potential prospects. We must consistently and promptly communicate with people, and be available to them in a timely manner. We must deliver our product(s) on schedule, whether it is a newsletter, a broadcast, news posts, or a magazine. When things go wrong we must be up front and forthright. We must set goals for ourselves and work to achieve them, and be willing to report our achievements or shortcomings to the members in an open, honest manner. In this way we can develop greater and more enthusiastic participation from our adherents, because they will trust their leaders.

Through proper leadership, the National Alliance must operate as a full-time movement with activists all over the country advocating its cause, not administered by someone who treats it as a part-time job/club. In this vein, I have received messages of support from people from former units that have pledged to rejoin and reorganize, including the Alliance's stellar Sacramento unit. The unit coordinators will come back. The members will come back. Members who left long ago will come back, probably hundreds of them reading this on the internet.

I have received pledges from many other individuals who will rejoin the effort from around the country. Most telling I think of all these individuals is the long-time member and brother of Dr. Pierce himself, who has pledged his support for me in this effort to effect positive changes to stimulate growth for the National Alliance. I feel proud to have this man's blessing to save the National Alliance from the dark place it lives now.

I want to see a vibrant movement. And when I say movement, I mean it in every sense of the word. The Alliance certainly isn't that any more, but it can be, and with your help, will be once again. We can regain all the lost ground over these years and I will see that it happens. We will grow and have units again. I will not waste any meaningful opportunity to represent Our Cause to the media, to send out press releases, to invite media personnel to our office. The chairman has told a now resigned coordinator that he wasn't comfortable interacting with the media. That certainly is telling by his reluctance to deal with the media, as he for years now has been ignoring requests for interviews and statements from the press, thus we have been off the radar screen for many years. I’ve always maintained that enemy media coverage cannot build a movement, but nonetheless it is an element of getting our name out into the public, and that shouldn't be over-looked or ignored.

The National office will be a place of work again, and as a consequence a place of life, as I will live and work solely from the office in West Virginia, and as resources grow I’ll increase the staff as necessary, thus accommodating and providing service to our growing supporters and membership. The National Office is currently staffed by one lone worker as the chairman refuses to live or work there and instead resides in a suburban home in the Cleveland area, working only part-time for us, incurring expenses beyond his means.

The National Office has deteriorated badly over the years of neglect. Once the office is cleaned up and made serviceable once again, we must make efforts to begin maintaining the physical infrastructure to arrest the decay. Even the Life Rune on the office's front facade is now rusting; a visual sign of the decay that has befallen the National Alliance. There are junk cars creating an eye-sore at the office's front walk way. The Dr. Pierce Memorial Hall too, is unusable for meetings due to neglect, as there is no money for repairs, this too will change. We will once again have meetings there, and great numbers of members will eventually fill the hall once again. It can be so because we want it to be, and I will work my hardest to make it a reality working full-time, six and seven days a week.

The Alliance is the only group in the country with such a vast piece of property, and a complex with an office building, warehouse, and meeting hall. The entire property is virtually unused, except for logging operations, which are used to glean money from lack of human support. In this respect, Nature has been made to pay the bills instead of our own people, as we have lost most of our people, but have plenty of trees; this will stop. It will stop because there will no longer be the need to do such acts of destruction to the land.

Our property will become the spiritual home of our people, as Dr. Pierce envisioned a working community there. People will come during their time off, to help with work projects and to have a beautiful place for their families and children to come and enjoy a piece of “wild, wonderful West Virginia.” There will be events spanning the long holiday weekends, where coming to a “conference” isn't just coming to listen to a single afternoon of speeches, but to come and camp, cook-out, have sporting events and work parties, activism seminars by experts in various fields of movement promotion, weddings and other family events, torchlight processions to the top of “Pierce Peak”, singing with comrades and communing with magnificent Nature and the spirit of our founder and the ancestors. The forgotten Dr. Pierce Memorial Garden will come to bloom as well.

I will create a real membership program and draw a definite distinction between the true member, and basic financial supporters. If you want to affect the course of history you must have a movement, something that people live and breathe, not a part-time club you just send dues payments to, and get a newsletter now and again. The blueprint for successful organization comes directly from the very source that the current chairman now wants to remove us from; the philosophy of life; National Socialism and the great book its founder authored.

All this, I envision and more. I will draw my vision for you, but you must help in its realization. There is only so much we can do here. Our power unfortunately is limited, but I will use what power and influence I do have to effect a change. You can help me achieve that, as it can be a victory for all of us, and therefore needs participation from people who want to see a new era for the National Alliance begin.

I have a lot of experience, almost 45 years of it, as I’ve been working for the interests of my people since 1968. I’ve been working for the Alliance these past 22 years. During that time I’ve spent 15 years as a unit coordinator and have served in many facets of National Office capacities, representing Our Cause for both Dr. Pierce and the current chairman. Previous to that, I spent almost 20 years with another, at the time, prominent organization of which 6 years were spent as its National Organizer; I also served full-time on its National Office staff for 3 1/2 years.

The worst charge the chairman has leveled at me since my resignation, that I am aware of thus far, is being an Empire Builder. Yes, I am very successful in organizing and inspiring people. I lead by example. As a consequence people have faith in my ability and my intention and spirit are never in question, as I know my stalwart comrades from the former unit and other members will testify. I have never attempted to build a splinter organization from my local organization, as the chairman is inferring by the use of the term Empire Builder.

I worked solely for the interests of Our Cause, despite the lack of interest and work from the chairman. Not only did I organize my local unit, but also helped to organize other members in southern California and Las Vegas as evidenced by the newsletter, reporting month after month of our good works. But in the general sense of the term, Empire Builder, I certainly want to do all I can to build Dr. Pierce's mission, and build us back at least to the point we were at when he passed on. We’ll have to do some catching up with the clock to get to where we should be today.

Additionally, I have experience in political campaigns and in the actual ups and downs of community building working with a group trying to create a physical basis for one. I have experience here that few in the country have ever had.

I have experience and am comfortable in dialog with the media. Over the decades I have made television appearances, as well as radio and newspaper interviews. My most recent media interview was for the Alliance two years ago, on a 90 minute talk show on radio, which I really enjoyed. Directly related to that is my speaking ability, due to which the chairman has a number of times referred to me as the best speaker in the Alliance.

I am also a fair writer having contributed an article in every issue (10 issues) of National Vanguard magazine since 2006. The last issue came out in 2009. There is currently a new issue in the offing, which also includes an article of mine, but has been collecting dust for the past two years and has not yet been printed due to the chairman’s neglect.

Up until the last issue, I have written many articles for the member’s bulletin over the years. Much of what I wrote didn't have my name attached to it. When you read an article about activism in the newsletter, more often than not I authored it, whether it was about our unit's activities or those of other individuals across the country. I tried my best to encourage people to get active and let members know through the newsletter of their good works. This in turn inspired others to try their hand. I always told the chairman that the benchmark of a good newsletter was when it was filled up with stories related to pushing the movement forward. When it was filled with Mr. Gliebe's old ADV scripts, I considered it a failed issue.

One time a member asked the chairman that if something should happen to him who he would want to take his place. His answer was my name and he described me as the “real deal.” Of course, I’m certain that answer has changed now, but my point is that this is how he sees my qualifications. He's right, I am the “real deal.”

A common theme I hear from members is that they think the chairman should be an educated man with a university degree. Although I’m certainly not in the league of Dr. Pierce and I do think that there are many intelligent people out there who haven't been to college, I am an intelligent man with a university degree in business management. So I have a good common sense approach to proper fiscal management of the people’s money, your money. In the subject themes of Our Cause, including National Socialism, I am like most of you self-educated, being very well-read.

Together we can accomplish the task. Right now, only two people are blocking the path and the chairman isn't one of them any longer. It’s the two Board of Director members. Hence forth, it is not the chairman who is responsible for the sad state of the National Alliance. The responsibility now lies squarely and solely on the two Board of Director members; they will determine the fate of the National Alliance.

If they do nothing, history will condemn them. They know they have the legal power to make the major change that we need for the success of the Alliance. Otherwise, they choose to continue on the road to total obscurity. They must see the necessity of using their power now.

Does the resignation of the Officer Corps mean anything to them? Does the loss of many members mean anything to them? Does the resignation of Dr. Pierce's brother mean anything to them?

If they decide to do the right thing, certainly, it will take courage. They must muster it and overcome themselves, and not be afraid to offend the chairman despite their personal friendship with him. His feelings are insignificant to what is at stake. He’ll get over it, will the National Alliance?

The chairman wasn't sent from Heaven to us. He wasn't even named by Dr. Pierce as a successor. He was selected by a Board of Directors from a field of candidates a decade ago; a candidate that particular board came to regret. Hundreds of members have been regretting it since then and have left. Perhaps their number even goes to the thousands, I wouldn't doubt. Alas, I and many other good people I’ve told you about are now gone, in yet another round of the convulsions that are bound to come when the membership has to lead the leadership.

Board members; it is not our job, nor yours to hold the chairman's hand!

You need to do some soul searching and you are in a position that you're not prepared for. You probably never thought the responsibility would fall onto you, but it has and it's your choice. That’s the responsibility that comes with your position. A moment’s courage for this board is all it takes. To begin, all you need to do is pick up the phone or write an email. It’ll become easier after that as we begin a dialog. Let’s simply begin with a discussion.

And if anyone thinks that getting a large estate left to the Alliance in the near term will save the organization (something that may or perhaps may not even come to fruition); I warn you, as I warned the chairman the following:

“No amount of money, even if it be hundreds of thousands of dollars, can solve the issues of the Alliance if left to the same lack of leadership, dishonesty and demoralization of the membership. No amount of money can solve a human resource problem. It takes leadership and people to make a movement. Money is a necessary auxiliary, but it is secondary to good quality people. And that's what our movement is all about; the people; quality people, the life of the Race.”

The Alliance operates on the leadership principle. And the leaders and many members within the Alliance have come to the conclusion and by now judgment, that there isn't any leadership from the chairman's office. If we say we operate on the leadership principle, then let's get one. These past ten years of lackadaisical leadership to virtually none at all now, has set us back much too long. I can change this, but that's totally up to the board members. I am ready to discuss particulars with them to prepare the way for a change and negotiate for a satisfactory arrangement between them and myself.

I am offering to make a trip to the National Office to discuss matters with the board members including the chairman. I’m ready when you are. I am ready for a new era for the National Alliance, are you?

Members and resigned or former members only: get your pen, paper, and stamps out, and write to the board members. If you know them personally then call or email them. Mr. Gliebe is now out of the picture. It is the board who is now responsible for the National Alliance. The board members' mailing addresses can be found at

Ready yourselves for a bright rebirth of Our Cause as envisioned by our founder, or continue to watch the darkness completely overtake Dr. Pierce's years of hard work. In either case, his inspiring words still belong to all of us and will continue to motivate us.

Thank you for your consideration.

Jim Ring


Anonymous said...

A.A. Rocky, Bowles, and Dan did not reinvogorate the ANP. The ANP is now as it always has been. A internet group of efeminate men. They do nothing in public and nothing in real life. They have done bogus publicity acts, i.e., blog support for Marxists, Faggots, and Communits at OWS, embracing Homosexuality, and finaly walking away from the cornerstone of National Socialism- Race and openingly reaching out to Non Whites and talking about the virtues of "working class Jews"

Regarding this crap with the NA, this is typical of WN in America. We see a bunch of Americans seeking democracy. These people are Libertarians.

Anonymous said...

Those guys did reinvigorate the ANP. No doubt. Notice the ANP has a TEAM where their players don't change whereas the other groups can't keep someone in the same position for more than a few months.

Hats off to the ANP.

Anonymous said...

Pipe dreams, why would Eric Glibe anymore than Jeff Schoep resign their personal control over either NA or NSM? Honor? Doing the right thing? Com'on, these guys live off of these groups, what would either of them do, if the money train went dry.

Anonymous said...

The NA is dead. All these people willing to take charge, waited too long as they always do. Honestly, all the NA has been for years and years now is a record company, selling trinkets to the skinheads, and even that money is drying up. Time to move on.

Anonymous said...

@10:40am: It's been dead for years, actually. I stayed on only because some of us thought we could breathe life into it again. We were suckers, I hate to say. Or should I say we were the ones sucked - sucked clean of our money. Ring's okay and he's honest, but he hasn't got the charisma needed to bring this dead puppy around again. It's over.

Now I've heard rumors. And I hate spreading them. But one that's going around is that some ex NA guys are going to give Erich a blanket party so he gets the message and gets out. I'm out West so I'm not part of it and wouldn't be even if I could. But some former NA guys are serious and think a hit on Erich should have been done long ago. Some "friendly persuasion" with fists. But even if they succeed and beat the shit out of the Aryan Barbarian it won't matter. The National Alliance died and the only movement left is the movement of flies swarming over its rotting corpse.


Anonymous said...

Ain't going to happen. Trust me. And did all those who left the NA did better over the years? Uh huh.

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is why it took so long for this guy to come to this conclusion, after its just about dead and ready to be buried? I question his judgement that it actually took the NA to be moribund, before he decided to act. Its kind of like closing the gate after the cows are all gone.

WP said...

I would distribute literature of a revitalized National Alliance.

Anonymous said...

I don't really understand this situation. Does the NA belong to this Erik Gliebe, or its membership? Or is it basically a business like NSM is owned by Jeff Schoep alone, and the organization itself is just for show?

Anonymous said...

Ring seems like a decent and sincere person. I think it would be good if he did take over and revitalize the NA.

Yes, it has been dead for awhile, but I think if Ring resuscitate it and put it on the right track, great, go for it. Focus on political activity, meaningful activism, not being a "business" that is centered around merchandising.

Otherwise, Gliebe will continue to squeeze what he can out of it, ($$$) and it will come to a true end when all the "customers" are gone and the headquarters is shut down and the land is sold.

Anonymous said...

Since there is an obvious shortage of Hitlers and Rockwells around, the only obvious manner for an organization to operate upon, is by a solid working council. Chairman Suhayda has realized that the "One Man Shows", that are the usual for American NS/WN organizations, usually lead to a virtual dictatorship which is unhealthy when it is in the hands of an individual who is unscupulous, and or limited in their talents and abilities. Yes, per the Leadership Principal as laid down by Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf, the Party Chairman does have the final say in decision making, still the Party Council plays a strong part in that decision making, through its active role in counciling before those decisions are decided upon. As well, those who are on the ANP Party Council, are Party Comrades who actually play vital roles in moving the National Socialist movement forward, not someone who "buys his way in" through large donations, or who might be "friends with someone" within the Party, including the Chairman. We find that this insures that even if the Party Chairman is disabled, or even dies, the Party continues functioning, with an already in place cadre' with decision making capabilities in place. Something unfortunately for the NA, which William Pierce never, for whatever reasons saw fit to do. Of course, in this situation, you have to have a Leader who is not frightened or concerned about strong, capable individuals negating his totalitarian rule in the first place. Unlike most NS/WN organizations, the ANP is governed in the best interests of the organization itself and not that of the particular individual who happens to be in charge at the moment. For White Worker Power! Axl Hess 88!

Robert Ransdell said...

I just wanted to clarify one thing that was mentioned in the article. I also resigned from the NA shortly after the October leadership conference after 7 years of membership.I did not write the Dec 29th ADV nor have I posted on the natallnews site since about June when the site was launched. It would be easy to see why one would assume I did post as my name is listed, this is simply due to the fact that I turned in my username and password to the site to Mr. Gliebe after my resignation, they have not changed the username or password so that is why it still shows my name as the poster.

Just wanted to clarify that as it is understandable why that conclusion was reached. Have always enjoyed reading the site very, very much as it is a unique thing in itself. I appreciate the good words you have had in the past in regard to my activity. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

OK, Gliebe isn't the most capable, but Pierce did not make it easy by leaving no real instructions behind. He was interested in his legacy, not the NA.
But, all said and done, what have all those who left the NA and set up their own groups done in the past 10 years? They did not do better then Gliebe.

Anchorage Activist said...

Robert -- I will take your word for it and update this post accordingly.

Anonymous said...

"Axel Hess" AKA???? the structure you describe is NOT National Socialism. The structure you descibe is Marxist-Communism and is the exact structure that was and is used by Marx entities and was employed in the Soviet Union, i.e was used to remove Kruschev, was set up in the Bavarian Soviet Republic, which was put down by German Friekorps (Nationalists), was set up in the Paris Commune. Examples can go on and on. Your statement is prime and proof that the ANP is Leftist but uses NS imagary. If Rocky is so great, why not emply the NS Leadership structure as outlined by Hitler in 1942?

Anonymous said...

On another issue, Mike Delaney has recently had a falling out with ZionCrimeFactory. ZCF's link on delaneys site now points to William Fincks site!

Anonymous said...

Didn't know Axl Hess visited this blog, his website is probably the best place online for explanation of NS ideology. - Robert T.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Axl. You explained it perfectly well. 8:47PM is a dumbass.

Anonymous said...

If anybody thinks the ANP is on our side, they must think the SPLC has a lot of good things to say on the subject of race.

The ANP was revitalized? That has to be a joke. They had every opportunity to actually make something of it but blew it on all accounts. Now they aren't even attempting the pitiful national meetings at all. Don't forget that they ran the Redneck Shop into the ground. The Klan stopped supporting it once the ANP claimed all but ownership of it. What Klan group wants to be aligned with homosexuals?

Impending legal action from Nick Chappell caused Taylor Bowles to quickly start paying back some of the money he stole from Chappell. Remember? The money that the ANP told use was never taken? The scandal blew up in Rocky's face right after Bowles plan to leak emails backfired.

Rocky's failure to follow his own advice on quality control was a huge fatal mistake on his part. That was the start of their downfall. The nail in the coffin was when Rocky started asking non-whites to join the ANP and send him money. It didnt stop there though. Even recently Rocky went on to praise black communists and Jews.

Even with only about a dozen active members at their height, the ANP had a good chance of eclipsing the NSM. But scandals, hollow publicity stunts, double talk and lack of effective activism eventually did them in. They had a large meeting hall available to them, plenty of web resources and the attention of at least this well trafficked blog. They definately snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Anonymous said...

Actually the structure Axl described IS NS. See the latest post on with words from Hitler himself. Or are you going to call Hitler a Marxist now too, LOL!

These FBI clowns that come on here to attack the ANP are truly nuts....

Anonymous said...

5:27AM needs to write sci-fi novels because thats about where his mind is regarding all those false accusations he made against ANP people. Where are his facts? He has none. Where are his witnesses? He has none. Just made up bullshit in his head.

Also, he writes sentences like a retard. I know niggers that can write better than that.

Anonymous said...

Observing the entire WN movement as a whole, it seems that the ANP is about the only organization out there that is stable and growing. It certainly is the only NS organization that actually promotes consistant, modern National Socialism. The fringe hollywood nutzi groups that are left, are either con-servative mishmash, or claiming to be some kind of kosher "civil rights groups". Perhaps I'm mistaken, but has anyone heard of any recent drama within the ANP? 5:27AM, I don't wish to call you a liar, perhaps its wishfull dreaming on your part, but these claims of "homosexuality", "theft of monies" seems to come out of your mind and nowhere else. As for the RedNeck Shop, the ANP rented a hall last year for their National Conference, so I guess the demise of that building was of little concern to the organization. I suppose they will rent another hall when they need to. I like the ANP TalkShoe program, its one of the very few within the WN movement where you can hear sensible talk, without constant cursing and the Chairman Suhayda appears to be a very intelligent person. I think the ANP is only begining to roll. Harper Daniels

Anonymous said...

Hey 5:27, Taylor Bowles ran for President of the United States! If he'd won you'd be shining his shoes right now! I think he walks a pretty wide stride in the movement and is certainly one of the biggest men we've got. You ought to be so lucky to even catch a whiff of one of his farts when he walks by! Big men like him are what the word greatness was invented!


Anonymous said...

Rocky has done an excellent job with the renewed ANP. They stick to core NS principles and promote Hitler's ideas in a genuine, sincere way.

Anonymous said...

"Axel" and his AssClown minions are completly wrong. The structure described is in completely opposite to what Hitler outlined in 1942.

Anonymous said...

The ANP has really stood out these past few years as America's best pro-white organization. Solid ideology and leadership.

Anonymous said...

Here we go with the President Bowles nonsense again... He never ran. He abandoned his kids, moved a couple of states away and blew through someone else's money. Btw, Jeff Schoep is a bad person and quality control obsessed Rocky hates Hollywoods Nazis.

Anonymous said...

No other group discusses important NS ideology like the ANP does, and no other group has such a solid leadership team. The NA has been in shambles since Pierce died because he only cared about the business. I'm sure the ANP will continue to be a top-notch political org once Rocky is no longer Chairman for whatever reason.

Anonymous said...

8:50AM. Here goes his lies again. Bowles posted his registration papers with the FEC that he was a candidate for President and had a website back then. Anyone can go to the FEC site and view it. Lie of yours #1. If he abandoned his kids why is him and his wife communicating about the kids in those leaked e-mails? Hmm. Anyone can view them. Doesn't sound like someone abandoning his kids. Lie of yours #2. No proof from you. Bowles is a retired government employee and stated that in his autobiography when he rsn. Doubt being a well-paid government worker would require him to need anyone else's money. Lie of yours #3. You keep saying things about him stealing money. Where's the proof. I read nothing but hearsay and lies. No documents. No witnesses. Nothing but your lies.

You must be one of Jeff Schoeps buddies writing this shit.

Anonymous said...

The sole reason that the ANP will continue to grow and press ahead, is the very simple reason that it is NOT built around "me", it is for the first time in my movement experience, that an organization is built NOT around the "mighty poohbah" - but, INSTEAD around the IDEOLOGY and the ORGANIZATION itself! Sooner or later, I will be "gone", either dead or moved back into the ranks, hopefully replaced by a much more capable individual. I myself, am no more than a "Cog on the Wheel", as the newest ANP Official Supporter is - ALL of US make "the wheel of National Socialist Struggle go round". My successor is already in place, and the "reason" we don't announce "who" it is, is so as to not "draw down heat" upon this individual prematurely. Yes, I have never heard of ANY NS/WN organization operating this way - its about time though, isn't it? There are MANY aspects of the ANP, which the "typical" movement organization never tried - and, once again, isn't it about time... For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

Bowles must have ran. I voted for him and remember he had a website and was getting good publicity. He will go down as the greatest National Socialist in America and the ANP is lucky to have him.

Anonymous said...

8:50 is obviously an anti who wants people to tolerate Jews, homosexuals and accept the help of non-whites. There is absolutely no proof in the charges against Taylor Bowles aside from the published emails, word of mouth, the newspaper and the word of Taylor's former associates. And if he admitted to it, it still doesn't mean it is true. Just like when Rocky praises black communist. He might say that but what he really means is something that is actually national socialism.

A lot of white nationalist claim to support the cause but are really fakes. You know Rocky is real because he says a lot of pro Marxist and pro Jewish things. That is how it works. If you appear to side with the enemy you are really siding with the whites. If you appear to side with the white people then you are a fraud who SHOULD be PURGED from the movement. Rocky is a lot smarter than anyone gives him credit for. He taught William Pierce everything he knew about physics in fact. I could go on all night kissing his ass.

Anonymous said...

How in the world can you compare NA to ANP? That is just disrespectful and ignorance in itself.

Anonymous said...

B.N.-What kind of bullshit comment is that! Your one and only agenda seems to be promoting that of making a hit on Gliebe. Yet you say you used to be a member? You sound like a very trusting and loyal individual. People like you are who should be getting a boot party. Promoting violence when things don't go your way. If you are a WN you should be positively promoting our cause. This site seems to be very popular in promoting our own genocide. Well done.

Anonymous said...

ANP is better than NA.

Anonymous said...

This is really getting tedious, AA. Why do these ANP/NSM drama queens have to rub sh*t all over almost every single article posted on this blog? For what purpose? No one cares.

And why is it even allowed?

This is a high credibility, well respected, fair and balanced news blog that does not deserve the drama from these effing freaks and weaklings.

Simple proposition: Let these losers slug it out in the comments section only when NSM or ANP is mentioned in an article.

Otherwise, deny them their drama, FFS! Please don't let them clutter up the relevant and important comments made by sincere regular readers of WR.

Thank you for your consideration.

Anonymous said...

6:11 is right.

Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

6:11PM Seems like he wants WR to be censored, to protect the tender feelings of those who's toes are being stepped on, per their bad behavior? If you don't like what you read here, I suggest that you go somewhere else, where the frauds aren't exposed for their malfeasance! White people are for FREE SPEECH, for or against, thats what makes this forum so great. A perfect example would be Stormfart, where Jeff Schoeps moderator pals silenced certain posts, and Schoeps RACE-MIXING wasn't allowed to be discussed for years, until AA had the courage to let the FACTS speak for themselves, hence doing the WN movement a wonderful service for allowing the truth to come out. This is the ONLY WN forum that isn't controlled in the interests of certain individuals or groups. AA puts up the truth, and lets the discussion range where it will. Thank you AA! Robert Brown 88!

Anonymous said...

I guess no-one wants Jim Ring either, as there has been no real response to his declaration of war against Gliebe. NA is dead, only the record business is in business anymore, and Gliebe will part with that when he's as dead as Pierce is.

Anonymous said...

Im glad AA lets people say what they want in this comments section, but i understand where 6:11 is coming from. Look at the comment at 3:31 PM. "ANP is better than NA." Uh, okay, thats it then? Is this some sandbox with kids arguing about who's sports team is superior? Thats the kind of silly crap people are annoyed with.

Anonymous said...

Gee, can't we all just get together and sing Kum-By-Ah? No need to point out that the Emperor has no Clothes on...