Thursday, January 24, 2013

Harold Covington Gives Advice To A White Racialist Considering Enlistment In The U.S. Air Force

Map of AF bases within or accessible to the NAR - Origin HERE
While other white racialist pundits dabble in conspiracy theories and wallow in Rahowa, Harold Covington once again is dispensing practical advice. An individual named Travis wrote to him, despairing over the lack of jobs in downstate Illinois, and considering joining the United States Air Force. Covington's response:

If you can get into the Air Force, it's much Whiter than the Army and Navy, because it contains many more skilled people who have to do things that niggers and beaners and gang-bangers recruited to fill quotas can't do. Parts of the military are still kept White because out here in the real world some people do understand that non-Whites are genetically inferior.

The Air Force is also marginally less morally corrupt than the other services and marginally less stained with Judaeo-ass-kisssing, again because it contains more techies who have to live in the real world.

Make sure you use your time in the service to learn a trade, preferably something that you do with your hands, which will enable you to fix the rich man's toys when you get out so that one way or another you can always work. This society uses employment and loss thereof as its disciplinary stick, but if you can fix the rich man's toys when they break, do it cheaply and do it well, then you will always find somebody who will pay you to do it.

Go in, do your hitch, study the enemy. Never lose your faith in the day of vengeance. Trust me, and wait. Sorry, Travis, that's all I can tell you now.

That may be all HAC can tell him, but as an Air Force veteran, I can add much more. The Air Force is the Cadillac of the services; AF members get better treatment and amenities than the other services. Visit the official USAF website for more information. First, there's the potential of being assigned to a permanent duty station either currently within the boundaries of the proposed Northwest American Republic (NAR) or close enough on the periphery to allow routine travel to the NAR:

(1). JBER Lewis-McChord in western Washington, Fairchild AFB in eastern Washington, and Mountain Home AFB in Idaho are currently located within the boundaries of the NAR. Depending upon the chosen career field, it's not too hard for a USAF member to get an assignment at any of those three bases.

(2). Hill AFB (UT) and Malmstrom AFB (MT) are located around the periphery of the NAR. One can get an assignment to one of those locations and be within easy driving distance of the NAR. There are other Western bases a bit further away, but still within reasonable access to the NAR.

(3). Prospective USAF enlistees should pick a career field that not only has a plentiful number of civilian equivalents, but also provides assignment availability at the maximum number of USAF bases. While not every base needs F-16 mechanics, nearly every base needs medical and civil engineering, as well as wheeled-vehicle mechanics.

Second, the prospective enlistee should become familiar with the expected rules of behavior and make firm personal commitments in advance to meet those expectations even before making first contact with a recruiter.

(1). Avoid any overt pro-White activism during your enlistment. In fact, do not even post on pro-White forums, even under an assumed name. Basically, STFU and serve.

(2). Junior enlisted airmen live in dormitories and have roommates if single. You will be assigned roommates without regard to their race or sexual orientation. The upside -- a non-White or gay roommate who qualifies for the USAF will be of a better character than the norm for that particular group. If David Lane could go to prison for our race, can you not stand a black roommate in the AF for a short period of time on behalf of our race?

(3). Volunteer for the unpopular tasks to increase your value to the chain of command. This will position you for possible accelerated promotion. If you work and study hard enough, you can be selected for promotion to E-5 (SSgt) by the end of your four-year hitch (although they might ask you to extend or reenlist to accept the promotion).

(4). Capitalize on EVERY educational opportunity offered; learn about the most current version of the G.I. Bill HERE. It is also possible for exceptional achievers to apply for Officers Training School and get a commission from enlisted status, although service as an officer is more political than enlisted service.

Enlisting in the military may be considered a copout by the extremists in our ranks, but it will help get you started financially and give you a recession-proof marketable skill. We need people who are capable of doing more than getting drunk and vandalizing their bodies with tattoos.


Folk Reich said...

Very well posted.


Anonymous said...

RaBoWa is simply the White Race's war for survival, expansion and advancement under the White Emblem of the White Racial Religion of Creativity. The fact that people are hijacking it to try and refer to a day that is going to kick off where there are riots in the streets just show me that people are idiots, and you should add the truth about what RaHoWa really is. The toughest battle is straightening out the confused and huddled thinking of the White Man. That is RaHoWa, the real RaHoWa and only for members of our beloved World Church of the Creator/Creativity movement. Anybody wanting to stand as a prick saying otherwise only need to look up who created that word to begin with!

Tanya Rass said...

Well said sir.
We've all seen the footage of the NASA control room during the APOLLO missions;all white and focused. Hollywood portrays these actual events as being in a 'diverse' setting. They must think we're stupid.Even one of the 'Terminator' films had a black man as the scientist who unraveled the secrets from a futuristic chip.Oh my!

White English Guy.

Anonymous said...

This run away stuff is by Whites with tails between their legs is while screaming mindless hate of the old style tactics is crap. The only way forward is with the ANP and the new path by our Chairman. Running away and separating from the other races is not the answer, many of them have a lot in common with us. The ANP has shown that with our Non-Aryana Sympithizer Div. All these other little Hollywierd groups are fake, only the ANP is showing what can be down. You can learn more by purchasing an ANP Info Pack from National HQ for a $5 donation. All ANP mailings are done in an unmarked, brown, security envelope. The monthly White Worker is just $20 a year. Cash or money order!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Covington tossed out of the military?

Folk Reich said...

There exists not ONE "Leader" in this "Movement". Sometimes referred to as a "bowel movement" for good reason.

Following the "logic" (sic) that SOME use, I'm supposed to throw MY precious family away to follow a bunch of nitwits?

BTDT - almost cost me my sanity, freedom and life.
Granted, these were the nazi tattooed, alcoholic, drug addicted, wife/GF abusing, criminals, but I doubt that I can expect much more from most of the "leaders" of the Movement today. Whether it be rumors of letting fags in or shacking up (but first, throwing a family to the side)with someone who, IMO (using the 3 second rule) is not white and WORSE (yes, worse) having kids with some nigger.

Regardless, there is nobody that shines in a light that Hitler shown in, nor in a light that Dr. Pierce shown in. So sadly the only two men that come to mind that I personally would sacrifice all to, are dead.

And using logic that Hitler stated, I care not much if the "white race" perishes from the face of the earth. I have done my duty already racing VERY racially conscience children. If the nitwits, race traitors and retards die off, along with the race traiting "nazi's" that I have seen (refer to previous statement about this guys/gals), it only proves the point that the white race did NOT deserve to thrive because it failed in the Law of Nature.

Anonymous said...

Harold Covington is the worst of scum.

Anonymous said...

THats all we need, advice from fat Harold the Hutt!

Anonymous said...

I believe that Chairman Rocky Suhayda of the ANP is a decent man and leader. Except for innuendo's that are very poor and unproven by some of his slanderers here, he sounds reasonable and intelligent in his statements and actions. He's the ONLY WN spokeman that I'm aware of, of any real standing that has not one strike against his character.